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Sunday, December 11, 2011

173 FREE Nook Books

Verruca Music
by Stuart Estell
Eight Cuts Gallery Press presents the debut novel by Stuart Estell, who lives in Birmingham. It is absurdist comedy of the very blackest kind, informed by a love of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Peter
A Chicken in the Outhouse
by Andy Wilkinson
Opp, Alabama, in 1937, was a boring place in the summer for a ten year old boy. Opp was short for Opportunity, a sad contradiction for a town that never developed beyond a series of small farms and ra
Salmonella for the Soul presents...The Secret Santa
by Thomas Koulfax
Salmonella for the Soul presents...The Secret Santa by Thomas Koulfax, Thomas Koulfax, via Smashwords.
Fulcrum (Nexus 1)
by Paul D. E. Mitchell
Volume 1 of The Nexus - First Satan(free offer until November 30)Thomas Lewis returns to his family home to attend his fathers funeral, pursued by voices and incidents that have tormented him all his
by Rick Dearman
Deren the squire and his Master Sir Bron have been selected for a mission behind enemy lines. The mysterious Baron Adderand will lead the mission. The Barons reputation for brutality and sword skill p
by Johan Lindback
A short story about a young girl who made a decisive decision. Is it too late to change her mind ...? A chapter from the forthcoming seven part book series The magic alliance which has been revised to
Bliss Kiss
by Sarah Salari
Jaz Jimínez is the freshest of freshmen at Utah State, but when she meets her unconventional roommate, Kara Kahn, she soon learns shes in for an orientation she wont soon forget. Jaz thinks of
Holly: a Club Coquette Tale
by Cheyenne West
Holly: a Club Coquette Tale by Cheyenne West, Cheyenne West, via Smashwords.
by Donn Falcone
LaMisha by Donn Falcone, Bad Penny Press.
Dare: Threesome
by Roxy Jacobs
Five friends dare each other to commit a specific sexual act within a week, in celebration of the first among them to get married. Sherry asks her two neighbors to join her for her first threesome.Thi
Pierced 2
by Frank Arciszewski
Candy transforms Brandon, a college student into a vampire and falls in love with his older brother. Brandon seeks revenge on the one that’s responsible for his murder and his parents. This book
Balloons, Brooms, Bubbles and Frogs
by Dandi Palmer
Line drawings suitable for adults and children.Scheherazade, king penguins, smuggler, chrysanthemums, armchair, professor, windmill, tree goats, trawlers, lanterns, farmer, sunburst, vegetables, Queen
Windy Pudding: A Chuck & Wayne Adventure
by Willy G. Henderson
Chuck and Wayne are not your average government revenue investigators. Experienced tax auditors, these two have been given a lot of power to seek out those who have not been reporting all of their inc
Fortunato's Ghost
by Brendan Myers
It is six months since the dead began to rise. The windswept islands of Boston Harbor have become refuge to the few hundred souls who have managed to survive. But Will Bartlett, a young man rescued fr
The Interview
by Terri Darling
Recently-divorced Jannie Golightly is back on the job market for the first time in a decade, brazening out her interviews despite feeling untrained, unprepared, and totally ill-equipped.But things are
White Collar Christmas
by Misty Evans
White Collar Christmas by Misty Evans, Misty Evans, via Smashwords.
Tales of Aradia: The Last Witch Volume 1
by L.A. Jones
Unknown to the humans who hung innocent people at the Salem Witch Trials real witches of the hidden race were killed for fear of exposure or at least thats what all the vampires, werewolves, and other
by Karen Rose Smith
Ms. Smith is one of the best contemporary family drama authors. Harriet Klausner, Reviewer.Tessa Kahill, renowned journalist who traveled the world, is falling in love with her best friends husband al
Estudos de Dramaturgia e Literatura Brasileiras
by Adriano Ferreira
Volume contendo os seguintes estudos:1. ENTRE O EMPREGO E O TRABALHO-MALANDRO: O DILEMA EM CONTOS DE MALAGUETA, PERUS E BACANAÇO - estudo inédito realizado em 2009 sobre Jo&atild
Christmas Ornaments
by Carolyn Vosburg-Hall
Christmas is a festive time of the year, and one fun way to celebrate is to decorate!Author Carolyn Vosburg Hall presents 25 projects for beautiful and decorative ornaments to adorn Christmas trees an
Lingam Massage for World Peace and Salvation
by Pooh C. Ananda
This 3500-word humorous essay was provoked by the Great Philippines Lingam Massage controversy, in which the Cardinal of Cebu directed his heavy artillery against lovely lingam specialists and passion
How To Pick Up Women Like A Musician
by Nicky Faulkes
How To Pick Up Women Like A Musician by Nicky Faulkes, Nicky Faulkes, via Smashwords.
by Paul Corusoe
Crabs by Paul Corusoe, Paul Corusoe, via Smashwords.
Lasting Inferno (A Collection of Flash Fiction)
by Slava Heretz
Lasting Inferno (A Collection of Flash Fiction) by Slava Heretz, Slava Heretz, via Smashwords.
Sorry, NO Vacancy
by Di Allen
These books are not just for reading, they’re for having fun and being part of a team as we discover Bible truths that will help us live life to the full!Grandparents, parents, aunts & uncles, C
Love + Family: The Birthday
by Ashley Barron
Love + Family: The Birthday by Ashley Barron, Ashley Barron, via Smashwords.
Liars, Cheats and Thieves
by Gareth Caldbeck
short story
Dialogue: A Short Story
by Lelanthran Krishna Manickum
Dialogue: A Short Story by Lelanthran Krishna Manickum, Lelanthran Krishna Manickum, via Smashwords.
The Edge
by Hope Horner
A near tragedy brings Jennifer to the edge. Or is it the other way around? This dramatic and captivating short story is about a teenager, her family and an Evil Vortex.
As Good As Anybody And Better Than Most
by Diana Mellor
As Good As Anybody And Better Than Most by Diana Mellor, Diana Mellor, via Smashwords.
Baby Love
by Robert N. Story
A very short story about my first memory of an infant.
A Professional's Four Quarters
by Jeffra Hays
A Professional's Four Quarters by Jeffra Hays, Jeffra Hays, via Smashwords.
Sorry, NO Vacancy + Tool Kit
by Di Allen
Low cost Bible story programme.Do you have a group of children you can get together and have fun with? As well as having fun there are valuable lessons to learn from the Bible stories. This is one of
Change of Seasons: Selected Poems
by Jeremy Kester
Jeremy has assembled 65 of his favorite poems that he has written through his life so far. Change of Seasons is partly an introspection, partly how Jeremy has viewed the world, and in many ways the jo
T is for Time
by Paul Vayro
Brick and Spiritwind were unaware of the wider goings on of the universe. Had they known alien’s were heading their way, intent on freezing time and stealing all the tea and coffee, chances are
Ramblings of a tired mind: Poems
by Annalise Grey
A short collection of poetry.
Saletti Blood: The Order (Volume 1)
by Vana V
*For a MATURE reader only*Ayana and Novella Lachlan are identical twin sisters, living in Italy with their mother and military stepfather. Having never been separated their entire lives, they&
Pick of the Litter
by Kenny Seidel
This is a short story that I wrote about how I acquired the best dog I ever knew. This is from the first chapter from a book I am working on.
Leap of Faith
by Javed Afridi
A depressed,drunk man has stepped out of his 45th level apartment window onto a ledge and is contemplating suicide while his confused mind tries to sort out his priorities.
King Limerick
by Michael Marquez
Limericks from a king are mirrored, And a poetic story revered, Then one day, It all goes astray, When one of the stanzas disappears.
Lake Argo
by Matthew MacNish
A short piece of fantasy literature.
Life, Death, and the Undertoad
by SA Wiltse
Lulu Short Story Contest Entry -- One of the Adventures of Mystic Kid on Planet Earth. A child survives a deadly riptide and discovers what it is like to die and what it means to be alive.
The Walk Home
by Jacob Gainley
A cloud, a cat, a hill, and an opening of a door all mean something. The unmovable objects are moved and the reflection is bounced around. Learn what a walk can really mean about life and what we can
Still Hot
by Patrick Coyle
Short fiction: WARNING - This piece contains explicit sex and violence over coffee. Please do not read it if that will offend you.
The Blind Date
by Barbara Ivie Green
Brookes has a problem... Her Grandma has just informed her that shes invited a young man over for dinner, but she already has a date. Find out what happens in this super short hilarious spoof. 600 wor
A Life of Their Own
by Kristopher Kelly
Very short story. Satan tries to have a baby. Written as entry for 600-words-or-less short story contest.
Clueless In Seattle
by Lisa Deckert
Kara recieves an incriminating photo of her boyfriend with another girl. Has he been cheating? Short-short story, about 500 words
Coffee Talk
by Ralph Myers
Sit down. Join me for a cup of coffee.
First Meeting
by Annay Dawson
Can you find love in the library?
The Reunion
by Ninamaste MaTuri
For Natasha, separation was the best way to begin again. She is now ready to return home. Will her daughter and mother welcome her back with open arms? This flash fiction is a follow-up to The Transpo
Eavesdropping Fairies.
by Hatton Gravely
Eavesdropping Fairies follow a TV anchor around for the morning, and listen to a conversation with her boss.
Death in the U.P.
by Christopher Stoddard
A short story based in Michigans Upper Peninsula.
Breaking the Cycle
by Linda Johnson
Breaking the Cycle by Linda Johnson, Linda Johnson, via Smashwords.
Wind Chill
by Harmony Schreiner
A six hundred word short story for the Lulu contest. Short, sweet, and spooky.
Love Medic
by Creighton Thompson
Do you have what it takes to counsel the newly broken hearted? Take the ten question quiz and become a certified Love Medic. Answer the extra bonus questions and be Super Certified. And as a bonus-bon
Molly's Ornament
by Lindsey Wilkerson
This Christmas tale is about a woman who finds a magical ornament. The ornament changes her life and brings her to new places!
The Misanthrope's Guide to Life: (Go Away!)
by Meghan Rowland
Misanthrope, n.: 1.) One who hates mankind; a curmudgeon; a loner; 2.) The guy in your office who responded to your e-mail of baby photos with D-. Passing, but not college material; 3.) A RealistF
The Best Damned Squirrel Dog (Ever)
by Josh Langston
Those who survived the horrible battles of the American Civil War are talked about almost as much as the many thousands who did not. And what about those who should have fought, but didnt? Hardly anyo
The Freckled Barons
by Douglas T. Vale
Caroline expected a normal school day. Instead she began a strange journey through the landscape of an alien mind.
by Emmaline Westlund
Two girls, one Christmas, two beautiful dolls. Terror ensues when jealousy cannot be contained.
Decorating for Christmas
by Kasey Rogers
The holiday craft team of Kasey Rogers and Mark Wood supply do-it-yourselfers with grand Christmas projects to spruce up the home during this festive season. This team whips up some elegant decoration
Inner Beauty Exposed
by Rae Dawn Pruit
This is fantasy short story for the 600 word essay contest.
Running with the Moon
by Reina McKenzie
An excerpt from a book about a group of eight teenage runaways normal night routine is interupted by a man from one of the group members past.
The Forbidden King of Dristavia
by Tom Norton
A 600 word short story submitted for the LULU short story contest.
How to Make an eBook with Sigil
by Paul Salvette
How to Make an eBook with Sigil by Paul Salvette, Paul Salvette, via Smashwords.
A Miracle Wish
by Christie Waites
A lonely little girl finds happiness through a miracle wish on Christmas Eve.
The Birth of Revenge
by Amber Olsen
Pirates have pillaged the town too many times, and William, a strong and stalwart man in his forties, has discovered their base location.
More Later: Lyle's Letters from the University (Free Preview)
by John Arthur Robinson
... brilliant, excellent and highly recommended.--Julie Elizabeth Powell, The LL Book Review.--- Lyle is a fictional middle-aged correspondence-course editor at a small university. Clueless, Lyle writ
by Stacie Wyatt
I have experienced two miscarriages in my lifetime and both affected me more than I thought. This is a snippet of the pain and depression I faced.
by Oksana Vasilenko
Asteriskos by Oksana Vasilenko, Oksana Vasilenko, via Smashwords.
God Is Not Amused: The Intergalactic Wars
by Stephen Sposato
When humankind reaches its pinnacle of technical progress, nothing is thought to remain. God is astonished at the creatures progress, until that is, the creature turns on the creator, in a power grab
My Buddy
by Lee Carey
My Buddy by Lee Carey, Lee Carey, via Smashwords.
How Cassava Came to Have a Bitter Taste
by Kiran H. Dellimore
A short fable, told in the style of a traditional Caribbean folk tale, about why cassava has a bitter taste.
Escape Clause (Short Story)
by Simon Haynes
Escape Clause (Short Story) by Simon Haynes, Simon Haynes, via Smashwords.
Antarq'tikka: The Thief's Gambit
by Marty Cook
In the magical world of Antarqtikka, not only do Penguins have opposable thumbs and access to a supernatural power called Frostmagic, theyve built an Empire along the coastline of their entire Souther
Baby in Threads
by Alana Capria
Baby in Threads by Alana Capria, NAP BOOKS.
by Scott B Robinson
Ati by Scott B Robinson, Scott B Robinson, via Smashwords.
The Edge
by J. R. Cox
Captain Herschel Walker records his final captains log, near the end of a five-year suicide mission.
The Hanging
by Eric Arndts
The moments surrounding the execution of an innocent man in the mid-1600s.
Under a Copper Sun
by James Sweatt
A very short story of 600 words, written as a contest entry. This is a tall tale in a literal, as well as figurative, sense. A mans mission takes him to the land of the giants.
Listening To Your Angel
by Kevin Flanagan
Listening To Your Angel by Kevin Flanagan, Kevin Flanagan, via Smashwords.
A Half Jew on Jew Street
by Jeffra Hays
A Half Jew on Jew Street by Jeffra Hays, Jeffra Hays, via Smashwords.
Do You Like Oranges?
by Kevin Doyle
Do You Like Oranges? by Kevin Doyle, Kevin Doyle, via Smashwords.
Consciousness Raising
by Lorraine Ray
Consciousness Raising by Lorraine Ray, Lorraine Ray, via Smashwords.
Mind Shock
by Rick Wilson
Mind Shock by Rick Wilson, Rick Wilson, via Smashwords.
Crossroads (Short Story)
by Hardit Singh
Crossroads (Short Story) by Hardit Singh, Hardit Singh, via Smashwords.
by TJ Seitz
Beauty by TJ Seitz, TJ Seitz, via Smashwords.
Chill Out (A Digital Short)
by W. Bradford Swift
Chill Out (A Digital Short) by W. Bradford Swift, W. Bradford Swift, via Smashwords.
Journey to My Heart
by Keerti Garg
Journey to My Heart by Keerti Garg, Keerti Garg, via Smashwords.
Best of Blog in France
by Stephanie Dagg
Best of Blog in France by Stephanie Dagg, Stephanie Dagg, via Smashwords.
by Stephen Cote
Oblivion by Stephen Cote, Stephen Cote, via Smashwords.
My Mind's Temple
by Kimberly LaRocca
My Mind's Temple by Kimberly LaRocca, Kimberly LaRocca, via Smashwords.
Arming the Dachshund
by Spider Moon
Arming the Dachshund by Spider Moon, M.H. Dartos.
by Miroslav Halas
Alien by Miroslav Halas, Miroslav Halas, via Smashwords.
Judges, Fbi, Dna, & Lies Volume 2
by John W. Fidler
Judges, Fbi, Dna, & Lies Volume 2 by John W. Fidler, John W. Fidler, via Smashwords.
Invocation - A Prelude to The Noctuary
by Greg Chapman
Invocation - A Prelude to The Noctuary by Greg Chapman, Greg Chapman, via Smashwords.
by Gregory Dahler
Imprisoned by Gregory Dahler, Gregory Dahler, via Smashwords.
A Monster by Association
by Wendy Coleman
A Monster by Association by Wendy Coleman, Wendy Coleman, via Smashwords.
by Georgina Anne Taylor
Crystalline by Georgina Anne Taylor, Georgina Anne Taylor, via Smashwords.
Mind Relief Manuscript
by Jerry Stocking
Mind Relief Manuscript by Jerry Stocking, Jerry Stocking, via Smashwords.
Land in the Distance
by Miroslav Halás
Land in the Distance by Miroslav Halás, Miroslav Halás, via Smashwords.
Busted: --a Prequel to the Jim Money Stories
by Glenn Gamble
Busted: --a Prequel to the Jim Money Stories by Glenn Gamble, Glenn Gamble, via Smashwords.
Echoes of Olympus: A Novella
by Darrin Drader
Heliodas, the Athenian born son of Zeus, rides to war in the armies of Alexander The Great of Macedonia in a bid to topple the Persian Empire, which has threatened Greece for hundreds of years.Thermia
Love Story: In The Web of Life
by Ken Renshaw
Love Story: In The Web of Life by Ken Renshaw, Ken Renshaw, via Smashwords.
Coming Home
by Tiffany Johnson
Coming Home by Tiffany Johnson, Tiffany Johnson, via Smashwords.
Eye Of The Beholder
by Gail McFarland
Eye Of The Beholder by Gail McFarland, Gail McFarland, via Smashwords.
Max's Eyes
by Christopher Kneipp
Max's Eyes by Christopher Kneipp, Christopher Kneipp, via Smashwords.
Love Again, Love for Them: A Novel
by R.A. Lee
Love Again, Love for Them: A Novel by R.A. Lee, R.A. Lee, via Smashwords.
Influence of Love
by Patricia Lynne
Influence of Love by Patricia Lynne, Patricia Lynne, via Smashwords.
An Orchid for Lisa
by Terry Rich Hartley
An Orchid for Lisa by Terry Rich Hartley, Terry Rich Hartley, via Smashwords.
Hekiti and the Moon: A Taino Legend
by M.C. Olmo
Hekiti and the Moon: A Taino Legend by M.C. Olmo, M.C. Olmo, via Smashwords.
Fleshware Requiem (An Apocalypse Doll Prequel)
by Xavier Cecil
The woman in White was in danger; but not from the plague; not from the Living Dead, but from my own teammates. With food, ammo, and air-filters running low; the band of ex-convicts, renegades, and mu
Like A Stacked Deck
by Stefanos Livos
Like A Stacked Deck by Stefanos Livos, Stefanos Livos, via Smashwords.
In Plain Sight
by Amy Browne
In Plain Sight by Amy Browne, Amy Browne, via Smashwords.
Azalea's Pride
by A.J. Dixon
Azalea's Pride by A.J. Dixon, A.J. Dixon, via Smashwords.
Kate's Innocence
by Johanna Brown
Kate is a happy pre-teen who is about to receive some news that will change her forever.
by T'Kheya Miller
Janie by T'Kheya Miller, T'Kheya Miller, via Smashwords.
Stonechild Volunteers
by Jim Burk
When Russell Stonechild, a young Cree, from northern Saskatchewan volunteers to become a recruit for the Gall Light Armoured Scots battalion just prior to the outbreak of WW 2, he enters a new and exc
Flying Starfish of Death: A Beach Slapped Humor Collection: 2008
by Barton Grover Howe
Flying Starfish of Death: A Beach Slapped Humor Collection: 2008 by Barton Grover Howe, Barton Grover Howe, via Smashwords.
The Power of Silence
by Kate Everson
A giggling blue fairy takes Zoe on a journey to find her soul. She discovers the power of silence inside herself and it changes her life.
Ashes of Dearen: Book 1
by Jayden Woods
Ashes of Dearen: Book 1 by Jayden Woods, Jayden Woods, via Smashwords.
Autumn Leaves
by Phil Dumas
Autumn Leaves by Phil Dumas, Phil Dumas, via Smashwords.
Antarctic Base 5
by electrolysis
Antarctic Base 5 by electrolysis, electrolysis, via Smashwords.
It Ain't Flat: A Memorizable List of Countries
by Karl Beckstrand
It Ain't Flat: A Memorizable List of Countries by Karl Beckstrand, Karl Beckstrand, via Smashwords.
The Interview - A Zombie ACRES Intro
by Joshua Cook
Secret powers in dark places have been attempting to stop death for as long as man realized death. Finally, one group of these secret powers finally made a breakthrough. The Second Birth Project looke
In the Cards
by Thea Hutcheson
In the Cards by Thea Hutcheson, Lilac Moon Books.
Novan Witch
by Prudence MacLeod
Novan Witch by Prudence MacLeod, Prudence MacLeod, via Smashwords.
Hostage to Fortune
by Maggi Andersen
Hostage to Fortune by Maggi Andersen, New Concepts Publishing.
Indigo Blues
by Danielle Joseph
Indigo: I never asked to be famous—or infamous. Such is my fate for briefly dating (and dumping) Adam Spade. Yes, the Adam from the indie rock band Blank Stare who wrote Indigo Blues—t
by Sonia Lyris
Though still a young man, Duri was already a famous sword smith. His exquisite blades drew wealthy customers from across the many lands. But such fame has sharp edges and is not kind to those it touch
Angel of Death
by Richard Gerard
What might happen when you die. Dont worry though, its a happy tale. If you enjoy reading this, please take the time to write a review or rate it. Just follow the link at the bottom of the book page t
Not Just an Orgy
by Sally Painter
Alexia was in trouble the moment Haden Tate kissed her. The months trying to gain access to him had been worth it. His passion overwhelms her and Alexias plans come undone in a moment of lust. Desire
Kashaful Wilayah
by Syed Jazib Reza Kazmi
English translation of Syed Baqir Nisar Zaidis Kashaful Wilayah. A brief explanation of how wilayat is the foundation of the shia religion and how to recognize the true wilayat of Allah.
Narrator Magazine Blue Mountains Spring 2011
by Narrator Magazine
Narrator Magazine Blue Mountains Spring 2011 edition features contributions from the following:Abena Gyemfuah, Alan Lucas, Albany Dighton, Alexandra Smithers, Aristidis, David Anderson, David Bowd
Short Stories I-IV
by David M. Brown
A selection of short stories.1) 456 - Will the hunter become the hunted? A man pays the price for his arrogance.2) Human Nature - An animal victim is given a voice in this tragic tale of animal cruelt
Life or Death? The Leprechaun
by Wallace Williamson
When Life beats you down to your knees, Death paints her face and woos you like a seductive mistress. So what drives a man to cling to a life of misery and despair? The answers to this and every other
Feed Me Your Children
by German Alcala
Feed Me Your Children is a nine poem collection on how youth can be so easily influenced by media. Gay pride, and the attempt that society has made to suppress homosexuals. The wrong images of beauty
Why I Support Same-Sex Civil Marriage
by David Bruce
This documents provides arguments in favor of same-sex civil marriage.
Emma's Game Day Dilemma
by Erika Wilde
Emma's Game Day Dilemma by Erika Wilde, Erika Wilde, via Smashwords.
A Shalar is Born
by J.V. Altharas
A Shalar is Born by J.V. Altharas, J.V. Altharas, via Smashwords.
Aphrodite in a Blue Silk Dress
by C Singleton
See how you enter, your head held high.Your past left behind you, now youre one of a kind.With your gowns and your finery, a vision no less.You are Aphrodite in a blue silk dress.An anthology of poems
The Broken Moose
by Tonya Tenfeathers
Mustafa (Moose) McCabe has not only survived the apocalypse, but thrived in it. With laws and morality all but abandoned six years after World War III, he has reverted to one of society’s most a
The Mousetrap
by Heather Wielding
What happens when Saw meets BigBrother? Step into the House and find out! Follow Gina and Sam, mother and son, on their flesh-splitting journey through the Mousetrap, a TV-show created to entertain th
Interviews with Psychics
by David Bolton
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a psychic? I myself had always been intrigued by this question, and decided to find out. In Interviews with Psychics, you will read the conversations
The Impossible Venusian
by Tara Loughead
Bulays and Ghaavn take Wing and her friend Jacqui the werewolf girl to the Space Circus. For the Space Family Alynbard, the Topless Aerialist Trio of Titan, it is a good thing they did as Karshi assas
The Wizard of Woe
by Charles Bryce
Small yet smart, Mousedeer outwits a wizard who has cast an evil spell over the jungle.
Me and My Pain - The challenges of living with chronic pain
by Abbey Strauss
This book addresses the life-changing problems that pain patients, and those around them, can have on relationships, dealing with the medical community, the harsh realities of access to adequate care,
Falling in the Garden
by Jasmine Giacomo
Catriona is in love. But her brother, the emperor, has condemned her beloved to a life of servitude and shame. After living in fear of her brother for years, Catriona finally reaches her breaking poin
Up and Down
by Maureen Lougen
Up and Down by Maureen Lougen, Maureen Lougen, via Smashwords.
The Mud Gullumpers
by E. L. Purnell
Ryan warned that the things in the dead-end creek were in fact slimy, fetid, space alien freaks.And any kid dumb enough to approach their dark lair had better believe in the power of prayer. For under
The Dark and Hopeless Places
by Vincent Cleaver
The Dark and Hopeless Places by Vincent Cleaver, Vincent Cleaver, via Smashwords.
Casey's Adventures The Story of the life of a toy golden doodle
by Patty Lo Tran
story about the adoption process of a dog and how he has brought color into the lives of the family that adopted him.
by Todd Maternowski
An up-and-coming professor of mystery religions and the occult performs a Tarot divination on himself at the urging of his students -- and finds he will be murdered within the next three days.
by Kardien Lupus
Garden is one of wolf story, wolf into human. They Called werewolf but have own wolfs soul. This story about two of them.
Writer's Workshop
by Sue Verrochi
An aspiring writer suspects that her work has been stolen by someone in her Writing workshop. (Short Fiction)
The Blood Bailout
by Stephen McDonald
Tommy has played by the rules his entire life, and all it has brought him is personal disappointment and financial ruin as the Great Recession has worn-on. But that may change when a vampire named Bir
Cinder: Chapters 1-5
by Marissa Meyer
This excerpt from Marissa Meyer’s Cinder contains for the first five chapters. Cinder will be available January 3, 2012. Humans and androids crowd the raucous streets of New Beijing. A deadly pl
The Glassblower's Daughter
by Frances Clarke
Gretas life is carefree until the abrupt disappearance of her elder sister, and all her courage cant save her from the sinister shadows that engulf her. Even when she finds a way out betrayal and trea
Short Sharp Shock
by Basil Croeser
This work is loosely based on an incident when, while traveling through Europe as a naive medical student, the author and a hitch-hiking couple were apprehended at the Czechoslovakian border. Encounte
The Disciplined Life (Ebook Short)
by Calvin Miller
The Disciplined Life (Ebook Short) by Calvin Miller, Baker Publishing Group.
The Lord's Prayer
by Free From Bondage Ministry
Have you ever prayed and wondered why nothing seems to be happening? I did, for many years! God is omnipresent, He is always listening. It is not that He doesnt hear you. It has much more to do with h
Fanged Love: Origins of the Vampire from Hell series
by Ally Thomas
Before Rayea started sharing her story with us, my idea for the Vampire from Hell series began as a short story about Grace, a naive human led astray by her sinister boyfriend, Nathan into a world of
The Big Ben Mystery (White and Black)
by Fernando Trujillo
A man has been murdered. He is blond, blue-eyed and is wearing a white suit. His surname is White. The murdered man is dark, black-eyed and his suit is black...the same as his surname. And, as if that
My Trailer Trash Girlfriend and her Family (Part 3)
by Logan Lee
I fell for Anne because she was a slut and I was damn near a virgin when we met. I had no idea that she was only taking after her Mother, or that her older sister, Sandra, was made of the same mold.
In the Garden of Temptation (The Garden Series Book 1)
by Cynthia Wicklund
Adam Stanford always does the right thing, but when he meets Catherine Bourgeault honor and gentlemanly conduct are forgotten. Hell risk his reputation and all he holds dear to possess this amazing wo
Klondike Whispers
by Douglas E Wright
What would you give up to avoid hunger?Its near the end of the nineteenth century and not only has Paul Crooke run short of gold, but hes run out of credit at Ogilvies Dry Goods Store as well. The Yuk
21 Steps
by O'Neil De Noux
The hardest part of committing a murder is getting away with it, especially when the case is assigned to a detective who is a relentless pursuer, a half-Cajun, half-Sioux investigator at the top of hi
Saletti Blood: Sins of the Father (Volume 2)
by Vana V
*For a MATURE reader only*Having been banished from the country of his birth for too many years, Severiano Tarussio fWide character in print at line 108.
inally returns home to Italy, but with a vengeance that only murder can sat
Tamporlea (Book 1 of the Tamporlea Trilogy)
by Tiffany Lovering
Jasmine and her mom are on a seemingly normal camping trip in the Adirondacks when things quickly change after a man named Orion comes to take Jasmine away to a place called Tamporlea. This land is be
Skipped Parts
by Tim Sandlin
Funny, shocking, downright revolting, and occasionally sad. Sandlin is a compelling storyteller...Skipped Parts is somewhere between The Catcher in the Rye and Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. -Los Angele
Bunny Dundee
by Brendan Gerad O'Brien
The donkey was mad. We all knew that. You only had to look at the cut of it. There was a lump missing from one of its ears and all its bones poked through the bare patches in its motley skin. It stood
Norma Jean
by Syd Parker
She was gorgeous. She was loved by men and coveted by women. She had access to the greatest actors and sports stars, even elected officials. She was a celebrated actess. She was an innocent as a flowe
Little Nemo's Wild Sleigh Ride
by Roland Urbanek
Little Nemo has trouble getting to Slumberland in time for Christmas and when Santa comes to the rescue, Nemo ends up breaking Santa’s sleigh. This is one of the three fantastic stories told in

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