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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

80 FREE Nook Books

Office Politics
by Sharon Gerlach
Malaria is nothing a good dose of quinine can’t handle.At least that’s what software training specialist Frannie Freeman thinks when her vile office manager Malia — aka Malaria &mdasmdas
Sacred Sin
by Virginia Llorca
Jenny does what she thinks is best for her. You are welcome to followif you like. After a starter marriage, she tries to focus on her career but that guy shows up and he means business. Can he deal wi
The Last Au Pair
by Mike Sincere
Three young European women come to South Florida for adventure, romance, and excitement. Expecting easy work, the women agree to become au pairs – live in nannies for affluent American families.
Potty Train Your Puppy in 10 Steps!
by Susan Day
Susan Day is a canine behaviourist and one of the areas she works is teaching puppy classes. Each week puppy owners discuss the problems they are having with their puppy. One topic that comes up again
by Kealan Patrick Burke
What follows is the transcript from a series of screenshots emailed to the Columbus City Police on June 7th, 2011, and subsequently distributed to the media.Everyone has a page...In the last few years
Touring the Afterlife
by Nancy Frederick
Awash in despair, Addie swallows a handful of pills, expecting to extinguish her misery along with her life. She is dead but she isn’t gone. Instead she is trapped in the Afterlife, where Addie find
The Year Of Our Discontent
by Darrel Bird
Two children run away from home because they feel they have been mistreated, they soon encounter bad men as they make camp in the cane breaks of the River bottom land, fear and uncertainty clamps its
Three Bullets To Queensland
by Rick Mofina
Ike Decker, a loss recovery agent, for the armored car industry, is a desperate man. He has a dream and the only thing in his way to realizing it is Paco Sanchez and $1.2 million in stolen cash. Three
Strange Associations
by Darrel Bird
A business executive is transferred from his New York office to a southern town in Georgia, his life and his marriage are off track when he has breakfast with a prostitute who is destined to change hi
by Alex
Meet Snowball the yeti (a.k.a. the abominable snowman) and Patrick the scientist. Patrick is on a mission to prove yetis are real, and Snowball is dealing with just becoming king. An encounter on Mt.
The Underlings
by Darrel Bird
A humorous glance into the macabre as Chet Wolford, Hobo extraordinaire, blows into Chicago’s east side looking for a free meal. Oh, he finds a free meal all right, but he runs up against someth
The Family
by Darrel Bird
The American economy has gone belly up and The Family now travels through a strange land. A father and son set out from Denver Colorado bound for the upper reaches of Western Washington State. In a la
The Hawk's Shadow: A Tale from Secramore (Epic Fantasy)
by M.S. Verish
StoryIn the aftermath of Raven’s Heart, the tracker named Hawkwing and the former bandit known as the White Demon try to evade a clandestine organization known as the Seroko. “The Hawk&#
Till Death Do Us Part
by Darrel Bird
A comfortably married man and woman who find themselves in a plane crash on the dry animal filled plains of Tanzania.The plane goes off course because of an inaccurate compass, and their lives go off
Vandalism Of Words
by via Smashwords Derek Haines
What Is This Book About Then? Great question. The answer is so splendidly simple. This book is about anything, everything and nothing. It is an ideal companion on a bus or train where regular interru
Preparation Day
by Darrel Bird
An Adventist teen who finds herself pregnant. She is soon faces the threat of an imposed abortion which she does not believe in, and which she swears will not take place, darkness envelopes her until
Trusting God-One Minute Devotional
by Diana Mitton
Trusting God-One Minute Devotional is FREE, for a limited time!
Restitution Island
by Darrel Bird
Two people learn how to love as they are thrown together by fate on an Island in the South Pacific.
Old Dogs, Children And Gil Bateman
by Darrel Bird
Two Children and their yellow Labrador ‘Scoot’ take up with an old farmer by the name of Gil Bateman who lives just down the road, When they go missing the sheriff suspects the farmer of t
Corporate Responsibility
by Tara Loughead
A very short science fiction story about getting someone to take the top job, when it means that they could literally be for the chop.
Three Plus Me - College Daze: Volume Three
by T.J. Holland
JT Holland, author of the bestselling series Confessions of an Escort Addict presents a new series, co-authored by his better half, TJ. College Daze is the story of a young woman getting a taste of th
The Girl Who Couldn't Say No
by Tracy Engelbrecht
A sharp, shocking memoir, told with frank South African humour and refreshingly mature insight, The Girl Who Couldnt Say No tells the story of how Tracy Engelbrecht came to find herself pregnant at 15
Three of the Best
by Secret Narrative
Three of the Best – Contains three sexy stories with different themes - including vanilla sex, older man/younger woman and a female/female encounter. Extract from Happy EndingsFace down, while L
Tia Maria
by Virginia Sencilla
Watching her niece and her boyfriend making out, an aunt becomes exasperated with their lack of finesse and takes them in hand, teaching them how to satisfy each others demands... and her own. Tia Mar
by Suzy Turner
Her whole life had been based on a lie. Lilly had grown up in a loveless home with a father who she had barely ever seen and a mother who was... well, not very motherly.After they mysteriously disappe
Reunion (Vampires Realm Romance Series)
by F E Heaton
The Law Keeper for the Venia bloodline, Marise doesn’t want to return home but duty dictates that she must investigate the attempt on her lord’s life by another vampire.When she sets eyes
Relatively Guilty
by William H.S. McIntyre
First in the Best Defenceseries featuring Scots criminal defence lawyer Robbie Munro. Relatively GuiltyCredit may be crunching all around but crime is booming and to add to busy caseload come instruct
The Secret Keeper
by Julie Thomas
Daniel Horowitz wins a prestigious music competition and stands on the brink of a stunning career as a virtuoso violinist. But he’s also a fourteen year old Jewish kid who loves to play baseball
The Last Elf of Lanis
by K. J. Hargan
Wealdland is being overrun by troops of vicious garonds, led by the 900 year old, evil lord of magic, Deifol Hroth. Iounelle, last of the elves, embarks on a dark journey of revenge for the extincti
Professor Hardy's Hidden Fantasy - An Erotic Short Story
by Ann Russell
ExtractAlways immaculate, if a little sterile, his bedroom was functional but comfortable, most of the space in the spartan room given over to an enormous bed covered with crisp white linen, bedside c
The Eyes of Christ
by William G Jennings
A Church assignment to bring down an anti-religious media mogul puts Chase Fleet into a desperate race to recover a stolen Christian artifact. A high-stakes poker game launches Fleet into an adventure
To Dream Again
by Brian H Jones
Rivals at school and rivals in love, Kerem and Nozam take opposing paths during the war of liberation that ignites their country. When Kerem returns from exile, Sanomi, the love of his youth, leaves N
The Secret Dreams of Sarah-Jane Quinn
by Sharon Gerlach
Sarah-Jane Quinn has many secret dreams: to own the bed-and-breakfast inn where she stayed as a child; to finally capture the elusive Coleridge “Collie” Tate, on whom she has an enormo
Roller Coaster Rush
by Brandon Wood
While waiting in line for the newest roller coaster on a hot summer day, Kirk gets left behind by his friends. The stranger who offers to ride with him, Ben, turns out to be better than a ride with fr
Striptease for Daddy
by Amber Drake
“Max, you are so going to be my bitch tonight.”One single daddy is in so much trouble and he doesn’t even know it yet.Payton Philips has been babysitting for Max Harris and his littl
by Paul Allih
Emma is a teenage girl who has spent most of her life being shuffled from place to place. Between her mother’s drug addiction and her sister’s overbearing nature, Emma feels she is being f
Outback Hero - An Australian Outback Romance
by Noelene Jenkinson
Photo journalist, Kate Reed, can’t forgive her neighbour, Matt Thornton, for being the pilot of the plane that killed her mother ten years ago.Now, with Kate’s family homestead in debt and
One Naughty Girl
by Alexx Andria
Landry James is one naughty girl who cant be controlled by her husband — or anyone — until she meets up with a mysterious man who offers her the opportunity to put her particular skill-set
by David Crookes
The bombing of Darwin by the Japanese in 1942 was Australias Pearl Harbor. Faith and her brother, Joe, escape the devastation and chaos aboard Joes island trading ketch, Faraway, along with Joes lifel
The Gospel of the Kingdom
by United Church of God
The Gospel of the Kingdom by United Church of God,
You Can Have Living Faith
by United Church of God
You Can Have Living Faith by United Church of God,
What Is Your Destiny?
by United Church of God
What Is Your Destiny? by United Church of God,
Why Does God Allow Suffering?
by United Church of God
We live in a world of suffering. It falls on the just and the unjust, afflicting all of us at some time. Philosophers, thinkers and theologians have weighed in on the issue for years. We need answers
Holidays or Holy Days: Does It Matter Which Days We Observe?
by United Church of God
Holidays or Holy Days: Does It Matter Which Days We Observe? by United Church of God,
The Road to Eternal Life
by United Church of God
The Road to Eternal Life by United Church of God,
Women in War (Historical Suspense Series)
by Marilyn M Schulz
What if Cinderella was really an arsonist of great use to the French Resistance? Or an old woman from a bombed-out neighborhood in Holland finds shelter in a shoe shop and takes in some orphans? Or
The Old Woman and Other Lesbian Stories
by Q. Kelly
THE OLD WOMAN: Jessica is a pretty good best friend, but she goes too far when she dares Rachel to ask an old woman on a date. Rachel has no choice; otherwise Jessica will do the asking, and Rache
The Blood-stained Belt
by Brian H Jones
From poverty and lives as shepherd boys, hating the way that their country is ransacked by enemies, Jina and Sharma become soldiers, learn their trades, progress up the ranks, defeat the enemies and r
Are We Living in the Time of the End?
by United Church of God
Are We Living in the Time of the End? by United Church of God,
Is God a Trinity?
by United Church of God
Is God a Trinity? by United Church of God,
The Pride of Jesse
by Darrel Bird
A proud young man thinks he has the world by the tail until he is paralyzed from the waist down from a car crash on the San Diego freeway. His plans for the future he thought he had are turned up-side
The Day Time Ran Out
by Darrel Bird
A Hollywood couple find themselves living in a world filled with the dead. The society they have known quickly breaks down as plague sweeps the land. They encounter evil men bent on their destruction
The Sinai Bedouin: a photographic journey
by Zoltan Matrahazi, via Smashwords
The Sinai is a barren and inhospitable - but very diverse and stunningly beautiful - desert wilderness inhabited by nomadic Arab tribes, the Bedouin. Most of them are from the Arabian Peninsula origin
Riding The Whirlwind
by Darrel Bird
A man who suffers from depression moves his family to Mist Oregon.As he fights depression andDesperate for work he finds a job in the timber industry.Life is not yet through dealing him blows as he tr
Verruca Music
by Stuart Estell
Eight Cuts Gallery Press presents the debut novel by Stuart Estell, who lives in Birmingham. It is absurdist comedy of the very blackest kind, informed by a love of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Peter
Of Man, Sun and Stars
by Vasileios Kalampakas, via Smashwords
A collection of five short science fiction stories.The Exchange - a strange gang of buyers prove to be much more than meets the eyeRaging Star - a genocidal killer is interrogated, revealing a hopeles
The Problem with Polly
by Flying Raven Press
How many cats is too many? One? Ten? A thousand? When Nathan Randall awakes one morning to find a strange tortoise shell cat sitting on his dresser, hes soon struggling with the most unusual problem o
Rider On The Storm
by Darrel Bird
A teen goes wild when his father is killed in a bar room brawl, he causes the death of the man responsible, then takes the life of another men, he embraces the biker gang until he attempts to steal th
LoN Minis: The Taken
by Jarius Raphel, via Smashwords
Ninjas just want to have fun. Sent on a simple mission to get rid of vampires, the Taken lose control of the night. Something they are not used to. Its one wild ride when you are with the girls of the
The Last Trip
by Darrel Bird
A fishing boat captain finds what is important in life when his boat sinks. He had promised his wife he would stop fishing when the fishing ran out, but the El Nino brought the tuna close to shore and
The Biscuit Run
by Darrel Bird
A 16 year old boy is forced to fight in the Civil War and ends up killing a boy his own age. he flees a battlefield of blood and smoke to find his way home. He kills another man to protect a helpless
The Knight of Darkened Light
by Andrew Legend
Four decades had passed since the last Relic war ravished the oppositional lands of Windpass Isles and Gaedia – a war that ceased in a bloodied truce.Drewth is a Light Elemental and Commander kn
The Guild of Fallen Clowns
by Francis Xavier
The Haunted Labyrinth of Mirrors was just your average walk-through carnival attraction to most of its visitors. However, for Alan, lurking behind the surface of the mirrored walls was the home of Pee
Scrumptious EXCERPT (Free)
by Amanda Usen
Scrumptious EXCERPT (Free) by Amanda Usen, Sourcebooks, Incorporated.
The Slut of My Dreams - Confessions of an Escort Addict: Volume Four
by J.T. Holland
I love escorts. You get exactly what you want, every time. But tonight I want something different. Tonight I want a little surprise in my life. So I leave it up to chance as to what kind of girl I get
The Arrival
by Nicole MacDonald
Four friends in the midst of a man drought cast a love spell on a whim. And land themselves on another planet. Oops.On a foreign and often hostile world, love teeters on the horizon while the threat o
Searching and Researching: A Short Story
by Penny Page
An average young woman who works on the unpleasant side of the marketing research industry, decides to change her destiny.A chick lit short story with a dash of profanity.
Der Sundenfall
by Lutz Schafstadt
Eine Geschichte über die großen Mysterien des menschlichen Körpers aus unschuldig kindlicher Perspektive. Welche Wörter sind erlaubt? Eine Lehrerin nimmt die Herausforderung an, d
Faideli Bilgiler
by Ahmed Cevdet Pasa
Faideli Bilgiler by Ahmed Cevdet Pasa, Hakikat Kitabevi.
Hak Sozun Vesikalari
by Abdullah Suveydi
Hak Sozun Vesikalari by Abdullah Suveydi, Hakikat Kitabevi.
23 Sonnets
by Dave Malone
A book of contemporary love sonnets celebrating romance and nature.
Ten Bad Habits We Learn In School
by Jamila Diallo
School cant go wrong ?Think again,in this ebook you will discover the 10 bad habits we are taught in school.Find out how they are setting you up for failure and how to remedy them.
The Madame Penitent
by Bradley Convissar
The Madame Penitent- Meet Mark Spencer, a high school senior dying of a malignant brain tumor. With little time left on this world, he ventures out into the Nevada desert looking for one final thrill.
An Even Shorter Short Story
by Gabriel J.M.
A Quick view at the gifted perspective of the new humanity and the future of the world. Rebooting for the New Talent Economy
by Andrew S Rosen
Proprietary higher education industry leader Andy Rosen discusses how "edupreneurs" are uniquely positioned to educate the nontraditional students shut out of the traditional colle
Lost in Glory
by Quentin Oakwood
Lost in Glory is a parody of heroic fantasy literature. A hero sets out on a journey to defeat the Evil Empire, or so he thinks. Thinking isnt his strong point. Will he find his way in a world full of
A Little Book of Mormon (and Not So Mormon) Stories
by Ingrid Ricks
A little book packed with funny, touching and outrageous stories -- from dreaming of an Osmond rescue, to preparing for the end of the world, to escaping a Mormon exorcism. The book also includes a fe
Gifts in Sand and Water
by Annie Bellet
This is a collection of eight fantasy short stories from speculative fiction writer Annie Bellet. It includes previously published work as well as brand new tales. The stories included are: Broken
Limerick: A Faerie Tale Girl Novella, #2
by Kimberly Spencer
Jensen hoped she’d never need Shimmerspell again. But now someone is stalking her, someone who claims to be the Lady of the Lake. And to make matters worse, witches and dragons have come out to
Jungle Fever: A Don't Tell story
by Sara Pierce
Two rugged Navy SEALs, in from intense training maneuvers in the jungle, decide they need to blow off some steam before getting well-earned rest. What happens next is a fight for dominance that could

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