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Thursday, December 1, 2011

28 FREE Nook Books

A Beautiful Day
by Jeremy Fink
FREE SHIPPING on orders of $25 or more. A Beautiful Day by Jeremy Fink,
by Lara Robinson
FREE SHIPPING on orders of $25 or more. 50/50 by Lara Robinson,
From the Heart
by Andy Wilkinson
Jack and Wanda just finished making love. Now they are exploring each other’s thoughts and feelings.
October Fire: A Dream In Three Parts (Episode I Of A Short Story Series)
by S.A. Huggins
A harrowing literary story that follows one woman as she is drawn deeper toward the truth surrounding an apocalyptic virus and the tragedy it inflicts not just on the world but on her life as well. Wh
The King's Best Solder (And Other Stories)
by Susan Brassfield Cogan
Excerpt from The Stone of ImmortalityInside, the cottage smelled of spices and woodsmoke. He felt folded into a pervasive sense of hominess laced with a faint, sharp tang that could only be the taste
Wicked They Come
by Susan Brassfield Cogan
Excerpt:Miriam heard that noise again. The walls vibrated and a sound like howling wind roared briefly and then cut off quick like someone slammed the window shut on it. It came from the empty fla
The Abandoned
by Amanda Stevens
There are rules for dealing with ghosts. Too bad Ree Hutchins doesnt know them.When her favorite patient at a private mental hospital passes away, psychology student Ree Hutchins mourns the elderly wo
The Principle of Gift
by Laurie Sones
This work brings to light a major functioning principle of life and explains how the individual can enjoy its dynamics in his day-to-day existence. It simultaneously establishes creativity as the fund
Triple Threat
by Jennifer LaBreque
Subject: Airborne Captain Eli Murdoch.Current status: Ready and raring to go!Mission: Serve his country. Obstacle: Sexy Tara Swenson. Impossible to resist.Weddings are a minefield for
The Last Tattoo
by Susan Brassfield Cogan
If you get THAT tattoo and if you get it THERE, it will be your LAST tattoo!Includes an excerpt of BLACK JADE DRAGON, to be released in fall 2011for other works by this author go to
The Jensens
by Emily Ward
A young girl finds an inspiring book at a garage sale where an older man is selling the things of his recently deceased wife. A short story.
The Book of Poisons, A Merlin's Gate Story
by Susan Brassfield Cogan
excerpt:An old woman called Becuma sold rare and unusual things. Her shop was tucked away in a dark corner off the main market street. Many went there out of curiosity, many left with something st
Twin Souls
by DelSheree Gladden
He avoids her because of the strange physical pain he feels when they touch. She avoids him because the way everyone seems to do what he says scares her. But when Claire needs to escape a bad situatio
Second Chances
by Danielle Gavan, via Smashwords
FREE SHIPPING on orders of $25 or more. Second Chances by Danielle Gavan, via Smashwords, Danielle Gavan, via Smashwords.
Double Dare
by Rhonda Nelson, via Smashwords
FREE SHIPPING on orders of $25 or more. Double Dare by Rhonda Nelson, via Smashwords, Rhonda Nelson, via Smashwords.
The Second Coming: A Horror Short Story
by Griffin Hayes
Jack Barrow has traveled back in time to save his family from a sadistic killer. All he has to do now is convince Dr. Sims at Bellevue Heights Mental Institution that he isnt crazy.
Merlin's Gate
by Susan Brassfield Cogan
Excerpt:You dont even know for sure if it was an Atharian, said Cabe glumly. Theyd already had a couple of versions of this conversation.It was an Atharian. I heard him talking to the MPs. He gave
The Amazon's Curse (Gena Showalter's Atlantis Series)
by Gena Showalter
Dont miss this brand-new, eBook exclusive tale of Atlantis, Gena Showalters mythical world of immortals, magic and dark seduction!Zane, a fierce vampire warrior, has been enslaved by the Amazons. Nola
Melanie's Secrets
by Emily Ward
High school students at a Halloween party talk about their friend Melanie. A short story.
by Emily Ward
A short collection of essays and devotionals about Gods love and his work in my life.
Shatter (Children of Man Series #1)
by Elizabeth C. Mock
Less than a year ago, Faela Durante, a Tereskan mind healer, disappeared from her family home in Finalaran scared and pregnant. Hunted and living as an outcast, Faela searches for a legend that might
The Prodigal Daughter
by Emily Ward
A daughter visits her mother in the hospital. A short story.
Death of the Sun
by Emily Ward
Shortly before Sadie has to leave for college, she has to make a decision about a dark secret in her past. A short story.
Documenti e testimonianze
by Istituto Conestabile, via Smashwords
FREE SHIPPING on orders of $25 or more. Documenti e testimonianze by Istituto Conestabile, via Smashwords, Istituto Conestabile, via Smashwords.
Jazz...For Those Who Don't Appreciate It
by Richard Henry
Discover how you can understand and love the genre of music we call jazz. Jazz...For Those Who Dont Appreciate It is a guide for helping people appreciate jazz music more. It contains important inform
Meet Me in Nuthatch
by Jacqueline T Lynch
A stunt to attract tourists to a small dying town involves turning the clock back to 1904. It is local Christmas tree farmer Everett Campbells idea, after watching the film Ă¢Meet Me in St. Loui
Spacer Tales: The Alien Monks
by S J MacDonald
The five little men who walk into Kluskey’s are no ordinary customers. They are Shantaitha, monks from the planet Gide, making an epic journey across human space. On the way, they would like Klu
The Interview
by Terri Darling
Recently-divorced Jannie Golightly is back on the job market for the first time in a decade, brazening out her interviews despite feeling untrained, unprepared, and totally ill-equipped. But her inter

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