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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

793 FREE Nook Books

Kur-an'dan Bir Nur Fatiha Suresi
by Ahmet Tomor
Duâlarä?n en üstünü olan Fatiha Sûresi, Ümmül Kurandä?r. Kuranä?n özü ve temelidir. Ölümden başka maddi ve manevi tüm
La jeunesse n'est plus ce qu'elle etait .... tant mieux !
by Olivier Vial
49 % des Français ont une image négative de la jeunesse. De nombreux préjugés se sont ainsi développés finissant par poser un véritable problème
Histoire d'un Choix
by Bulent Alagun
Jérôme Menasis est un homme ordinaire, qui mène une vie ordinaire. Son quotidien va basculer du jour au lendemain suite à une apparition des plus mystérieuses. Il ser
Uyur'un Laneti
by Gökçe Mehmet AY
Korhanin Topkapi sarayinin gizli arşivlerinden kadim bir ormanin içlerine macerasi.
?brahim Bin Edhem Hazretleri'nden Be? Tavsiye
by Ahmet Tomor
Bu kitap ä?brahim Bin Edhem Hazretlerinin beş önemli tavsiyesini Ahmet Tomor Hocanä?n anlatä?mä?yla sunmaktadä?r.
Le Prophete D'Amour Muhammad Les Brises De Sa Compassion
by Osman Nuri Topbas
A loccasion de la commÃmoration de la naissance du Prophà te Muhammad (que Dieu le bÃnisse et lui accorde la paix), il est assurÃment utile et nÃcessaire de faire co
Nash of the Thieves' Guild
by Tony Passarelli
Nash of the Thieves' Guild by Tony Passarelli, Tony Passarelli, via Smashwords.
The Battle Past Dusk
by Mark Aguirre
The Battle Past Dusk by Mark Aguirre, Mark Aguirre, via Smashwords.
Jestesmy cmentarzyskami (Polish po polsku) bezpl;atne
by Ola Mazur
Jestesmy cmentarzyskami (Polish po polsku) bezpl;atne by Ola Mazur, Ola Mazur, via Smashwords.
Chroniques de Galadria I - L'Autre Monde
by David Gay-Perret
Qu’arrive-t-il lorsqu’un homme réalise son rêve ? Perd-il toute raison d’avancer ? Ou bien au contraire utilise-t-il ce rêve comme source de courage et d’ins
Les jardins d'Aphrodite #1-Persephone
by Anne de Gandt
Plusieurs mois ont passé, Cassandre, Déméter et Perséphone se retrouvent et tiennent une conversation à “cœur ouvert”. Leurs échanges tissent le fil de leurs attentes, à l’issue incertaine. Perséphone
Don't Panic, Organise!
by Mute Publishing
the inability for capital, and therefore the state, to pay for the costs of producing a well educated workforce or to guarantee that investment in education will result in a more vigorous economy and
Mahendra Lal Bose, The Great Philanthropist
by Sandip Mitra
The article depicts the life and activities of one of the great personalities of the Bengal-Renaissance during the Nineteenth Century.
Shadow Reads: Strange Little Stories
by Marilyn M Schulz
Short stories with a quirky, dark theme. Twilight Zone meets Agatha Christie.
Davie's Poetry Volume 1
by Davie Magill
Poetry from everyones favourite blog daviespoetry. Volume 1 from the collection! Volume 2 coming soon with never before read poems!
Fangs for Nothing
by Adrianne Ambrose
Grab some garlic and start sharpening your mothers wooden spoons because there are vampires living in the most unlikely of places.I’ve always wanted to meet a vampire. Not to stake some poor blo
Letters & Trumpets
by Tyler Blangiardo
This collection of poetry and prose is largely about love, life and being a young adult in the new millennium. Theres a lot of humor in this book as well.
I'm a Real American
by Rodney Ohebsion
Rodney Ohebsion is a real American.
Kuran Darwinizm'i Yalanliyor
by Harun Yahya - Adnan Oktar
Kuran Darwinizm'i Yalanliyor by Harun Yahya - Adnan Oktar, Global Publishing - Emre Calikoglu.
Davie's Poetry Volume 2 "Gone Without a Glimpse"
by Davie Magill
Davies Poetry Volume 2 Gone Without a Glimpse. A collection of 50 poems from the blog Davies Poetry.
Dialogue d'introduction aux n-univers
by Paul Franceschi
Créés par lauteur, les n-univers sont un cadre conceptuel qui permet de modéliser de manière simplifiée une situation donnée, facilitant ainsi considérablement le raisonnement correspondant. Les n-uni
Task Force on AVMA Programs for Students & Recent Graduates Report
This is the final report of the Task Force on AVMA Programs for Students & Recent Graduates, presented to the AVMA Executive Board in April 2011. The Task Force was established by the AVMA Executive B
Tales from the Balkans: Robert Szepes' first death
by Christopher Szollosi
It isnt Robert Szepes best day. First he wakes up in a container then he recognizes that somebody stole his Identity cards. Without those cards he cant get back his flat so he is in a really big troub
tim special '11: Romeo and Juliet on Facebook
by Thomas W?st
Bei all dem «Elektrosmog», den wir Erwachsene für unsere Kinder erfinden, sollte es uns eigentlich nicht erstaunen, dass sich eben auch die Umgangssprache und die Schriftsprache dem S
Murder At Zero Hour
by Paul Westwood
From the safety of America, William Grant watches as the Great War rages in Europe. Itching for adventure, he travels to Britain to join the army. After a harrowing journey, Grant is accepted into a n
Al Jaami' Al Saheeh. Volume Two
by Nassim Benamra
Extended DescriptionThis is Volume two of 9 Volumes which consists of the follow:1. Friday Prayer2. Fear Prayer3. The Two Festivals(Eids)4. Witr Prayer5. Invoking Allah for Rain(Istisqaa)6. Eclips
Between Honor & Glory
by Mark Finnemore
Martyn took a steadying breath and peered around the boulder. The dragon appeared in no hurry to devour them, taking its time stretching and folding its leathery wings. It wasnt as big as a longboat a
In Regards to the Queen
by Pete Campie
In Regards to the Queen tells the story of a girl with a webcam and how she was able to demand our attention. She captivated the Internet, putting a temporary stop to all other activities as her where
The Hall of the Wood
by Scott Marlowe
All is not right in the Simarron Woods.The rangers have vanished. Their Hall stands empty. Goblins prowl the fringes of the forest and folk whisper of a sitheri witch brewing evil from the darkest hol
Murderous Regrets
by Beth Ann Masarik
In The World Among Us, Hades, the god of the Underworld, plots to take over the world, and remove Gaia, the head Deity, from power. In order to do so, he plots against his own son, Damien, and cons hi
Fall (Thai Edition)
by Lady Beelaa
Fall (Thai Edition) by Lady Beelaa, Laleng.
Al Jaami' Al Saheeh Volume one
by Nassim Benamra
This is Volume one of 9 Volumes which consists of the following topics:1. Revelation2. Belief3. Knowledge4. Ablutions(Wudu)5. Bathing(Ghusl)6. Menstrual Periods7. Rubbing hands and feet with dust(
The Rabbi's Books
by Nancy Reil Riojas
The Rabbi's Books by Nancy Reil Riojas, Nancy Reil Riojas, via Smashwords.
Cigs, Bolan & Strange Men with Guns
by Gayle Ramage
1979, London. Bored Australian journalist, Darcy, goes for a smoke, and witnesses a strange murder. Then shes asked to go with the two odd murderers and change her life forever. What will she decide?&
Mulda' fi; The Guardian War Volume 1
by H. Bradley Stucki
Javin Cox was dead . . . or at least he should be. The last thing he remembered was touching off a Suitcase Nuke strapped to his back, hoping to take out an enemy compound of “Toads” who&rho
by Harun Yahya - Adnan Oktar
Kuran'da by Harun Yahya - Adnan Oktar, Global Publishing - Emre Calikoglu.
"And Gulliver Returns" Book 3 A Visit to Kino
by Lemuel Gulliver XVI
Book 3 is the first book chronicling a new voyage by Cmdr. Gulliver and his friends. Kino is a former province of China that has been given great financial support by China and Saudi Arabia to develop
by E. Don Harpe
When its August in Georgia, the best thing a guy can do is spend a bit of time chillin. Other than when the girl of your dreams invites you go skinny dipping that is. Then it would be great if you cou
Two Types of Collaboration &Ten Requirements for Using Them
by Billy Cripe
Collaboration comes in two distinct types, social and informational. Social collaboration is people focused, goal oriented and intentional. Informational collaboration is knowledge focused, discovery
Poems Essays & Wannabes
by Helmy Kusuma
I collected some of my previous writings ( some of them are poems, some of them are essays, and the rest are just ordered words ).In the future, I will keep writing various kind of things and will aga
Reflections Journal Issue 1: A Journal for the Banking & Financial Services Industry
by Anshuman Choudhary
Reflections is a thought-leadership journal published by Cognizant. Our mission is to provide unique insights, emerging strategies and proven best practices that globally-minded financial services com
Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens: Issue Y'aing'ngah
by Bradley Sands
My twilight wanderings had led me far. In the plains of Jum I saw pigs that walked as men and muttered wicked chants to an ancient wrathful god, in the city of Kaesran, I beheld a chorus of wicked chi
The Giant King's Disastrous and Incredible Crop
by K Kishmot
The Giant King’s Disastrous and Incredible Crop is about tyranny, avarice and drug addiction. Gnomes, Giants and Humans co-exist without knowing anything about each others existence. Intrepid gn
Kuran'da Dua
by Harun Yahya - Adnan Oktar
Kuran'da Dua by Harun Yahya - Adnan Oktar, Global Publishing - Emre Calikoglu.
'Cream Mac'
by Sue Welfare
A short story by romantic comedy writer, Sue Welfare, exploring how two strangers worlds become entangled after one of them dies.
"And Gulliver Returns" Book 5 Our Visit to Singaling
by Lemuel Gulliver XVI
This is the second country visited by the commander and his friends. There are similarities to Singapore but it is more advanced. Singaling also licenses parents with somewhat different requirements t
Il Sera... Tome 1 L'organisation
by Boris Tzaprenko
Les deux plus puissants saffrontent, pour rgner sur les mille milliards dhumains du systà me solaire. -Le pouvoir de lun : contrÃ?le de lomniprsent Rseau par lequel toutes ces Ãom
A Professional's Four Quarters
by Jeffra Hays
A Professional's Four Quarters by Jeffra Hays, Jeffra Hays, via Smashwords.
30 Poems, 30 Days: Inside a Poet's Mind
by A.D. Joyce
Life always has its challenges: Some of them are heartbreaking and others can be a means to strengthen the spirit. For poet A.D. Joyce, April 2011 contained both kinds.As a temporary distraction f
"And Gulliver Returns" Book 7 A Visit to Indus
by Lemuel Gulliver XVI
This is the third country that the commander visits. While the first two were very rich, Indus is very poor. However its president is working to educate the population. He has some unusual ideas about
TaraElla's Way to Life
by TaraElla
TaraElla is an Australian singer-songwriter. She has been writing and performing music since 2003. She is, however, most notable for her cultural projects. She has been thought of as a person whose id
Le siege d'en face...
by Yann Julien
Catherine takes public transportation every day like to get to work.Yet his life is turned upside down when shes going to find a smartphone on the seat opposite where there was a charming young man, j
"...and Gulliver Returns" Book 4 A Look at Human Values
by Lemuel Gulliver XVI
Commander Gulliver meets with Professor Wang from Kino University where they discuss the foundations of our value thinking. Our non-provable basic assumptions as well as the sources of evidence that w
Perry Rhodan 2600: Das Thanatos-Programm (Heftroman): Perry Rhodan-Zyklus "Neuroversum"
by Uwe Anton
Ein Raumschiff in Gefahr - Perry Rhodan kämpft um die FreiheitIn der Milchstraße schreibt man das Jahr 1469 Neuer Galaktischer Zeitrechnung das entspricht dem Jahr 5056 christlicher Zeitrec
The Rockets' Red Glare
by David Shaw
A short snippet of alternative World War II history. A case of what might have been.
Kautliya's Arthasastra ( 300 B.C.): Economic Ideas
by Ratan Lal Basu
This book delineates all the economic ideas embedded in the Arthasastra composed around 300 B.C. in India by Kautilya, a great Brahmin scholar and the Prime Minister of the Maurya king. To enable free
The Ghost Legion: Dagger's Fate, Story II
by Geltab
Dagger and the ghost legion continue their assignments. Coming upon a goblin encampment, they go looking for exotic weapons. Will they find more than they wanted? Events are happening in the world bey
Collection of Poems 'Water Is More Precious Than Gold To People'
by A Submitter
Water is more precious than gold. The story of Moses being toldAs a baby he was thrown into the River NileBut by the will of God he survivedHe struck a rock with his staff and 12 springs gushed forthT
THE MOON'S MEMOIRS: Collected Short Poems 1960-2011
by Bill Knott
THE MOON'S MEMOIRS: Collected Short Poems 1960-2011 by Bill Knott, Bill Knott, via Smashwords.
Promise Me Eternity
by Ian Fox
Dr. Simon Patterson is a successful and well-respected neurosurgeon at Central Hospital in the town of Medford. Married, though without children, he keeps himself so busy that one day is not much diff
U. City's Bravest and Kindest
by Eileen P. Duggan
George Nieman, an elderly developmentally challenged newspaper vendor, was found one morning on a suburb’s main drag, stabbed multiple times in the chest and throat. The depth of devotion of Universit
Don't feel sorry for Salim
by Ramesh Iyer
This is the story of Salim, on the engagement day with Shaheen, which is the most happiest moment of his life turns disasters after he slips while dancing and hurt his ankle, rest everything is about
There's Victory Right Under Your Nose
by Debbie Rhodes
This book will challenge the reader to check out whats been flowing out of their mouths and bring about the results of the abundant life that God has always intended. Each chapter provides a challenge
Antarq'tikka: The Thief's Gambit
by Marty Cook
In the magical world of Antarqtikka, not only do Penguins have opposable thumbs and access to a supernatural power called Frostmagic, theyve built an Empire along the coastline of their entire Souther
Lowercase earth Part 1 - Jarod's Lament
by Jon Sager
This is the first story chronicling the lives of some of the inhabitants of Earth’s first colony as their world changes in ways they don’t yet understand. It is a world that has knocked ar
Marriage & Family: The Missing Dimension
by United Church of God
The joy of a happy marriage blessed with loving, respectful children is a dream of most men and women. Traditionally, marriage has been an exclusive bond between a man and a woman. Yet in recent years
How to Start an Artist's Support Group
by Kate Harper
An article on how to get out of your studio and meet with other artists so you can help each other move forward in your career. A list of guidelines on why you should start a group, how to find other
Lamar's Project
by Daniel Bupp
Lamar has a project to do and his unusual companion will help him complete it.
Releasing The Ministry Of All God's People: A holistic Spirit-led model
by CJ Hayes
Church leaders often try but struggle to bring others into a shared ministry. The problem is that many approach this by creating programmes that are largely based upon an educational model. This often
Ben's Boat
by Richard.F Jones
a boat, a glamorous girl and a dog all conspire to confuse a resident in Southern Spain.
Deficit? We Don't Have No Stinkin Deficit
by W. Addison Gast
Somebody needs to see some humor in the way our legislators go about trying to balance the budget and explain to the american people how they did or propose to do it. In Deficit? We dont have no stink
Surgard's Court Case
by Robert Collins
In this short story, Surgard the Traveler faces his toughest foe yet: a monster with a laywer! Will Surgard crack the case? Or will he get taken for all his coins? This is one of the stories in th
Wedding & Civil Partnership Entertainment
by Paul Hurst
Written by a musician and performer with experience since the late 1970s, this is a practical guide with entertainment options for couples getting married or holding a civil partnerships. It includes
Monty's War Message and the Church Today
by David Berry
The Church in the UK is still fighting a previous war and needs to change its mission strategy.
TaraElla's New World Vision
by TaraElla
TaraElla is an Australian singer-songwriter. She has been writing and performing music since 2003. She is, however, most notable for her cultural projects. She supports a culture where love is the rul
"And Gulliver Returns" Book 8 Politics--the Science of the Possible
by Lemuel Gulliver XVI
Dr. Singh of the university assists the commander and his friends to see how people are motivated through political techniques-- such as fear, violence, sympathy, lying,etc. Our values and psychologic
The Day's Vanity, The Night's Remorse
by Angus Brownfield
Perfection of the life, perfection of the work: is it an either/or choice? Must a person forswear one to attain the other? Byeford Pritchett wants both. He wants to live a life free of the creator
Search & Publish 2.0. Journal d'un universitaire, vol.2. (Enhanced Version)
by Jean-Philippe Denis
Second et dernier volet du journal dun professeur de management, prenant pour objet de recherche et de publication 2.0 lactualité française et internationale. MAJ : le 31/01/2011.
The Buddhacarita - A Modern Sequel: The Poetic Saga of Buddha's Life from Birth to Enlightenment
by Tai Sheridan
The Buddhacarita, Asvaghosas second century sanskrit poem, is the oldest existing story of Buddhas life. The saga begins with prince Siddharthas magical birth and ends with his enlightenment. The anci
Material Progress, Ethics & Human Development
by Ratan Lal Basu
It is a collection articles related to the relation between material progress and human social ethics -- both in the West and India and also the concepts of human development as historically evolved.
A Pardon's Prism
by Robert Sturdevant
The scene is set on Christmas Eve 2008 during the last nights of George W. Bushs presidency as he contemplates his presidency and considers who to pardon in his last days in office. Based on the Dicke
A Lover's Constraint: A Stage Play in One Act
by Steven Ayckbourn
A Lovers Constraint received its British premiere in conjunction with In Your Dreams (also by Steven Ayckbourn) under the umbrella title Double Suite at The Beverley War Memorial Hall, Beverley, East
Turkmenbashi's Land of Fairy Tales
by Tom Coote
Turkmenbashis Land of Fairy Tales is a $50,000,000 amusement park in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. It was meant to be Central Asias answer to Disney Land but fell somewhat short of expectations.
Eleven Twenty-Three
by Jason Hornsby
Layne Prescott meets a strange man in a Shanghai airport and ends up carrying a mysterious briefcase with an attached wrist shackle home with him. Once back in his hometown, Layne’s world spirals out
The Predator's Tits (The Tits Quadrilogy #4)
by German Alcala
A final addition to the Tits Collection. Sixteen poems to tell a story of heartbreak, betrayal, and loss. Telling the story of the fall and reduction of a proud ambitious predator to a sniveling lonel
Travelin' Man: The Event
by Mark Stephens
An introduction to an e-series that explores how one man and humanity deal with the elimination of all technology in the world. Will we regress back to the stone age or evolve as a species?
Thoughts & Stuff Volume 1: 2010 to 2011
by Graham Hall
Thoughts & Stuff Volume 1: 2010 to 2011 by Graham Hall, Graham Hall, via Smashwords.
Road Kill: A Memoir & Six Misadventures
by Walt Chien
Road Kill: A Memoir & Six Misadventures is a collection of non-fiction and fiction narratives loosely woven around the notion of road kill as a metaphor for modern life i.e. sometimes we hit or ge
Ben's Beer Bomb
by John M. Grimsrud
Humorous events started to happen when Ben tried his hand at home brewing beer.
Captain Cee's Last Stand
by Vincent Cleaver
Hannah the Elder has a stroke and must deal with problems in her own house that she’s neglected…
The Color of My Mother's Voice
by Terri Kouba
A tribute to my mother and Old Shep.
No Legs 'Til 18
by Scott Langer
No Legs Til 18 chronicles a boys strange and unnerving experiences as he journeys through adolescence. Drawing from interconnected vignettes, the author recreates his frantic youth as he describes cri
Grow Little Garden A Children's Poem
by Linda Anderson
Grow Little Garden A Children's Poem by Linda Anderson, Linda Anderson, via Smashwords.
Littbarski's Gambit
by Simon Hood
Table football, chess and gin provide perfect substitutes for a common language in this tale about striving to communicate and scoring the perfect goal.
Sunset to Sunset: God's Sabbath Rest
by United Church of God
In this booklet... - The Sabbath: In the Beginning - When Is the Sabbath Day to Be Kept? - Which Day Is the Sabbath? - Names for Saturday in Many Languages Prove Which Day Is the True Sabbath - Je
Mars: A Traveler's Guide
by Ruth Nestvold
Ruth Nestvolds clever story Mars: A Travelers Guide is simply wonderful. Written as a series of encyclopedia entries being accessed by someone unseen, it explains the workings of the planetary wor
Bongo's Life
by Audrey Chin
Bongo is a small monkey who cannot climb trees but can read, write, and count. When his parents die, Bongo must find a way to survive in this world of many dangers.
Toby's God
by Tom Georges
Tobys life has been a perfect one, and its not an accident. Toby has a god, and his god is going to take action.Have you ever wondered if the things in your life just fell into place, as if orchestrat
Punk Faction : It's All Done By Mirrors
by Marcus Blakeston
Punk Faction is a new series of short, interlinked stories set in and around a small Yorkshire town in the early 1980s. Written by 1980s fanzine writer and shouting poet Marcus Blakeston, they are pop
Jos Cardy's Awakening
by John Cuando
Jos Cardy's Awakening by John Cuando, John Cuando, via Smashwords.
A Beginner's Guide to Low-Cost Adoptions
by John Armeau
There are over one hundred thousand children in the United States and hundreds of millions of children across the world available for adoption. Written by adoptive parents, this book provides valuable
An analysis of the Comic Book Industry's Issues
by Shawn James
An analysis of the issues leading to the decline of the comic book industry since the 1990s and a proposal to fix these business problems comprehensively.
Homer's Odyssey: A Retelling in Prose
by David Bruce
This is a retelling of Homers Odyssey in novel form.
Zen and Loathing with the Gatsby's
by Paul Hawkins
Set in Europe of the 1920s and 30s, a monied American expatriate moves in social circles with the luminaries of the day and comes to terms with the emptiness of his theosophical dabblings, even as his
The Devil's Due
by M Purcell
The Devil's Due by M Purcell, M Purcell, via Smashwords.
Barn Dances, Country Dances & Ceilidhs
by Paul Hurst
What is the difference between a barn dance and a ceilidh? Which ones work best, what will you need to put one on and what are the problems to look out for? The author has been playing folk music sinc
Operational Training Unit 32 & 6 1944 - 45
by Yellow Dog ePublishers
Operational Training Unit 32 & 6 were part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. These are the photographs of the pilot, navigator and wireless air gunner courses. The names of the individual
Votamba's Son
by Jon Hartling
Votamba's Son by Jon Hartling, Jon Hartling, via Smashwords.
Bits & Pieces
by Rex Merchant
An anthology of short stories and song lyrics.
Network Challenge (Preface & Chapter 1), The: The Network Imperative: Community or Contagion?
by Paul R. Kleindorfer
This is the eBook version of the printed book. If the print book includes a CD-ROM, this content is not included within the eBook version.The rising importance of networks creates challenges and oppo
Journal d'un universitaire (ete 2010) (Enhanced Version)
by Jean-Philippe Denis
Blog / journal dun professeur de sciences du management prenant pour objet de recherche lactualità franÃaise et internationale de lÃtà 2010.
Bros & Hoes In Prose
by Slava Pastukhov
From the critically acknowledged and controversial author, Slava Pastukhov, comes an examination of society’s zeitgeist through the lens of the cynical comedian. There is something here to enter
Hey, It's a Guy Thing
by David Bates
A collection of short stories that celebrate men and manhood. These stories are not just for men but also for those who love them.
I Ain't Staying
by Janice Daugharty
I had been there most of the morning watching the living dead file in for their doctors appointments. An old man in bib overalls sat down in the chair facing me. I aint staying, he said. His wife and
Sourcing's Three Fates
by Ernie Zibert
In this booklet I describe the fates which direct sourcing. The three sourcing fates are TINA, SAM and DAE. Each of them must be fully understood and managed closely for sourcing success.
Life's Ultimate Question: Does God Exist?
by United Church of God
Why are we here? What is our place in the universe? What is the purpose of life? The questions have been asked for centuries. But they all revolve around what is perhaps the most fundamental question
Don't Jinx It! A Little-Leaguer's Superstitions
by John Keenan
Are you superstitious? I am! This is a story about a little league baseball player who would do anything to keep his hitting streak from being jinxed - and he does!
The Bunker below Believers' Palace: A Short Story
by Paul Salvette
Lieutenant Nixon is a bitter, frustrated naval officer serving his time as a staff weenie in the International Zone. Bored with the monotony of war, he ventures to a secret bunker below one of Saddam
Paul McCartney's Coat And Other Stories Sampler
by Mike White
Welcome. Come inside and put your feet up. Tea? I even have biscuits. Just make yourself comfortable and I promise not to try to preach at you. Well, not too much, anyway. Now then. We haven’t m
The Thong Snap: Tanned Thighs & Twisted Lies
by A.H. Scott
The Thong Snap: Tanned Thighs & Twisted Lies by A.H. Scott, A.H. Scott, via Smashwords.
Medieval Banquets for weddings, parties, 'corporate' and fund raising events
by Paul Hurst
Tips, ideas and suggestions about the different styles of performers, what tends to work (and what doesnt) for themed medieval parties and weddings.Includes links to some suppliers and performers base
Eddie's Shorts - Volume 3
by M. Edward McNally
The 22nd & 24th POTUS: Mitchs new relationship is going great. Except that her dog hates him.Breaking Up is Hard to Do: The thing about mixing business with pleasure is that the break-ups can
Lassiter's Folly
by Frank Josey
Lassiter's Folly by Frank Josey, Frank Josey, via Smashwords.
The Radio Announcer And The Horse Dovers (Hors D'oeuvres)
by Robert Chapin
I always wanted to be a radio announcer and following discharge from the army in 1970 I fulfilled my dream of attending one of the most prestigious schools in the country: The Connecticut School o
The Edupunks' Guide to a DIY Credential
by Anya Kamenetz
The Edupunks' Guide to a DIY Credential by Anya Kamenetz, Anya Kamenetz, via Smashwords.
La Plus Petite Cloche de l'Invocateur
by Katherine Tomlinson
This is a tale of a very special item brought to a very special pawnshop in Los Angeles.
Gary's Temple Visit
by Lakshmi Menon
Garys Temple Visit is an Indian story about a cats visit to the temple, and on the way he meets Brown, a fox. This amusing story will entertain kids.
A Geek's Guide To Get Laid! (Have Sex Even If You're Fat, Ugly or Worse!)
by Dave Briner
So youre a Geek, huh? Do you think, because youre a Geek, the Universe (or at least your little corner of it) is conspiring against you, making sure you cant Get Laid as much as you want?Unfortunately
A.M.D.: After Mom's Death
by Lynne Southerland
A.M.D. (After Moms Death) is a short story about a teen whose mother has just died and how she must cope with being sent to live with her estranged father.
Religion & Liberty - Volume 20, Number 3/4
by Acton Institute
Religion & Liberty’s issue featuring an interview with ACT 3 Founder John H. Armstrong is now available. This double issue is a tribute to the 20th anniversary of Acton’s founding.
Craig's List and Inner Tubes: A Bank Robbery
by William Hrdina
A short story inspired by true events.
She's All I Can Think About
by Steven Bennett
Why cant obsession be a normal part of love?
My Mind's Temple
by Kimberly LaRocca
My Mind's Temple by Kimberly LaRocca, Kimberly LaRocca, via Smashwords.
Gullhanger & Hove Albion
by Mike Ward
Gullhanger is the hilarious, critically-acclaimed diary of a man who sets out to rekindle his passion for the glorious game, and indeed for life itself. Not via a big club such as Manchester United or
"And Gulliver Returns" Book 1 Touch Down--Return to Earth
by Lemuel Gulliver XVI
Cmdr. Lemuel Gulliver XVI returns from space in 2025 after having searched for a planet that could hold the Earths burgeoning population. He found none. He therefore embarks on a mission to limit popu
The Wood Carver's Wife
by Rozier K Mutinda
In a retelling of a traditional tale, Danni Moyo is on a quest while his wife and unborn child are in the care of a mysterious stranger. What could go wrong?
Sheriff Gregg & Madam Midnight
by Hank Florentine McLoskey
Sheriff Gregg & Madam Midnight by Hank Florentine McLoskey, Hank Florentine McLoskey, via Smashwords.
Emerging Baby Boomer Trends: Maturialism (Mature Materialism) and SKI-ing (Spending the Kids' Inheritance)
by Chris Maloney
This ebook looks at the underlying factors driving these emerging consumer trends, and how they will impact on the need for financial planning services in order for Baby Boomers to continue the level
Where there's a Will, There's a War
by Declan Conner
Short story, with both American English and UK and Commonwealth English versions available in one eBook. A tale of political intrigue and deception. This one is for conspiracy theorists. An interactiv
Ooter's Place: A Sampler
by Karl El-Koura
Home alone during a storm, two young brothers play a game to entertain themselves, a game that will quickly spiral out of control, a game that will have consequences as tragic as they are frightening.
Trajan's Arch: Giuoco Piano
by Michael Williams
Blackwyrm Books has excerpted this short story from the upcoming Michael Williams novel Trajan TMs Arch for promotional purposes. Michael is best known as the author of the experimental fantasy novels
Noah's Ark Between 2 Buns
by Lotus Rose
A humorous story telling the truth about chicken nuggets. By the author of MachoPoni: A Prance with Death.
I'm Kind of A Zombie
by Andrew Legend
Zombies.Nasty. Scary. Hungry.Never thought Id become one.But, somehow, my brain didnt rot away and I maintained my human mind and will.Hi. Im Alex Henry. And this is my story of how I went from being
Glimpses of the Indian Economy: Ancient & Modern
by Ratan Lal Basu
The book, consisting of four articles covering burning economic in Modern and Ancient India: Diversification of Agriculture in Eastern and North-Eastern India and the Poor; Ancient India’s F
Malky's Bottle of Christmas
by Gary Marshall
Malky and Raymie are friends, of sorts - but when Malky gets lucky, Raymie gets jealous. A powerful short story with a pitch-black sense of humour from the author of Coffin Dodgers.
Mr. Haley's Bliss
by Matthew Arnold Stern
A man finds bliss by savoring an intimate memory. A Lulu Short Story Contest entry.
More Later: Lyle's Letters from the University (Free Preview)
by John Arthur Robinson
... brilliant, excellent and highly recommended.--Julie Elizabeth Powell, The LL Book Review.--- Lyle is a fictional middle-aged correspondence-course editor at a small university. Clueless, Lyle writ
Uncle Mo's Gastrointestinal Tract
by Kimberly Pauley
An old-fashioned feeling comedic short story featuring an uncle in gastric distress and an intrepid young heroine by Kimberly Pauley, YA author of Sucks to Be Me. This short story is the result of a b
Religion & Liberty - Volume 20, Number 2
by Acton Institute
Religion & Liberty’s issue featuring an interview with Alexander Solzhenitsyn scholar Edward E. Ericson Jr. is now available online. Acton also published Solzhenitsyn & the Modern World by Erics
Plato's Cave During the Slicer Wars and other short stories
by Terri Kouba
“Plato’s Cave During the Slicer Wars” – The Slicers killed most of mankind. Can the Allegory of Platos Cave save them or will mankind be wiped from the planet?“The Devil
Christianity: Why it's important and how to live it
by DC Carson
Christianity is something most of us have an opinion on, regardless of how well informed these perspectives may seem.In fact, disillusionment and false impressions often cloud discussion of the faith.
The Rabbit & The Mouse
by Adrian Geiger
A mouse witnesses something horrific.
Sinclair's Game of Chance
by Frank Whelan
Written as part of a short story head-to-head battle! Sinclair is playing an important game of chess.
Sheriff Gregg & The Painted Lady
by Hank Florentine McLoskey
Everybody is scared of Sheriff Gregg and his cronies. Until one day a mysterious lady turns up...absurdist Wild West short story.
Zeal and Enthusiasm in the Qur'an
by Harun Yahya - Adnan Oktar
Discusses the zeal and enthusiasm of the believers; the purpose of this book is to encourage believers to be enthusiastic towards their faith, that their zeal grows with every passing day of their liv
The Frog's Pad Collection
by David Grewcock
The Frog's Pad Collection by David Grewcock, David Grewcock, via Smashwords.
It's a Boy!
by Scott Norton
In 1997, Scott and Brett had been in a relationship for 7 years. Bretts thirteen year old cousin, Joel, had lost his mother, his family had abandoned him and after being arrested a number of times, wh
"And Gulliver Returns" Book 6 Our Psychological Motivations
by Lemuel Gulliver XVI
in visiting Singaling question of how we are psychologically motivated came up. Dr. Chan, a professor of psychology at the University of Singaling pointing out some of the major theories of motivation
Jeffrey's Last Trick or Treat, Autumn stories of growing up
by Charlie Close
The things that happen as children...we remember them all our lives. In Show and Tell a boy discovers what he has to show isnt what he thinks it is. In Names of Saints, John has a secret and the class
Guns, Crime & Freedom
by Wayne LaPierre
During the Los Angeles riots hundreds of law-abiding citizens were able to take up arms against lawless mobs to defend themselves, their families, their homes, and their businesses. They did the job p
Sylvia's Hatchet
by Kate Dempsey
Sylvia is happy living alone with her chickens, but her daughter has other ideas. Who is the stranger who appears from next door and what is Sylvia doing with her hatchet?A happy short story about get
Ethel's Organs
by Dan Vincent
A 600-word amusing short story about a one-hundred year old womans going away party, comic collection, and secret to longevity. (Written on 11/3/11 for a Lulu contest)
It Just Wouldn't Go Away
by John M. Grimsrud
Beer suds clouded judgment and hunter’s remorse turned victory into a curse.
Read Their Mind - How to Hear What the Marketplace Wants & Build a Huge Business
by Sandi Krakowski
NEVER before has it ever been so easy to learn the Who, What and WHY of all copywriting. Youll be amazed at the ability to learn what your ideal clients need and how to give it to them exactly as they
Sid's Teashop
by Andrew McBurnie
Sids teashop in the night market is being modernised, with unexpected consequences for its motley customers.But who are these people?
Dempsey's Dilemma
by Sheila Lee Brown
This is a story about 6-year old Dempsey’s uncomfortable habit of bringing insects and reptiles into the house. Of course, it is only uncomfortable to his mom and dad who keep finding the creatu
Savannah Chronicles One Hare's Bad Day
by Rozier K Mutinda
When his culinary skills are insulted, Hare must find a way to regain the little dignity he has left in a life full of disappointments.
Grit: America's Greatest Family Newspaper
by Robin Van Auken
Each weekend in the 1950s, 30,000 boys knocked at the doors of more than 700,000 American small-town homes and were welcomed with a smile and a dime as they delivered the weekly edition of Grit, Ameri
The Expat's Pajamas: Barcelona
by R.S. Gompertz
A wise person observed that visiting a new place for a day makes you an expert but the longer you stay, the less you seem to know.From 2000 to 2005, I lived with my family in Sant Cugat, a Catalan vil
Poe's Suicide Letter
by Soleil Brando
Many theories surround the death of one of the greatest American poets, Edgar Allan Poe. Among them are murder and suicide. A biographical criticism of one of his last publications, A Dream within a D
Portnoy's Son
by TJ Seitz
Portnoy's Son by TJ Seitz, TJ Seitz, via Smashwords.
God's Holy Day Plan: The Promise of Hope for All Mankind
by United Church of God
Is it possible to know what the future holds for us? The Creator of mankind does have a plan for us, and He reveals it to us through an annual cycle of festivals described in the Scriptures. It is an
Dorothea Harfield's Banjer, The Ding Dong Clocks, & Her Love of God
by Robert Chapin
In the summer of 1959, I met Dorothea Harfield. Her father and three brothers from the hills of North Carolina were working for a logging company on our property in Massachusetts, harvesting timber.Sh
Dante's Inferno: A Retelling in Prose
by David Bruce
This is retelling of Dantes Inferno in novel form.Chapter 1: The Dark Wood of ErrorJust before Good Friday, April 8, 1300, Dante woke up to find himself in a dark wood. How he got there he did not
Commonly Disregarded Qur'anic Rulings
by Harun Yahya - Adnan Oktar
Discusses the laws of Allah which are often ignored; many people claim to be Muslims, yet really dont follow the commands of our Lord. Allah has said that we cant just pick and choose which commands f
Vessa's Grave
by Paul Maitrejean
Kurgans wife is dead. Killed. Kurgan, torn by grief, is determined to find the redheaded man responsible for her death and get revenge.But then a tall, mysterious woman steps out of the forest -- En&e
When It's Last Call
by Jerry Eudy
Just wanted to give my readers a chance to get to know my warped sense of humor. These bucolic remarks should suffice.
Gennaro's Children - the Gathering.
by Jessica Simpson
In a Galaxy far, far away; time is being shredded. …And the Universe on the whole isn’t happy about it, but minds immeasurably superior to ours slowly and patiently, ‘drew’ up
The Voyage: Edited by Chandani Lokuge & David Morley
by Silkworms Ink Anthologies
Welcome to The Voyage, an innovative new anthology of writing by staff and postgraduates from both Monash in Australia and Warwick in England. We believe all writing, at its best, is creative writing.
"The Bridge of Dreams" and "Predators": Two Short Novels
by Alex Shishin
In The Bridge of Dreams, set in Osaka, the homeless and disabled Motoshima Saburo, 58, fights a moral battle with Ken, a young “dating club” scout, who has used The Waif, a pill-popping 17-year-old ru
40 Years: A Selection of Writing from D&M
by D&M Publishers, Inc.
The year 2011 marks 40 years of quality independent publishing for D&M Publishers. To celebrate weve created a free ebook sampler of D&M classics. From Wade Daviss A Light at the Edge of the World to
The Rise & Fall of Basskick
by Michael Jasper
Nearly fifteen years later, Basskick the band just might be getting back together again!The year I turned forty was the year it hit me at last that I wasnt going to make it as a rock star. Getting old
Wesle's Tale
by Alfred D. Byrd
An epic of UFOs in Anglo-Saxon times. Wesle the Weakling, a hapless herdsman watching the woman he loves about to become a warriors wife, seizes a chance for change when star-men come in a shining shi
Looking Back on the Summer of '87
by Robin Gilbert
Mary is alone when her car breaks down on some god forsaken back road in the middle of nowhere. Then she hears singing and follows it... to discover something quite unexpected.
Natalya's Escape: Ruthless Vision (Women's Suspense Series)
by Marilyn M Schulz
Corporate espionage bleeds into international intrigue when a few cookie-cutter corpses in Armani suits are found floating in the lakes around Seattle. Natalya left the KGB to find her murdered father
Keisha's Courage
by Lisa Freedman
In this short story, Keisha demonstrates courage and wisdom beyond her years when she makes an extremely difficult life-changing decision.
What We've Lost
by Mark Finnemore
A villanelle. . . .
Judges, Fbi, Dna, & Lies Volume 2
by John W. Fidler
Judges, Fbi, Dna, & Lies Volume 2 by John W. Fidler, John W. Fidler, via Smashwords.
The Curious Incident of the Investigation of R'lyeh
by Helen E Davis
What really happened at Rlyeh?
Mother's Day and the often-missed evangelism and spiritual growth opportunities
by Yvon Prehn
Please dont misunderstand, this material does not suggest that you quit doing what youve always done and ignore mothers on their special day, but that churches not make mothers their exclusive focus,
The Future of the Written Word: "Always Write" Blog Posts from 2010
by David Derrico
This collection of blog posts from author David Derricos Always Write Blog covers news & info about e-books, e-readers, and the publishing industry. It includes all his blog posts from the year 2010,
Max's Eyes
by Christopher Kneipp
Max's Eyes by Christopher Kneipp, Christopher Kneipp, via Smashwords.
Anaximander's Bottle
by Paul Hawkins
A mind-bending tale: as space-time unknits, a mad Prussian scientist seeks the inspiration of his Valkyrie and retreats to the protection of his ontological citadels to preserve reality - or perha
Brigitte's Wildlife Blog - Tales and Stories of 'de happenings around us
by BPK
Memories and Musings of a Wildlife Carer
Touchdown! (Intro & Chapter 1): Growing Up
by Kevin Elko
This is the eBook version of the printed book. If the print book includes a CD-ROM, this content is not included within the eBook version. Read the following excerpt from Touchdown!, Introduction. I
Casey's Adventures The Story of the life of a toy golden doodle
by Patty Lo Tran
story about the adoption process of a dog and how he has brought color into the lives of the family that adopted him.
It's Not About You
by Jennifer Zeliff
A short story about a pregnant widow, who is trying to repair her relationship with her mother before her baby is born.
Kafka's Heater
by Angus Brownfield
Dementia or a severe case of loneliness? A single, middle-aged woman with a vivid imagination discovers her electric heater talks to her. Does she succumb to madness?
The Complete Guide to the Year's Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
by Blue Tyson
A complete list of the stories in every Years Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror book, grouped by editor and ordered by volume.
I'm scared of the darkness...
by Spargo Postle
I see it coming toward us... Do you?
Statistics Don't Lie
by Jim Dayton
Statistics Dont Lie is almost the perfect summertime story... almost. Theres teen romance and murder. What more could anyone want?
Don't Quit Your Night Job, June
by Fred L. Taulbee Jr.
A young man struggles with consecutive relationships because he always imagines them leading down certain paths and they dont go there, and then he meets June.
The Serialized Adventures of Marlo & Norway Ep. 1
by Phil Skaggs Jr.
Introducing Marlo & Norway, a brother and sister cat duo who travel the universe getting into adventures whenever theyre bored. Which is often since theyre both cats. And always bored.This is episode
Gilbert Gilroy Grackle-schnauzer's Dog Eats His Couch!
by David A. Duke
Gilbert Gilroy Grackle-schnauzer's Dog Eats His Couch! by David A. Duke, David A. Duke, via Smashwords.
Health, The Bible & You : Part 5 - Jesus Recommends Carrot Juice
by Aussie Scribbler
A very short satire on Christian self-help books.
Bible Study Lesson 9 - The Transforming Power of God's Holy Spirit
by United Church of God
In this lesson we discuss this remarkable change, made possible by the transforming power of Gods Spirit.
The Sergeant & The Chevrons
by Robert Chapin
A young 20 year old recruit cannot escape the grueling 10-12 hour day of peeling potatoes in Vietnam while awaiting assignment in a processing center.Following two days of back breaking potato peeling
A Scene from the Life of Shadowfax- Gandalf's Horse
by William Hrdina
Its not easy being a wizards horse.
Eddie's Shorts - Volume 2
by M. Edward McNally
A second pair of my old shorts. By which I mean they were written back in the halcyon days of grunge and flannel. Way too much flannel.Contents:67 Feet in the Air - The Fifteenth of May is a hell of a
The U-Haul Trailer & Doolie Weencer's Hearse
by Robert Chapin
Doolie Weencer was the son of a banker in the small New England town of Prescott, Massachusetts.His father purchased the bank from an immigrant Polish farmer in 1925 at a cost of $61,000 but did not h
Praying the 12 Steps & Traditions of SIA
by Laura Thompson
This prayer book is presented as a guide to those seeking healing through prayer and meditation. Its format is based on the Roman Catholic tradition of the Liturgy of the Hours. The Liturgy of the Hou
Leigh Brackett's Future History - Connecting the Stories: An Examination
by Blue Tyson
It is well known that Leigh Brackett has a group of stories that share a common setting, and that those are based on the planets of the Solar System, primarily on Venus and Mars. However, there is m
The Bible Wasn't Written To You
by David Ker
You may have hopes that you can open your Bible and get a quick dose of spiritual wisdom but the Bible wasn’t written to you. David Ker takes a controversial look at how we shouldnt but often do
"GreenCapitalism!" How it can save our planet.
by keith mcilroy
In the last 12 years the global economy has doubled to US $70 Trillion.During that same time oil is close to peaking, fresh water demand has ballooned, waste mountains have piled up and greenhouse gas
Dead Man's Hand
by P X Duke
One mans intricate ring becomes anothers folly in this short strange tale of a dead man who was unable to rest in peace.
It's a Rough Life (Being Me)
by Thomas Hudson
His days are filled with moments of happiness,sadness, satisfaction and sadness. But, no matter what, he is my best friend.
Szent Istvan: Hungary's Battleship
by Russell Phillips
Despite being a land-locked country, Hungary once had a dreadnought battleship - SMS Szent István. This article describes the ship and its short wartime career.
The Dwarves & Giant
by Adrian Geiger
A battle between a group of dwarves and a giant in a cave.
The Devil's Cup (Short Story)
by Jesse Gordon
Donald Roeser is a staunch pessimist who suspects that todays pop culture society is going to hell in a hand basket. One day he realizes his fears arent completely unfounded when he spots the Devil wo
Dorrin's End
by Sandra Miller
A Fantasy Short StoryA hapless young commoner and a conniving old wizard meet at a cave rumored to be full of treasure--but only one of them can leave.
The PBS Painter's Tale
by Paul Hawkins
He can paint happy dreamy landscapes in 30 minutes or less -- guaranteed! -- but can he convince his broody teenaged son that the real world is anything other than a cruddy, joyless hellhole? A bit of
The Hypocrite According to the Qur'an
by Harun Yahya - Adnan Oktar
The Hypocrite According to the Qur'an by Harun Yahya - Adnan Oktar, Global Publishing - Emre Calikoglu.
The No-Bullsh*t Career & Job Search Guide
by William Zellmann
The No-Bullsh*t Career & Job Search Guide by William Zellmann, William Zellmann, via Smashwords.
Caris' Joke - A Short Story
by Carolyn Moncel
Is there a proper way to grieve the loss of a child? This is the question Lydia Riley, a 33-year-old mother, must confront when her only daughter becomes ill and dies unexpectantly. A chance encounter
Mr. Murphy's Attic
by Benjamin Archambault
A young boy attempts to destroy a bitter old mans possessions. But in the process, a mystical force alters his perspective.
The Undead (Zombie Anthology)
by D.L. Snell
THE UNDEAD is a stunning collection of 23 stories including classic tales of survival in a world populated by the living dead as well as an array of unique takes on the zombie genre: zombies as realit
Alicia's Two Years: The First Six Months
by Joshua Renneke
This series tells the story of a two-year period in the lives of Alicia and her friends. Theyre all in their early twenties and living life with no real plan for the future.Alicia is 24 and just livin
OtherWhere The Vagrant's Tail
by Garry Grierson
Arthur Meadows fell into a downward spiral and lost everything after the voices and visions started.His average day consisted of bumming money on the street, and trying to forget his tattered life.But
So, is it just me? - 'cliches'
by Gavin Kennedy
I very often find that the insensitive, un-spoken and socially frowned-upon thoughts that are in the minds of the people in the room, somehow always come out of my mouth :-)
Sonny's Swimming Lessons
by Peter Knowles
Eight year old Sonny lives on the Molly Q motor canal boat, with his parents and older sister Maggie, plying coal with a sixty one foot barge called the Molly B between the Collieries, Glassworks and
Option Trading Body of Knowledge (Introduction & Chapter 1), The: Market Overview
by Michael C. Thomsett
This is the eBook version of the printed book. If the print book includes a CD-ROM, this content is not included within the eBook version. Read the following excerpt from The Option Trading Body of K
Jenkins' Earth
by Mary C. Moore
As more toxins are released into the Earths soil, the survival of life on Earth becomes more at risk. Someday the deserts, which are growing at an exponential rate, may take over our world, as the ali
Where That Came From is Anybody's Guess
by Sarah Rebecca Kelly
Sarah Rebecca Kelly worked as an ordained missionary for over 10 years, with a dedicated group of other trained missionaries, led by a pastor who turned his church into a homeless shelter. Another vis
Veegal's Wall
by Adam McCullough
For five years a select group of warriors from the Lost Tribes had paid in blood during their service to the royal armies of King Argile for the right to be reconized as a legitimate part of the Natio
Granddad's 1954 Nash Rambler Cross Country Station Wagon & The 1955 Doubled Die Penny
by Robert Chapin
The year was 1955, granddad was 62 years old and I only 9. He was a coin and antique dealer in Western Massachusetts and in this year - 1955 he packed me and a lunch into his 1954 Nash Rambler Cross C
The Peacock's Tower
by David Barron
The walled town of Hugfast, at the edge of the Shining Sea, within sight of the Peacock’s Tower, across from the Other End of the World, was a meritocracy.
Eddie's Shorts - Volume 1
by M. Edward McNally
The first volume of short stories written by M. Edward McNally, circa 1991-1997. Contents: Bedlam - The Saturday after my dad first shows up, Walter makes his break for the woods, and vanishes. 8:00/7
The Phantoms of Hough's Neck
by Thomas Robertson
A young native lobsterman and a summering yacht-club beauty become star-crossed lovers.
Betty & Veronica
by Elena Aitken
In sickness and in health...thats what best friends are for, right?When Addison announces she has breast cancer, her best friend Rori knows shell do whatever it takes to see her through it. Because af
Don't Tell.
by Lani Wendt Young
Short Story. A brutally honest portrayal of what happens when Susanna - a young girl in Samoa - is sexually abused and everyone she turns to for help fails her. Again and again. A powerful and moving
Skye's Secret Mission
by Lucy Daniel Raby
‘The minute he woke up, Skye knew something was wrong with today, or at least, that something was going to be wrong with today, at some point……’ This is how it all began &hel
"Civil Disobedience"
by G Miki Hayden
When a man is found dead at his doorstep on the edge of Walden Pond, naturalist and writer Henry David Thoreau follows his highly developed moral compass to track down the killer. A short story by an
I Just Can't! How to Forgive the Unforgiveable
by Eric Watterson
Oftentimes, we become hurt in ways that seem impossible for us to overcome. Sometimes the people we trust and believe the most take advantage of our kindness and vulnerability and damage us in ways th
Prelude One: Death as a Boy (A "Keeping Up With the Deadlanders" Prequel)
by J.R. Rodriguez
This short story is one of three that chronicles the early days Famine, the 250 year old dead teen ager, and his family of Death Omens. This tale introduces The (Grim) Reaper and his brother, The Anko
Tomorrow's News and Other Stories of the Future
by Stephanie Cage
These three short science fiction stories are linked by an interest in how people deal with surprising situations. Two are set on a future/alternative earth, and one in space. Tomorrows News and Withi
Mrs McSorley Ain't Six Feet Under
by Richard Kerr
Short horror story. Two kids get caught up in the desperate, occult life of the class bully.
The Secrets of Success; a Young Man's Journey
by H. Bradley Stucki
Young Joshua left the only security hed ever known to traverse the desert and persuade the Merchant Prince Jairus to teach him his Secrets of Success. What Joshua learns is a bit of a shock. What he g
Two Shorts (High Fidelity & Christmas Oratorio)
by Andre Jute
Two Shorts (High Fidelity & Christmas Oratorio) by Andre Jute, Andre Jute, via Smashwords.
Miracles; Steven's Story (based on a true story)
by C.L. Mozena
Steven is an athiest. He doesn’t believe inGod or Heaven. Stuckin a wheelchair and unable to speak after a medical emergency, Steven can’t find a single reason to be happy.After seeing a p
Travellers' Rest
by James Enge
Physics professor and popular science writer, Wiggins, provides the general reader with a fun-filled, entertaining, and truly educational tour. This new paperback edition includes new material and a s
PinPoint: A HUNTED Bonus Short Story
by Cheryl Rainfield
Teen telepath Caitlyn overhears someone planning to set another student up as a Para--something that could cost that student their home, their family, and even their life. Caitlyn is in a race against
I'm George, mwm, 52
by George Everyman
What would you do if you found out that your wife was cheating on you? Well, take a peek into the mind of George as he goes through the process of discovery. Youll probably be more than a little surpr
Puppy Love is True Love if you're a Puppy
by Frank Josey
Puppy Love is True Love if you're a Puppy by Frank Josey, Frank Josey, via Smashwords.
Matthew Henry's Method for Prayer (KJV Corporate Version)
by Matthew Henry
The classic book on prayer by Matthew Henry is now available for the first time for e-readers! This volume will help you, perhaps as never before, pray the Bible.
God Doesn't Go Poof
by Marcia Lee Laycock
Marcia was diagnosed with breast cancer on April 1, 2011. This short devotional deals with her acceptance of whatever God has for her in the process of this journey.
Zander's Affairs
by Cindy Preston
Alexander “Zander” Clegg is fourteen years old and has not yet mastered the ability to see the consequences of his actions. He’s ambitious and after a summer of making a lot of money
Gifts in Sand and Water
by Annie Bellet
This is a collection of eight fantasy short stories from speculative fiction writer Annie Bellet. It includes previously published work as well as brand new tales. The stories included are: Broken
A Case of Writer's Block
by J. Conrad Guest
A fictional Character encounters his author in New Yorks Central Park, as the latter endeavors to overcome a nasty case of writers block.
The Girl Who Tweaked Two Lions' Tails
by Pierre Van Rooyen
Fourteen year old Angelina Freyer, born in Africa, growing up on a Kenyan farm, close friend of the Masai and Swahili, knows the bush like the back of her hand. When she, along with twelve internation
Econosphere (Preface & Chapter 1): Born with a Loaf of Bread
by Craig Thomas
This is the eBook version of the printed book. If the print book includes a CD-ROM, this content is not included within the eBook version. Read the following excerpt from The Econosphere: What Makes
Madeleine's Life, A Short Story
by E. Miranda Hernandez
When Madeleines father dies, her mother seems to lose her way. Madeleine may only be eight, but her maturity shines through in this brief look at a family after tragedy, told from Madeleines point of
Loyalty Described in the Qur'an
by Harun Yahya - Adnan Oktar
Discussion of the virtue of loyalty from a Quranic perspective; many unbelievers have a distorted or incorrect view of loyalty. In this book, we compare and contrast the unbelievers view of loyalty, w
It's Alright : The Rape Of Iuevnis Galvin
by German Alcala
Written partially through the eyes of abused Iuvenis Glavin, a twelve year old boy living in 1944 Rivers Ice, this short story tells the mental process in a youths suicide. This short story tells of t
Next-doors' Cat
by Arthur Mackeown
This dialogue-only short story is based on an actual telephone conversation between the author and a very irate lady who was convinced he was allowing his cat to urinate in her flower beds.
California Schemin'
by Kate George
Bree MacGowan is pretty sure she knows who killed the senators wife, she just doesnt know how to prove it. On top of that, a federal agent has her under wraps in the enamys camp. He doesnt want, or ne
Science & Magick: Are they Compatible?
by M.E. Brines
Science & Magick: Are they Compatible? by M.E. Brines, M.E. Brines, via Smashwords.
Azalea's Pride
by A.J. Dixon
Azalea's Pride by A.J. Dixon, A.J. Dixon, via Smashwords.
Kate's Innocence
by Johanna Brown
Kate is a happy pre-teen who is about to receive some news that will change her forever.
Sheriff Gregg & The Butterfield Sequestrian Society
by Hank Florentine McLoskey
The second story in the Sheriff Gregg series. Charlene Bartlett is the founder of the Butterfield Sequestrian Society, an organisation founded to ensure ladies of easy virtue be sequestered in such a
Snowflake's Day Out
by Christopher J. Murano
A short story about a little polar bear who learns the consequences of her behavior and realizes she made a mistake in not listening to her mother.
Everyone's Blood is Red
by Oksana Vasilenko
A lot has been written about this Man, but his true story remains unknown. And hardly anyone even wonders what Yeshua was like as a boy. How did he grow up to become the person who changed the world?T
Lee Iacocca The Baby Boomer And My Mustang '64
by Robert Chapin
In 1964, I attended The New York Worlds Fair where Ford Motor Company and Lee Iacocca were about to release the newest driving sensation: The 1964-1/2 Mustang.Like most teens, I was drawn to the c
Some Mother's Son
by Joyce Freese
A short story dedicated to all who have known the loss of innocence and the personal sadness of war.
Migrations, Volume I : Don't Forget to Breathe
by Ashim Shanker
...he could imagine the Dust spiraling in corners, plotting en masse an elaborate offensive upon those who sought seclusion from the outside Universe. The Dust: it was older than Time, bound by its al
Cupid's Maze
by Mark Souza
A short story - Sean has popped the question and dreads the drive across the bleak Kansas landscape on Valentines Day to announce his intentions to his fiancee Janets parents. When he sees a sign for
One of Us is F@#*in' Crazy - Letters to Great Americans
by Andy Bain
Disgracefully rude letters to Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton, Christopher Hitchens, Noam Chomsky, Rupert Murdoch, Donald Trump, General Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld and many more.
Traveler's Notes: A Modest Proposal
by Todd Drashner
An interstellar wanderer is offered the chance to visit a place stranger and possibly more dangerous than any he has yet seen.
The Adventures of Marvin Theodore Harvey: Wow! It's the Radleys
by Michael Biagiotti
The Adventures of Marvin Theodore Harvey: Wow! It's the Radleys by Michael Biagiotti, Michael Biagiotti, via Smashwords.
What's Wrong
by Jose Rodriguez
In this short story a young man is the accidental witness to a rape, unknown to perpetrators and victim. The young man flees and needs to figure out where he stands but his moral compass has to be re-
Hopefulness in the Qur'an
by Harun Yahya - Adnan Oktar
Discussion of the great hope we find in the Quran; a believer always has hope for the blessings of our Lord, Allah, and will do his best to summon people to the way of righteousness, to forbid evil, a
Copper-bottom's Downfall
by Arthur Mackeown
Short story about the downfall of a school bully.
A Farmer's Goodbye
by Ron D. Smith
After a half century of farming, an old man takes one last walk across his land.
The Cat at Light's End
by Charlie Dickinson
A family lives out of a beater van with an inspirational cat.Software engineer Nelse pursues barista CaraJo, only to be hoisted on his own lookist petard.An errant husband rediscovers his true love in
The Gnome's Addiction
by Adrian Geiger
A Gnome discovers an irresistable drink!
Harlan's Wake
by John Mierau
In a future where aliens inhabit the bodies of the dead, one of the soldiers defending them from those that fear them abandons his post to race home.Tylers father is near death, and its his last chanc
Voice Like a Cello & Bear Country
by Kater Cheek
Two fantasy short stories about people who are haunted by (and protected by) the unseen.In Voice Like a Cello, a woman who is tormented by the voices of the dead travels to France for her fathers wedd
It's About Time - The Time Is Now!
by Phillip Ross
These essays were originally given in 1998 as a short sermon series during Advent, but are suitable for Christmas. I’m sure you will agree that they are not the usual Advent presentation of well
Bristol's Rexall Pharmacy
by Robert Chapin
In 1961, we had a Rexall Pharmacy in our town. The aroma of the elixers and marble counter with four swivel chairs where teens congregated.The book rack where boys and girls flipped through the magazi
"Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever"
by G Miki Hayden
This story is based on the premise that a blood test mandated for U.S. citizens at age 40 will predict the time frame and cause of their eventual deaths. The author is an Edgar short story winner publ
Trajan's Arch: Second Ephesians
by Michael Williams
This complete, stand-alone short story was originally published in the novel Trajan’s Arch by Walden Books best-selling author Michael Williams. It has been made available by the publisher for p
Justice and Compassion in the Qur'an
by Harun Yahya - Adnan Oktar
Discusses the concepts of justice and compassion from a Quranic perspective. In this book, we look at the theme of justice and compassion and what this truly means from the point of view of Islamic mo
What's New in Adobe AIR 3
by Joseph Labrecque
What's New in Adobe AIR 3 by Joseph Labrecque, O'Reilly Media, Incorporated.
Al's Antique Shop
by Jamie Turner
Two lofty cats, with razor sharp wit, live in an antique shop. They find the merchandise appallingly garish and make no mistake of letting us know they are above it all.
What's New in Flash Player 11
by Joseph Labrecque
What's New in Flash Player 11 by Joseph Labrecque, O'Reilly Media, Incorporated.
Melba's Slide Trombone
by Michael Wenberg
Melba has always wanted to play the slide trombone, but shes too small. Her grandmother wants Melba to play a musical instrument more suitable for a girl -- like a flute or violin -- but Melba loves t
Wayland's Smithy
by Kate Everson
A visit to Waylands Smithy, an ancient barrowed tomb in the countryside of England and the Rollright Stones has legends of faeries and witches. Rebekah enjoys the journey. Lots of pics!
Dead Monk's Shoes
by Peter Knowles
A few miles from where we lived stood an old ruined Priory. Next to the Priory stood a convent where the Nuns lived and in the convent grounds was an apple orchard and where there’s an orchard t
Supporting Your Child's Reading
by Angie Fish
Research has shown that children who enjoy looking at books from a young age, and who read at home do better at school than those who have not been supported with their reading.This book contains advi
Mr. Slint's Foreign Affair
by Carlo N. Samson
Jardeth Slint never wanted to be a diplomat, so he was stunned to find out that application he filled out (at his mothers suggestion) led to him actually getting the job!Now, on a steamy Drevonian isl
Just Crank up That Cher 'Fore I Die
by German Alcala
The third and final Poems Galore *Celebrity Edition* the celebrity obsessed poet takes a look at celebrities in a view from one thousand years in the future, but twists somehow to what their current l
Practically Fictive
by Brian Kahin
Tales from my files. Experimental short fiction from another era.
Molly's Needs
by Bea Turvey
Desperate for a pupils attention a school teacher has been handed the opportunity to do something unimaginable, something life-changing. But the stumbling point isnt about right or wrong, it is about
The Hero's Mirror
by Angell Harding
The land languishes under the rule of a cold, hard king. But the king has one weakness, and the hero has discovered it. Will he be victorious?
Perry Rhodan Neo 1 "Sternenstaub" (Leseprobe)
by Frank Borsch
Perry Rhodan Neo 1
The King's Best Solder (And Other Stories)
by Susan Brassfield Cogan
Excerpt from The Stone of ImmortalityInside, the cottage smelled of spices and woodsmoke. He felt folded into a pervasive sense of hominess laced with a faint, sharp tang that could only be the taste
A Frequent Traveller's Guide to Jovan: Book 1
by Elle Black
Welcome to Monsilys, capital of an empire racked by intrigue, facing invasion from abroad and treason from within.A young Empress recalls her two uncles to the capital, hoping their presence will help
Writer's Workshop
by Sue Verrochi
An aspiring writer suspects that her work has been stolen by someone in her Writing workshop. (Short Fiction)
How to Network and Find a Job in Today's Economy
by Ron Creel
The task of looking for a job in today’s economy should be no different than it was during a good economy. The basics are the same. Reading these suggestions may help jump start your search if y
Mother's Day
by Sandra Rector
A mother must learn how to let go of her grown son and live her own life.
I'm A Faggot: Gay Enough 2 Extended Rhyme
by German Alcala
In promotion for my poetry collection Gay Enough 2 coming April 23, 2011. The seven following poems are what I call an Extended Rhyme which is longer than a single poem, and shorter than a proper poet
Mann on Film: It's a Mad World and other essays
by S. E. Mann
S.E. Mann celebrates American cinema and culture in this first in a series of books on entertainment. From his Tokyo hideaway, S.E. Mann offers up a blue plate special of juicy insight garnished with
Prolegomena Of The Unexplained: Reflections Upon Science Fiction, Eschatology & The Paranormal
by Frederick Meekins
In Prolegomena Of The Unexplained, Dr. Frederick Meekins examines science fiction, eschatology, and the paranormal from a Christian perspective in order to provide both the believer and the perplexed
Act of Creation & Other Stories
by J.A. Pak
Food, obsession, heartbreak. Three stories.
PREVIEW A Guy's Worst Nightmare
by Shawna Hansen
PREVIEW A Guys Worst Nightmare by Shawna Hansen available September 2011. One daughter, one soul. Two by two Squaw Sachem’s spirit opened her arms and accepted an old soul released from the gro
Bast & Immie
by Amy Saunders
Sebastian can tell artifact from junk, but can he ask out Imogen Bell? Featuring characters from Dead Locked, Bast & Immie goes back in time to see how the cool-headed marine archaeologist and his pla
Dora's Essentials - 2012 Calendar
by Pandora Poikilos
January to March 2012. A daily dose of books, blogs and quotes from all corners of the BlogSphere. Whether youre having a good day or a bad day, this eBook is bound to offer you a smile or two.
What Darwinists Don't Want You to Know
by M.E. Brines
What Darwinians Don’t Want You to Know – The truth about the Intelligent Design theory. Does Secular Humanism require more faith than most religions?
A potential application of General Systems theory: KESTS, a unique transportation technology concept & implications (1994)
by Jim Cline
An exercise application of General Systems Theory: Review the fundamental concept of transportation; the theory and application of Kinetic Energy Supported Transportation Structures, including an
Sister Albert Marchetti - "An Angel Of God"
by Robert Chapin
It was in the mid 1950s and our mother wanted her three children to receive a Catholic education. It was post World War II and the economy was thriving. The Baby Boomer era had arrived and there was p
Urban Exploration & The Curse of Chillingham Castle
by Pete Rossi
This collection consists of two short stories.Urban ExplorationAn abandoned Victorian mental asylum, derelict for decades, sits in the middle of the English countryside. Three University graduates dec
When I Met Crazy in the Morning: Mae's Tale
by Melinda McGuire
Short story based on the characters in the novel Josephine: Red Dirt and Whiskey. Told from the point of view of Mae, Josephines neighbor, who tries to determine if Josephine is dead or alive the
A Winter's Tail
by Kris Tualla
This deleted scene from A Woman of Choice first appeared in the Holiday Anthology 2010: Tales & Tails by Penni Ferry. Re-published with permission.Nicolas Hansen rescues a nearly-frozen dog and gr
Three Stories
by Peter Hassebroek
Three stories about three people living conventional lives in urban settings. That is, until something unusual happens to starkly illuminate their situations, forcing them to deal with their reality.
To the Meadow's Edge
by A.R. Norris
Georgia wakes to find herself in a very unusual place...and with very unusual company.
Bible Study Lesson 12 - God's Festivals: Keys to Humanity's Future
by United Church of God
Humanity has been deprived of the keys that unlock a comprehensive understanding of Gods plan and purpose for humankind. God reveals His splendid plan in the prophecies and teachings of the Scriptures
April's Fool
by Morgen Bailey
April’s Fool covers a few hours in the life of an unappreciative farmer and his downtrodden wife. After a stomach-churning dinner scene she decides upon an action that will change both their liv
Larry, Curly & Moe
by Betty Fasig
4. A Tale Of Wooffers Woods - Three homely black cats need lessons in how to be cats. Wooffer decides he must learn about cats to be a good teacher so he spies on the neighbor cat, Amber Jack and save
The Devil's Club
by J.J. Lancer
Evelyn, a high school student, involves herself with the Devils Club and unknowingly gets caught up in occult magic. Will she survive it?
My Life Before & Without Boomers & Yuppies
by Herb Blanchard
When I originally came up with the idea for writing about boomers and yuppies, I had the vision of a book of around 80,000 or so words. As it progressed, I began to realize that I really didn’t
Self, Stuff, & Stomach
by Anonymous4Him
A practical guide to living freely and victoriously as a conqueror of self, stuff, and stomach.
Gingerbread House & Joey's Undead Dog
by Kater Cheek
Two weird, funny, horror stories. Gingerbread House, which originally appeared in Weird Tales in 2010, involves a reality show in which contestants live in a house made of cake in the middle of nowher
The Beggar's Bowl
by Gerald Rice
DeGere is a thief. But stealing has become much too easy for the man of many masks who bides his time between jobs seducing local women into stealing for him. His fence, Manson, gets all the details o
Downbound (Helen's Story)
by Peter Hassebroek
It is 1964. An optimistic Helen Stevenson, pregnant with her first child, awaits the arrival of her husband’s younger brother at Toronto’s new airport. The outgoing, good-looking Douglas S
The Painter's Requiem
by L. Chambers-Wright
Kieran Davis has hit rock bottom. She cant find a job, has no friends and is getting ready to be evicted. She has one mission left. One final quest that has always been unattainable. Office Ian Nelson
Murphy's Law
by Mark Souza
It started at a smoky bar, a conversation with a beautiful woman, a night in her bed. Private Detective Murphy McEvoy can’t believe his luck. But for some, when things go too well, there is a re
Shroud & Sword
by Matt Di Spirito
Shroud & Sword is a legend of Myrmidya, a story from an age lost in the upheaval of cataclysms.In a past age, artifacts of godly power determined the fate of kings, heroes, and nations. The burial shr
Cracklin' Ginger
by Hilary Walker
Working for a school project at a horse rescue facility, Nelson falls for the one horse which can’t be found a new home.Toscana is beautiful, young chestnut mare whose looks attract prospective
The Prisoner's Hat
by Tarrin P. Lupo
What crime would someone have to commit before being jailed, dragged, forced to the ground with a knee to the face, left hungry and covered in blood? Believe it or not, in this case it was for wearing
Julia's Future
by Linda Westphal
A young widow searches for a way to begin again after the death of her husband.
Court Etiquette: Approaching the King's Throne
by Kayren Cathcart
“Blessed are those you choose and bring near to live in your courts!We are filled with the good things of your house, of your holy temple.”Psalm 65:4 (NIV)With a conversational tone, C
President Ronald Reagan & The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial
by Robert Chapin
In 1982, The Vietnam Veterans Memorial was nearing completion when Bob Chapin visited in search of comrades killed in Vietnam.He eventually located the names of his friends, but also found the name of
The Water's Touch
by LK Hunsaker
During an escape to his beloved Scottish hills and loch, Duncan fights his own need in favor of anothers. A Rehearsal-related short-story.
Sheriff Gregg & The Righteous Widow
by Hank Florentine McLoskey
Hester Jones is a new arrival in Butterfield, a respectable widow whos inherited a farm up in the Smoky Hills. But is she all that she seems?The third short story in the Sheriff Gregg series.
A Penny's Worth
by Paul Comstock
Have you ever found a lucky penny? Pete Samson is the recipient of one that is far more than it appears. Like a miracle, the penny changes Petes miserable, bad-luck life, but is it for the better?
Answers from the Qur'an
by Harun Yahya - Adnan Oktar
Discusses answer to questions Muslims may have; this book is primarily addressed to new or newer reverts to Islam, or to those who may be considering Islam. This book is also good for believers who ma
Galactic Alliance - The Story Behind the Story & Technical Reference Manual
by Doug Farren
This free publication is a collection of thoughts from the author of the Galactic Alliance series explaining how the series was developed. It includes a bunch of original drawings made back in the lat
The Queen's Mirror
by James D. Macdonald
The Queen has a mirror in her bed chamber, a mirror covered with a thick velvet drape. By royal command, none may look into it.A fantasy story that first appeared A Wizards Dozen, edited by Michael St
The President's Budget for Fiscal Year 2012
by Office of Management and Budget
The President's Budget for Fiscal Year 2012 by Office of Management and Budget, The White House.
Arwen's Rise: A Night Gods Story
by Keith Latch
Short Story.Arwen, a young man who awakes to find everyone in his village, Miranda, in the world of Toria, dead. Frightened, confused and alone, he is drawn to the nearby castle, the home of his king.
Thief's Deception: A Short Story
by T. B. Wright
Jameson Longe is a forty-something, over-the-hill soldier of fortune (re: mercenary) with early signs or arthritis, a vanishing hairline, and a sharp, cynical attitude. There isnt much he wont do
Crusing For A Boozing: A Drunk & Disorderly Banned Prequel
by Lacy Maran
Crusing For A Boozing: A Drunk & Disorderly Banned Prequel by Lacy Maran, Lacy Maran, via Smashwords.
Everyone's A Critic
by Bryan Wolford
A man meets a woman on an elevator. Turns out she may be his biggest downfall.
Mozart's Violin
by W E Monroe
A middle-aged mans repressed childhood memories suddenly return.
Short Stories, Satires, 'N Such
by Mark Collins
A book of satirical shorts, poking fun at our modern American society, by a patriotic fan of genuine old-fashioned American values.
My Papa's Mascara
by DL Stone
Its an old family secret, or a repressed memory. Its buried into humanity, and clawing its way out simultaneously. A man becomes a boy again standing over the casket of his Papa. But when he was a boy
Bertie Bear's Big Adventure
by Peter Fogarty
Bertie Bear is an old bear that lives in a playroom in London. He has always wanted to see the world. He is a magic wishing bear and is able to make things happen (in a good way). He gets lost in a de
The Tale of the Landlady's Mirror
by Iain Brown
The mirror caught Janes eye almost immediately. Jane gazed into it, intent. Her reflection was slightly clouded, slightly misty, the harsh lines and angles on her face smoothed out. It was as though t
The Witch's Mirror And Other Stories
by Ratan Lal Basu
The Witch's Mirror And Other Stories by Ratan Lal Basu, Ratan Lal Basu, via Smashwords.
GRAY's weekend adventure
by Tida L.
GRAY is the girl who is finding herself. She may have a clear vision of what she wants but there is question if what she wants is really who she is. Going to college may have been her dream but she do
An Index to the Qur'an
by Harun Yahya - Adnan Oktar
Discusses living our lives in harmony with the Quran; this book helps us to search the Quran word for word, ayat by ayat, in order to deepen our understanding of the Quran, and thus enable us to lead
The Moral Values of the Qur'an
by Harun Yahya - Adnan Oktar
Discusses the source of true morality, the Quran; the values of the societies in which many of us live are highly distorted, and as a result, people behave accordingly. This book shows that the duty o
Howdy, Winnie, & the Bombshell
by Nate Dean
A haunted house, a WWII legend, a sexy Hollywood icon, and the worlds most famous block of freckled wood all crammed together into a 600-word short story that was rejected by NPR contest judges. A fre
Matthew Henry's Method for Prayer NASB Corporate Version)
by Matthew Henry
The classic book on prayer by Matthew Henry is now available for the first time for e-readers! This volume will help you, perhaps as never before, pray the Bible.
Fishin' Talk
by Wayne S. Polls
Grampa and his four-year-old granddaughter, Elli, have the perfect relationship. He is a spinner of yarns. She is his eager audience.This time, Elli learns about human nature and special pigs –
Legend of the Tiger's Throne, w/Preview for ONCE WE WERE KINGS
by Ian Alexander
A tale of the loyalty, honor and sacrifice of a young tiger, the heir to the mystical throne in a fantastical animal kingdom.Includes excerpts from Ian Alexanders bestselling epic fantasy novel ONCE W
The Secret of Blackbeard's Gold
by Kent Conwell
Within hours of their arrival at Cape Eden where they must spend the summer with an alcoholic uncle, Pat Broussard and Wally Mitchell are chased from a decaying cemetery by a shadowy figure that a wiz
Random Rhyming & Christmas Crying A Story of Christmas Origins
by German Alcala
Is Santa a Slave driver? Exactly for how long has he been around? Are the elves under him willingly? In this childish yet terribly vulgar tale of twisted Christmas Origins German Alcala rhymes out a
The Thief Who Spat In Luck's Good Eye: A Free Sword & Sorcery Novella
by Michael McClung
The Thief Who Spat In Lucks Good Eye is a free, stand-alone novella that introduces readers to the characters and the world of THAGOTH, the Del Rey Digital first novel competition winner published by
Women's Energetics: Healing the Subtle Body Wounds of Sexual Trauma
by Lisa Erickson
This small how-to E-book offers a 10-day chakra-based self-healing practice for women who have been the victim of sexual trauma. Consisting of guided visualizations and meditations focused on the chak
Putt Up Or Shut Up: A Shanktacular Guide To Golf's Greatest Excuses
by Lacy Maran
The divots. The double bogeys. The putts you left just short. Sometimes your game just stinks. Luckily, there‘s a cure for an uncommonly bad golf: Putt Up Or Shut Up is a shanktacular guide
Adam's Story
by H.M. Swift
Eleven year old Adam Calloway runs away from home destined for New York. In the middle of the Great Depression, Adam discovers that there are bigger things to worry about than the economic crisis. It
Grandmother's Way Home
by Ethelle Gladden
My story is about the heart-felt wish to return to an ancient, simpler time. The person who talks about the past is 10-year-old Junebugs great-grandmother (Grandmother). He loves listening to tales
The Clockwork Companion: A Free Guide to Mrs. McGillicuddy's World (Mrs. McGillicuddy #0)
by K. H. Koehler Books
The Clockwork Companion: A Free Guide to Mrs. McGillicuddys World (Mrs. McGillicuddy #0) Includes:- The Clockwork Universe Glossary.- Suggested Playlist and where you can listen to the actual
Lilah's Ghost
by Deb Logan
Twelve-year-old Hannah Barnes is just like all the other girls in her small Georgia town, except for one little detail. Hannah’s best friend — make that her only friend — is a ghost.
Mean Little Kitty & Waiting Room at the Hero League
by Kater Cheek
Two humorous fantasy short stories involving cats.Whats a woman to do if her pet cat does something really, really kill someone he shouldnt? Mean Little Kitty involves a cat, a witch, and h
Bernie's bargain.
by H K Hillman
A tale for Halloween. Bernie can beat Death if he has all his facts right - but has he missed something? One trivial detail?
I killed the man that wasn't there
by Darrell B Nelson
Four Short Stories that blend science fiction and horror.I KILLED THE MAN THAT WASNT THERE:A man decides to to keep his friends close and his enemies closer until he can remove them from space-tim
Hecate's Collar of Bones
by Jill Zeller
Deaths driver wants a change of jobs, but she has other ideas.
The King's Shoes
by Kristin Fontichiaro
A short story that requires audience participation to construct the solution. The footmen to a king with an extensive footwear collection struggle to find a failsafe method of sorting the shoes, provi
by Kristina Howells
This short story is about a young women who falls for a hoodie. Only to find that she was subjected to violence.
Fringe: My Life as a Spirit-Filled Christian with Asperger's Syndrome
by Stephanie Mayberry
“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16 So begins the journey for Stephanie Mayberry in Fringe
It Ain't Flat: A Memorizable List of Countries
by Karl Beckstrand
It Ain't Flat: A Memorizable List of Countries by Karl Beckstrand, Karl Beckstrand, via Smashwords.
The Alzheimer's Book Club
by Jill Zeller
Nursing home residents take things into their own hands when the staff forbids them from reading books.
Consulting for Profit & Success: How to Develop a Competitive Financial Proposal
by Silvester Hwenha
Running a profitable consulting business requires both technical and financial skills. This book provides you with financial knowledge and budgeting skills necessary to help you develop a competitive
The Tog & The Froad
by Christina Ayckbourn
The Tog and the Froad embark on a trip to the seaside encountering several adventures on the way.A delightful story told in verse with illustrations by the author.Suitable for all the family.
John Looples' Revenge
by Shane Dismal
After following a series of tragic deaths of his family John Looples becomes what he least expects, A pirate. John must not only get revenge for the death of his family but repay a debt to a man who s
Tiw's Cup
by John Vault
Offered free for a limited time, Tiws Cup is a short cautionary tale on the hazards of being an adrenalin junkie. Some people free-dive, others climb mountains. But just when you think youve done it a
The Necromancer's Couple
by Mortimer Jackson
The Necromancer's Couple by Mortimer Jackson, Mortimer Jackson, via Smashwords.
Touch Healing: A Healer's Guide to Working with Cancer
by Tracy Parker
Starting with story of his daughters triumph over terminal leukemia, Rev. Parker explores the skills he has developed over the past 30 years working with cancer patients and their medical doctors - wo
The Hog Killin'
by H.D. Timmons
A Tennessee mountain family finds their tradition of a yearly hog killin’ upset by family tragedy.
Katie's Cake
by Enrique Collazo
Katie loves cake, but so does Mac, the golden retriever. Will Katie have her cake and it too? Or will Mac blow the candles off of this cake? This a short story for kids ten and under. I hope you enjoy
If I'm so lucky
by Kevin Chappell
Imagine the last day of your life - how would you want to spend it? What matters the most? A truly romantic heartfelt plea to the one true love of your life......If Im so lucky
Touched by an Angel & The Ranch (Two Short Stories by Gary Gibson)
by Gary Gibson
Two short stories by Gary Gibson, author of the books Stealing Light and Nova War for Pan Macmillan/Tor UK.
Becky Sue Cooper's Photo Album
by Donna Chapman Gilbert
The new preacher in a small, East Texas town stops by the Coopers house for a visit and finds no one home but nine-year-old Becky Sue. She sits him down on the front porch with a glass of lemonade to
Bradbury's Ghost (Short Story)
by Jesse Gordon
Douglas is a writer whos lost for words. Desperate to find inspiration for his latest novel, he orders Ray Bradburys corpse off an online auction site—and thats when the fun begins.
Warm Zen Practice: A poetic version of Dogen's Bendowa
by Tai Sheridan
Poet-Philosopher and Zen Priest Tai Sheridans Warm Zen is an easy to read and understand poetic interpretation of Dogens complex philosophical essay Bendowa. Dogens writing is based on the Buddhist ph
Become an Alaka'i Manager in 5 Weeks
by Rosa Say
Alaka‘i is the Hawaiian value of leadership. This free ebook is the how-to guide for Managing with Aloha, Bringing Hawaii’s Universal Values to the Art of Business. Written by the book&rsq
What's Yours Is Mine
by WD Jackson
Martin took something that didnt belong to him and now something wants it back.As his pursuer gets closer and his fear mounts, Martin faces a race against time to figure out what is after him in a des
The Heart's Desire
by Carolyn Kephart
A government scryers life is a prison until she and her bodyguard discover the ultimate secret language. Near-future short science fiction by the author of the epic fantasy The Ryel Saga and the Smash
Matthew Henry's Method for Prayer (NIV Corporate Version)
by Matthew Henry
The classic book on prayer by Matthew Henry is now available for the first time for e-readers! This volume will help you, perhaps as never before, pray the Bible.
Ocean's Fury
by Mr Adam Santo
A tempest brews near an island and passengers of a cruise ship are taken for the ride of their lives.
Maggie's Beautiful World
by Gren Blackall
This fifteen page book follows best friends Maggie (an atheist) and Joan (a Christian) through illuminating situations. Each chapter sees the majesty of life from two lines of sight. Maggie finds a co
Spiritual & Psychic Personal Protection Exercise
by The Abbotts
Spiritual & Psychic Personal Protection Exercise by The Abbotts, The Abbotts, via Smashwords.
Free Books For Kindle
by James Ryton
This book contains a comprehensive listing of the the best free Kindle book resources on the web. Inside youll find resources to millions of free Kindle books as well as free audiobooks!In addition, t
Hunter's Moon
by Doi
October, the month of summer gifts and winter threats, kindles many passions. In this small upstate NY valley, where life clings to simplicity, the Hunters Moon signals the Final Harvest.
The Alp's Dream
by Martin Rouillard
When Chantal suddenly hears suspicious noises one night, her mind inexplicably starts to imagine the worst of scenarios. Little did she know that one of them would come true and turn her life into a h
The Black Stiletto's Autograph
by Raymond Benson
A free short story teaser to Raymond Bensons upcoming thriller THE BLACK STILETTO (September 2011) from Oceanview Publishing. Benson has created one of the most original heroines Ive read in a long ti
The Sorcerer's Dragon
by Adrian Geiger
A battle between a sorcerer and a dragon.
The Demon's T.I.Ts (The Tits Trilogy #3)
by German Alcala
In the last installment of The Tits (Totally Inevitable Tragedies) Trilogy is a new collection of poems on subjects that disturb. With subject matter such as Drug Abuse, suicide, pedophilia, murder, d
The Emperor's Edge (a high fantasy mystery in an era of steam)
by Lindsay Buroker
Imperial law enforcer Amaranthe Lokdon is good at her job: she can deter thieves and pacify thugs, if not with a blade, then by toppling an eight-foot pile of coffee canisters onto their heads. Bu
Miracles; Shannon's Story (based on a true story)
by C.L. Mozena
Shannon is five. Her first plane ride hit a flock of geese shortly after take-off, and landed in the Hudson River. Scared and confused, Shannon knows that everything will be alright, because the plane
Eleven O'clock Fright: A Novel
by Joshua Scribner
Shortly after the death of his wife, Dr. Kurt Snaber packs up and moves to a new state to start over. Unfortunately, he brings with him the disembodied voices of his overbearing mother and dead wife.
Strange Hungers: Love, Bombs & Cannibals
by Tirzah Goodwin
This short story collection contains strange stories that involve food. Love From the Slaughterhouse is a love story with ground sirloin. Glazed is bombing mystery with pastries. A Good Vegetarian
Matthew Henry's Method for Prayer (NASB 1st Person Version)
by Matthew Henry
The classic book on prayer by Matthew Henry is now available for the first time for e-readers! This volume will help you, perhaps as never before, pray the Bible.
The Hench Woman's Handbook
by Tara O'Donnell
The Hench Womans Handbook is an unwritten guide to becoming the best super villain assistantthat you can be. One fateful night, this hard earned wisdom is passed along to a giddy young ingenue, eager
The Beekeeper - from the collection: 'Night Flight from Marabar'
by Karen Overman-Edmiston
Many years ago, the beekeeper struck a terrible bargain. He could have as much wealth as he wanted and a life as long as he wished. In return, however, he must secure the lease of a thousand souls for
Farmer Ted's Easy Day
by Connie Jensen
I originally wrote this story for my grandson, to illustrate how days seem to evaporate when you seem to have nothing much to do. Its also about how nothing is ever finished, and how one task generate
We Don't Plummet Out of the Sky Anymore
by M. David Blake
If I were editing a magazine I would be seriously considering buying this story for publication—but Im not, so I cant. Sorry. — Bruce Bethke, author of Cyberpunk and Headcrash . . . Stan wanted a f
How To Take Care of Your Human Pet - An Owner's Guide
by Sami Oskar
Are you an alien who just purchased your first Human pet? Dont panic! Just read this guide that comes with your Human pet.In this guide you will get answers to questions like: How to help your Hum
What You Don't See
by J.B. Fisher
Sleeping through your alarm never meant so much.
Don't Fight Fate
by Thomas Harrington
A young woman bursts into David Reynolds life late one night at a highway gas station in Germany. In a moment of weakness, he decides to believe her weird tale about her husband and hidden money. This
How To Live Homeless - Not Helpless: The Survival & Recovery Guide
by Bill Cady
When I became homeless in 05 I had no idea what to do. No one ever wrote a how-to on it. Now, 2 years after being paroled from being in hell, Ive written the manual as an expert. These pages may help
Cookie's Reunion
by J J Dare
The parting doesnt stop after Cookies high school reunion ends. For one person, the fun is just beginning.
Foundation's Key 1
by O.L. Crowhurst
A Social Novel. Join us on an adventure controlled not by the mind of the author, but by you, the reader. Each story contains a link and contact information for the author. Kill a character, suggest a
Keiko's House
by Hugh Ashton
A short story about an old house in Japan, its history, and how what has gone before in the house has affected the people who live there now.
Evan's Story
by LK Hunsaker
After losing his little brother, Evan relies on his best friend to help him pick up and move on. A Rehearsal-related free read.
I Can't: A Feel Good Fable
by Rob Holcroft
All of the Feel Good Fables are designed, not only to make the reader smile, but to inspire, motivate and instigate positive change.The author, Rob Holcroft, has managed to deal with complex issues in
Snow Falling in Moonlight: Odes in Praise of Dogen's Shobogenzo
by Tai Sheridan
Dogen (1200-1253) is the father of Soto Zen. Poet-Philosopher and Zen Priest Tai Sheridan has transformed twelve of his spiritual essays from the Shobogenzo (The Treasury of the True Dharma Eye), into
The Giant's Graveyard
by Mark Finnemore
Mullen threw up his arms in disbelief. Not the giant again, Lass! Didnt you learn your lesson last time? Dont you understand that the beast cant be killed?
The Rumblin'
by Jeff Bennington
Phil Knite is so ready for a vacation, but he and his family get more of mother nature than they can handle. The rumblin, as described by the camp ranger, is something to be feared. When a wicked wind
Sam's Dream
by David Hockey
Sam had always known that he could fly. Fly in his dreams, that is; he was often flying in his dreams. This mornings dream was particularly vivid. It began with a feeling of great beauty, set in a per
First Time & other stories
by P X Duke
Frank is on the road, hitting all the high spots (or the low spots, depending on your point of view). These short stories find him at a peeler bar off the 15 in Montana; encountering a hitch-hiker off
The Hard Day's Night Hotel
by Severin Rossetti
Visiting Liverpool? Doing the Beatles thing? Then check into the Hard Days Night Hotel. Chances are youll come across the one and only Billy Shears, be able to share the dreams he had twenty years ago
A Bard's Folktale: Roaming Cadenza
by Aramis Barron
Indie rock shows, secret ninja missions, and more love polygons than the drama llama can shake a stick at!Summer after high school graduation and nothing but the open road before him, Kody Lehane take
The Rock Star's Homecoming
by Linda Gould
Nestled in the Appalachian foothills, Glendary College is the epitome of a small-town college. Calm and studious on the surface, the mixture of jocks, religious fanatics, and hippies is a powder keg w
Brindle's Odyssey
by Nicholas Antinozzi
Odd Whitefeather returns in this chilling tale that spans generations. Huckleberry Brindle has been exiled for five years after the loss of his demolition crew. The town of Carlton is losing its men a
Rocky's Mountains
by D. Jean Quarles
Laura, a young woman from Minnesota, travels toSheridan, Wyoming looking to experience the mountains. There she finds work at Alma’s, a small bar and diner filled with quirky characters - the ow
Honky Tonk Gal: A Story of Beer Drinkin', Boot Scootin' and Raisin' Hell
by Anthony Roberts
A short story about love and doin whats right. When theres sinnin goin on in Dry Creek, Texas its everybodys business. Witness a showdown of biblical proportions as old Deacon Humphries leads the fait
Robert's Discovery
by Richard Cheesman
Robert has booked a holiday house by the beach, but the weather is foul. Looking round the house ends in a chase for something long-hidden...A flash-fiction contemporary fiction story.
Humanity's Last Hope
by Kevinette H. Considine
Mathew Tenoch Harrison (Matty to his friends) a student at UMass Amherst,finds himself in the postion to be Humanitys Last Hope.
Life, Loss, Truth & Adventure
by Kelvin Hinz
Born of life experiences from the scary/magical to the tragic to the everyday; from lost alone in lion country to the early passing of loved ones to getting a really bad haircut. This is a collection
Maslow's Hierarchy For The 21st Century
by Stanley Bronstein
Physiological needs, safety needs, the need for love / belonging, the need for esteem and the need for self-actualization.Weve all heard of Maslows Hierarchy of Needs, but how do we apply them in toda
The Aimee Leduc Companion: A Guide to Cara Black's Paris
by Cara Black
This is the perfect guide to Paris for armchair travelers and the ultimate companion to Cara Blacks bestselling Aimée Leduc series. For newcomers and old fans alike, this companion will bring y
The Hawk's Shadow: A Tale from Secramore (Epic Fantasy)
by M.S. Verish
StoryIn the aftermath of Raven’s Heart, the tracker named Hawkwing and the former bandit known as the White Demon try to evade a clandestine organization known as the Seroko. “The Hawk&#
What It's Like In Heaven
by Brian King
Have you ever wondered what its like in Heaven? This short introduction will give you an idea of what is waiting beyond this life. Maybe you believe in Heaven and maybe you are just curious. This arti
A Knight's Charge
by Gerard A Whitfield
When your family has a history which you’d rather forget, there’s an invading force of Taurans trying to remodel your planet and some evil monster just won’t leave you alone; you kno
37 Winning Tips & Strategies of Self-Made Millionaire Entrepreneurs
by Millionaire MBA
Transcribed Extracts from Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme.
Li'l Calendar Girl
by Wayne S. Polls
Four-year-old Elli has done something naughty, but she had good reason. Fearing the loss of her beloved grandfather, Elli took drastic measures to insure that it will never happen. Now, in trouble for
If It Ain't Love
by Tamara Allen
In the darkest days of the Great Depression, New York Times reporter Whit Stoddard has lost the heart to do his job and lives a lonely hand-to-mouth existence with little hope of recovery, until he me
Editor's Notebook
by Kalifer Deil
This is a guide to help writers edit their own works. It is often very difficult to find many of your own errors. This guide will provide a systematic approach that if followed diligently will get mos
Ken's Tale & the Peterson Dilemma - Desperate Prequels
by Nicholas Antinozzi
Ken Dahlgren watched the economy tumble. He knows the end is near. He and his wife plan for an economic cataclysm and stock their lake home with necessities. What Ken lacks are the guns to protect him
When Women Were Warriors Book I: The Warrior's Path
by Catherine Wilson
Winner, 2010 EPIC Ebook Award for fiction in the Mainstream category.Breathtakingly gorgeous writing … a multi-layered tale of such depth, breadth and insight that it was very nearly a spiritua
Rockhound Files, Episode 1: Rockhound's Juiciest Case
by Mark Newhouse
Experience a free episode of the award-winning childrens mystery series featuring canine sleuth Rockhound! In this episode, a mean cafeteria lady is up to no good and only Rockhound and two pups can s
The Time Traveler's Lament
by H.D. Timmons
For two decades Eric Montague has traveled back in time to the scene of his wife’s fatal accident. Even though he grieves for her constantly, he is willing to repeatedly relive the heartache of
Santa's Daughter
by Kristina Howells
Melanie had no idea what life was like in the real world. Being part of the Christmas Empire began to take its toll on her. She rebelled, and was expelled from the land. Only time would tell if she ev
The Phoenix and the Dream King's Heart
by James Monaghan
The Phoenix is a cursed ship. Exiled to the Darkland Expanse, on the fringes of the known galaxy, its captain and crew have spent the last decade struggling just to stay alive. In a galaxy full of cru
Edison's Very Rudimentary Explanation of Quantum Mechanics: Where Science and Spirituality Begin to Meet
by Edison Thomas
Edisons Very Rudimentary Explanation of Quantum Physics, and how these principles apply to us... who are the quantum units of God.
Randomly Christmas Rhyming & Decently Trying
by German Alcala
Childish poems, love poems, and festive poems celebrating Christmas! A small collection of 13 poems. Ranging from the suggestive to the childish. From the angry to the heartbroken. With humor and emot
The Devil's Pretty Daughter
by Nicola Rain Jordan
The Devil's Pretty Daughter by Nicola Rain Jordan, Nicola Rain Jordan, via Smashwords.
Zoctornyia's Training Grounds
by Beth Wright
Would you ever agree to go to another worlds school? How would you react finding out you have a soul mate? Even better yet, what would you do if you had more than one? Could you accept a male mate who
Smalley's Smirk: Free Flash Fiction
by William Vitka
Smalleys Smirk is the imagining of a new virus that hops between artificial intelligences and people. It devours humans, keeping them alive - all while chittering and gibbering without end.
Ryan's World
by David Garlock
Ryan regrets asking shy Mary to the school dance and now he cant seem to get out of going. Can the mysterious Jennifer help him gain the confidence he needs to take charge of his life?
Green Eyed Burn - "The Fatman"
by David A. Lloyd
RCMP Inspector Catherine Wildman and Investigative Reporter Johnny Riel find themselves in the wrong place and the wrong time when a corrupt city councilman wants to have a few words with Johnny in th
Matty's Cherry
by Kiaron Finnegan
Have you got 15 minutes to kill? Well this is short funny story about a group of boys desperate to lose their virginities.
The Dragon's Child: Two Short Stories
by J. Kathleen Cheney
The Dragon's Child: Two Short Stories by J. Kathleen Cheney, J. Kathleen Cheney, via Smashwords.
Stars, Scrolls, Swirls & Paisley Patterns
by Dandi Palmer
Line drawings suitable for adults and children.Shells, flowers, leaves, tendrils, petals, pods, triangles, flames, buds, lilies, lotus blossom, waves, daisies, blackberries.Full page images to colour
Colt O'Brien Sees the Light
by George Cole
Colt Obrien sees himself as the most savvy computer technician at Highline High. The energetic senior, with his bright, colorful attire and cocky attitude, knows that he is the best. Colt is cruising
Cassandra's Cakes
by Stephanie Rabig
Psychic powers are bad enough when nobody really believes you. When you are believed, that opens a whole new set of problems...Cassandras Cakes is about 2,000 words long.
Black Magic / White Magic - What's the Difference?
by M.E. Brines
Compares & contrasts magic use from Wiccan, Satanist, Monotheistic, Hermetic and other occult points of view. What’s the difference between White and Black magic? Also touches on the destruction
Isaac Newton's Apple
by Aaron Majewski
A pair of young lovers meet beneath the apple tree in their backyard.Which leads to a discourse as to what old Isaac was really doing when he discovered, uh you know, that natural law thingy.
Some Secrets of the Qur'an
by Harun Yahya Adnan Oktar
Discusses some of the miraculous secrets we can find in the Quran; in the Quran, Allah has communicated many secrets to humanity. In this book, selected verses from the Quran are examined in order to
Magician's Realm
by Alexander Deux
Kelvin Hobbs, a brilliant soul, a future C.E.O. and a young man destined for greatness, has fallen prey to a secret plight with pornography. With darkness rendering him powerless and enslaved, he fina
Charlie's Haunting
by Mary Nicholson
Charlie is plagued with voices and ominous visions as he tries to drink away the memories of his missing friend.
Behold, the Warrior's Pride
by Mark Jacobs
The king’s most loyal warrior has mercifully survived thirty-six years of brutal service. To reward him for his unyielding dedication, the grateful monarch grants him permanent leave, a parcel o
Pornography I've Seen
by Toby Scales
Sometime in 2007 I realized I had the beginnings of a short story collection on my hands. Truly without intending to, I had written half a dozen or so short stories about sex and sexuality. (I was a t
Raven's Key: A Novel
by Siomonn Pulla
An ancient Sumerian King has hired a shape shifting Raven to steal sacred objects from museums around the world. A Museum curator and her assistant, a young anthropology graduate student, discover tha
King George's Computers
by Alan Burnham
This story is based on a single piece of pure speculation. Suppose the transistor had been invented in the United Kingdom in 1937, instead of in the United States in 1947? There is no reason why it co
Writing on the Wall: Lola's Story
by Tee Light
Lola is a free spirit. Follow her wanderings as she tries to find love and happiness. Will she finally be able to capture Officer Cruzs heart? Will she be able to go three days without getting arreste
General Application Of The "Who Told You" Principle. Repent And Overcome, Or Else......
by Free From Bondage Ministry
A must read for anyone looking for answers in the spiritual warfare. Christ said it many times: It is your faith that healed you. On the other hand He also did not do many mighty works because of
Clementine's Garden
by Eric Bergstrom
A cozy bumpkin romance. With the help of a monster-truck and a hard-luck plumber, an abused girl brings peace to her tattered life and relief to her downtrodden community. Story # 1 in the Cozy Bumpki
God's Glorious Symphony
by Patricia Rachal
Beautiful rendition of the connection between God and Nature. An expose of Gods interaction with animals and all living things in an ordinary setting of trees, wind, birds and other animals and how it
Putin's Pal
by Charles Sarlanis
President Putin’s testimony clears imprisoned Ex-US Military Courier ‘Charles’ of treason while affectionately labeling his old chum ‘dumb’. Concurrently, he proves the U
Norton's Family Online Safety Guide
by Marian Merritt
Are you concerned about your children when they go onto the Internet? Do your kids know more about computers than you do? You aren’t alone but help is here. Marian Merritt’s Family Online
I'm So Embarrassed...Sort Of
by Tirzah Goodwin
My humorous true life stories, musings, rants and funny letters to people who irritated me. These super short stories are to make you laugh.
A Wolf in Girl's Clothing
by Naomi Clark
A simple tail on a potential cheating spouse leads Shannon Ryan to a wolf in girls clothing. (an urban wolf short story)
Oberon's Gift
by Richard Dante
For centuries the Good Fairies of Neverneverland have used their magic to push worthy humans to power and fame. Then, in 1982 they send their emissary, Oberon, to contact George Bertram Potter, a br
Rubik's Cube: How to Solve the Shepherd Cube and Tartan Cube
by Paul Adams
These are simple solutions for solving the Shepherd Cube and Tartan Cube.
Playing the 'Son' Card
by Wilson James
At age 9, Troy Evanson lost his father in an accident. Ever since then, he’s been steadily losing confidence in himself and his ability to make his way in the world. It certainly doesn’t h
Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair
by Patrick Prescott
At a disco a man meets a woman with black hair and she agrees to dance with him, go out on a date with him, make love to him and marry him.
Homebuyers Beware (Intro & Chapter 1): Getting the World's Cheapest Loan
by Carolyn Warren
This is the eBook version of the printed book. If the print book includes a CD-ROM, this content is not included within the eBook version. Read the following excerpt from Homebuyers Beware: Whos Ripp
The Book of Poisons, A Merlin's Gate Story
by Susan Brassfield Cogan
excerpt:An old woman called Becuma sold rare and unusual things. Her shop was tucked away in a dark corner off the main market street. Many went there out of curiosity, many left with something st
The Necromancer's Great Adventure
by Mortimer Jackson
Meet Sebastian Grimm; funeral director, private detective, and part time necromancer. He gives what most funeral directors dont normally offer. Peace to those who need it most; the dead. One final wis
Green Riches:Help the Earth & Your Budget
by Jackie O'Donnell
Eco-friendly can be eco-nomic. This book offers suggestions that are practical AND save money. It is for people who prefer not to be told what to do but who are problem-solvers, who like efficient, ec
Manet's Picnic
by Severin Rossetti
A group of art students recreate Manets famous painting, their aim being to shock their audience. But can their modern recreation ever hope to cause the scandal that the original did? Indeed, was Mane
Work From Home - Choose Smart & Live the Dream
by Christine Sutherland
Warning: If you have fixed preconceptions or phobias of leveraged business models, this book is not for you. As you can see from the reviews, such people are unlikely to ever change their minds, o
Matthew Henry's Method for Prayer (NIV 1st Person Version)
by Matthew Henry
The classic book on prayer by Matthew Henry is now available for the first time for e-readers! This volume will help you, perhaps as never before, pray the Bible.
Bury My Heart with Aaron's God
by Mark Collins
A one act play.Meet Aaron, a man of God like no other. Unloved by all, he speaks the word of God without trying to filter it for personal gain.Two brothers + two views of God and morality = one traged
Mirror, Flash, Man Who Couldn't Die (Wonders Series)
by Stan I.S. Law
Miracles happen all around us—even though were seldom sufficiently awake to notice them. Sometimes we find our true self in a Mirror. Sometimes a stray bullet defines our future. At other times we wan
I Won't Believe in Love
by Nathalia Li
Carlotta recently ended her relationship with Robbie. She is discouraged and disheartened. Her friend Estelle, hoping to raise Carlottas spirits, persuades her to go out to a club. Unprepared, Carlott
Jungle Fever: A Don't Tell story
by Sara Pierce
Two rugged Navy SEALs, in from intense training maneuvers in the jungle, decide they need to blow off some steam before getting well-earned rest. What happens next is a fight for dominance that could
Jasmine & Garlic
by Monica J O'Rourke
A “routine” obstetric visit quickly becomes a nightmare for unsuspecting mom-to-be Cassandra. But even worse than the exam itself is what Dr. Windling has in store for her and her unborn c
Bernhard Schlink on Writing The Weekend and the Short Story ''The Little Fling'' (Enhanced Edition)
by Bernhard Schlink
The Weekend is the latest novel from Bernhard Schlink, bestselling author of The Reader. It tells the story of a group of people involved in the political upheaval in Germany in the 1970s and how it a
Leading at a Higher Level, Revised and Expanded Edition (Intro & Chapter 1): Is Your Organization High Performing?
by Ken Blanchard
This is the eBook version of the printed book. If the print book includes a CD-ROM, this content is not included within the eBook version. Read the following excerpt from Leading at a Higher Level, Re
Napoleon Hill's Hidden Secret In Think And Grow Rich: Why This Law Of Success Principle Proves The Master Keys To Success
by Gary Vurnum
The Shockingly Simple Secret Hidden Within Think & Grow Rich. When I share it with you...youre not going to believe how obvious it is!In Napoleon Hills Hidden Secret In Think And Grow Rich: Why Th
The Vampire's T.I.Ts (The Tits Trilogy #2)
by German Alcala
In this sequel to The Witchs Totally Inevitable Tragedies is a new small collection of poems on subjects that disturb. With subject matter such as Satanic Worship, murder, heartbreak, alcoholism, and
Rice Eyes: Enlightenment in Dogen's Kitchen
by Tai Sheridan
A poetic presentation of Dogens essay Tenzo Kyokun, Instructions to the Cook, by Poet-Philosopher and Zen Priest Tai Sheridan . Rice Eyes is a metaphor for the non-dual world, the essential Buddhist e
Millie's Mum
by David Elvar
Millie’s mum is always getting her words muddled, and this can lead to some very embarrassing moments in front of her friends. It’s after one muddled conversation too many that Millie deci
The Surgeon's Hearse
by David O. Rubicam
Hello, Center for Medicare Services, I need to report an incident in our surgery center. Actually, I need to know if I need to report this incident. And I need to know if I need to report it, how I ne
Snow Comes to Hawk's Folly
by J. Kathleen Cheney
Imogen has the life shes always wanted. Her farm is thriving, as is her family. But a guest comes to the farm, bringing trouble in his wake. When Imogens son disappears, how far will she go to get him
by Carol Ann Erhardt
Tyler Sandford is more than a licensed veterinarian--hes also a tenacious undercover DEA agent on the trail of a killer. Hell do anything to get his man, for the murderer he seeks took the life of Tyl
The Sewing Lady's Daughter
by Sheila Lee Brown
Rona and her husband are attempting to conceive. Rona is excited, but her mom gets upset about the idea. She warns Rona with a disturbing story that Rona doesnt want to believe. She finds out the trut
Let's Make It Together
by Harlan Rouge Pryce
Let's Make It Together by Harlan Rouge Pryce, Harlan Rouge Pryce, via Smashwords.
Rough & Beautiful, Very Short Romance Stories
by Charlie Close
Every day needs a little romance.Rough & Beautiful is filled with miniature love stories, each only as long as the moment before a kiss.There are tales from the olden days, of princes and princesses,
Eliza's Fancy (A Faery Romance Part One)
by Zachary Harper
When Eliza wanders into an enchanted forest, she sees amidst the trees a Black Knight who steals her heart before riding off into the unknown distance. Pulled by this sudden love, she sets out to find
Fezdon's Mistake
by Dan Absalonson
Fezdon is a wizard; at least thats how he thinks of himself. The trouble is, no one else in the village agrees with him. He must do something big to convince them, but will his big idea prove to be mo
This is best for you and the nation. God's manual on government.
by Free From Bondage Ministry
Gods manual for government. Because God doesnt want you to be frustrated. He loves you. So read and learn. After all, Gods people are in bondage because they have no knowledge. Gain the knowledge, and
'I want ice cream!' (Snippets)
by David Elvar
Sometimes, you can have too much of a good thing...
Titania's Purse
by Bruce Davis
Tito the Denver Dwarf is on his own after his mentor, Charlie flees Chicago C.O.P.S. He comes home from an undercover job getting evidence on an abusive Group home to find a cryptic message from a bea
Natsuki's First Time
by Holly Deveraux
Natsuki is a naïve and obedient girl from a rural village in Japan until she is paired with the morally corrupt Haruka, who, not content with telling her all about sex, decides to be Natsukis fir
The Zombie's Bride
by Thea Isis Gregory
Julia, a demanding and petulant bride-to-be, discovers that her fiances bachelor party had been attacked the night before their wedding. She insists the wedding go on as planned.Will her special day a
The Dead Girl's Guide to Being a Grim Reaper
by Alison Martin
Seventeen year old Carly Grant has been a grim reaper for two years now after her traumatic death caused by a falling window. Shes just finally getting used to life as a reaper, so she wrote up a guid
The Rock Star's Daughter
by Caitlyn Duffy
At the age of 15, Taylor Beauforte has only met her father twice in person. After all, he is the lead singer of a world-famous rock band, constantly on the cover of music magazines and giving intervie
It's The Principle of the Thing
by Bill Cooper
A series of meditations on principles one can find in the Scriptures; principles that affect the way we live and serve God.
Sororicide - A Siobhan O'. Mystery
by Rico Viejo
Nancy Drew is back with her flashlight and her trusty sidekick, helping her dad solve crimes. But this Nancy is Siobhan, the cold, tough, bastard daughter of the murderess Brigid O’Shaughnessy; she sl
God's Amazing Grace
by J. Bennett Collins
In this book Dr. Collins speaks of what remains to be the most amazing thing that he or anyone else has encountered in a full lifetime. The fact that God would save wicked men and forgive their sins i
The Do's and Don'ts of Holiday Parties: From International Etiquette Expert Jacqueline Whitmore
by Jacqueline Whitmore
This special digital e-book contains an excerpt from Jacqueline Whitmores forthcoming book POISED FOR SUCCESS: MASTERING THE FOUR QUALITIES THAT DISTINGUISH OUTSTANDING PROFESSIONALS, on sale
Sharing (Cats & Dogs Series)
by Stan I.S. Law
...As the curse would have it, he held his ground. He climbed the steps of success, each breeding the next, each balanced precariously, yet offering foothold enough to jump to the next rung of insatia
I am better than you. God's manual for pride.
by Free From Bondage Ministry
Gods manual for pride. Because God doesnt want you to sin. He loves you. So read and learn. After all, Gods people are in bondage because they have no knowledge. Gain the knowledge, and free yourself
We brain wash you without your consent. God's manual for the media.
by Free From Bondage Ministry
Gods manual for the media. Because God doesnt want you to be lied to. He loves you. So read and learn. After all, Gods people are in bondage because they have no knowledge. Gain the knowledge, and fre
I'll Make You Remember Me
by William Butler
A short story by William Butler the Author of the novels Bang and The House of Balestrom. Obsession goes too far when a man falls in love with a prostitute.Joes one night stand with sexy hooker Lexi t
Rachel Rabbit is Rarin' to Go!
by Jillian Black
Is Felicia Dunwoody alone when she pleasures herself in her empty penthouse apartment in the fashionable part of downtown Chicago? Not any more! Her new rabbit vibrator, a plucky person named Rachel R
The Baker's Secret
by Kevinette H. Considine
Priscilla Connolly had made only one final request as she lay dying. Now her family had wished they listened. No one ever really takes their secrets to the grave with them!1,800 words
The Pitz of Queen's Park
by RJ Bernard
The second story in the series following The Long and Winding Road also published on Smashwords. It continues with the experiences of four young men at loose in the big city for the first time. It con
The Vicar's Revenge
by Jaleta Clegg
Magic berries, shapechanging, and the end of the Vicars patience add up to mayhem in the small parish of Terrington Green.
Sapphire, Misty & Velda
by Patrick Prescott
Mikes father takes him to learn from a pro how to please a woman as a high school gradutation present. He uses his high school girlfriend for the summer and leaves for college. Twenty years later his
I have to do what?? For that little pay?? God's manual for employment.
by Free From Bondage Ministry
Gods manual for employment. Because God doesnt want you to struggle in your job or business. He loves you. So read and learn. After all, Gods people are in bondage because they have no knowledge. Gain
Waterfalls & Lava Floes
by Mark Finnemore
Warning - going further is not recommended! Do not approach the volcano! But we could see a steaming cloud up ahead, promising views of molten lava. We looked right and noticed sulfuric fumes billowin
Majesty's Offspring (Book 1)
by AJ Vega
“In the end, it was our children that saved us. They sacrificed themselves to stop that bitch from having children of her own.”General Hugo ValdezUnited Earth Parliament (UEP) Planetary In
Circles Joined to Circles: Real Stories by Real Women on Mothers, Daughters & Sisters
by Alexis Niki
A life-affirming, funny, poignant, and touching collection of stories on the theme of Mothers, Daughters & Sisters by thirteen women writers. This ebook is a companion to the web series My Bitchy Witc
Something to Read About: A Book Club Sampler from Simon & Schuster
by Chris Cleave
Featuring favorite authors and thrilling debuts, Something to Read About: A Book Club Sampler, is the guide for finding your next book club read. Whether you’re in the mood for something his
The Jester's Daughter
by Peter Wilson
John Randall brings his friend Anne to visit his parents’ home, the small castle of Ernscar in northern England. Anne is fascinated by a mediaeval portrait in her room, believed to represent Ali
The Vampire's War on Dashien
by S.B. Santiago
For three years the vampires and the elves have been at war. After a protected city by the name of Dashien is brutally attacked the guardians are put on alert. Dashien which is home to the renown wate
Big Data Now: Current Perspectives from O'Reilly Radar: Current Perspectives from O'Reilly Radar
by O'Reilly Team
This collection represents the full spectrum of data-related content we’ve published on O’Reilly Radar over the last year. Mike Loukides kicked things off in June 2010 with “What is
Love & Light
by Frankie Lassut
Two short love stories. Ideal to read whilst commuting guranteed to soften the heart and make you smile. First story concerns two souls that look like they are about to separated for ever.The other ab
Blackmail Goes Both Ways
by Bad Penny Press
Blackmail Goes Both Ways by Bad Penny Press, Bad Penny Press, via Smashwords.
Just A Dumb Okie short stories and Jokes
by WIll Welton
Funny things happening and good clean jokes
Aaron & Keja: Time Dragon
by Linda Nelson
Elven Sorcerer, Lord Kydebaul has found his magic powers waning. He devises a plan to restore them by killing a silver dragon. This dragon is not just a silver dragon, it is a time dragon. But in orde
Another Man's Wife plus 3 Other Tales of Horror
by David Bernstein
Another Man’s Wife is a story about infidelity and what it can lead to for a small town delivery man. Comes With Baggage is a supernatural revenge tale about a man who has undergone a radical su
Daron's Guitar Chronicles: Volume One
by Cecilia Tan
Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Coming out and coming of age in the days of AIDS, MTV, Reaganomics, and Just Say No. Daron Marks is a young guitar player with a dream, make it big like the guys he grew
Yesterday's Gone: Episode 1
by Sean Platt
On October 15 at 2:15 a.m. everyone on Earth vanished.Well, almost everyone.A scattered few woke alone in a world where there are no rules other than survival... at any cost.A journalist wanders t
The Witch's Dog
by Stephanie Dagg
Cackling Carol must be the only witch in the world who hates cats! But she really wants a pet to keep her company and so she decides to get a dog instead. Together with her faithful and very clever Br
Jenny's Number
by Richard McManus
Mike is hanging out at a bar with friends one night when he runs into an old flame. A tragic short love story, set to a jukebox soundtrack.
Sorcha's Heart
by Debbie Mumford
A legendary relic, a dragon-wrought amulet, the Heart of Fire may be the salvation of her people, and Sorcha is willing to pay any price to obtain it, but when she discovers the price is the loss of h
Garstein's Legacy
by Peter Wilson
Jacob Garstein has built a house in the Targhee forest. A visiting childhood friend finds him distraught at having broken a promise to bury his deceased wife’s ashes beside those of two relative
T'on Ma
by Magnolia Belle
“T’on Ma”, 1850, explores cross-cultural love in a world of broken treaties, genocide, and slavery, where a young woman is torn between the love of a Kiowa warrior and an Army lieute
My Book Isn't Selling! The Chargan Book of Marketing Ideas
by Philip Ragan
So youve published your book but it is not selling? The publishing world is highly competitive, and the advent of ebooks has changed the landscape further in 2010. How you do make your book stand out?
The Mystery of Merlin's Magic
by Matt Musson
Jeep Muldoon has the amazing power to find missing objects like silver dollars, diamond rings, and cold hard cash! But, can he save the miniature golf course from a smarmy developer? Or, locate a Phar
Wanderlust: A Book Club Sampler from Simon & Schuster
by Alice Hoffman
Wanderlust: A Book Club Sampler from Simon & Schuster is your boarding pass to the beautiful, the mysterious, and the unknown. This book club sampler was created to pay homage to a book’s un
Love's Falls
by Rebecca Carter
Loves Falls centers around a dying small town so eager for excitement that when a mysterious string of arsons begin to strike, they lay down arms to watch the burn.
The Devil's Lover: The Wish
by Dahlia Lu
A Paranormal Romance. Lucifer, Sovereign of Hell, was awakened ahead of his time by the blood of a young girl. To satisfy his curiosity, he revived her from her untimely death and granted her a final
SCI 'ON - The Shadow Worlds
by Nicola Rhodes
Whenever a decision is taken that is of significance to the world. The world divides and two alternate futures are created. In the beginning, there was only one world. That world we name SCI ‘ON. All
Emma's Chance--A Short Story -Prologue to Second Chances
by Tess St. John
Locked in the attic, Miss Emma Kerr fears she will never escape her abusive father or her betrothed—a man rumored to have killed his first wife. But unexpected hope comes with the quiet click of
My Reflection
by Pamela Diane King
A collection of poems written from the heart about love, loss, and life.
The Glassblower's Daughter
by Frances Clarke
Gretas life is carefree until the abrupt disappearance of her elder sister, and all her courage cant save her from the sinister shadows that engulf her. Even when she finds a way out betrayal and trea
Let's Play Ball
by Linda Gould
Miranda is a bright, attractive woman with an important government job, a nice home, and a prominent lawyer husband. Her fraternal twin sister, Jessica, is a sportswriter who has spent years sacrifici
The Silurian, Book Three: Arthur's Army
by L.A. Wilson
Here begins Arthurs brilliant and annihilating South Saxon campaign; where he destroys the Saxons of the south coast weald in battle after battle. Yet does he push his cousin, Medraut, too far? Traito
Windy Pudding: A Chuck & Wayne Adventure
by Willy G. Henderson
Chuck and Wayne are not your average government revenue investigators. Experienced tax auditors, these two have been given a lot of power to seek out those who have not been reporting all of their inc
America, Welcome to the Poorhouse (Intro & Chapter 1): Why You Can't Retire from a 401(k) Plan: You Won't Have Ten Times Your Salary in Your Account at Age 65
by Jane White
This is the eBook version of the printed book. If the print book includes a CD-ROM, this content is not included within the eBook version. Read the following excerpt from America, Welcome to the Poorh
Bikini's Are Dangerous Book 5
by K'Anne Meinel
When you are unsure about your body, being around those who are not only fit and trim but bikini clad can be inhibiting as well as distracting. As I work on my body, my confidence and my attraction to
Merlin's Gate
by Susan Brassfield Cogan
Excerpt:You dont even know for sure if it was an Atharian, said Cabe glumly. Theyd already had a couple of versions of this conversation.It was an Atharian. I heard him talking to the MPs. He gave
Sasha's Story
by Patrick Prescott
Sasha was a stripper offered a job by a rich business man, Spencer Sterling, to keep him satisfied sexually for five years. Product of a broken home, fired from a teaching job for stripping to pay off
911, can you please hold?! God's manual for trauma and PTSD.
by Free From Bondage Ministry
Gods manual for trauma and PTSD. Because God doesnt want you to suffer. He loves you. So read and learn. After all, Gods people are in bondage because they have no knowledge. Gain the knowledge, and f
8 Reasons You Need a Strategy for Managing Information -- Before It's Too Late
by John Mancini
The first e-book built from AIIM President John Mancinis popular series on the Digital Landfill blog.This volume looks at the challenge of managing increasing volumes and varieties of content and info
Emma's Game Day Dilemma
by Erika Wilde
Emma's Game Day Dilemma by Erika Wilde, Erika Wilde, via Smashwords.
Directions to Mourning's Deep
by Scott William Carter
There is a bar known as Mournings Deep. In this bar is a man who can give you hope again. Here is how you get there . . This short, haunting tale, originally published in Weird Tales in 2007, will
Heart's Desire
by Monica Jackson
Monica Jackson spins a dark tale of political intrigue that will keep you locked into the pages until the very end. --Phoebe ImelMs. Jackson pens a romance tale that whets our appetites for more of th
Meet Me in Nuthatch
by Jacqueline T Lynch
A stunt to attract tourists to a small dying town involves turning the clock back to 1904. It is local Christmas tree farmer Everett Campbells idea, after watching the film âMeet Me in St. Loui
Yolanda's Escape
by Gypsy deWilde
A young woman must flee the old country to save her very life when her wealthy lover is killed. Yolanda carries secrets no one would believe. A rugged ships captain is her only hope of escape. With li
Let's Make a Deal
by Bad Penny Press
Would you buy a gently used male silicone sex doll if the price was right? Well, what if you could take it for a test drive before you made your decision? We had a little trouble categorizing this gay
Where's the Money?
by Ruth Ann Nordin
Do you need a traditional publisher to make money writing fiction? No. But you do need a game plan. In this ebook, I share some tips that have worked well for an introvert like me who hates going out
Fortunato's Ghost
by Brendan Myers
It is six months since the dead began to rise. The windswept islands of Boston Harbor have become refuge to the few hundred souls who have managed to survive. But Will Bartlett, a young man rescued fr
Ants Can't Talk
by Houston Suit III
A most funny rhyme for all to enjoy! So, use your silliest voice when reading to the young ones about Mr. Ant on his adventure. Its time to get to giggle with children! AND NOW WITH DRAWINGS!This book
Hunter's Pond
by Tammy Cravit
Merrilee Bowles and her brothers are ordinary small-town kids, the children of the town sheriff. But when tragedy strikes their family, all of them struggle to cope with the fallout. A short story by
Cat's Cradle
by Shannon Donnelly
After winning a manor house, Sir Ashten Ravenhill wants only to repair it, sell, and be on his way again. But a cat and her kittens--and the cats owner, a lovely widow--overturn all his plans. Soon he
Molly's Ornament
by Lindsey Wilkerson
This Christmas tale is about a woman who finds a magical ornament. The ornament changes her life and brings her to new places!
McNally's Last Case
by John Barber
This book began as a murder mystery involving a high level cover-up and secretive Government agencies. It ended as a love story and most probably better for it. It is a short novel as the transition t
The Human Addict: A Dragon's Tale
by Scott William Carter
Dragons didnt need to eat but once every full moon, so gluttony was considered the worst of their crimes. The fascinating tale of one dragons struggle with a rather unusual addiction. Carters writing
Red Heart Black Heart Valentine's Day Collection
by Jane Friedman
An anthology of poems, letters, and essays about love, from the Writers Digest Valentines Day contest.
I have made it....... or not. God's manual on success and failure.
by Free From Bondage Ministry
Gods manual for success and failure. Because God doesnt want you to struggle. He loves you. So read and learn. After all, Gods people are in bondage because they have no knowledge. Gain the knowledge,
Dessery's Diary
by Christian Zajdek
Although this novel is about witchcraft, there is no hocus pocus in its pages. It is full of cold realism which is lighted by dark humour, however it ends up being just as, if not more enthralling tha
Professor Hardy's Hidden Fantasy - An Erotic Short Story
by Ann Russell
ExtractAlways immaculate, if a little sterile, his bedroom was functional but comfortable, most of the space in the spartan room given over to an enormous bed covered with crisp white linen, bedside c
The Phoenix and the Watchers' Bargain
by James Monaghan
The Phoenix is a cursed ship. Exiled to the Darkland Expanse, on the fringes of the known galaxy, its captain and crew have spent the last decade struggling just to stay alive. In a galaxy full of cru
There's No Place Like Homecoming: A Dorothy Gale Prequel
by Lacy Maran
Dorothy Gale discovers theres no place like homecoming when she finds her heart torn between the one that got away and her best friend whos looking for more. Also featuring: Alice In Wonderland, S
BLUE: A Graduate's Guide to a Meaningful Life
by Mark Absher
Christian lawyer and Bible study leader, Mark A. Absher, urges graduates to incorporate 4 basic principles into their lives. The priciples are presented, using the acronyn BLUE. Following these princi
The Origin of Lust, Tallia: Part II
by Viveka LeDoux
In an attempt to seek their independence from Garrets strict thieves guild, Tallia and Darius discover the origins of a new race of lustful vampiric humans, the aberrants.The urges inside of the two t
The Storyteller's Art: How Not to Bore Your Reader to Sleep, Tears, or Homicide
by Francis W. Porretto
Do you want to tell memorable, vivid, life-altering stories? With plots that embed real knowledge about the natures and ways of men? Do you want to create characters that will haunt your readers dream
Doreen's Mid-life Crisis - Tease
by Ernest Winchester
What’s in a number—especially if it’s your age? Well, for Doreen Rose, the number is fifty—today. With her birthday off from work, she decides to spend the day looking for a ca
Regarding the Events of One Sherlock's Scandalous St. Valentine's Day
by Christine Danse
Steamdroids! Sherlocks! Analytical Engines! An erotic steampunk tale.* * *I arrived home an hour late from work on Valentines Day to find the door ajar, my wife missing, and a note waiting for me on t
Elvy's Heart
by J J Dare
She gave him her heart and he gave her a home. Their bond was strong...until the day he brought a stranger home and Elvys heart had to make a choice. Would she choose the man who saved her or the man
Mary's Toy
by Ernest Winchester
Mary’s truck driving husband is on the road and Mary is home alone and horny. What’s Mary to do?
Sun Tzu's Art of War For The 21st Century
by Stanley Bronstein
The Art of War is primarily about (i) understanding of one’s situation; (ii) understanding of extremes; and (iii) taking the knowledge gained from the understanding of the extremes and applying
Nick's Journey
by Sue Fineman
(This is a short introduction to the Donatelli Series) An abused and neglected boy, Nick Donatelli runs away from New York City and makes his way across the country to L.A. and finds a loving home wit
Wandering Koala challenges the Scientific Method (Black & White) 1
by Jeff Thomason
He’s done it! Brent Jakes has discovered the Unified Field Theory, the Holy Grail of Physics! It will provide unlimited energy, new medical breakthroughs, and other advances only dreamed of befo
Barb's Sexual Awakening
by J.T. Holden
“Barb’s Sexual Awakening” is one complete erotic story, extracted from the full length “non-fictional” title “True Life Erotica” by J.T. Holden.This story des
Boooooo!!!!! God's manual on fear.
by Free From Bondage Ministry
Gods manual for fear. Because God doesnt want you to suffer. He loves you. So read and learn. After all, Gods people are in bondage because they have no knowledge. Gain the knowledge, and free yoursel
The Three Space Ships
by H Jason Schulz
Three brothers try to get their ships past a space pirate.
The Reading Group Insider: Book Club "Buzz Books," Resources, and Ideas for Great Reading and Meeting
by The eBook Insider
The Reading Group Insider is a valuable resource for everything you need to know about reading groups. If you are looking for ideas to enhance your current groups experiences, interested in joining a
It is just my flesh. God's manual on sex.
by Free From Bondage Ministry
Gods manual for sex. Because God doesnt want you to sin. He loves you. So read and learn. After all, Gods people are in bondage because they have no knowledge. Gain the knowledge, and free yourself fr
Big Billy's Little Texas Cookbook
by Eric Wilder
A culinary tour of Texas, lead by author Eric Wilder. Twenty essential southern comfort food recipes, along with a few amusing stories of an authentic Texas character.
Lust, Money & Murder - Book 1, Lust
by Mike Wells
This is Book 1 of the series.This book begins with a young and naive Elaine Brogan as she initially pursues her dream of a career as a photomodel. After becoming entangled with a sleazy modeling agenc
Valentine's Candy
by Melissa L. Webb
Candy has to spend another Valentine’s Day alone, but is she really alone? Who is leaving gifts on her doorstep? Will she survive this holiday?
The Devil & Venus di Milo
by Misty Evans
Who needs love on Valentine’s Day when a pair of Louboutins will do? In this prequel to Witches Anonymous, bad witch Amy Atwood heads to Paris in search of the perfect pair of shoes. Instead, sh
Dark Tidings: Volumes I & II
by Gregory Marshall Smith
Tired of ho-hum horror and science fiction stories that fail to keep your interest? Want some tales to keep you awake at night? Then try this double anthology of original science fiction and horror. A
Doctor, can you please fix me?? God's manual on health.
by Free From Bondage Ministry
Gods manual for health. Because God doesnt want you to suffer. He loves you. So read and learn. After all, Gods people are in bondage because they have no knowledge. Gain the knowledge, and free yours
I don't believe in God, Jesus or the Bible. God's manual on atheism and other religions.
by Free From Bondage Ministry
Gods manual for Atheism and other religions. Because God understands why you dont believe in Him. And we want you to understand too. So read and learn. If we all understand each other better, this wor
If everyone would just be more like me..... God's manual on relationships.
by Free From Bondage Ministry
Gods manual for relationships. Because God doesnt want you to fight with others. He loves you. So read and learn. After all, Gods people are in bondage because they have no knowledge. Gain the knowled
Esteban's Ascension: A True Story of After Death Communication
by Carolyn Cobelo
This true spiritual adventure tells the story of psychotherapist Carolyn Cobelos husbands passing in a car accident in which she was a passenger, and her subsequent reunion with him on the Other Side.
Welcome to Mom's Diner
by Steven Bennett
A nice smile from a pretty face in a cozy diner doesnt mean there arent deeper things afoot.
You've got everything now
by John Atkinson
All is not as it seems in this tale of a young girl in the care of an elderly man. How are they connected? Who are the children only she can see? And who is the tall lady who visits her at night, away
Undercover Angel
by Alessia Brio
Angels Devilishly Discreet Investigations land her a new client... and a new lover.
A Grandfather's Legacy
by Joe C Combs 2nd
My family has had a long line of story tellers in it. This is a story (Ive confirmed it by the way) my grandfather always told about our struggle against slavery and a historic event that trumped thei
Naughty Mommy's Fantasy Collection: Finding Some
by Naughty Mommy
A short non-consensual erotic one-shot about a young man seeking to practice his deviance on an unsuspecting young woman in a mildly violent (read: bondage/drugs) group situation. First published
A Mother's Day to Remember
by Thomas Robertson
My mother is a generous, warm, and loving woman, who can do anything she sets her mind to. Well, let me qualify that statement and say that she can do anything but cook. To prove my point I’d li
Snowball's Chance
by habu
In this winter fairy tale of medieval European castles, Liesl, the beautiful daughter of a widowed local noblewoman, torn between the cruel lusts of her stepfather and her selection to be sent to the
A Mother's Revenge
by Gary Burzell
A short story that tells the story of a mother black widow who gets revenge on the man who killed her babies.
Quran, Hadith & Islam
by Dr. Rashad Khalifa Ph.D.
After more than 12 years of computerized research of Quran, PHYSICAL EVIDENCE was discovered proving that Quran is indeed the infallible word of God. This discovery became very popular among the Musli
Babies having babies. God's manual on parenting.
by Free From Bondage Ministry
Gods manual for parenting. Because God doesnt want you to fight with your kids. He loves you and your kids. So read and learn. After all, Gods people are in bondage because they have no knowledge. Gai
Sophia's Garden
by Kelly Ojstersek
Sophia's Garden by Kelly Ojstersek, Kelly Ojstersek, via Smashwords.
A Dom's Gift
by Evangeline Love
When your life has irrevocably changed and youve lost sight of who you really are, how far would you go to feel again?
The Vampire's Salvation
by S.B. Santiago
Fifteen years ago a deal was struck between two worlds. Now the outcome of that deal, a vampire halfling named Alexis struggles to find her place in the world. As she franticly tries to find out detai
The Ripper's Brides
by Julia Vern
In the darkness Jack stalks of the alleyways of white chapel, looking for his next bride. At home his thin veneer of civility is beginning to crack, and the beast that rages in his heart has begun its
Scamp's Lady
by Jackie Walton
Even if he wasn’t a British officer, Deborah Morgan would detest the arrogant Kit Marshall! Being on opposite sides of a war alone should be enough to keep them at a distance, but injured men, m
Santa's Daisy Chain
by Mary Chi
Santa has been checking his list, and is confused when he sees the expression Daisy Chain. Mrs. Claus asks Santas office girls if they would be so kind as to demonstrate this for Santa, so he can get
Octavia's Bitch: Office FemDom Short Fiction
by JD Kindle
Mild mannered office wimp, Joe, defends the honor of Octavia, the aging office fashion slut, against the unkind gossip of their female coworkers. For his uncharacteristic valor Joe gets claimed by Oct
I am not worthy. God's manual for self esteem.
by Free From Bondage Ministry
Gods manual for self esteem. Because God doesnt want you to suffer. He loves you. So read and learn. After all, Gods people are in bondage because they have no knowledge. Gain the knowledge, and free
The Vampire's Warden
by S.J. Wright
I couldnt seem to contain the inferno burning inside me, being that close to him. Even knowing the danger he posed and the gruesome scenes that must have been caused by him, I still felt a burning ins
Micah's Magick
by Anya Bast
This is a free, follow-up short story to the Elemental Witches series (Witch Fire, Witch Blood, Witch Heart, Witch Fury). It gives a happily-ever-after storyline to Micah, a character beloved by the r
Mrs. Tuesday's Departure
by Suzanne E. Anderson
In MRS. TUESDAYS DEPARTURE, Kate, a young widow and children’s book author, struggles to save Mila, her abandoned niece in the midst of a war-torn European city.Complicating the journey, is Kate
Matthew Henry's Method for Prayer (ESV Corporate Version)
by Matthew Henry
The classic book on prayer by Matthew Henry is now available for the first time for e-readers! This volume will help you, perhaps as never before, pray the Bible. NOTE: This is the ESV Corporate v
NOOKstudy's Lining Up a Semester Abroad: 25 Tips
by SparkNotes
NOOKstudy's Lining Up a Semester Abroad: 25 Tips by SparkNotes, Barnes & Noble.
It's All About Customer Service
by Alessia Brio
Doesnt every woman have a blue collar fantasy?This story features spontaneous, uninhibited extramarital sex (AND a happy ending).It was first published as part of Alessias debut collection, fine flick
You may kiss the bride. God's manual on marriage.
by Free From Bondage Ministry
Gods manual for marriage. Because God doesnt want you to fight with your spouse. He loves you. So read and learn. After all, Gods people are in bondage because they have no knowledge. Gain the knowled
The Butler's Duties
by Ernest Winchester
Sometimes the duties of a butler go far beyond polishing silver.
What are the monthly payments on that?? God's manual on finances.
by Free From Bondage Ministry
Gods manual for finances. Because God doesnt want you to suffer. He loves you. So read and learn. After all, Gods people are in bondage because they have no knowledge. Gain the knowledge, and free you
Tamar Black - Djinnx'd
by Nicola Rhodes
Your wish is my command! What would you wish for if you were offered three wishes? When poor little rich girl, Tamar, found a dirty old bottle in the river and released an ancient and powerful Djinn
Mom's Boyfriend 2 A Variation on a Theme
by Leroy Jones
Imagine being a 20 something virgin and catching your Mom and her latest boyfriend at it. How do you respond? What do your do/say/act? This short is one possible scenario. I hope you enjoy it.This sho
Bob Makransky's Magical Sampler
by Bob Makransky
Written for thoughtful, intelligent people who are seeking something deeper than the usual New Age - astrological fare, Magical Sampler is a delightful smorgasbord of Bob Makranskys best writings on R
Carver's Hollow
by Bruce Fisher
Summer 1967, and the ghost of Rachel has to find a replacement for the haunting of the woods at Carvers hollow. She has two girls to choose from, but events cause her to keep changing her mind between
Naughty Mommy's Fantasy Collection: He Had it Coming
by Naughty Mommy
A short erotic one-shot about two straight guys in a rather violent - but super-sexy - gay situation. First published as potterotica, I have changed it to suit real life and am offering it for free si
The Lord's Prayer
by Free From Bondage Ministry
Have you ever prayed and wondered why nothing seems to be happening? I did, for many years! God is omnipresent, He is always listening. It is not that He doesnt hear you. It has much more to do with h
I just need my fix. God's manual for addictions.
by Free From Bondage Ministry
Gods manual for addictions. Because God doesnt want you to suffer. He loves you. So read and learn. After all, Gods people are in bondage because they have no knowledge. Gain the knowledge, and free y
A Further 100 Quotations to Think About
by Wolfgang Riebe
The 3rd E-Book in a series! Since the release of the first 100 Quotations book, coupled with the daily Quotations on my Facebook page, everyone wants more and more. So here are a further 100 Quotation
Sophie's Poor Choice: A Vulgar Office FemDom Sex Story of Gross Humiliation
by JD Kindle
Sophie is bright and capable but shy and retiring and stuck in an entry level office job until she hitches her wagon to the ambitious Leena who is loud, belligerent, domineering and full of herself. J
Beth's Journal
by Annette Gisby
Recently released from a mental institution, Beth Gregory accepts a job as a live-in secretary/PA to the reclusive painter Josh Warrington. Beth has two major fears: that she will be sent back to the
Joy & Pain
by Celia Kyle
The stage. It’s my home. Doesn’t matter if soft, muted-pink leather encases my feet as I perform the ballet of my career, or if I’m wearing combat boots, a little twink stripping as
Eve's Possessions House of Eve Volume 1
by Mistress Desiderata
Introduced to Eve, female head of a poly family that consists of her six slaves: Jonathon, long time alphaMichael, her anchor and loveSamuel, her benefactorNatalie, her cookLeanne, her domesticAnd
The Viscount's Midsummer Mistress
by Suzy Stewart Dubot
There are those who support the theory that all new born children are pure and that their characters are formed from that first day on, according to their environment. Their adversaries insist that th
Rhymes Of The Times - free rhymes, poems & songs
by Terry Sands
A Series of Rhymes, Songs and Poems written by Dr Terry Sands, author of Our New Human Consciousness - A Blueprint for the Flow of Life Dr Sands is offering this to all readers at no cost and hope you
Banging Kevin's Mom
by Saffron Sands
Rebecca needs some attention and her latest husband always seems to be out of town.When she overhears step-son Kevin and his pals watching a porno, she allows herself to become part of the fun.*Al
Robby's Wing
by Rebecca Rose Taylor
The story of a robin with a crooked wing and his acceptance of it, as well as that of the other animals in the story.
Santa's Greatest Gift: The Truth about Santa's Identity Wrapped in the Spiritual Meaning of Christmas
by Rebecca Whitecotton
Rumors are flying that Santa is not real, and that he takes away from the true meaning of Christmas. In Santa’s Greatest Gift, Santa responds to these accusations, revealing his true identity an
'Til We Meet Again (Paranormal Erotic Novelette)
by Stacey Kennedy
Ethan Thomas has spent years alone - forever trapped between worlds. Once a soldier in the Civil War, he’s now a ghost bound to a chaise lounge that once belonged to him. He’s spent centur
For Daddy's Love (Punished Daughters Series)
by Bree Jandora
Adults only - sex, spanking, pseudo-incest. Jessica comes home from her date early to comfort Eddie, her step-father, whos grieving his wifes sudden abandonment. She has no idea shell end up punished
A Woman's Lust 1: The Harbour
by CS Morgan
A woman goes for an evening stroll along a sea wall in a historic harbour town. With people passing by, she has a sexual encounter that is so sensual, so arousing, she cant control herself.This is the
The Harcombe Diet: 25 Members' Recipes
by Zoe Harcombe
This eBook is a collection of recipes created and submitted by members of The Harcombe Diet Club. Theyre delicious, simple to make and fantastically healthy. Its free to download and share with others
NOOKstudy's How to Land an Internship: 25 Tips
by SparkNotes
NOOKstudy's How to Land an Internship: 25 Tips by SparkNotes, Barnes & Noble.
It's that Jesus thing. God's manual on Christianity.
by Free From Bondage Ministry
Gods manual on Christianity. Because God loves you. So read and learn. After all, Gods people are in bondage because they have no knowledge. Gain the knowledge, and free yourself from bondage.
Forrest's Shame
by Forrest Canutt
life is hard, hard for some, harder for others.Forrests Shame, the simple truth, simply written. Is about the life and times of Forrest Canutt. Including true stories of: sex, drugs, murder, missi
Teasing the Wildcat by Mina Carter & Bethany J. Barnes
by Mina Carter
Summer King and Roz Taren. The Phoenix and the Wildcat. She’s a fiery-tempered fighter pilot and he’s a hotheaded mercenary. Newlyweds, they’re blissfully in love and busy setting th
Soul Hunger (Ra's Chosen, Book One)
by Marisa Chenery
Book one in the Ras Chosen series.As one of Ras Chosen warriors, Mehen must protect mortals from the undead who hunt them. Gifted by the sun god Ra, Mehen has never struggled with the task-until he sa
Refocusing On Life's Priorities
by Ron Christian
Men are breaking their health and selling out their honor to make more money. Success in a secular culture is determined by a materialistic standard. The quantity of ones bank account is more importan
Who Really Goes to Hell? - The Gospel You've Never Heard
by David Rudel
The Gospel Youve Never Heard takes a close look at Christian salvation. It presents a biblical, God-centered, and understandable framework by considering carefully the Jewish context of the gospels, e
A Guest for Halloween: A Lex & Ricky Mystery
by William Henderson
Lex & Ricky had it all in the big city, lots of friends and plenty of distractions. Suddenly they are uprooted to a house in the bush outside a small town in the mountains. Before they could walk to s
Larson's Point
by Jerry Kilgore
“I’d had a bad run. Everyone has one. Mine had started a year ago and somehow got out of hand. I borrowed money, used credit, knowing my luck was bound to change. And it did. It went from
Victoria's Secret
by Lainey Bancroft
Victoria Ramos has no use for Valentines Day. Corny. Cliched. Commercial. But when an encounter in the elevator of her office building sends her into the arms of a hard, hungry stranger, will the day
Incident at Walter's Creek
by Mark Jacobs
What really happened on that remote Tennessee farmstead on a chilly fall night in 1828? Sixteen years later, Zacharias Neil, Andrew Jackson Thomkins, and Zack’s little brother, Aaron, are determ
Dragon's Pupils - The Sword Guest (Dragon's Pupils Series Book 1)
by Martin Chushui
When East and West combine…Half-Chinese, half-Australian, Liz is not interested in her father’s ancient Tao wisdom, or his cryptic tales. She is more concerned with environmental issues&mues
The Black God's War: A Novella Introducing a New Epic Fantasy
by Moses Siregar III
Her father-king wants war. Her messianic brother wants peace. The black god wants his due. She suffers all the consequences. King Vieris war against the lands of Pawelon rages on; with the kingdoms h
Wild & Steamy
by Carolyn Crane
Three all-new novellas of the supernatural and steampunk kind...The Blushing Bounder by Meljean BrookA Tale of the Iron Seas - While the search for a killer puts Constable Newberry’s life in dan
Love's Flight Path
by Max M. Power
Fighting for everything he has, Max finds himself coming across the love of two beautiful women and his dream, being a fighter pilot in the United States Navy. Faced with WAR, Max must put aside his p
Yes we can!!! God's manual on self talk.
by Free From Bondage Ministry
Gods manual for self talk. Because God wants you to understand the “self” of self talk. He loves you. So read and learn. After all, Gods people are in bondage because they have no knowledg
Enya's Tale
by Jennifer Campbell
Captured by Kellmar warriors, flaxen-haired Enya is stripped and kept with other slaves in a wooden pen. Slowly, she watches her fellow captives disappear day by day, until finally she puts the pieces
A Woman's Lust 2: Changing Rooms
by CS Morgan
This short story (5400 words) continues Rachels erotic experiences and describes their encouter in a clothes store. Since the harbour, she is spending more time with John as they develop their relatio
Dan's Party
by Rachel Cray
This is an erotic romance FREE short story in the Maybourne series.Tony is to be best man at Dans wedding to Paula, and hires Samantha as a stripper at Dans drinks party. Theres a surprise waiting for
Hard Press'd
by Linda Rae Blair
(Rev. 7/2011)Preston Andrews, Senior Homicide Detective for the Virginia Beach Police Department, is tall, dark and handsome--and wealthy beyond belief. The son of U.S. Senator William Andrews and his
Sundance's Syn
by R. J. Ross
Amazon warrior Sundance Fighter has only been beaten once. Her reputation as a hero was ruined by super villain Syn right before he retired. Now, three years later, shes going after him. Not becaus
The Hot Girl's Friend
by Lisa Scott
“The Hot Girl’s Friend” How can a plain Jane find love when her best friend is a curvy, blonde man magnet? Jane usually busies herself during a night on the town, fending off the men
Quinn, a Vampire Watcher's Story
by Elizabeth Loraine
Quinn is a Vampire Watcher. Humans who have been chosen to watch the human population around their vampire charges in order to keep them safe. Royal Blood Chronicles is a series that chronicles the li
Little Nemo's Wild Sleigh Ride
by Roland Urbanek
Little Nemo has trouble getting to Slumberland in time for Christmas and when Santa comes to the rescue, Nemo ends up breaking Santa’s sleigh. This is one of the three fantastic stories told in
The Duchess's Tattoo: Thoughts on THE AMERICAN HEIRESS
by Daisy Goodwin
Anyone suffering Downton Abbey withdrawal symptoms (who isnt?) will find an instant tonic in Daisy Goodwin’s The American Heiress. The story of Cora Cash, an American heiress in the 1890s who ba
Vampire's Ball
by Alice V
Its not your average party and they arent your average guests. Magnus is a sexual online deviant known in the underground world of chat room porn. A man who gives so much of himself to those in need t
Safiah's Smile
by Leora Friedman
After the tragic 9/11 attacks, high school senior Malia Sanders watches as her world of prep-school perfection crumbles and her brother enlists in the army. Worried and alone, Malia seeks refuge throu
Who's the Boss?
by Ella Vines
Susan gets more than her usual cup of coffee when she stops off before work. There, not a foot from her, is the most gorgeous slice of man shes ever seen and she cant keep her gaze from drifting back
Casey's Night In (The Mirage Agency #1.5)
by Minx Malone
Super short Prequel to Asking for Andre**Can be read alone but better with the companion book**Andre Lavin lives life in the fast lane and the pampered Italian playboy isn’t used to being denied
Daddy's Candy
by Alix Storm
When Moira’s Halloween plans go up in smoke, she’s irritated and bored. Then her stepfather comes home and can’t keep his eyes off the fallen angel in thigh-high boots and a miniskir
Silent Hero: A Fan Novel Based on Nintendo's Legend of Zelda
by Christine E Schulze
The Triforce, that golden entity set in place by the three goddesses to protect all Hyrule, has been broken-into nine shards instead of three this time. Darkness creeps along the fringes of not only H
Melanie's Secrets
by Emily Ward
High school students at a Halloween party talk about their friend Melanie. A short story.
The Sin Eater's Promise
by Michele Hauf
Let the battle for souls begin.Sin eater, Desdenova Fleetwood dreamed of falling in love—but knew it could never happen to her. When the mysterious soul bringer, Blackthorn Regis, demands she gi
Delver Magic Book I: Sanctum's Breach
by Jeff Inlo
A rolling tremor passes through the land of Uton signaling a return of long absent magic as well as violent, evil creatures bent on shredding the very fabric of reality. Ryson Acumen, purebred delver,
Amber's Destiny
by Deborah A. Price
Amber Duncan, after watching the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on the television with her roommate, decided to visit her grandmother. It was then that she was destined to meet Joey. Ambe
The Wild's Call
by Jeri SmithReady
It is seven years after the collapse of modern civilization, and the world is entering a new Dark Age. Can best friends Elysia and Darien trust the animal spirits that are beckoning them to escape int
Bridget's Boy Toy
by Elaine Shuel
Bridget really loves her job as a driving examiner. When she meets Glenn, a young cute road test applicant, things get complicated.Excerpt:Bridget was ready for the final part of his exam. She und
All's Fair
by Suzie Quint
Sol McKnight has trouble letting go of his ex-wife. If that means he has to torpedo her love life, then so be it. After all . . . Alls fair in love and war.
The Misanthrope's Guide to Life: (Go Away!)
by Meghan Rowland
Misanthrope, n.: 1.) One who hates mankind; a curmudgeon; a loner; 2.) The guy in your office who responded to your e-mail of baby photos with D-. Passing, but not college material; 3.) A RealistF
Spirit's Release
by Tea Trelawny
Sex generates enough energy for ghosts to manifest. Thats Deras theory, and the sultry ghost hunter wants to test it with her sexy ex-boss.Alec repressed his hunger for Dera when she worked for him, b
My Boyfriend's Back
by Chrissy Olinger
I bring you tidings of... DAMMIT!With those few words, Jack Lynchs world would change forever. The nerdy guy from Hammond High has returned for his twentieth reunion. Hes rich, successful, and ready t
Waiter, There's a Clue in My Soup! Five Short Mysteries
by Camille LaGuire
Five light mystery short stories: from puzzles like Waiter, Theres a Clue in My Soup!, The Hoosegow Strangler, and Trail of the Lonesome Stickpin, to suspense in Alibi and The Promise. These stories w
Wake Up! You're Probably Never Going to Look Like That: How to be Happier, Healthier and Imperfectly Fit
by Michelle Pearl
In the second edition of this well-received book, atypical fitness guru Michelle Pearl has a message for all those who have suffered with ongoing weight problems: ?You are not weak, losing weight has
Ripley's Bureau of Investigation 1: Scaly Tale
by Ripley's Believe It Or Not!
The Florida swamplands are home to hungry gators, wild electrical storms, and a most unusual creature. Sightings of a strange lizard-like animal reach Ripley High and the RBI are sent to investigate.
Gone Fishin'
by Marshall Ian Key
Bill and Jenny rediscover love during a game of go-fish…
Matthew Henry's Method for Prayer
by Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
The classic book on prayer by Matthew Henry is now available for the first time for e-readers! This volume will help you, perhaps as never before, pray the Bible.
Zane's Tale
by Jill Myles
A Succubus Diaries Short -- After Succubi Like It Hot, Zane has a few changes in his life...but is the vampire happy with his choices? Or does he regret the path he has chosen and the succubus he has
Cat Calls (FREE short story)
by Cynthia Leitich Smith
Tiffanys grandma sees something wild in her future -- but is Tiffany prepared for the powerful shape it will take? CAT CALLS is a short story by New York Times Bestseller Cynthia Leitich Smith -- set
Clues to Christie: The Definitive Guide to Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot, Tommy & Tuppence and All of Agatha Christie's Mysteries
by Agatha Christie
Dying to read Agatha Christie for the first time or to re-read one of her classic mysteries but don’t know where to start? This fully authorized and comprehensive guide to the Queen of Mystery i
The Witch Queen's Secret
by Anna Elliott
In the shadow of King Arthur’s Britain, a young mother will need all her courage to save the Queen’s castle from the hands of a traitor... A stand-alone story of Trystan and Isolde featuring a seconda
I am not fat, I am just fluffy. God's manual on weight management.
by Free From Bondage Ministry
Gods manual for weight management. Because God doesnt want you to struggle. He loves you. So read and learn. After all, Gods people are in bondage because they have no knowledge. Gain the knowledge, a
Fuckin' Hardcore - Free 'Vampire Vintage' Short Story
by Alex Severin
Paul had been stalking Belladonna for some time, waiting for the right moment to strike. Boy, was that a big mistake!An erotic horror short story set in Alex Severins Vampire Vintage novel world.
The Slut's Lesbian Lesson - Free Shortie!
by Chancie Walker
Eleanor had believed herself frigid. As a last resort she checks into Dr. Blacks clinic, where she learns she is far from frigid. She is a strong willed sub. In an effort to release her inner slut, sh
Rhiannon's New School
by Jennifer Campbell
Always an A student in her old school, Rhiannon is upset that her family has moved and her stepfather has sent her to a new school. Soon she is in trouble with the headmaster, and she discovers the tr
I Can't Help That I'm A Slut (Part 2)
by Logan Lee
Kyras encounter with her step dads friend turns into a threesome, and then Kyra and her friend Beth, a cute little blonde weighing in at a hundred pounds get invited to a party by some college guys. I
Make Do & Cook: Savvy Shopping
by Patricia Mansfield-Devine
How smart menu planning, budgeting and shopping means you can eat well while saving money.
Pixie's Passion
by Mina Carter
When a pixie wishes for a family and home, he just might get it... and then some.
Tessa's Ambassador
by Cyna Kade
Story is related to authors other Darinthian books.Kortal, Darinthian Ambassador to Earth, immediately recognizes Tessa as his fated companion. Coming from a planet inhabited by powerful men who sexua
All's Fair in Love & Seduction (The Elusive Lords, Book 2.5)
by Beverley Kendall
With her seduction she hopes to gain his affections For Miss Elizabeth Smith, sharing her first kiss with the charming Lord Derek Creswell is nothing short of a dream come true...that is, until she is
Ain't Love Grand?
by Dana Taylor
The Healer vs. the Lawyer. Energy healer, Persephone Jones, has a new neighbor in Peeler, Oklahoma—hot shot lawyer, Jason Brooks. She’s a vegan; he likes his steaks rare. She’s about
Conrad's First Girl
by Varian Krylov
Conrad has planned an abduction, but before he can execute his perfect crime, he needs a little practice bending reluctant virgins to his will. Enter Elsie, Conrad’s first girl.A prequel to Vari
They Don't Exist
by J. R. Leckman
A young woman laughs it off when shes informed the room shes staying in for the night is haunted, because ghosts dont exist.Or do they?
Reaper's Justice
by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Reapers Justice is set in the world of the WesternWind series, but can be read as a standalone story.Kasid Jaborn never thought he would find his soul mate. He had given up hope of ever knowing the ge
Trace's Psychic (Supernatural Bonds Series #1)
by Jory Strong
Book 1 in the Supernatural Bonds series.Homicide detective Trace Dilessio has always considered himself a regular meat and potatoes kind of guy-a red-blooded man who likes his women with big boobs, a
Bride's Holiday Gift
by Solange Ayre
Six months after the mass human-Terilian weddings of One Thousand Brides and Bride Reborn, Earth woman Janis Stone is consumed with lust for her alien husband Delos. A public exhibition of sex in zero
Hannah's Choice
by Selena Kitt
Hannah needs a job, but what is she willing to do to get one?
The Queen's Witch
by Karen Chance
The Queens Witch is a short story connected to the New York Times bestselling Cassandra Palmer and Dorina Basarab series of urban fantasy novels. It features Kit Marlowe in a supernatural thriller set
The Mailman's Tale
by Carl East
Mailmen have always got a story or two to tell, however not too many are quite like this one. ***This tale is graphic in nature and is meant for adults only*** All Characters depicted within this tale
Mussolini's Rome: Rebuilding the Eternal City
by Borden Painter
Rome was Mussolinis obsession. After coming to power as a result of his famed march on the city in 1922, he promised Italians that his fascist revolution would unite them as never before and make Ital
Kayla's Birthday Present
by Ashlyn Chase
Kaylas best friend Marcus returned from Kuwait just in time to celebrate her fortieth birthday. She never expected to cry about it or let him comfort her with sex, but thats what happened.The next day
Christmas with Family & Friends Cookbook: Favorite recipes, homemade memories and little touches that make the holidays warm & cozy.
by Gooseberry Patch (Compiler)
Just imagine the aroma of homemade gingerbread cake, the savory taste of bacon-wrapped chestnuts and the festive fruitiness of Santa Claus cranberry punch. For Christmas dinner, try rosemary-garlic tu
Master's Thief
by Nicole Austin
A mere servants daughter, Jamillah is forbidden to love Prince Zahir. Theyve been kept apart since their childhood bond was discovered. Painfully aware of the consequences, Jamillah shamefully resorts
Eye of the Storm (sequel to ''Resurrection'')
by Sara Reinke
Police detective Paul Frances hunts down killers. Plagued by dreams of murder and torture, he feels like his life is falling apart, except when hes with beautiful medical examiner Brenda Wheaton. When
Lonely Planet 5 of USA's Best Trips: Our Favorite Themed Itineraries Across America
by Lonely Planet
Five USA Trips handpicked by Lonely Planet, perfect for a fall getaway: Easy-to-use maps for each trip, plus driving times and directions Local experts share their favorite trip ideas Tune in on the
The Cowboy's Wish
by Ruth Ann Nordin
This is a light-hearted look at a cowboy who wishes for a wife...and suddenly gets one.
Luke's cubby House
by Mark Stewart
Luke doesnt see himself as a hero. Then the river floods.
Photographs & Phantoms
by Cindy Spencer Pape
Brighton, 1855As a member of the Order of the Round Table, Kendall Lake is overqualified to be investigating strange phenomena at a seaside photography studio. But since the photographer is related to
Colters' Wife
by Maya Banks
A continuation from Colters Woman. Its a brief epilogue that continues right after the ending of Colters Woman.
My Girlfriend's Roommate (An Erotic Short Story)
by Largent C. Lange
Louis Girlfriend Kara, a stunning redhead who keeps him satisfied, is having her college roommate Ami stay overnight. She and Louis hit it off instantly...and hes not going to be able to keep his hand
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Dubliners (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)
by James Joyce
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Dubliners, by James Joyce, is part of the Barnes & Noble Classics series, which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and the gen
FREE Weights and Measures Study Guide : Conversion of over 1,000 units including Length, Area, Volume, Speed, Force, Energy, Electricity, Viscosity, Temperature, & more
by MobileReference
Boost Your grades with this illustrated Study Guide. You will use it from high school to college and beyond. Features Conversion of over 1,000 units. Metric, English, and US customary systems. L
Hunter's Choice (Hunters Series)
by Shiloh Walker
One year ago, Sara’s twin brother and his wife were brutally murdered. By vampires, creatures that can’t exist. But Sara knows better and she’s on a mission to kill as many as she ca
Bootscootin' Blahniks
by D. D. Scott
Bootscootin Blahniks is a romantic comedy with a chick lit, gone-country twist. Think Sex and The City meets Urban Cowboy. A Manhattan apparel designer, whos also a closet country line dancing quee
Star Wars Lost Tribe of the Sith #2: Skyborn
by John Jackson Miller
Dont miss Star Wars: Lost Tribe of The Sith: Skyborn a FREE original eBook short story, the second in a series that tell the untold story of the Fate of the Jedis forgotten Sith castaways, their battl
Druid's Daughter (Garland of Druids, Book One)
by Jean Hart Stewart
This is the first book in the Garland of Druids series.Morgan McAfee is a Druid and proud of her gifts, using them only for good causes. In 1898 few people acknowledge Druids and their power. When the
Cain's Apples
by Bryan Lee
Ever bought an apple at a roadside stand? Joe Johnson wishes he hadnt in this suspenseful and spooky short story.
Children's Fun And Fantasy Verses
by T.D. Green
A modern collection of Read-To or Read-Alone poems for the young. The assortment of verses range from fun, to fantasy, to charming. These verses appeal to grown-ups too! This is a free book, so treat
A Twisted Bard's Tale (An Erotic / Erotica Lesbian Short)
by Selena Kitt
Did you ever wonder what started the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues? Check out this naughty version of Romeo and Juliet - you’ll be surprised and delighted by this twisted Bard&rsqursqu
The Amazon's Curse (Gena Showalter's Atlantis Series)
by Gena Showalter
Dont miss this brand-new, eBook exclusive tale of Atlantis, Gena Showalters mythical world of immortals, magic and dark seduction!Zane, a fierce vampire warrior, has been enslaved by the Amazons. Nola
The Queen's Blade
by T C Southwell
A doomed kingdom, a young queen’s sacrifice and a killer who will bring an empire to its knees...In a world where men share kindred with beasts, an ageless seer predicts a child who will end the
Maebelle's Hat
by Rita Hestand
Book Two of the Willy series for young children. Mother was gathering everyone into the barn,and little Willy couldnt understand what the problem was. Mother Hen said a Nado was coming and everyone ne
The Elephant's Child: How the Elephant Got His Trunk
by Rudyard Kipling
A retelling of Rudyard Kiplings classic tale The Elephants Child, adapted by Karen Baiker and illustrated by Davin Cheng. The curious little Elephant asks many questions and embarks on a journey which
Shapeshifter's Craving
by Lee Pearce
Kate, shapeshifter and royal princess, has fallen in love with her bodyguard, Aidan, a man with the perfect body built to defend and love her at any cost. Aidan has been encouraging Kate to accept her
FREE Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements (Mendeleev's Table)
by MobileReference
Free Periodic Table. The advanced book add Melting & boiling points, Density, Electronegativity, Electron affinity, and much more. Search: MobileReference Periodic Table. Features Formatted for a sm
Don Quixote (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)
by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Don Quixote, by Miguel de Cervantes, is part of the Barnes & Noble Classics series, which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader, including new scholar
One Deadly Sister (Sandy Reid Mystery Series)
by Rod Hoisington
An almost-too-clever young law student in Philadelphia gets a life-or-death call from her estranged brother who just moved to Florida--she tells him to go to hell. She doesnt need this. Shes holding a
Don't Blink (Special Free Preview - Book One)
by James Patterson
This special free preview includes Book One of Dont Blink.The goodNew Yorks Lombardos Steak House is famous for three reasons--the menu, the clientele, and now, the gruesome murder of an infamous mob
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)
by Jules Verne
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, by Jules Verne, is part of the Barnes & Noble Classics series, which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader, inc
Gulliver's Travels (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)
by Jonathan Swift
Gullivers Travels, by Jonathan Swift, is part of the Barnes & Noble Classics series, which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader, including new scholarship
Witch and Wizard "Book One" - Free Preview
by James Patterson
The world is changing: the government has seized control of every aspect of society, and now, kids are disappearing. For 15-year-old Wisty and her older brother Whit, life turns upside down when t
Three Musketeers (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)
by Alexandre Dumas
The Three Musketeers, by Alexandre Dumas, is part of the Barnes & Noble Classics series, which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader, including new scholar
Baby, I'm Yours (Southern Roads Series)
by Stephanie Bond
Emory Maxwell has come home to the small town of Sweetness, Georgia, with one goal in mind—to get his childhood sweetheart Shelby Moon to marry him. Theyve been in love with the second grade, but
Jane Eyre (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)
by Charlotte Bronte
Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte, is part of the Barnes & Noble Classics series, which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader, including new scholarship,
Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)
by Mark Twain
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, is part of the Barnes & Noble Classics series, which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader, including new
Tale of Two Cities (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)
by Charles Dickens
A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens, is part of the Barnes & Noble Classics series, which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader, including new scholar
Summer's Crossing (Iron Fey Series)
by Julie Kagawa
A Midsummers Nightmare?Robin Goodfellow. Puck. Summer Court prankster, King Oberons right hand, bane of many a faery queens existence—and secret friend to Prince Ash of the Winter Court. Until on
Scarlet Letter (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)
by Nathaniel Hawthorne
The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, is part of the Barnes & Noble Classics series, which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader, including new schol
Wuthering Heights (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)
by Emily Brontë
Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte, is part of the Barnes & Noble Classics series, which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader, including new scholars
Plights Of A Patriarch
by Andy Wilkinson
Plights Of A Patriarch by Andy Wilkinson, Andy Wilkinson, via Smashwords.
Poetic Thoughts by Princess Kelly
by Princess Kelly
Poems of various topics ranging from spirituality themes, despair, and amusing times that many individuals have experienced in their lives. This is the first book of poetry I have written. It is a sma
T is for Time
by Paul Vayro
Brick and Spiritwind were unaware of the wider goings on of the universe. Had they known alien’s were heading their way, intent on freezing time and stealing all the tea and coffee, chances are
Trajan's Arch: Giuoco Piano
by Michael Williams
Blackwyrm Books has excerpted this short story from the upcoming Michael Williams novel Trajan TMs Arch for promotional purposes. Michael is best known as the author of the experimental fantasy novels
The Still, Small Voice
by Bonnie Owens
I loved my parents and I really knew they loved me – but, during the first 10 years of my life, alcoholism had completely taken over our lives. So, instead of life flourishing - everything was d
by Jordan Morris
On her flight to Sydney, Pandora Peterson finds herself stuck next to Nick Vicars - a chauvinist radio shock jock with too much hair wax and a cheap white suit. A modern retelling of the myth of Icaru
Bit** Gone Crazy in the Attic
by Jimmy Pudge
Bit** Gone Crazy in the Attic by Jimmy Pudge, Burning Desire Productions.
Rockhound Files, Episode 1: Rockhound's Juiciest Case
by Mark Newhouse
Experience a free episode of the award-winning childrens mystery series featuring canine sleuth Rockhound! In this episode, a mean cafeteria lady is up to no good and only Rockhound and two pups can s
The Tear Thief
by Alain Bezançon
In a world where emotions are disappearing, selling the tears containing these emotions has become a thriving industry. Alongside this enterprise and its harvested tears, a black market offers wild te
Gaze Of Intent
by Brin Castle
Padraig Donaghue, half-leprechaun, half-elven son of the King of Leprechauns, needs a wish granted—to save the woman he loves from dying of cancer. But the only way to gain a wish is to find a pot of
Struggles of a Country boy
by Herb Blanchard
This is the fictionalized story of the authors growing up years during the 1950s. It is the story of a troubled boy, a dysfunctional family and how the boy learned to cope with the adversities life th
Different, Not Just Better: Salvation in Street Clothes
by Todd Stiles
More than a collection of stories, Different, Not Just Better is a choreographed dance of joy set to the music of Gods saving grace. With his usual clarity, Todd relays solid doctrine wrapped in the h
The Cat And The Fiddle
by Severin Rossetti
Under the personal tuition of the Maestro the orchestras First Violin learns to put some passion into her performance
Family Reunion
by Rick Ready
A glimpse of the 21st century family reunion offers insight to the changes from the days of our mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers.
Merchandise - A Short Story
by Michael Wright
Jim Shoemaker comes upon an interesting new business venture of his neighbors, a never-ending yard sale. But there is more to this sale than meets the eye. Bram and Linda Cain are ideal folks, theyre
Psychopaths Ltd: and Other Stories
by Ben Cheetham
His next question took me by surprise. “Have you ever blown up a hamster?”I shook my head. “Have you?”“Sure. It’s easy. All you need is a microwave and a live hamst
Re-Create Yourself Now
by Stanley Bronstein
Are you looking to re-create yourself? Then what are you waiting for?Re-Create Yourself Now will give you some quick guidance on how to jump-start your own personal re-creation project.
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
by J.A. Kazimer
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by J.A. Kazimer, J.A. Kazimer, via Smashwords.
When Night Falls
by Margaret Daley
A violent encounter in a deserted parking lot is FBI agent Sam Pierce’s only clue to the menace who is stalking child psychologist Jocelyn Gold. A random event? Or a client’s revenge? When darkness fa
Bride's Baby
by Liz Fielding
Events manager Sylvie Smith is organizing a glittering fund-raising event: a wedding show in a stately home. She has even been roped into pretending to be a bride...a bride whos five months pregnant!

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