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Monday, September 19, 2011

1 FREE Kindle Game & 1 FREE Kindle Book - Save $8.94!

Pirate Stash
by Amazon Digital Svcs.*Puzzles,Logic & Brain Teasers*
Pirate Stash is a logic puzzle game that challenges you to hide all of your treasure chests on a deserted island.X marks the spot as you push one or more treasure chests to be buried in designated hiding places. Maneuver your loot through a maze of obstacles, but be careful not to make the wrong mov...
Available for FREE in: United States
The Shadowing: Hunted
by Adam Slater*Spine-Chilling Horror,Children's Fiction*
Its head was a mass of wet, gleaming veins and cartilage, muscle and teeth - a face without skin or form. The creature held Callum's gaze with its unblinking eyes. And then the hideous face changed. Every hundred years the gateway opens between their world and ours. The hunt is on. No one is safe. T...
Available for FREE in: United States,United Kingdom,Africa,Asia & Pacific,Australia,Canada,Europe,India,Middle East

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