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Monday, September 12, 2011

78 FREE Nook Books Tonight!

We search every day for FREE Nook books. Today we found 78 FREE titles, download now before the prices go up!

Rethink Christianity
by Ricky Maye
Following in the post modern footsteps of Emergent Leader Tony Jones, Holistic Pastor Doug Pagitt, and Time Magazine's choice as one of the most influential leaders of 2010 Brian McLaren, Ricky Maye offers in his newest book, Rethink Christianity, a new avenue for church and leaders to explore. Kee...
Natural Order
by Michael Jasper
They picked me up outside Wilmington, North Carolina, just before the rain began, but not before the gale-force winds blew the cigarette out of my mouth. In the dark, I touched the fresh pack of Camels in my coat pocket with relief, feeling more tired than usual. But as long as I had my smokes and ...
The Emo Bunny That Should, A Story For Demented Children
by John H. Carroll
Emo the Bunny was a sad bunny. He preferred gloomy days, walks over a cliff and misery of any sort.One day he saw something very unusual. Normally he'd take a nap and try to forget about it, but for some reason he took an interest.Ducks, bunnies, chickens, squirrels, bears, cows, robins and plague ...
by Andrew Francis
When bonkers Colonel Spackman becomes Prime Minister, his England for Adults party set about making sure that children are seen but not heard. But when every teenager in the land disappears overnight, Lewis Spottiswood decides it’s time to make a stand. His freedom march to the Isle of Wight Corr...
Plato's Cave During the Slicer Wars and other short stories
by Terri Kouba
“Plato’s Cave During the Slicer Wars” – The Slicers killed most of mankind. Can the Allegory of Plato's Cave save them or will mankind be wiped from the planet?“The Devil Dwells in a Red House” – an immigrant arrives at a Pennsylvanian coal-mining town to find the devil living everywh...
Born Again
by Paul Lincoln
Beth Tanner is a liar. For more than a decade, she has hidden the truth from her devoted husband, Jackson. They’ve built a solid life together, with the house in the ‘burbs and a couple of kids. On a rare evening out, Jackson’s lust for the latest electronic gadget sets the couple on a crash ...
Going Harvey in the Big House
by Douglas Smith
2006 Aurora Award Finalist The Builders had made the House generations ago, to shelter the remnants of humanity from the poisons of the Outside. The Inners, the direct descendants of the Builders, now rule the House. The House protects the People, and the Inners protect the House. And Smoothers are...
Painted in a Corner
by Autumn Dickinson
When Bianca Barrett returns to her hometown, she is forced to face dark memories from her past, her unbearable family, and her old flame, Derrick. Bianca is shocked to find that Derrick has moved on, with the last person she would have expected. Watch how this tangled love affair turns into somethi...
By Her Hand, She Draws You Down
by Douglas Smith
2002 Aurora Award Finalist 2002 Best New Horror selection *** Now an independent film *** Cath, a beautiful young sidewalk artist, is driven by a mysterious hunger that feeds from the portraits she draws of her victims. Joe loves Cath still, but as Cath’s hunger grows, so does Joe’s fear--fear ...
Scream Angel
by Douglas Smith
2004 Aurora Award WINNER 2004 Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror honorable mention Think of human emotion as a geography, with peaks of pleasure and valleys of pain. Imagine a drug that flips the valleys and makes them peaks, too. You react now to an event based not on the pleasure or pain that it brin...
The Wars of Gods and Men
by Brondt Kamffer
In a tale inspired by Shakespeare's Macbeth, General Eboric is none too pleased for civil war to be ended and for East and West Osland to be on the road to unification once again. Together with his wife, he plots the assassination of the king of the East, usurping the crown and reigniting the war.B...
Ghost Bride
by Cheri Chesley
Arianne died on her wedding night, but her ghost can't rest in peace. *Short Story
Devil Tree
by Sheila Lee Brown
This is a short story about Olivia, a woman who lives a life of solitude and dishonesty. She goes to the park after a grueling day at work. Her life is shaken by what happens there.This story is a quick, fun read with a hint of the unnatural.
by Sheila Lee Brown
This is a short story about a lonely woman named Mattie. She receives an unexpected answer to her prayers. This story is a quick, fun read with a hint of the unnatural - not unlike a freakish fairytale.
The Azalea Bushes
by Sheila Lee Brown
This is a short story about Judy, a woman who learns an unusual secret about her aunt's health. Things don't go well for her aunt when Judy doesn't get her way.This quick, fun read is a disturbing tale with a hint of the unnatural.
The Change Guy
by Sheila Lee Brown
This is a short story about a strange old man named Jimmy Ray who walks the streets looking for coins. He has a secret no one would guess.The story has a lovely flow to it that leads you down an unexpected path. It is a quick, fun read with a hint of the unnatural.
Sweet Dreams, Miss England
by Iris Blobel
She could still hear Daniel's grandmother saying, 'Sometimes we meet people but not to share the rest of our lives with them, but merely for them to guide us onto a different path'.Set in London and Dublin we follow the life of Nicky, a young mother of two who is married to Shane, an actor whose wo...
Revolutionary Tax
by Neal Sillars
Revolutionary Tax is a gripping international thriller. As well as making a compelling read, it also provides an insight into Spain’s war on terrorism. ETA, the Basque terrorist organisation, is having trouble collecting its ‘revolutionary tax’ from the business community. Ander, ETA’s new ...
Into the Rift
by Brett James Irvine
A collection of six short stories covering love, death, dreams and prophecy, with a tendency to the dark side of things. A taster of the styles to be found in other stories by up and coming South African author Brett James Irvine.A poet walks along a street, searching for inspiration. A man kills a...
Austrian-Accented Action Guy: A Short Story
by Elijah Joon
Introducing a new satirical Action/Adventure series chronicling the exploits of an AUSTRIAN-ACCENTED ACTION GUY... ARHNULD BRAWNSWAGGER stars in this short story about a crew of gangsters who rough up a detective causing their boss trouble.The problem is, the detective is friends with THE AUSTRIAN-...
Trouble Down South and Other Stories
by Katrina Parker Williams
Enslavement, murder, abuse, illness: there’s real trouble for the characters in Trouble Down South and Other Stories. The short stories take the reader on a journey to the past through a collection of interestingly crafted pieces of flawed humanness, social injustice, and redemption, and even hum...
In Dark Towers
by Jane Riddle
Donnie was just a boy with a few problems at home. Now he's on an adventure in a dying world where he faces scythe swinging monsters, flesh craving gargoyles and rushes through dark towers to save his only friend. The only thing worse then what Donnie faces in the towers is the truth that's waiting...
21 December 2012 - The Calendar Beckons
by Larry Edward Hunt
The adventures of the Scarburgs continue in this tale of adventure, suspense and twist of plots. In the first two books, The P.H.O.T.O - The Search and The P.H.O.T.O. - The Saga Continues the Scarburgs discover the secret meaning of The P.H.O.T.O.In this thrilling follow-on adventure they must avoi...
Barbary Point
by Alan Nayes
When Kelly English flies back to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, to close out her father's estate, the last thing on her mind is falling in love. Again.Kelly is twenty-eight and engaged to an older man who is quite wealthy. She is happy and only desires to make the trip back brief, sell her deceased father's p...
by Frank Arciszewski
After persistence, a nine year girl named Veronica’s and her sunny outlook warms the heart of a 400 year old vampire named Candy. As time goes by, Veronica is diagnosed with leukemia and Candy feels she has to try something to save the girl. Candy finds out from her best friend, Crystal who’s h...
Tales from the Beyond
by Kristina Jackson
A collection of 5 paranormal short stories. Full of strange happenings and ghostly apparitions. Some maybe amusing, some a little different and some may even be a little spooky!
Prime Pickings
by Richard Raley
Over 150 years ago, the Eater Mistake destroyed human civilization as we knew it. Gone are sprawling cities, left only to ruins. To face an Eater is death. Most of humanity has hidden in walled alcoves called Settlements, but the brave and desperate have taken to the sky, floating above the Eaters,...
Catch That Collie!!!
by Tarrin P. Lupo
Catch That Collie is the tale of a Savannah Shelter Dog that is adopted by first-time pet owners. As the inexperienced family makes mistakes, Raja, The Collie, escapes and explores Savannah, Georgia. Through trial and error, Raja teaches his new family how to properly care for a dog and be responsi...
by Linda Hull
Hold on to your cows! There's something not quite right going on in the Florida woods. This story will have you in stitches as extraterrestrial visitors exploring central Florida struggle to understand the human race. A combination of abduction, sibling rivalry, and lust fuel one misunderstanding a...
by Brant Danay
As the universe slowly dies, all demonkind is at war in a tournament of genocide. The prize? Nirvana. The Necrodelic, a death addict who smokes the flesh of his victims as a drug, is determined to win this afterlife for himself. His quest has taken him to the planet Grystiawa, and into a duel with ...
Wrapped in a Rainbow
by D.M. Trink
What would you do? Would you drop everything and take a chance? Life presents to Kristy a fabulous once in a lifetime opportunity to work in the Bahamas. If she decides to go for it, will it meet, exceed, or fall short of her expectations?Handsome Dave is wary and jaded about women. He likes his li...
The Vampire Handbook
by PJ Jones
Warning: Adult humorSo, after a painstakingly long soul-searching (at least five minutes) and after grappling with the possible fate of your immortal soul (who cares if you’re not going to die, anyway), you’ve decided to become a vampire. Congratulations! But before beginning that dark and shad...
Manwich: A Fantasy (Sexy Shorts)
by CJ Roberts
Lilly has a problem expressing her fantasies about being dominated and pleasured by two men to her husband James, but not her best friend Seth. On a vacation to Sin City to visit Seth, Lilly decides to let her best friend show her that bravery has its rewards.SHORT STORY: 5,500 words
The Mud Gullumpers
by E. L. Purnell
The Undergrad
by Mark Fitzgerald
by Alan Nayes
With the recent completion of the human genome project, speculation on future genetic research has run wild. Most people fear what might happen once humans have the ability to create perfect children. What will it mean when the human race no longer has to deal with natural imperfections-when scienc...
I am John Galt
by Mark Fitzgerald
One man's efforts to raise awareness of the vileness and the vulnerability of the "right wing" in America, by "unspeakable" acts, leads to an outcome he could never have expected. A short novel ( $.99 worth for sure) about politics and passion and betrayal.
I Love Me Some Him
by MamaChellie EMichelle Clark
80AD The Hammer of Thor (Book 2)
by Aiki Flinthart
Book 2 of the 80AD series sees Jade, Phoenix and their companions flung into the frozen wastes of northern Europe. Here they must somehow reach Asgard, home of the Norse Gods, in order to steal the Hammer of Thor. They are far from civilisation, snowbound, hunted, lost and on a deadline. If they do...
Tired of Sex
by M M-Stewart
Arch Enemies
by Mark Fitzgerald
"Senior", the controlling partner at the firm has "problems"...psychological problems ... paranoia at the least, probably schizophrenia .... and a dubious sense of ethical obligation to his employees. I set out to avenge myself. Vengence. Not a nice thing. Doesn't meet my expectations. Odd, how we ...
by Jessica Lee
The Unnatural
by Alan Nayes
The first victim, brutally assaulted, literally dies of fright in the emergency room, and Dr. Julie Charmaine must find out why. A psychiatrist, advocate for battered women, and a noted sleep researcher, Dr. Charmaine has only two clues to the beautiful young woman’s death: she reeks of the city?...
Viking Camp
by Mark Fitzgerald
A story about really brave Boy Scouts on an island in a lake in North Texas where it is really hot and there are loads of snakes and bugs and machete wielding drug dealersand Girl Scouts. An adventure story. For all ages.
by Laurie Bowler
Latina Horror embarks on a journey to find out if the mystery of the legendary vampire’s her Grandmother once told her about are real. Entering directly into their domain, the spooky public house where she finds the answers she is seeking and much more. Latina’s story starts here in Locum, with...
Motohuma the Firehead
by Jennifer Munro
I Could Never Hurt a Kid
by Mark Fitzgerald
A man seizes an opportunity, rising soley out of chance, to perpetrate a perfect crime; a kidnapping.... of sorts. Getting out of the mess he creates is a bigger challenge than succeeding would have been. Along the way, his victim's father confronts challenges of his own and his own demons. A short...
Road Kill: A Memoir & Six Misadventures
by Walt Chien
by Mark Fitzgerald
Living With Louis - The Appointment
by Patrick Triplett
On The House
by Arthur Mackeown
'Til We Meet Again (Paranormal Erotic Novelette)
by Stacey Kennedy
Ethan Thomas has spent years alone, forever trapped between worlds. Once a soldier in the Civil War, he’s now a ghost bound to a chaise lounge that once belonged to him. He’s spent centuries lingering in Savannah, Georgia, waiting to be saved…Cassandra Cole is an interior designer hired to re...
The Buyer's Agent
by Erica Sloane
Meredith Dawson's real estate business is slow. Mark Zinn is looking for a new home, but he's not just any client. He and Meredith have a somewhat unusual relationship. When they start house-hunting, they discover there's more to do in other people's houses than check out the floor plan.Contains ex...
Ghost Hunting Diary Volume I
by TM Simmons
This collection of ghost hunting diaries is a selection from those T. M. Simmons kept during her twenty years of adventures in the paranormal world. As a writer, she felt compelled to keep records of the encounters, and up until now, she has only shared these with a few friends and relatives. Encou...
by Alex
Meet Snowball the yeti (a.k.a. the abominable snowman) and Patrick the scientist. Patrick is on a mission to prove yetis are real, and Snowball is dealing with just becoming king. An encounter on Mt. Everest changes their lives in an unimaginable way as they deal with Snowstorms, other humans on Mt...
by J.E. Taylor
...I can't locate the source of the terrible sound echoing against the brick walls of the alley, reminding me of claws dragging against metal. Gritting my teeth, I shiver uncontrollably. My clothes are soaked, slick against my clammy skin. Terror washes over me as his hot breath touches me from beh...
Casey's Night In (The Mirage Agency #1.5)
by Minx Malone
BN won't allow me to set the price as "FREE" so if you want the free version, go to my blog - VERY SHORT LENGTH: 5k words, 20 pages - Meant to be read with Asking for Andre - although it can be read alone.SUMMARY of Asking for AndreAndre Lavin lives life in the fast ...
by Mark Fitzgerald
What would happen if a man and his "best friend",TUG, drown trying to save daughter/sibling Taylor. Imagine if they are both revived. Imagine if one soul goes on and one returns to the world but the wires got crossed. Can Tug save the family from the soul-less man who was once Dad; whose agenda no ...
The Origin of Lust, Tallia: Part II
by Viveka LeDoux
In an attempt to seek their independence from Garret's strict thieves guild, Tallia and Darius discover the origins of a new race of lustful vampiric humans, the aberrants.The urges inside of the two thieves are insatiable and distracting, taking them to new and exciting heights of pleasure.
Tactician: Tactics Anthem Chronicles
by Thomas Lim
Life as a Tactician-in-training is tough. But tougher yet is the inner torment that cannot be spoken of. You are months away from being appointed as a Tactician under the orders of Castle Camelot. Like you, your comrades are preparing for the appointed day where the Test will reveal all. Yet – ru...
Camelot: Armor Of Light Chronicles Volume 1
by Thomas Lim
The death of King Arthur has resulted in chaos once again engulfing Bretunia. Queen Morgana is determined to wrest the kingdom from the reigning monarch and has marshaled the Dragonarmies to devastate the land. Without Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table, the Dark Queen’s minions are unstop...
Understanding Kant: Concepts and Intuitions
by Hercules Bantas
This guide examines Kant's theory of knowledge, specifically his arguments for separating human thought into concepts and intuitions. Based on the Critique of Pure Reason, this guide covers his critique of empirical and rational thought, and explains key concepts such as a priori judgements, analyt...
Stiletto Blues
by Chantale Reve
One, dangerous night in Paris ... a per-verse retelling of an encounter, for adults only
Iron Rain
by J.E. Taylor
Everybody knows what happened that dreadful day in Columbine, but what if a turn of fate changed the outcome for even just one victim? Iron Rain is an exploration taking that well-known event and changing the outcome. Researching this piece was just as tough an exercise as writing it and my heart g...
Third Time Lucky
by Eamonn Hickson
Adam Fletcher has experienced everything with his last three girlfriends; Love, hate, joy, agony, heaven, hell, Lust, torment, infidelity and more. Through the medium of poetry, Adam has plotted the route from the first, childish girl, through the second woman in his life, and onto what he thinks i...
Angel Of Death
by Eamonn Hickson
ANGEL OF DEATH is a screenplay set in modern-day USA. Emily Dunhurst, has lived a troubled life. Haunted by visions as a child, she thought that she had dealt with the worst that life could throw. That was until she seen the Angel Of Death at her dying Grandmothers beside.After her Grandmothers pas...
A World Within
by James Somers
Traumatically catapulted into a world within his own mind, Daniel finds himself on the run from Pirates, Dragons, Shapeshifters, Spider-Elves, Griffins, Krakens, Cyborgs and even "Death" himself. Daniel joins with ragtag warriors questing for the legendary Wielder who alone can defeat the spread of...
Gay Enough 2
by German Alcala
15 poems make up this new book written as a follow up to the acclaimed poetry book Gay Enough it is about the struggles and sorrows of LGB youths depression, heartbreak, and fear. However, the collection is written to encourage youths of any sexual orientation to be wise, strong, and to fight in th...
by David Crookes
1873... A landslide at a diamond mine in Africa leaves autocratic British army major, Spencer Shackerly, badly injured and in a deep coma. He awakens to find himself a helpless cripple and his military career over. Holding Lieutenant Jeffrey Guest responsible for his plight, he is determined to hav...
The Simple Guide To Tea
by Chris Scott
A simple introduction to the world of tea. We start with a look into the history of tea and the different types of tea. White, Black, Green, Oolong and Tisanes. The tea process is fascinating and we go through the basics involved. Tea has many health benefits and we explain some of the main ones wi...
In Her Name: Empire
by Michael R. Hicks
Led by Commander Owen McClaren, the TNS Aurora is embarked on an extended survey mission, searching for new worlds that could support human life. Drawn to an uncharted star system by the discovery of potentially habitable planets, the crew of the Aurora discovers something entirely unexpected: the ...
The Slut of My Dreams - Confessions of an Escort Addict: Volume Four
by J.T. Holland
The Night Walk Men
by Jason McIntyre
A little girl named Gabriela is playing with her brother on a train platform and two mysterious strangers will decide her fate over a cup of tea. Is there such a thing as destiny? And, what is the value of doing your job, even if you don t think it s right?
Basic Training And The Accidental Pink Underwear
by Robert Chapin
This is the true story of an experien ce I endured as a left handed person in basic training at Fort Dix New Jersey in March of 1966.On our second weekend of liberty - spent at McGuire AFB next door to Dix we had the opportunity to drink alcohol and have a good time.I was dressed in civilian clothe...
The Flying Castle Stories, 1, 2 and 3
by robert mayfield
Blood Soaked and Contagious #1
by James Crawford
Turkish Dynamics
by Ersin Kalaycioglu
Turkey is a pivotal state whose domestic political, economic, and social developments have important implications across the globe. Here a leading Turkish political scientist enhances understanding of the interactions of liberal democracy with longstanding cultural cleavages along secular-religious ...
Tailgating Cookbook
by Gooseberry Patch
From high-school homing to the big bowl, parked at the stadium or right in front of your TV, Gooseberry Patch Tailgating will help you throw the winningest party of the season! Tackle those appetites with Touchdown Taco Dip, Running-Back Stuffed Mushrooms and more!

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