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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

4 FREE Kindle Books - Save up to $17.96!

The Faith of Ashish (Book 1 of Blessings of India Series) (Blessings in India)
by Kay Marshall Strom*Literature & Fiction,Kindle eBooks*
Never Doubt That the Unending Love of a Father—or the Pure Faith of a Child—Can Change Lives “His name is Ashish. His name is blessing. The boy is my blessing.” Virat and Latha named their son Ashish, for he is the light and glory of their world. Yet a simple drink of water changes all their...
Available for FREE in: United States,United Kingdom,Africa,Asia & Pacific,Australia,Canada,India,Middle East
Mom Energy - Special Free Preview: A Simple Plan to Live Fully Charged
*Pregnancy,Women's Health*
This download is a special FREE preview of Mom Energy, by celebrated dietitian Ashley Koff and fitness trainer to the stars Kathy Kaehler. This book is a n exciting new way for moms to tap into their own natural and renewable sources of energy to overcome fatigue and achieve their personal health go...
Available for FREE in: United States,Africa,Asia & Pacific,Australia,Canada,India,Middle East
by Alexander Lurikov*Short Stories,Literary*
In this story by Alexander Lurikov, author of Diary of a Discontent, a desperate man is offered $100,000 by a mysterious stranger. To earn the money, however, he must first commit a terrible crime. Other stories by Alexander Lurikov available for Kindle: The End of the World, Man Seeking Women, Doct...
Available for FREE in: United States,Africa,Asia & Pacific,Australia,Canada,India,Middle East
The NIV Gospel of John: With Devotional Notes
by Zondervan*Subjects,New International*
'John's Gospel sheds a unique light not only on the ministry of Jesus Christ, but also on the nature of his relationship with God the Father. This eBook also includes a special section of 'Subjects on the Theme of Salvation' that gives insight into 15 subjects of salvation. NIV 2011. The New Interna...
Available for FREE in: United States,Australia,Canada

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