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Monday, September 12, 2011

3 FREE Nook Books

Unusual Salami and Other Stories
by Frances Clarke
There is humour ('Imaginary Col') or strange lyrical horror (the title story) but the characters in this collection struggle to make sense of life with sometimes dreadful consequences. Greg is weirdly empowered by reading a book, Anna escapes an enchantment (or does she?) God creates the world and ...
Wanderlust: A Book Club Sampler from Simon & Schuster
by Kate Morton
Featuring favorite authors and thrilling debuts, Something to Read About: A Book Club Sampler, is the guide for finding your next book club read. Whether you’re in the mood for something historical, contemporary, young adult, or true life these are books you and your reading group won’t want to...
Water is More Precious Than Gold To People: A collection of poems searching for meaning to events of the scripture,
by Hussain Kashif
Questions the meaning of events in the scripture, whether we are blessed through water or cursed through gold, whether it was the failure of the test, or the seduction of the question, or losing of the competition. From the flood, to the well, to the parting of the sea, from searching for water in ...

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