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Friday, September 23, 2011

67 FREE Nook Books

We search every day for FREE Nook books. Today we found 67 FREE titles, download now before the prices go up!

Gap Creek
by Robert Morgan
The National Bestseller A New York Times Notable Book There is a most unusual woman living in Gap Creek. Julie Harmon works hard, "hard as a man" they say, so hard that at times she's not sure she can stop. People depend on her. She is just a teenager when her brother dies in her arms. The followin...
Witches 101: A Witches of East End Primer
by Melissa de la Cruz
Almost three million copies of The Blue Bloods series in print, Melissa de la Cruz has now written her first paranormal romance for adults, on sale June 21st. The first in the Beauchamp Series, the book features a brand-new cast of characters, a fascinating and fresh world to discover, and a few sur...
A Little Bit of Sin: A Sneak Peek of Original Sin
by Beth McMullen
"McMullen"s breezy style conveys both humor and emotion and is perfectly suited to her stylized spy adventure. An exuberantly entertaining start to what could become a wildly popular series." "Booklist, starred reviewIn the hilarious and utterly entertaining Original Sin, a former U.S. spy turned st...
Alicia's Two Years: The First Six Months
by Joshua Renneke
This series tells the story of a two-year period in the lives of Alicia and her friends. They're all in their early twenties and living life with no real plan for the future.Alicia is 24 and just living her life. Sometimes she feels...not really depressed, just caught up in something too vivid for ...
by R. L. Tyler
A Vince and Cat Next Generation short adventure.When a desperate youth tries to mug Vince in Bishkeke, Vince brings him home to train for the President's Special Forces. His first assignment, a simple date and info drop off turns out to be more difficult and dangerous than he bargained for.
Can My Religion Really Save Me?
by James Somers
by A. F. McKeating
They met in the springtime. He had had a close call with a loans company and she had had a husband in banking. She thought he might have put something in the peppermint tea...
My Dream as a Reality
by Arezou Dasta
This is a short story of a young girl meeting her strange lover
A Song For David
by Robert Chapin
Sergeant Preston Cunningham is reassigned from a civilian status position while serving with the Army in Frankfurt, Germany into the heat of battle in Southeast Asia. In Vietnam he finds himself carrying out the duties of a company scrounge - someone who has been given the company commander’s ble...
by Poppet
How would you react if you came home to find your lover in bed with a pretty young blond whose pink nails are marking his muscular back?Will Leanne and Andy, share champagne in the bath, and kiss and make up? Doesn't sound likely, but they do. Love is patient, love is kind, love is understanding. A...
Dust and Bones
by V. A. Jeffrey
A short story of six men who come to Las Vegas to play a high stakes game of Bones. The winner instantly becomes very wealthy but the prize comes with a very unpleasant string attached.
Oh Doctor, the Places You Will Go...
by James Chang
Brutally honest yet inspirational, this fun book contains 13 colorful illustrations written and drawn by James Chang, MD completely on his iPad 2.This ebook is a fun and free gift for premedical students, medical students, interns, residents and fellows.
Rain Today
by D. Arthur Watson
Seven Poems by D. Arthur Watson: Rain Today, For a Passing Acquaintance, Afternoon, Dr. Solomon's Arabian Horses, The Dark, After His Heart and Three.
A Foolish Consistency
by Tim Tracer
A sex-crazed pastor. An alien abduction. The fate of all humanity hanging in the balance. A wacky science fiction tale about the slippery nature of morality -- and aliens with weird accents. Tim Tracer lives in Oregon. A collection of his best short stories, STRANGE TALES, was recently published by...
A.I. Trigger
by C. E. L. Welsh
Albert and Giada are two scientists in love, and they want to share that love with their robot, ADAM. Love, however, can’t be programmed, and so they search for the elusive Artificial Intelligence Trigger that will spark real emotion in their creation.
Book of Jo
by Trea Green
Bad things are happening to Joanna Goodman. Very bad things. And no one knows why. She's a good, responsible person with a loving husband, a glamorous career and supportive friends. As her life falls apart, Joanna becomes increasingly isolated and paranoid. She hears voices that make her question w...
Everyday Criminal Justice Series - Volume 1 - Due in Court in Three Days...
by Ryan Kazemi
So you are due in court in 3 days?What can you do?What should you and should you NOT do in court?How can you best prepare?This book is for both first timers in court and folks who have been to court before. It is the first of a series intended to assist every day people with Criminal Justice issues...
Life Lessons from the Light
by Kate Everson
Listen to the Light and learn the power of revelations in your own soul. Take a magical journey through mythical places to discover inner truths
My Simple Heart
by Braden Stevens
Ronnie Jackson,lives a simple lifestyle, but today it takes a threatening twist.This is the story of one mans fight, as he suffers a Heart attack and the battle by the Doctors and nurses from a local hospital to save his life
Not So Fast: Meandering Through Soda Springs, Idaho
by Sunny Lockwood
Meandering Through Angels Camp explores the mining and literary history of one of California's best preserved Gold Rush towns. (4,800 words) * The Not So Fast travel essays explore fascinating places for readers who enjoy slow and easy travels — who like photographing landscapes, wandering gentle...
by Trea Green
Something strange is happening at the office. People are working late into the evening. Some are even pulling all-nighters. They're also having terrifying nightmares, and blacking out for hours at a time. Yet productivity is higher than ever, and so are executive bonuses. When one man tries to figu...
The Dance
by Janise Smith
There's no escaping. The music is blaring, the beat pulsates throughout the building and no one can sit still. The lyrics are suggestive and provide images to be imitated on and off the dance floor. It's easy to get lost in the rhythm, caught up in the groove, and lured into the seduction of the da...
9/11 Trilogy
by Gary J Byrnes
Short stories set before, during and after 9/11.
Dark That Day, After All
by Jason McIntyre
Excerpted from the anthology NIGHTS GONE BY by #1 Kindle Suspense author Jason McIntyre, this is the story of two old souls connecting under darkening skies.On this day, as they peer into the heavens together, elderly Jarvis Schloss unburdens his soul to another elderly park dweller as they sit on ...
Teddy Bear: A Short Story
by Linda Lavid
Despondent, broke, and left by a young wife, Ted Blaine returns home to Buffalo to lick his wounds. With bills up the wazoo, a meddling sister, and endless thoughts of his wife, Ted's life is spiraling downward...until. This story is for adults and has explicit language. Word count: 5600. Teddy Bea...
The Blue Castle
by Lucy Maud Montgomery
The Blue Castle is a 1926 novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery, best known for her novel Anne of Green Gables (1908).The story takes place in the early 1920s in the fictional town of Deerwood, located in the Muskoka region of Ontario, Canada. Deerwood is based on Bala, Ontario, which Montg...
Symposia: Short Stories About Modern Life
by Hercules Bantas
Every civilization needs to reflect on what is or is not important. In times gone by, it was knowledge, love, or honour. Things have changed. Symposia is made up of 5 short stories that revisit the themes that motivated Plato, Aristophanes, and Euripides. Thankfully, they are not around to complain...
The Beast
by Lauren Marrero
An unconventional look at one of the greatest romances of all time. The Beast reveals the true story of love found and lost again in this remake of a classic fairy tale.
Last Laughter
by Carolyn Kephart
A cautionary tale about a wicked court jester and his comeuppance, by the author of the much longer epic fantasy The Ryel Saga: A Tale Of Love And Magic.
Spellcheck Nation and other stories
by Consuelo Saah Baehr
Spellcheck Nation : Does Spellcheck have a sinister side? Can it help you strategize for power when society is screaming that you don't have a chance! What People Pray For: The congregation calls to God for favors during mass. What do they ask? What I wore for Loss: A love-song to the repurposed fi...
Red Moon
by Bruce Fisher
Jane's life follows a path of rejection and despair. She eventually meets Terry who cares for her, but things go wrong while he is posted overseas. She marries the wrong man, but then Aliens from a distant planet enter her life and help her to achieve happiness.
HMS Glowworm And HMS Jervis Bay
by Ciamar Price
A short introduction to two stories of navy heroism in World War Two. At the start of the war, HMS Glowworm was on patrol near Norway when it encountered the German invasion force. Unable to retreat, it took on and severely damaged the much larger German Battleship Admiral Hipper. HMS Jervis Bay, a...
The Hawk or The Rattler
by Adrian Geiger
The Rattler is king while the hawk is away.
A Christmas Story
by M C Tarnisle
A short but different Christmas story by M C Tarnisle, author of The Asjera Midjanitter Story.
Critique Circle
by E L Russell
This is a Flash Fiction (500 words) story offering a humorous insight to a writer's critique circle where work is shared and constructive comments made. If you write or plan to, make joining a critique circle one of your top priorities.Please note that none of the characters in this story represent...
Shadow and Sage II
by Elaina J Davidson
Sages’ sayings and sage suggestion from the shadows of souls. Words are tales.
Tea. Drums And Speed
by Les Broad
Tea, Drums And Speed is just one of a set of short stories; it tells of a 1960s pop band metamorphosing. Elsewhere, there's a story speculating on how those bizarre rumours about 'celebrities' actually start, another about what flashes through the mind in the moments before a car accident and the t...
A Fair to Remember, Welcome To Redemption, Book 2
by Stacey Joy Netzel
Reformed gang member Wes Carter feels Redemption, Wisconsin, is just the place to relocate his financial business for reasons more than just the name. He’s ready for a nice, quiet life in small town USA. Tara Russell has decided it’s time to add some excitement to her life and get a little wild...
Derin Dusunmek
by Harun Yahya - Adnan Oktar
Gercegi Dusundunuz Mu?
by Harun Yahya - Adnan Oktar
Diabetes: your questions answered
by Owen Mumford
The fact that you are reading this booklet means that you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes. You can rest assured that you are not alone, as diabetes is a condition that affects over 2 million people in the UK,1 about 800,000 of whom need to inject themselves with insulin every day
Majesty's Offspring (Book 1)
by AJ Vega
“In the end, it was our children that saved us. They sacrificed themselves to stop that bitch from having children of her own.”General Hugo ValdezUnited Earth Parliament (UEP) Planetary Infantry CorpsJanuary 2074More than a century ago, UEP Captain Julius Verndock helped end a galactic war with...
Barb's Sexual Awakening
by J.T. Holden
“Barb’s Sexual Awakening” is one complete erotic story, extracted from the full length “non-fictional” title “True Life Erotica” by J.T. Holden.This story describes a girl that becomes less and less reserved sexually, mostly as a result to being exposed to exhibitionism through her bo...
Online Teaching Made Easy
by Jim Musgrave
This book provides tutorials and online instruction which will cover:1. How to grade student research papers using a handy MS Word template created exclusively for teachers.2. How to stream audio and video files online.3. How to create educational podcasts.4. How to create collaborative lessons for...
The Red Horde: Story I
by Geltab
Living a normal life, three friends have that life taken from them when the Red Horde invades their empire and its cities. Burning people as offerings to their Gods, the three run, trying to seek shelter in the north only to discover they were not born to run. Meeting a stranger on the road north s...
Simple Word Find - Sports Edition
by K Lenart
This is a collection of word find/search puzzles specifically formatted for small screen eReaders. The puzzles are all themed towards sports topicsThis volume contains 16 word search puzzles. Each is broken down into 3 pages. 1. The puzzle grid with no word list, just a subject heading for the puzz...
Ergo Sum Series: Ergo Sum Diabolo
by Lizzy A. Blake
Farro, a young woman with exceptional magical potential, goes on a journey to discover who she really is, and her two main companions are magical beings called her quest, she onlooks the possible destruction of the entire human race...can she save them in time before her evil self take...
The Voyage: Edited by Chandani Lokuge & David Morley
by Silkworms Ink Anthologies
Welcome to The Voyage, an innovative new anthology of writing by staff and postgraduates from both Monash in Australia and Warwick in England. We believe all writing, at its best, is creative writing. To that end we have drawn our distinguished contributors not only from English and Creative Writin...
Jesus, Why Does Matt Have Two Mommies?
by Tammy Fitzherbert
In each book, Luke, a typical American 8 year old boy, has lots of questions. Thankfully, he has a very smart best friend to rely on- Jesus Christ.I create stories to answer questions my own school age children have asked me. I research the Bible for the source on how to answer, and then I put it i...
When Speaking of Messenger Elijah Muhammad
by Nasir Hakim
When speaking of Elijah Muhammad, the Last Messenger of Allah, very few are without a personal view or bias. Whether it is influenced by former students such as Minister Malik El Shabazz, also known as Minister Malcolm X, Cassius Clay, formerly known as Muhammad Ali, Louis Wilcox also known as Mini...
Brianna: A Virgin Lesbian Sex Tale
by Lexie X
In "Brianna," a girl realizes she's crazy about her best friend after a shocking incident opens her mind to new perspectives. Can she make a move, or will she just lose her friendship?
Fear In Words Volume Two: The Poems
by Jason Darrick
Continuing the "Fear In Words" trilogy, The Poems were actually written before The Stories. While not nearly as gruesome as their predecessors, each work seeks to dig into the mind, heart and soul of the reader.
A Dream of Storms, In the Shadow of the Black Sun: Book One
by William Kenney
A Dream of Storms is part one in the In the Shadow of the Black Sun series. Look for Book Two entitled Shards of S'Darin in the near future.
Angels and Demons: Perspectives of a Violent Afterlife
by Rex Jameson
Heaven and hell are vying for human souls in vortices between humanity and the afterlife. When Lucifer and his demons overwhelm Archangel Michael and Gabriel, heaven is faced with the possibility of losing all souls on the planet.Reincarnated in heaven, Michael must fight his way back to Earth to s...
Cpl Thomas Tweed's War
by Benjamin X. Wretlind
A silence settled in the darkness as Tyler slowed his breath. In that silence, Thomas heard words infiltrate his thoughts and struggle to find purchase in his mind. He knew the words, and odd as they were, he knew there was meaning in them. Like so many other things, however—so many other thought...
by Kara Baum
"Her head was locked in place making it impossible to even try to look down. She was naked, strapped upright to a board.She tried to move her arms, legs, nothing."
The Adventures of Splot, the Floating Pink Blob
by David Cathrine
Join Splot, the Floating Pink Blob as he travels on adventures to fight evil! In this collection, he’ll go up against an evil mantis who wants to take over a castle, a mischievous mushroom who challenges Splot to a treasure hunt, a hooligan hermit crab who wants to steal a young clam’s birthday...
Trouble Brewing
by Edward Winslow
Dave's no superhero, even if he does have a very unusual talent. But when a major New Zealand crime lord comes looking for two million dollars that Dave's wife embezzled, he needs to learn to act like one.
Two Little Dead Girls
by Derek Clendening
Erica becomes sick from the same illness that took her twin sister as a child. With her own days numbered, she is plagued by haunting visits from the girl she left behind decades ago. She must hold her sanity and marriage together as she mends mistakes from years past.
by Patrick Prescott
A retired cop is kidnapped by the security of a beautiful fashion model. "I forgot to tell them, nicely" she appologizes when they arrive. She needs someone with a brain to head her security.
Melvin the Dry Cleaning Zombie and Vampire Shoe Warehouse
by PJ Jones
Melvin, the Dry Cleaning ZombieEver since Melvin could remember, he’s had a crush on dry cleaning customer, Simone. If only Simone would be his girl, or at the very least, let Melvin eat the gooey matter inside her cranium. Simone is fed up with her egotistical boyfriend. If only she could find a...
Out of Breath
by Trea Green
A thirty-something woman with severe asthma has just lost her mother to cancer. She's unemployed and soon to be homeless when she hears from Shelly, an old friend from college who's now rich and terminally ill. When the two women meet again for the first time in 10 years, one questions her own moti...
Kissing Kelli
by Kathy Carmichael
A Texas Legacy Romantic ComedySensuality Level: Sweet (G-rated)Rodeo champion and wealthy rancher, Bobby Gray Nelson, is used to women setting out to lasso him. But when he meets feisty Kelli Palmer, she refuses him on every count. He's always up for a challenge and is determined to woo this beauti...
The Prodigals
by Frank Burton
The Prodigals follows the lives of four troubled young men in Manchester - Brian, Howard, Declan and the novel's anti-hero, Travis McGuiggan. It's a book about friendship, religion, drinking, cruelty and love. It's also a book about leaving home and returning. Prodigal: (n) A reckless, irresponsibl...
Austin Preparedness Guide
by Austin HSEM
City of Austin Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management preparedness guide for residents of Austin, Texas. Designed to address natural and man-made hazards most likely to affect Central Texas, such as: wildfires, fires, flooding, thunder and lightning, winter weather, extreme heat, torn...
by Patrick Prescott
A sixty year old business executive after his third divorce decides the cheapest and best sex he'd ever had was with hookers and decides to hire a stripper to be his companion.Sahsa is a stripper, but isn't looking to be a mistress or a hooker, but is intrigued by the generous offer for being a per...
Last Train of Thought
by Jenna Davis
A young woman's solo and unsettling visit to a Communist country ends with more than just a souvenir and a post card description of her travels. The memory of the beautifully haunting city of Prague will, in fact, haunt her until the day she dies.

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