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Saturday, September 24, 2011

106 FREE Nook Books

Troublesome Creek
by Janice Daugharty
Like "Fried Green Tomatoes," this short novel explores the misfires and mistreatment of two young women doing the best they can till they can do better. Following 9-11,2001, the residents of this small Georgia town are edgy and eager to lay blame, suspicious of newcomers, then out pops a girl named...
Drawing God?
by Wilde Blue Sky
Professor Hue-Bris, a vocal atheist, finds himself lost in an unfamiliar landscape. Is it a dream or something else? If you appreciate this short story, then you are asked, if you are able, to make a small donation to a charity of your choice.The short story, Drawing God?, was inspired by seeing tw...
Telegraph Hill
by Brendan Myers
When old school P.I. Dick Londergan stumbles onto a case that smells of sweet tea and fresh baked cookies, it's Dateline: Danger! because he soon finds its ugly underbelly consists of one part smarm, two parts pain, and a heaping helping of primetime "gotcha!"
The Day the Flowers Died
by Ami Blackwelder
My Man Pendleton
by Elizabeth Bevarly
Pendleton couldn't believe his ears. He'd taken this new job hoping to make money, not marry into it! But if runaway heiress Kit McClellan didn't agree to enter into wedded bliss soon, the entire family fortune could be willed to the homeless pets of Louisville. Someone had to find Kit and bring he...
The Scent of Jade
by Dee DeTarsio
The Scent of Jade By Dee DeTarsio A woman is lost in the Costa Rican rainforest with an ancient idol that may hold secrets to global warming! "Romancing The Stone" meets "Survivor" in this quirky, action/adventure. Original characters keep the pages turning. The Scent of Jade spins its story with w...
The Woman Event
by William Evans
This book is about how men can find, meet and evaluate women based on my personal research using my new and unique "Walk Read" system, my pre-marriage test and my list of when to call it "quits", to have a great relationship and a great sex life. Women should read this book to find out what to flau...
I'm George, mwm, 52
by George Everyman
What would you do if you found out that your wife was cheating on you? Well, take a peek into the mind of George as he goes through the process of discovery. You'll probably be more than a little surprised at his reaction. Of course you would have to know his wife Abby. Here is how George describes...
The Tokolosh
by Lynette Ferreira
This is a Flash Fiction (500 words) of a short, hairy little devil called the Tokolosh.
A Terrible Beauty: A Novel---What Teachers Know but Seldom Tell outside the Staff Room
by D. W. St.John
Dai O'Connel is a good teacher targeted for dismissal. Sent to document his failings is Solange Gonsalvas, an administrator relentless in pursuit of incompetence, who finds him not at all what she expected. Bewildered by their mutual attraction, she must choose between ruining an outstanding teache...
The Ylem (The Ylem Trilogy, # 1)
by Tatiana Vila
An ancient book, a seventeen-year-old girl and an exotic boy from a supernatural world hold the key to freedom for a long-oppressed race, but that freedom could come at the cost of the human world.Seventeen-year-old Kalista is suffering from a broken heart, so when her playwright father proposes th...
The Dark, Dark House
by Lynette Ferreira
This is a Flash Fiction (500 words) and has a very strong message of a dark, dark secret in a dark, dark house.
Monster in the Mirror - With Bonus Short Stories
by M.J.A. Ware
Free for a limited time. What happens when Nate discovers a creature living in the walls of his house? He'll have to get rid of it before it gets rid of him. A great campfire style ghost story. Scary, without blood and guts--suitable for most kids. Excerpt: "I try ignoring the sound. Like fingernai...
Border Crossings
by Michael Weems
Two worlds collide when the corruption and crime from one of Mexico's most violent cartels spreads over the border. A sophomore at the University of Texas has been kidnapped in Cancun while on spring break. A young woman from Mexico is on the run from the same cartel in the U.S. And our heroine Cat...
All over again
by Lynette Ferreira
This short story is what remained from the initial draft of Recycled Souls, and if you have read Recycled Souls, you will be familiar with Elizabeth s past life experience. In the first draft, Elizabeth met up with Devlin again, when she regressed back across the years. However, when it was time fo...
The Beginning of a Life Misunderstood
by Lynette Ferreira
Flash Fiction of the beginning of a life misunderstood.
The Price of Freedom
by Rigby Taylor
Set in subtropical Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, The Price Of Freedom is a nail-biting thriller, and a love story in which two young men discover that love is about more than sex. In his new school, Robert has trouble conforming to the expectations of his peers and is severely provoked by a fell...
Dome of Death
by Rigby Taylor
Not for the faint-hearted, Dome of Death is a confronting thriller; at turns shocking, funny, romantic and thought provoking. When the director of an Art Gallery in Queensland falls to his death from the central dome, his lover, Peter, unwillingly takes over the job. However, after rescuing a stran...
Dancing Bare
by Rigby Taylor
Dancing Bare is probably the funniest autobiography you will ever read. Rigby, an impossibly innocent young man, swaps the suffocating confines of middle class New Zealand for love and liberation in nineteen-sixties London and Europe. Revelling in the freedom conferred by anonymity, he becomes an a...
by Rigby Taylor
SynopsisSebastian is an enigma. Everyone likes him, but no one knows anything about him. He wears clothes only under protest, but no one seems to mind. To say his home life is unusual would be like saying the Amazon is a stream. Bizarre doesn’t even begin to describe his upbringing. He doesn’t ...
Backlash: A Novelette
by Nancy Fulda
Eugene Gutierez lost his wife, his pride, and part of his sanity during an undercover anti-terrorist operation in South America. Now, he's about to be recruited by operatives from the future; and they're not going to let him say no.Originally published in Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, this nov...
How To Be Awesome In Bed
by Coinneach Fitzpatrick
How To Be Awesome In Bed promises to enhance its reader's pleasure (and that of their partner) in the bedroom and their communication skills both in intimate settings and out in the larger world. A simple three-facet method and a bit of mental adjustment is all it takes; there are no esoteric techn...
All For You
by Coinneach Fitzpatrick
All For You is pure, passionate sex. No names, no plot, just a voyeuristic peek at one night of ecstasy.
A Window in the Earth
by Matthew Fish
Fireflies in Winter
by Matthew Fish
Celia Bones is a girl existing in two different moments in time. In 1983, she is enjoying summertime and the meeting of a new friend. In 2001, Celia has been diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme, a form of cancer, and is haunted by dreams of a future that she may not live to see. Fireflies in Win...
In Rust
by Matthew Fish
In Rust is a collection of short stories and poetry dealing with the subject of memories and how they fade over time. Featured, is the short story 'The Afterlife of Thomas Finn', about a college student who meets his unfortunate end choking upon a simple fortune cookie that bears the fortune "This ...
by Matthew Fish
Matthew Catt is a young man tormented by many irrational fears. On his way to attend a funeral hundreds of miles from home, he is stricken with a crippling panic attack that causes the ground beneath him to swallow him whole. Matthew finds himself in a dark new world where his fears manifest into c...
Stray : Touchstone Part 1
by Andrea Host
On her last day of high school, Cassandra Devlin walked out of exams and into a forest. Surrounded by the wrong sort of trees, and animals never featured in any nature documentary, Cass is only sure of one thing: alone, she will be lucky to survive. The sprawl of abandoned blockish buildings Cass d...
Softland 2
by Matthew Fish
Amber Lump is a girl who feels completely out of place in our world. Stranded alone for days in her home because of a seemingly never-ending blizzard, she is forced to venture out into the storm to find her only remaining family, a grandfather who treats her like both a slave and a burden. When she...
The Bellhound - Four Tales of Modern Magic
by Camille LaGuire
Four contemporary fantasy stories. In "The Bellhound" a woman needs protection, but doesn't want a dog; in "Away He Run" a boy struggles with being his family secret; in "The Trespasser" a girl and her pony come face to face with death; in "Like The Wind" there's not much stronger than the will of ...
Fuzzical Therapy: The Tao of Charlie
by Coinneach Fitzpatrick
Charlie is a young Ragdoll cat, and the most compassionate being I've ever met. These are some of the life lessons she's taught me.
The Matthew Fish Collection
by Matthew Fish
The Matthew Fish collection is a collection of 4 full length novels that all share common themes. Book 1 A Window in the Earth It's the summer of 1993. After the death of their parents at the hands of a drunk driver, city-dwelling teenage brothers Christopher and James Janes are sent to live with t...
Damsel in This Dress
by Chantale Reve
Snapshots through verse capture an erotic encounter between strangers on a restless urban night.For Adults Only
Flash Gold
by Lindsay Buroker
Eighteen-year-old Kali McAlister enters her steam-powered "dogless sled" in a race, intending to win the thousand-dollar prize and escape remote Moose Hollow forever. The problem? Fortune seekers and airship pirates are after her for the secret to flash gold, her late father's alchemical masterpiec...
The Eyes that See - A Prelude to the Balancer Chronicles
by Chris Adonn
Adam Smith, member of The Eyes that See, a centuries old secret Society dedicated to documenting the supernatural in all its forms, has just stumbled across something monumental. He has found proof of balancers. Fredrick Bradfield, head of the South African division of The Eyes, wants nothing more ...
Stiletto Blues
by Chantale Reve
One, dangerous night in Paris ... a per-verse retelling of an encounter, for adults only
Eternal Eden
by Nicole Williams
College sophomore Bryn Dawson is a self-proclaimed poster child for normal. However, the day William Hayward enters her life, normalcy is the last thing Bryn will be able to count on if she wants to be with him. Too mysterious and appealing to be good for a girl, Bryn feels drawn to him in a way th...
Flash Stories: Erotica
by Patrick Prescott
Flash stories are less than 1,000 words. There are over 80 stories in this anthology exploring all aspects of married relationships from first meeting to the wedding, starting a family, divorce, reconciliation, remarriage, lesbian relationships, etc
Erotic Flash Stories 3
by Patrick Prescott
These are flash stories that deal with irony and educational settings. What happens when a professor faces a student showing everything?, a banker has a client sweeten the deal with a belly dancer, how a dying man spends his last days, A gold digger falls for a guy named Armand, a Roman soldier spe...
Sweet Dreams, Miss England
by Iris Blobel
She could still hear Daniel's grandmother saying, 'Sometimes we meet people but not to share the rest of our lives with them, but merely for them to guide us onto a different path'.Set in London and Dublin we follow the life of Nicky, a young mother of two who is married to Shane, an actor whose wo...
A Window in the Darkness
by Matthew Fish
A college student, Jack Wolfe, on the verge of dropping out school, recieves a mysterious message from his brother asking Jack to check on their parents in Pine Hallow, a small and remote community that has all but disappeared over time. Jack, along with his girlfriend Emma Creek, leave in search o...
by Greta van der Rol
Ensign Morgan Selwood was almost too good at her job and far too casual about Fleet rules and regulations. Tasked with designing a control system for an untested attack fighter seemed like a dream come true and a real career booster. But the specs and modules tell only part of the story—what Morg...
Ever Onward
by Wayne Mee
Ever Onward Sergeant 'Deadly Dave' Henderson is one very unstable soldier. Has been for years now. Ever since he got back from 'over there'. When finally served his divorce papers, good old 'Deadly Dave' seeks revenge on his wife by shooting her. He does this, not as might be expected, in their hom...
Elixir of Life
by Wilde Blue Sky
Short horror story (suitable for adults only) about a man's search for the secret of eternal youth and the moral journey he goes through. If you appreciated this work please, if you are able, make a small donation to a charity of your choice.The short story, Elixir of Life, was inspired by a discus...
by Kit Frazier
Cauley MacKinnon is staring down the barrel of twenty-eighth birthday, certain the only things standing between her and certain doom are instinct, pure dumb luck and a kick-ass hairdresser. Starting over after a truly bad marriage and armed with a freshly minted journalism degree, Cauley is disappo...
When Cthulhu Met Atlach-Nacha
by Alan Ryker
He's an academic; she's an artist.He worships Cthulhu, the slumbering behemoth; she worships Atlach-Nacha, the spider goddess of dreams.Their interfaith marriage is challenging enough before the gods themselves arise and do battle. Can this couple hold their relationship together during the end of ...
Friends Uninvited: A Stage Play
by Steven Ayckbourn
Review of its 2007 UK premiere on stage: "Thanks to the internet, rekindling friendships forged at school has never been easier. But just because it is easy, it doesn't mean it is wise. The character of Duncan in Friends Uninvited has good reason to ponder upon this when two old school friends arri...
Kindred Spirits: Book One: An Unexpected Love
by Roger Delray
The words in this book tell of an erotic, but very romantic, tale of a not so bad Vampire. Instead of the blood and gore the legends have bestowed on him, he constantly battles between good and evil as all men do and understands that the one he allows to have the most freedom, will be the one that ...
Feral Collection
by E.C. Belikov
Feral Collection This is a trio of short horror stories. Feral—Wesley is a twenty something country boy who has recently began shapeshifting into a werewolf. As he loses control, and the victims of his killing spree add up, Missy, a girl from his home town becomes his last connection to humanity....
Time Travel Adventures Of The 1800 Club, BOOK I
by Robert McAuley
The 1800 Club was a haven created to serve people seeking a brief escape from the frantic pace of life in New York City during the 2000s. For a yearly fee, a club member could dress in the styles of clothing their ancestors wore in the 1800s, eat the same food prepared the way it was then and read ...
Mythik Imagination #1
by Jon Mac
Mythik Imagination #1 is a collection of three sci-fi short stories from the mythik imagination of Jon Mac. "Mythik" tales are sci-fi and fantasy stories in the spirit of the old pulp magazines of the 30s and 40s, but with a modern twist. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some astounding tales beyond b...
Megan's Way
by Melissa Foster
What would you give up for the people you love?When Megan Taylor, a single mother and artist, receives the shocking news that her cancer has returned, she'll be faced with the most difficult decision she's ever had to make. She'll endure an emotional journey, questioning her own moral and ethical v...
The Girl Who Couldn't Say No
by Tracy Engelbrecht
A sharp, shocking memoir, told with frank South African humour and refreshingly mature insight, The Girl Who Couldn't Say No tells the story of how Tracy Engelbrecht came to find herself pregnant at 15 … and how she coped with pregnancy, birth and homework.An eye-opener for teens and their parent...
The Gifts (Vol 1- The Gifts: Trilogy)
by Patria Dunn-Rowe
The Gifts: (Vol 1-The Gifts Trilogy)Nine gifts were stolen from a mythical man with wings ages ago. Those nine gifts found themselves transferred into human eggs, delved out through in vitro fertilization. These newly made beings were born into the world unbeknownst to man. There are dark spirits s...
Pink Bubbles
by Jake Fox
A VERY short and strange story about pink bubbles.
The Fork That Walked But Did Not Talk
by Jake Fox
A VERY short and strange story about a fork.
The Missing Cat
by Jake Fox
A VERY short and strange story about a cat.
The Spoon That Flew To The Moon In A Balloon
by Jake Fox
A VERY short and strange story about a spoon.
Food Court
by Frank Arciszewski
A group of middle aged people return to their hometown to attend their 25th high school reunion and run into each other at a local mall. They quickly realize that some things don't change with time...whether you're the nerd, jock, geek, or ROTC dweeb. While they catch up on old times, skeletons jum...
by Heather Marie Adkins
Praise for Underneath:"It may be short in length, but certainly not in content. I love how this author writes - you feel like you are right there with the characters, feeling what they are feeling.""The characters came alive on the pages.""The protagonist is fierce and brave and quite sarcastic and...
Would you remember Me
by Lynette Ferreira
She is fifteen years old, contemplating suicide and in her darkest hour she writes a letter.
Jack and Mr. Grin
by Andersen Prunty
9th of August
by Frank Arciszewski
Two years after Carrie Binder dies of a car accident in front of Thomas Edison’s winter home. Carrie’s son, Alex is released from the Army and acquires a job at the Edison estate as a night security guard. The property can’t keep guards because of claims that Thomas Edison haunts the property...
Pierced 3
by Frank Arciszewski
Candy and her vampire friends returns for another adventure in the Pierced series. Ivan, a vampire that's been in hiding for over 300 years returns to cause havok and declare war on the good vampires. Candy finds out that Ivan is responsible for a tragedy in her mortal life. The witches and werewol...
Baptism of Blood
by Shawn James
In this second prequel to Shawn James’ Isis,. E'steem learns the truth about her Katian heritage. She joins Seth and his campaign to overthrow the gods of Heliopolis, looking forward to the day she can avenge her father by killing Osiris.
by Frank Arciszewski
Tridor returns to Randor 20 years after being defeated by the Randorians. For exchange of soldiers; Fangrons (alien vampires) and Druges (giant alien gorillas), Tridor has to abduct a 5 year old princess. The princess’ older brother, Chreshlin sets out to find her. While on his search, he befrien...
Kid Poems!
by Yaritza Garcia
These poems are specially written for my wonderful niece and nephew, Gaby and Richard :-) And they can be enjoyed by kids all around!
The Force- Rediscovering the Obvious
by Ricky Maramba
Mystic Memories: A Friend In Need
by Adrian Geiger
The two mystical youths from the first story set out to find their dragon a place where he belongs and have a close encounter.
Bukwyrld - The Short Story
by Amos T. Fairchild
As the traffic lights changed to a pale cool blue, Cameron knew something was fundamentally wrong with the very fabric of the universe. He was no longer even sure who and what he was. When the true nature of the higher power controlling the lives of everyone is revealed, Cameron knows its not going...
The Boy
by Adrian Geiger
The Circus Gnome
by Adrian Geiger
The Dream . . . Or Was It A Dream?
by Adrian Geiger
The Dwarves & Giant
by Adrian Geiger
The Gnome's Addiction
by Adrian Geiger
The Rabbit & The Mouse
by Adrian Geiger
The Sorcerer's Dragon
by Adrian Geiger
Eternal Domme
by Alan Rovel
Two complete strangers arrive in the city to begin a fresh start at a new life; but the mysterious dark haired woman at the club has other plans for them both.Soon they learn that servitude is forever; as the mysterious woman, the beautiful Vampire Mistress, is to become their Eternal Domme.
A Belt Buckle for Camilla
by Tom Mach
Once in a while a story comes along that you can't easily forget. "A Belt Buckle for Camilla" is one of them. Out of money and with no food for the Christmas table, Camilla's mom gets invited to dinner by a stranger. The only thing six-year-old Camilla wants for Christmas is a belt buckle, just lik...
Sometimes - Little Stories Which Say Much. (Together)
by Robyn Vasco
Sometimes - Little Stories Which Say Much.These short stories explain the world. Although the stories are not long, they describe so much about life. You may find the right words for yourself or someone else. When you read them, they raise feelings and emotion in you and might inspire you.There is ...
The Rebirth: Collected Poetry
by Richard Brown
Inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe & Percy Bysshe Shelley, The Rebirth is a collection of poetry ranging in subjects from religion and war to romance and depression. Written over a period of five years, each poem represents a piece of the inner struggle between the person we are and the perso...
Charlie Woodchuck is a Minor Niner
by Dalya Moon
It's 1988, and Charlie Woodchuck is the most minor of niners. At thirteen, she’s the youngest girl at Snowy Cove High School, and so clueless, she wore leg warmers and acid-wash jeans on her first day. Big mistake! Almost as big a mistake as signing up for a boys-only shop class. Doy.Just when sh...
The Simple Guide To Lady Gaga
by Chris Scott
The Simple Guide To Lady Gaga book. Lady GaGa is the most phenomenal artist of this decade, she is a singer, songwriter, performer, dancer, record producer and businesswoman. Born in the United States of America on the 28 th March 1986 to Joseph and Cynthia Germanotta. Gagas family has an Italian b...
The Thirteenth Floor (Tales of Multiple Men, Book 3)
by Marata Eros
Excerpt:She was startled out of her thought processes by a young man who approached her with two others.The first looked remarkably like one of her students and a fine blush rose to her face at the thought of him...and what had happened in her classroom at the end of last term.He cocked his head to...
Anthology of Awful Volume 1
by Coinneach Fitzpatrick
Most people suppress memories of horrible events, injuries, illnesses, and suchlike. Most people have occasional nightmares, then forget about them. Anthology of Awful, Volume 1, is an exploration of one man's inability to forget the terrible things he's seen and done, both in the waking and dreami...
The Hand of Fate
by L.B. Clark
With her 30th birthday on the horizon and life handing her lemon after lemon, Dylan Connelly wants nothing more than to get away from it all for a few days. With her best friend and co-conspirator at her side, she embarks on a week-long cruise, intending to sit back, relax, soak up the sun and a fe...
The Adventures of Guy ... written by a guy (probably)
by Norm Cowie
Somebody stole Seth's brain, not that he was using it anyway. To recover it, his brother Guy and college roommates Knob and Thurman must take on sinister forces using only their wits, knowledge of beer and an Amazon Warrior, whose breasts, like the Big Gulp, are too big for the cup holder."Humorous...
Erotic Stories
by Lance Greencastle
Erotic stories from the fertile imagination of Lance Greencastle. Seven hot tales featuring FemDom, BDSM, corporal punishment and more.Cinderella’s Glass Dildo Who says it was a glass slipper that made the Prince fall in love with Cinderella?1st Tuesday All month long he does his household chores...
The Breath of Heaven and Other Stories
by Nancy Fulda
This sampler brings together three stories found in other collections.KNOWING NEITHER KIN NOR FOEThe insectoid Kitjaya is a solo mind, bereft of telepathic communication with her sib-group and isolated from the only deity her species has ever known. The ancient hero Jakitu foretold that Kitjaya wou...
Nightlights: Disintegration
by Chrysoula Tzavelas
Bitter and isolated at seventeen, Ajax’s miserable life takes new turn after he’s rescued from a nightmarish monster by a pretty girl with a sword. She’s a Nightlight, a kind of teenaged guardian angel. When she offers Ajax the chance to join them, it sets off a chain reaction that changes Aj...
The Seventh Sister, A Paranormal Romance (Parched, book two)
by Z.L Arkadie
(Book 2 of the Parched novel series) Zillael, the seventh sister, finds herself falling for two very different supernatural beings, a Wek and a Selell (better known as a vampire). Plus she's learning that she too is a supernatural creature. A complicated love triangle forms and threatens to turn de...
Red Light Passion
by Paul La'ska
Einstein and the Nuclear Space Dolphins VS. the Terrorist Comet Armageddon
by Matthew Fish
In the near but not too distant future, a group of six comets threaten to both strike and destroy all of America. It is up to a small group of White House officials, an unfrozen Einstein, a Japanese/American fisherman from Florida, a dolphin trainer, and an incredibly smart Asian child to save the ...
Campaign Promises
by Laurel Osterkamp
Comedy writer and acclaimed novelist Laurel Osterkamp has written a funny and moving novella about life, love, and politics as seen through the unique lens of Lucy Jones, a quintessential girl-next-door who is obsessed with political campaigns. Liberal, idealistic, and struggling to find her way, L...
My Sexy Roommate - College Daze: Volume One
by T.J. Holland
From the author of the #1 amazon bestselling series Confessions of an Escort Addict comes a new series, co-authored by his better half, TJ. College Daze is the story of a young woman getting a taste of the college life one sexual encounter at a time. Written from the female point of view, the serie...
Flotsam and Fool
by Amber D. Sistla
In this short story, Nen, a beach scavenger, has a problem. Ever since Nen rescued a stranded merling, he can't get her beautiful face out of his mind. He visits a witch, hoping for a potion to cure him, but the potion only complicates matters.
The Depths of Darkness
by Laurie Bowler
Patty is a low level worker for The Agency, an organisation of witches that controls the world of the supernatural. Patty grew up an orphan with normal human parents, but when her powers as a witch emerged she was drawn to, and joined, The Agency.When her friend and mentor, the high witch Matace, i...
by Deborah A. Price
She is Dana; an investigative reporter, a devoted wife, and a loving mother. She is also above her head in a story that would break up the cartel that was smuggling guns and drugs into country. It was not just any piece of journalism; it was the piece that was going to turn her world upside down. O...
A Change of Heart
by Nancy Frederick
A Change of Heart is a heartfelt and inspiring story of a woman’s growth, self-actualization, and transformation. A Change of Heart will touch you, mind, heart and soul, and it will validate you as a woman. This is a book you’ll want to read again and again and one you’ll want to share with y...
Rose and the Alien
by Nikki Palmer
Rose is sick of using her vibrator so she does as a friend suggests and looks through some ads for casual hookups on a website. She finds one from someone claiming to be an alien. The ad makes her laugh, so she responds to it. When he arrives, he's very strange. Is he really an alien trying to stud...
Pink Triangles
by Ken Smith
The lives of three young men are brought together in this tragic tale of lust, love and hatred.
Here Be Monsters - An Anthology of Monster Tales
by MT Murphy
Eight tales of vampires, werewolves, demons, zombies, and other horrors: M.T. Murphy - Blackmail. S.M. Reine - Something Wrong. India Drummond - The Reaver. Anabel Portillo - Lux. Jeremy C. Shipp - Figs. Samantha Anderson - Deals and Demons. Sara Reinke - Periphery People. M.T. Murphy - Spider Bag....
Camel Lot: A Misplaced Adventure
by Karen Jones
Three siblings, Arty, Lance and Gwen, set off for their Mother's forbidden flower garden to play. They dream up the grand kingdom of Camel Lot with a courageous king, a daring knight and a princess with a pink magical unicorn. But somewhere else in the garden, trouble is brewing. It's not their ora...
Bermuda's Triangle: A Misplaced Adventure
by Karen Jones
Screeching violins, rasping clarinets, and drums beaten to death were just the beginning. Bermuda longed to be part of the school band. She tried countless instruments, but couldn't make any of them produce pleasing sounds. Her parents were ready to give up. Her music teacher was at her wits' end. ...
Cahiliye Toplumunda Insan Karakterleri
by Harun Yahya - Adnan Oktar
Kuran'da Dua
by Harun Yahya - Adnan Oktar

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