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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

118 FREE Nook Books

by Hope Tarr
Known as The Maid of Mayfair for her unassailable virtue, unwavering resolve, and quiet dignity, suffragette leader, Caledonia —Callie — Rivers is the perfect counter for detractors' portrayal of the women as rabble rousers, lunatics, even whores. But a high-ranking enemy within the government wil...
The Inverted Bearded Boy of Chicago
by Michael Jasper
A story about magic, the true cause of the Chicago fire, and a bunch of adventurers gathered together to tell their tales, while a shadowy stranger lurks outside The story is also part of a Chain Story called The Wanderers Club. Each story in this anthology is onnected, in some way, though you can ...
Parallel Worlds: Nothing is as it seems
by Heather Macauley Noell
On the surface, the story is about a pair of teenagers, trapped in a parallel world. They must retrieve information from their past lifetimes before they can return to their own world. Yet underlying the story is a message so powerful, so life-changing and controversial, it has been concealed for t...
Oh, That I Had Wings
by Sarah Pawley
Jack Langdon has always felt the call of destiny. Whether by listening to his Grandmother's fortunes, or from hearing the distant call of a train whistle, he has always known that fate has more in store for him than being a poor man's son. In the summer of 1917 the Great War calls him away, setting...
The Four Towers of Alacantar : Episode 1
by Stephen I. Carmer
Episode 1 of "The Third Age of Timare, the Series" Illustrated Follow the adventures of Deki and Hanta. Swept away into a world neither could have ever imagined, the journey begins at sea. Discover an old world of magic, wizards, and a wicked dragon seeking to devour the Prince! Going to a new scho...
Gaze Of Intent
by Brin Castle
Padraig Donaghue, half-leprechaun, half-elven son of the King of Leprechauns, needs a wish granted to save the woman he loves from dying of cancer. But the only way to gain a wish is to find a pot of gold and take a piece of it before the sun touches it and turns it into coal. This is a short story...
Erich's Plea: Book One of the Witchcraft Wars
by Tracey Alley
Deep in the bowel's of Zeaburg's infamous prison the young druid Slade is plagued by a bizarre and troubling dream. In the dream his father, High King Erich of Vestland, appeals for his son's help. Somehow Slade must do the impossible and escape to save not only his father but all the Kingdoms of K...
Morning Mist of Blood
by Eric Wilder
A black panther, a giant wolf dog and a beautiful woman with a rattlesnake tattoo. Buck McDivit must deal with all this and more when a wealthy rancher hires him to investigate murder, oil and cattle theft, and a pagan commune populated only by women.
The Faith of Ashish (Book 1 of Blessings of India Series)
by Kay Marshall Strom
Never Doubt That the Unending Love of a Father-or the Pure Faith of a Child-Can Change Lives"His name is Ashish. His name is blessing. The boy is my blessing."Virat and Latha named their son Ashish, for he is the light and glory of their world. Yet a simple drink of water changes all their lives fo...
A Cry for Justice
by Shelley Hundley
Shelley Hundley’s journey from bitter atheist to wholehearted lover of God was unique. Yet what she learned on this journey is pertinent to every believer who has ever been hurt and has silently wondered who would fight for him and who would make the wrong things right. In her book, the author spe...
Clockwork Fagin (Free Preview of a story from Steampunk!)
by Cory Doctorow
Imagine an alternate universe where tinkerers and dreamers craft and re-craft a world of automatons, clockworks, calculating machines, and other marvels that never were. Where scientists and schoolgirls, fair folk and Romans, intergalactic bandits, utopian revolutionaries, and intrepid orphans solv...
Everything We Ever Wanted: Advance Excerpt
by Sara Shepard
“Sara Shepard delivers the perfect read….A brilliant storyteller.”—Adriana Trigiani, bestselling author of Very Valentine and Brava, Valentine“[Written] with unflinching honesty and unstinting compassion.”—Jacquelyn Mitchard, author The Deep End of the Ocean“This riveting, provocative and we...
Girls to the Rescue Book #1 -- 1 free story: The Royal Joust
by Bruce Lansky
The Keeper: A Short Story Prequel to Forbidden
by Ted Dekker
In the Russian wasteland, a man named Talus bears a secret so terrible that it will cost him no less than his life to share it... a secret so terrible that he must share it in order to find those who will help him protect the knowledge that will one day save humanity. He has chosen two brothers, bo...
Suck My Darkness
by Hercules Bantas
A tale about who we think we are, who everybody else thinks we are, who we really are, and who we wish we were.Otto was having trouble relating to people, which is why the virtual world of Sword of Valour was so appealing. Here was a world where excitement replaced tedium, where you could kill anno...
Sole Sacrifice
by K.C. May
Sithral Tyr watched his children die of a strange illness. When his last remaining son falls ill, he goes in search of a cure. His journey leads him to a land full of danger and debauchery where he's forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to save not just his son but his entire village. His is a tra...
The Complete Guide to the Year's Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
by Blue Tyson
A complete list of the stories in every Year's Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror book, grouped by editor and ordered by volume.
by David McAfee
Eight scientists and one ex-marine accept an assignment to study the effects of deforestation in Northern Maine. When one of their number goes missing, former lieutenant Colby Phillips must lead an expedition to find him. What they find instead is an amazing new species. Their scientific curiosity ...
Infinity, Ltd: Unnatural Time
by Julio Angel Ortiz
Mr. Kite's Cavalcade of Unnatural History tours the country, presenting unusual wonders and sights, but something more sinister is at work. For Palequus and Peter, agents sent to investigate, they realize what a threat the Cavalcade is. But can a retired Grim Reaper and discharged cherub stop Mr. K...
Dare Not Ask The Dead
by Madeira Desouza
What if you were born with special mental powers that allow you to control people and change events in time and space? What if you also are a young man with both a confused sexual identity and a vivid imagination? This science fiction jumps with absolutely no regret and no restraint into uncharted ...
Hacker School Trilogy
by Allan R. Wallace
The one with the rifle appears to be the leader.“You folks look well dressed; this will be a good week. Don’t any of you men shoot anyone. You know why we want the girls whole. We may have to use some fire to get that big guy to tell us where he hides his gold, but we want him alive to talk.”...
1s Upon A Time
by Richard Kerr
For those who hate numbers; and those who like them. Are numbers weird, annoying things that don't mean much? And where did they come from anyway? We don't learn the history of numbers in Math class. This gives them an unreal image that confuses a lot of people. But they came from somewhere for a r...
A Miracle in Shreveport
by Michael Jasper
"We were lucky to make it out of Shreveport alive on that early spring day in 1917."At noon, before the first game of our doubleheader, my All Nations team was taking batting practice, and as usual, I was studying the crowd. The people fascinated me: all those life stories that I’d never get a ch...
A Dom's Gift
by Evangeline Love
OtherWhere The Vagrant's Tail
by Garry Grierson
Arthur Meadows fell into a downward spiral and lost everything after the voices and visions started.His average day consisted of bumming money on the street, and trying to forget his tattered life.But not every person he meets is all that they seem, and a seemingly chance encounter leads to a very ...
The Programming Model Of Creation: How God Can Speak the Worlds into Being
by James Haines
The Programming Model of Reality How God Can Speak the Worlds into Being Excerpt from the book: "Most ideas that propose how God created the universe begin with the basic entities, such as light, energy, and matter, already created. The creation of the basic entities themselves (“out of nothing?...
Assassinating Legends Volume 2
by Manik Ali
Tatsuo woke up after 12 days from a coma, and is now targeted by assassins. So he decides to join a magic guild and learn sorcery.
Kingdom of Fire (The Sword of Fire Saga)
by Nick S. Thomas
Kingdom of Fire is the first book in the epic new high fantasy series which chronicles the final war between the crumbling human empire of Werstria and the savage and unrelenting horde of the orcs at their border.In the first book of the Sword of Fire saga, the epic struggle for survival is told th...
Narrator Magazine Blue Mountains Autumn 2011
by Narrator Magazine
Narrator Magazine Blue Mountains Autumn 2011 edition features contributions from the following:Alan Lucas, Aristidis Metaxas, Arthur Gray, Christina Frost Clayton, Denise Newton, Dinah , urner, Felicity Lynch, Gregory North, James Craib, Jean Bundesen, Joan Vaughan-Taylor, Joan Vaughan-Taylor, John...
Life and Death in the Dunes
by Kate Everson
The Dunes calls out to a young girl to find meaning in her own life. She finds her goddess torn apart, but searches the sands to discover the truth about life and death and her own purpose in being. A story of hope.
Where Misdeeds Go Unnoticed
by Michael Mullan
Much to his dismay, sixteen year old Connor keeps waking up on a spaceship that looks as if it could have been taken right out of any number of his favorite science fiction books. There, all too familiar looking aliens perform all too predictable examinations: poking, prodding, and probing Connor i...
The Cowboy
by Mary Lou Danielson
After a chance meeting with a cowboy, Marcie discovers appearances can be deceiving.
Narrator Magazine Blue Mountains Summer 2010
by Narrator Magazine
Narrator Magazine Blue Mountains Summer 2010 edition features contributions from the following: Alan Lucas, Albany Dighton, Aristidis Metaxas, Arthur Gray, Axel Williams, David Berger, David Bowden, Gregory North, James Craib, Joanna Na Na Goanna, Joan Vaughan-Taylor, John Egan, Karen Maber, Linda ...
Her Sweet Kiss
by Kara Baum
A roughly five page poem dealing with mortality, salvation and resurrection.
A True Samoan Woman
by Lani Wendt Young
Will love be enough to keep Mele in Samoa, living as a 'real' Samoan woman? Read her story here.
Poetic Thoughts by Princess Kelly
by Princess Kelly
Poems of various topics ranging from spirituality themes, despair, and amusing times that many individuals have experienced in their lives. This is the first book of poetry I have written. It is a small collection of poetry I have composed to delight others. I hope my work touches the lives of thos...
Stuck - Facing Forward
by Aviva Bel'Harold
This book is the first of the series: Anna’s mom, Sarah, is crazy - of that fact there is no doubt, but when she moves her family to the little town that can’t even be located on the map things go from bad to worse for Anna. Having been drawn there by her current boyfriend, Richard, Sarah is co...
I Won't Believe in Love
by Nathalia Li
Carlotta recently ended her relationship with Robbie. She is discouraged and disheartened. Her friend Estelle, hoping to raise Carlotta's spirits, persuades her to go out to a club. Unprepared, Carlotta resists the unexpected.
Notes on Sears Homes: A Visit to Music Mountain
by Joe Macaluso
From the 1920's to 1940, Sears was shipping complete kits for building homes. The kit included all the lumber, drywall and bulding materials required to build a complete house. The lumber was precut, to reduce installation costs. In the 1930's a new concert hall and learning institution was being e...
Star Raiders and the Lost Expidition 2nd Edition
by M. Shaunessy
Two freelance adventurers Mike Tippin and Justin Jobbs, take an unusual mission from a beautiful Princess Tygla Tyger to rescue her brother from the evil humanoid, Lord Drax of the Xatu Empire. But the mission goes awry as Tygla's Brother, Xman, escapes the dreaded battle ship Hades and joins up wi...
A taste of Mythic Blood
by Shannon Lee
Mythic Blood is a introduction to a new vampire series. Fusing mythological creatures with fantasy and history, the vampires must find their way in the world of man. They are free to walk about in night and day, yet still they need to feed. There are stern and serious rules in place of those with t...
The Seventh Sister (Parched, book two)
by Z.L Arkadie
(Book 2 of the Parched novel series) Zillael, the seventh sister, finds herself falling for two very different supernatural beings, a Wek and a Selell (better known as a vampire). Plus she's learning that she too is a supernatural creature. A complicated love triangle forms and threatens to turn de...
Half Light
by V. A. Jeffrey
Poems of reflection, longing and the natural world.
Driving on the Left a dyslexic's journey begins
by JO Royston
Life and being me, why I write and the reasons I believe that I will not ever stop writing. How it all began. With the inclusion of personal thoughts, perception, opinions and experiences, Driving on the Left a dyslexic’s journey begins is the prequel to Driving on the Left the journey continues....
People Like You
by John A Johnson
Mrs Mann, here after referred to as Marty, dramatizes the public image of an alcoholic. Born in wealth she drank up her fortune and ended up on charity in an insane asylum. Between her wealth and her poverty she hobnobbed with Europe's leading intellectuals in a loose knit group known as the Bloomb...
You Against Them: A guide for the (soon) unemployed.
by John-Talmage Mathis
self-help • employment • entrepreneurship • self-discovery Fired...Quit...New Start...Fed Up...then let this book serve as your lantern. "The calls from friends who lost their jobs increased, and the stories of defeat felt were similar. If these stories occurred in my small world, how many ot...
Luscious Love
by Zach Sweets
I’ve received a letter from Wendy: Dear Author, With that unholy gleam in his eye and all that luscious chocolate, I NEED to know what this hunk is up to. Can you please help me find out? Sincerely, Wendy Photo Description: Handsome, scruffy looking man with a hand covered in chocolate and a sens...
The Rose-Croix: The Templars' Secret Life
by Grigor Fedan
The Brotherhood was one of several Gnostic organization in the Middle Ages that operated in secret to avoid persecution by the Church's inquisition. It founded the Templar Order. Its main achievement was a clandestine war waged against the French king, Philip IV. "The Templars Two Kings and a Pope"...
Rebekah and the Angel of Death
by Kate Everson
Rebekah finds that death is not a scary place but just a transition, where she can rest and come back again. She finds that life is eternal and each lifetime is another journey.
Salmonella for the Soul presents...Oh God, She Farted
by Thomas Koulfax
Your hero, Thomas Koulfax, finds himself trapped with a grenade...a buttaface...and disgusting fat-body!!!!
The Ghosts of Varner Creek
by Michael Weems
In the summer of 1909, Solomon Mayfield awoke to find his mother and sister had disappeared. Left with his alcoholic and abusive father, Sol lived his life believing the story he'd been told, the story all the people of Varner Creek believed about what happened that summer. But in a plot of twists ...
Dark Tidings: Volumes I & II
by Gregory Marshall Smith
Tired of ho-hum horror and science fiction stories that fail to keep your interest? Want some tales to keep you awake at night? Then try this double anthology of original science fiction and horror. An astronaut exploring a new world faces a terrible fate… a doctor with a revolutionary cure learn...
Melanie, A Davanian Vampire I Love
by Christopher M. Mills
Young Ken moves to a small town where he makes friends with a girl named Melanie that lives next door. Soon Ken realizes that she is not at all what she seems, but a vampire. They grow up together growing close as friends till they realize they have fallen for each other. Their journey growing up i...
They Call the Wind Muryah
by Gregory Marshall Smith
A routine mission to prepare an uninhabited planet for colonization goes awry when the crew begins shirking duties and ignoring regulations. Is it the stress of the mission? Or the caustic chief engineer with the abrasive personality? Or is it Muryah, who walks out of the woods...ten years after sh...
by Carol Oates
Jonas is already raising eyebrows at his new school and Cathy's day isn’t going much better. Everyone is acting as if she isn’t there, her twin is usurping her friends and her occasional boyfriend is moving on. Can she convince Jonas to help her before it’s too late?
A Message of Faith
by Kate Everson
Robena searches for meaning in her life and wants to know what the magical numbers of 11:11 mean. She finds a message of faith through the help of swamp dragons.
An Instinct for Carnality
by A.H. May
"To earn your place, Richael, you must know mortality.""Mortality?" Richael was confused.Azaiel simply shrugged. "Mortality. Carnality. Lust and pain and hope and fear.""I am afraid now." Richael admitted. "What is it that I must do?""Do not be afraid." Azaiel smiled at him. "I will be with you. It...
Naked Poetry
by Princess Kelly
Princess Kelly has finished her second poetry book titled "Naked Poetry." It consists of thought out poetry focusing on several themes we all can relate to in times past. She delves into moments we all have felt and wanted to express. Poetry topics range from views on government,hollywood, love, de...
Santa's Daughter
by Kristina Howells
Melanie had no idea what life was like in the real world. Being part of the Christmas Empire began to take its toll on her. She rebelled, and was expelled from the land. Only time would tell if she ever went back or not.
The Ghost Who Tried to Love Me
by Adam Tervort
Hank is an American Born Chinese living in Taiwan, and like most Westerners, doesn't believe in ghosts. So why did she visit him? Why the burning caresses and the faceless screams? Why him? And what will it take to make her go away?This is the first story in the upcoming short story collection, Zod...
Make Cold Espresso Drinks Just Like A Pro
by Bethany Dasko
In this economy, many people are choosing to skip their trips to the local coffeeshop in order to save some pennies, but there's no reason to not have your morning coffee! By learning to make your own, you can save upwards of $1000/year.Written by an ex-barista, this free book gives detailed instru...
The Dragon of Skar
by Chris Turner
A cave carved into the side of the mountain . . . a respite from a wicked storm? No, only a fool would think so! Terror lurks within. But can the Cimmerian just turn and flee the horror?Not a chance; he is too noble a champion–he cannot let such sinister injustice prevail, for so many long ages a...
A Moonlit Night
by Adrianna White
It was supposed to be a good night, as Emily Johansson celebrated with her friends. She had just been accepted into The College of Charleston, and was about to begin the rest of her life. That’s when the past caught up with her. Vampires had descended on their town, and they were all searching fo...
On Frappe
by Martin Rouillard
Il est plus de deux heures du matin et Claude n'arrive toujours pas à trouver le sommeil. Comme chaque nuit, il observe Kathryn, son épouse, et s'interroge sur leur mariage. L'aime-t-elle toujours ? Est-ce la même femme qui l'a séduite ?Les questions se bousculent, mais devront attendre, ca...
To Read or Not to Read
by Vincent Hobbes
'The Hour of the Time' is a short story by Vincent Hobbes. It was first published in 'The Endlands' (Jan. 2011) Gunter von Strauss owns a small bookstore. He carries something for everyone’s taste. He also carefully inspects each book, making sure they are safe to read. Who knew that choosing the...
Does God Love Amputees?
by G. Edward Snipes
In recent years, a common question that has been tossed around by critics of Christianity is, why God never heals amputees. When someone wants to discredit the idea of healing, the amputee question is often tossed out as a ‘gotcha’. Unlike some of the shows we see today, Jesus restored the ampu...
His Warmth
by Wendy Coleman
A parent's nightmare.
Maitre'd to the Damned
by M.E. Brines
It’s said that a friend is someone who will help you move your furniture but a true friend is someone you can rely on to help dispose of a body. But who do you call when you have to dispose of a whole gang? In the dark urban underbelly of Phoenix, Arizona, a world of pimps and pushers lit only by...
Memoirs of an Agility Dog #1
by Amos T. Fairchild
It's refreshing to know that out there in the competitive and cut-throat world of dog agility there are still dogs who are willing to occasionally stop and smell the daisies. These are the memoirs of one of those dogs. (Warning: Contains dog humour and may not be suitable for humans.)
Peter 410
by Andy Hein
Peter Stone, a God fearing Christian man, asks God for help when his family pest control company starts heading into the red. After a mysterious visit from a transcendent businessman, his prayers are answered and Peter’s fears of failure are quickly put to rest when business begins to skyrocket. ...
Psychopaths Ltd: and Other Stories
by Ben Cheetham
This criminally twisted collection features seven short-stories that've appeared in US and UK magazines, and includes my award-winning story 'Stinky'.Share that train journey to work with a cast of desperate and depraved characters. Meet a boy whose favourite pastime is blowing up hamsters, a homic...
Strangers On A Space Elevator
by Jesse Sonoma
During the frontier days of humans settling on the Moon, Chad and Lisa are a couple of strangers sharing a cabin on a space elevator back to Earth. Their spouses are Moonborns, who can never safely travel to the planet due to being born in a low gravity environment. When an unexpected glitch in the...
The Future is Now
by Kent Hunter
Are you a ministry leader wondering what's next? Ever ask yourself, where have all the people gone? Think your ministry can do better at reaching more people? The Future is Now takes you through how God is moving and working in the church today and the key strategies needed to increase effectivenes...
The Only Man
by Timothy Benoit
William was a normal geeky kind of kid. Never had a girlfriend and never had much of a social life, which suited him well enough. All hell breaks lose and he finds himself surviving in a different world than either you or me could dream of. This world bites back and only the strong survive and the ...
The Tenor In The Rear View Mirror
by Robert Chapin
For so many years, I have wanted to sing. Mother was in her chrch choir after auditioning for a recording company. It was one of those companies who promised that if she sent them $200 they would cut a record. All she had to do was send them a vocal recording of a song she wrote - in a key suitable...
The U-Haul Trailer & Doolie Weencer's Hearse
by Robert Chapin
Doolie Weencer was the son of a banker in the small New England town of Prescott, Massachusetts. His father purchased the bank from an immigrant Polish farmer in 1925 at a cost of $61,000 but did not have sufficient funds to purchase the land beneath the bank for an additional $21,000. The farmer a...
All Night Long, I Remember You
by Rona Go
They fell in love when their past wouldn't have allowed them to. Two friendship crossed the boundaries of a horizon where only a few had gone. Those who survived vowed never to return again. When Ricah met her thesis mentor,Juffy Howe, in college, she never expected to fall in love. But she did.Unk...
Birth of the Shepherd
by Rick Ready
Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When one or more of those rights are taken away, someone has to pay.
How to Make Love to a Woman
by A.M. Elm
The first installment in the "Guide to Life" series, presented by A.M. Elm.
I am the Reincarnation of Jack Kerouac and Holden Caulfield
by A. M. Cicero
The youthful folly of Holden Caulfield and the romanticism of Jack Kerouac embody the spirit of this young narrator as he takes us on a tour of some of the best moments of his high school life. Think Springsteen's "Glory Days," but for the 1990's.
Kingfisher Days
by Louise Armstrong
Previously published in the UK by My Weekly and the Linford Romance Library.This story has also been serialised in Italy.I don't want to tell you exactly what happens on this roller coaster voyage - I'm not sure you'd believe it and it's more fun if you go along for the ride.Still, you need to know...
Sid's Teashop
by Andrew McBurnie
Sid's teashop in the night market is being modernised, with unexpected consequences for its motley customers.But who are these people?
Strange Fruit: Prologue
by Raegan Millhollin
Strange Fruit: Prologue is five shorts that set the stage for a story about fallen angels, malicious demons, and the humans stuck in the middle.The Fates know the world is more than what it seems; the supernatural: vampires, witches, werewolves, and the things that lurk in the dark, have for centur...
The Chuck-It List
by Steven Bennett
Things I Have No Intention of Doing Before Bucketing
The Ghosts Caress
by Dacia Harrt
While traveling across the country Julia stops on the side of the road for a rest. She feels a breeze pick up and feels the wind like a lover caress her skin. She feels it wrap all around her and call her name. Isaac is an earthbound ghost that reaches out to Julia. She is the first person in over ...
Wayland's Smithy
by Kate Everson
A visit to Wayland's Smithy, an ancient barrowed tomb in the countryside of England and the Rollright Stones has legends of faeries and witches. Rebekah enjoys the journey. Lots of pics!
We Are Being Had..... But By Who??
by Free From Bondage Ministry
The Bible. God's word. Truth. Is it still? Or are theologians, scholars and educated individuals deciding what parts of the Bible are truth and which parts are not. Is someone telling them to twist the Truth, so we think we believe and follow God's word, but we are actually following worldly thinki...
by Jon Hartling
Bert Corr is a bad man on his way to do a very bad thing. Fate, however, has other ideas for him, giving him one last chance to turn back. If he doesn't take it, he may find the road ahead overshadowed by the wings of justice... or vengeance.
by Rick Dearman
Deren the squire and his Master Sir Bron have been selected for a mission behind enemy lines. The mysterious Baron Adderand will lead the mission. The Baron's reputation for brutality and sword skill proceeds him. Where would the enigmatic baron take them? What lay ahead, adventure, wealth, intrigu...
Finding Peace
by Sandra Carey Cody
The life of a disillusioned peace activist takes on new meaning when she takes a day off to visit a small town Folk Festival-all because she couldn't ignore a dog in distress.
Georgia Watermelon And Fried Baloney Sandwiches
by Robert Chapin
I just finished basic training at Fort Dix, New Jersey in April 1966. The next assignment was in The Signal Corps at Fort Gordon, Georgia. I was quite pleased to be stationed in the south. The weather was delightful, the people very accommodating, and I was free and clear of the nasty drill sergean...
Halloween Party Ideas for Children
by MamaChellie EMichelle Clark
Halloween Party Ideas for ChildrenBy MamaChellie EMichelle ClarkSo let’s pretend it’s October and your child wants to throw a cool Halloween party that the other children will rave about until Christmas. This How to Ebook includes information, including the Do’s and Don’ts for a successful ...
In the Veins
by C. Dennis Moore
A popular Halloween attraction is celebrating its final night in operation. But not everyone is excited to be there. One customer in particualr was dragged there by his girlfriend, and as the two descend deeper into the darkness, the walls begin to close in and claustrophobia, combined with being u...
Living Out of the Box (Part 1)
by Kallysten
The very first time Virginia spent a night with the vampire Anando, she couldn’t have begun to imagine all the sensual and sexual games she would experience with him. She also couldn’t have imagined that she would fall in love with him, or he with her.In this first chapter of the novel Living O...
The Devil You Know
by Saskia Walker
Leonie Carlton went to the other side of the world to avoid Mike Racine, because she loved him too much to stay. Their impetuous, fiery physical relationship was passionate and fulfilling, but Mike wasn’t the type to settle down. After a year working on a coffee plantation in Queensland, Australi...
Daddy Die Hard
by Isaac Sweeney
After his father left his family, the author found a replacement in the unlikeliest of fictional characters - the gun-weilding, hard-cursing, cigarette-smoking John McClane from the movie Die Hard.This unique non-fiction narrative weaves Die Hard's most revealing parts with the author's memory of h...
Dry Winter
by Jose Rodriguez
In this short story a family man ends up in the Colorado high plains to take care of business after the dead of his alcoholic father who he has not seen in almost twenty years. The father he knew and had the displeasure of growing up with is not the man buried in the wind swept cemetery. Something ...
Girt By Sea
by Dave Riley
Girt by Sea is an amalgam of several street theatre performances reworked as a play for voices (or for radio broadcast). There is nothing especially ambitious about the play as it merely tries to touch on a few notions about the mandatory detention of refugees and package them in a short, sharp pie...
Gold Standard
by Kyell Gold
Here are nine stories spanning Kyell Gold's career to date, including four Ursa Major Award-winning short stories and one story nominated for a WSFA Small Press Science Fiction award. Three of the stories originally appeared as stand-alone stories online and were later incorporated into the award-w...
Kid Lay
by Boyd Neisler
William Lay of Arkansas, to important to stay on the farm, has given himself the nickname of "The Arkansas Kid". He will attempt to live up to the name and reputation he created. He rides into a north Texas town and picks an old west, stand in the street and shoot it out with the sheriff.
5 Pillars, 7 Sins
by Paul McDonnold
In the Summer of 2000, Kyle Linwood, a bored young American male, walks out on a well paying white collar job and travels to the Middle East on a quest to locate international terrorist Niban Abu Sabri, who has called for the killing of Americans whenever, wherever, and however possible. Kyle's sea...
Poems 1
by Peter Rehard
A collection of poems. If you happen to chance them and bother reading, just read them for what they are.
The Letter
by Henri Bauhaus
A February Pennsylvania snowstorm gives a group of children some time off from school and a chance to make a snowman. Frosty (the name of the snowman) hangs around for the remainder of the winter and discovers some strange human emotions.
The Son of Man
by C. Dennis Moore
Three friends discover a very strange shape in the clouds one day. By the time they realize it's not only not going away, but seems to be growing, it's too late. And the refrain that keeps repeating in their heads, about seeing the Son of Man coming in the clouds, a phrase that's meant to instill h...
Twi Hard: A Twin Fang Prequel
by Lacy Maran
Alice Johnson is just an everyday, ordinary twi hard on her way to avampire fiction convention. But soon she finds herself caught in alove triangle that will change her life forever.Twi Hard is a love letter to vampire fiction fans everywhere, settingup the Twin Fang Saga to come.
A Nasty Little Spinner - Confession of an Escort Addict Volume Five
by J.T. Holland
I love escorts. You get exactly what you want, every time. And tonight I want to take my aggressions out on a dirty slut who's game for whatever I have to offer. She may look innocent on the outside but it doesn't take long for her to prove she is truly a nasty little spinner. WARNING: Contains exp...
A Part of Us
by Eviant
The perfect girl brings life-long friends together.
Dead Man Lives! + Tool Kit
by Di Allen
Do you have a group of children you can get together and have fun with?As well as having fun there are valuable lessons to learn from the Bible stories.This is a companion book for Dead Man Lives! It has a tool kit to give you all the ideas and activities you need to run an I Spy GI Club - or any o...
Don't Jinx It! A Little-Leaguer's Superstitions
by John Keenan
Are you superstitious? I am! This is a story about a little league baseball player who would do anything to keep his hitting streak from being jinxed - and he does!
Making a Name - the single
by Rosanne Dingli
One of the short stories contained in the collection 'Making a Name and other stories' by Rosanne Dingli, this single builds tension until the reader can smell the turpentine, see the pictures, and share the dangerous sensuality of a clever seduction.
Man Seeking Women
by Alexander Lurikov
“Man seeking women. Thirty-eight years old, handsome, robust. In need of suitable mates.”In this new story by Alexander Lurikov, author of Diary of a Discontent, a man obsessed with achieving immortality hires several women to be the mothers of his children.
Numbers: Rational, Irrational, and Accidental
by Mary Kitt-Neel
Martine's former grandmother-in-law Mimi has died, and has asked Martine to collect her papers in person. Afraid of dealing with former in-laws, Martine enlists her intermittent boyfriend Francis to accompany her. What she finds in Mimi's papers is rivaled only by what she discovers about herself a...
by Steve Copland
Perfection! Within the human soul a voice calls us to reach for perfection. So often we demonstrate a desire to know, experience and create that which is perfect. The clothes we wear, the flowers we choose, the religions we practice and love we seek. We reject what we perceive as flawed, and strive...
The J-Dog Journey: Where is Life?
by Kent Hunter
The story that started it all for Servants Equipping New Disciples, SEND North America.( about the story of a young man looking for direction and for God's plan for his life.Discover, just has he did, that God has a plan, even when we think He doesn't. Discover there are pl...
Double Dog Dare
by Rick Ready
What do you do when your best friends dare you to kiss the prettiest girl in school?
King of Fools (A Free Fantasy Short Story)
by M. R. Mathias
The King of FoolsA Fool must save his kingdom from a tyrant with a dolt for a jester in this hilaric tale of majestic, motley mockery. I'm off to make a fool of a fool, and a fool of a king as well. Only a fool can fool a fool, but, with a kings wits, who can tell! I'm off to make a fool of a foo...
Start-up Expert: Get Ready
by Alistair Milne
Many people are not sure whether they are cut out to start their own business. After reading the Start-up Expert's first book 'Get Ready' you will have a better understanding of the challenges ahead and whether you have the character and determination to succeed. You will be reassured that qualific...
Fatal Destiny
by Marie Force
With the week of their wedding finally upon them, Washington, D.C., Police Lieutenant Sam Holland and her fiancé, Senator Nick Cappuano, are at odds. In the aftermath of a tragic loss, they struggle to reconnect as the big day draws near, but their work keeps pulling them apart. When a new clue int...

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