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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

115 FREE Nook Books

Le Chocolat
by Nanette Littlestone
The young American is a nice change of pace from Manon s standard French lover. But he commits a horrible sin when he presents her with the wrong chocolates. Women know these things, especially a connoisseur like Manon. Can she forgive him before it s too late? Or will he just become another sweet ...
Before The Dawn
by Wendy Maddocks
Down the Ocean
by William P. Falls
Empty Wallet , Empty Dreams. And Unemployed !
by Chad Johnson
by David Barrett
by Sandra Madera
Spanish You Already Know
by Sean Young
Dragon Dreams
by Dusty Lynn Holloway
In my shadow you sleep, hungry for my soul. In my heart you live, nurtured and at peace. In my life you belong, always. The red dawn of war clashes with the tide. Black descends. Shadows come alive. I call to you. I see you across the field of battle, calling to me. So many stand between us. I turn...
Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll
by Mia Dymond
Tactile Morse Code
by Robert Bodnaryk
After the Call
by ruth griffin
So you are called and purposed of God. What do you do next? Why does life seem more challenging now that you know you have purpose? How do you overcome your fears and doubts to achieve that which God is calling you to? How do you connect your present with your future? AFTER THE CALL is an insightful...
Ascent (The Party Series, Book One)
by Amy Kinzer
I Cannot Protect Her, Ever Again
by Wayne Allen Sallee
Kidnapping Madam President
by Lon Maisttison
New World Short by Robert Shroud
by Robert Shroud
Spider and I: The Story of a Boy and His Monster
by Aaron Polson
The Corpse King
by Christopher Kellen
The Long Snapper
by Michael J. McCann
Trial by Fury
by Michael Wallace
What's in Your Head: 8 Short Works
by Joshua Scribner
Tea for Two
by Tim Eagle
Vampire Assassin (Jane #1)
by Samantha Warren
Emily and The Spider
by John Dony
Victoria Swan
by John Dony
by Tim Eagle
Blood Shadow: Book of Hartwell
by Phil Wohl
The Source
by Christine M. Butler
The VooDoo Follies: Part OneI am Seraphine LaLande, VooDoo Priestess! Well, not quite. In order to be a priestess I have to first successfully raise a zombie, make it do my bidding, and then tuck it back in for the eternal dirt nap it was supposed to have to begin with. Of course, being me, things ...
Ramblings of a Deluded Soul
by Jake Barton
No Wonder - Short by Robert Shroud
by Robert Shroud
Scamp's Lady
by Jackie Walton
All Things Return
by W.H. Harrod
by Peter Cawdron
A Pardon's Prism
by Robert Sturdevant
by Mark Fitzgerald
Diary of a Dork - Articles of Sarcasm and Irreverence
by Michael Cargill
Fleeting Waiver - Short by Robert Shroud
by Robert Shroud
Micah's Magick
by Anya Bast
OtherKin: Tranquility
by Anya Bast
by Brian Borgford
Searchlight: An Unkind Death
by David Willoughby
Song to Wake to: Part 1
by jd field
S.T.E.V.Y.M and Other Stories
by Stephen Nichol
The Enchantress
by Daina Rustin
The Plight of Dr. Grayson
by David Willoughby
The Recent 86 Tram Disaster as Outlined in a Series of Ten Character Studies
by Patrick O'Duffy
The Vampire Shortstop
by Scott Nicholson
The Warden Threat
by David Morrese
Victory - A Spiritual Short by Robert Shroud
by Robert Shroud
7 Ways to Steal a Person: 7 Short Works
by Joshua Scribner
Cryptic Zoology: 6 Short Works
by Joshua Scribner
Did You Ever See A Shadow Move?
by James Pratt
Do You Know These People? A Short Romantic Comedy.
by A J Burton
FRAT: Too Much To Drink
by Kenneth Guthrie
Hammer In The Head
by Francisco Sanchez
How YouTube Saved the World from the Antichrist
by William Hrdina
Interplanetary Slave: Arcada of Balinth
by Tasha Temple
Jewlry Jinx
by A.M. Burns
Mr. Snuffleupagus Is God
by William Hrdina
Please Mother Not the Face
by Jillian Nice
Returned to Find Myself Dead
by Michael Reyneke
Upright Citizens
by Nicholas Wilczynski
Wishing Well: A Short Story
by Joshua Scribner
Writer's Workshop
by Sue Verrochi
Around the World in 80 Pages
by Sharon E. Cathcart
by William Hrdina
by William Hrdina
by Josephine Myles
Hilda - Back to school
by Paul Kater
Inside the Animal: 7 Short Works
by Joshua Scribner
Mouse and Cat
by Ben Kalcher
Natsuki's First Time
by Holly Deveraux
Oh Gran!
by Stephanie Dagg
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Dead Beatle
by William Hrdina
by LM Preston
The Dream of the Monkey God
by C Singleton
The Hippie Photo of Doom
by William Hrdina
The Justice League of Prozac
by William Hrdina
The Moody Historian
by Brett Miller
The Sinister Origins of Wonder Bread
by William Hrdina
Timid Paramour Short by Robert Shroud
by Robert Shroud
To Have and To Hold
by Sue Verrochi
by Liz Jasper
Science teacher Jo Gartner thinks teaching geology to hormonal pre-teens is deadly.until she is bitten by an inept vampire and becomes Underdead-all the problems of being a vampire, none of the perks.When she finds a body on her classroom floor with teeth marks in his neck, she must figure out whod...
by R. J. Creaney
Aphrodite in a Blue Silk Dress
by C Singleton
Comments On Welsh Politics
by Les Broad
by Carla Krae
ETF Handbuch der Deutschen Borse
by Deutsche Borse
by Sue Verrochi
Tort Street
by peter bailey
Zombie Tales: Primrose Court Apt. 305
by Robert Decoteau
Die By The Sword
by Sean McGuire
Forbidden Love
by Karlee Ross
Giving Up the Dream
by J.L. Campbell
GRANDPA HATES THE BIRD: The Battle Begins (Story #1)
by Eve Yohalem
Interview with a Wizard
by Timothy Everhart
Lean On Me
by Ted Stetson
Let's Make a Deal
by Bad Penny Press
Rapa Nui. El ombligo del mundo.
by Gonzalo Arteaga Manieu
SSS: 11 Flash Pieces
by Joshua Scribner
Taken by Love
by Mindi Winters
With TAKEN BY LOVE, author Mindi Winters introduces you to the suspense and fun of an emotion filled, paranormal romance series about the Stern family. Because when a supernatural hunter in the Stern family falls…They fall hard. ForeverBOOK DESCRIPTIONStrong willed, reckless, and longing for veng...
The Assassin Flaw
by Richard Wiseman
by Vincent Hobbes
by Martin Gibbs
The following is a short story detailing the experiences of a short-order, retail-store-snack-bar-cook on a single day. During high school and college I sustained myself working at the counter, and on a day in the summer before I graduated college, I took notes as I worked one of my last shifts. He...
Ziggy Zenn And The Rescue Of Roy Rogers
by Robert Chapin
A Scene from the Life of Shadowfax- Gandalf's Horse
by William Hrdina
Craig's List and Inner Tubes: A Bank Robbery
by William Hrdina
Strange Magic: 12 Short Works
by Joshua Scribner
The Last Tattoo
by Susan Cogan
The Lythe Dancers
by Richard Wiseman
Where Is Jeremy Prevat?
by Virgil H Castleberry
Highland Blessings
by Jennifer Hudson Taylor
Highland Blessings is the story of a highland warrior who kidnaps the daughter of his greatest enemy and clan chief to honor a promise he made to his dying father. Bryce MacPhearson, a highland warrior, kidnaps Akira MacKenzie on her wedding day to honor a promise he made to his dying father. While...
Dead Reckoning
by Ronie Kendig
Dead Reckoning is the story of a young woman anxious to abandon the crushing effects of her father’s espionage career only to find herself tangled in the very web of mystery and intrigue that consumed his life. Underwater archeologist Shiloh Blake is consumed with passion for the water and inflame...
Tale of Two Cities (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)
by Charles Dickens
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)
by Jules Verne
In this 1870 science-fiction classic, obsessed Captain Nemo and his prisoners descend beneath the sea in his secret submarine, the Nautilus, for nonstop adventure and suspense.
How to Stay Christian in College
by J. Budziszewski
How do you stay open about your faith in the face of potential ridicule? A must-read for every college student, How to Stay Christian in College will guide you through the maze of campus realities, including dating, sex, honesty, and more.

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