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Friday, November 18, 2011

153 FREE Nook Books

by Yehuda Berg
XXX-tra Credit
by Colette Riley
The Professor, in the library, with the slutty co-ed!Becky is desperate to change her failing grade in Professor Johnson’s class. So desperate in fact, that she’d be willing to go to any length to convince him. When Professor Johnson suggests some naughty XXX-tra credit, Becky is ready, willing...
A Tale of Hunters
by Frank Whelan
Posing as tourists in a small English village, while trying to track down a killer werewolf, is all part of a normal weekend when you're a hunter. Enter deeper into the world of hunters. This novella is a bridge between book 1 and 2 of the Diary of the Wolf series. Though you don't have to read boo...
by Kenneth Burstall
Bubbles: Two Fragments from the Shoal WarsBubbles - after the Earth has been destroyed by enigmatic aliens the remnants of humanity spiral towards civil war.Jasmine – a pre-pubescent astronaut discovers the truth about her mission and vows revenge.
Moments From Within
by Christopher Kneipp
A collection of 11 poemsby Christopher Kneipp
The Gift - Free Preview - The First 21 Chapters (Witch and Wizard Series #2)
by James Patterson
Atheists In The Bible Belt
by Andy Wilkinson
How nonbelievers face prejudice in the Bible belt.
by M. Leighton
*This is a novelette*Madly is your average nearly-eighteen year old girl—for a mermaid princess, that is.Madly James is thoroughly enjoying her internship on dry land in Slumber when the unthinkable happens—there’s a prison break in Atlas, Madly’s home beneath the sea. A traitor has set fre...
From the Heart
by Andy Wilkinson
Jack and Wanda just finished making love. Now they are exploring each other’s thoughts and feelings.
The Kindest People Who Do Good Deeds, Volume 7
by David Bruce
Marlo Thomas once asked her father, the comedian Danny Thomas, if he had ever been in the army. He replied that for a year he had served as an entertainer in North Africa, Europe, and the Pacific with Marlene Dietrich. Marlo said, “Oh, so you weren’t a real soldier.” Her father replied, “No...
Hannibal A True Story
by Nancy Reil Riojas
Very young Nancy faces up to an enraged dog dead set on killing her, and only one survives. EXCERPT: "We hear a bellowing bark and both look over the side of the Caterpillar. Sampson tries to climb, but his large size causes him to topple back down to the ground. He continuously jumps up against th...
Proper Motivation: A Fish Story
by Andy Wilkinson
Sometimes it takes drastic measures for God to get a person’s attention. So it was with Jonah.
by Rael Bayellis
Sean Cafferty has powers far beyond that of a mortal man and has spent many years of his life hunting and punishing the very same people that caused his own powers to manifest. Until one day he realizes that his life is empty of anything beyond his single purpose and it is time for a change. This s...
The Future of Powwow Dancing in Native America
by Katrina Joyner-Belcher
Article that looks at powwow's origins early last century, how powwow dancing has evolved, and where it seems to be headed.
by Keith Helinski
A letter from a young woman as she owns up to a tragic mistake she made in the past.
Forgotten Soul
by Natasha Duncan-Drake
John knows that at best he can be described as a male escort and at worst as a whore, but it's what he does and he's good at it. He sells his body and his clients come with fangs so it's more about blood than sex. Hiding behind a false smile and his acting skills is the only way he survives, but wh...
Broken Hearts Damaged Goods
by Jack Gunthridge
Sometimes the people that we love the most, end up hurting us beyond repair.When Jack and Liselle find themselves alone after having been cheated on, they decide to use each other to help get over the pain and heartache. Their plan was to make sure that nobody else would be hurt by love as they tri...
For the Sake of Sin
by Suzie Grant
A retired assassin, a vengeful courtesan, and a night of explosive discoveries — revenge brings them together under the magic of a desert moon, when the courtesan known only as Sin seeks to hire a retired assassin to kill her lover. Can sharp shooter Gabriel Stone justify helping the woman for mo...
This Day
by Nell Griffin
A group of teens playing at adulthood develop a dangerous game with drugs and sex that spirals out of control.
by Cindy Borgne
Two shape shifters compete with each other by imitating humans in difficult situations. The loser is the first to give up and covert back into shifter form.Adelya feels confident to win until she falls in love with a man who shows her there is more to being human than she realized. She wants to be ...
The Rock Star's Daughter
by Caitlyn Duffy
At the age of 15, Taylor Beauforte has only met her father twice in person. After all, he is the lead singer of a world-famous rock band, constantly on the cover of music magazines and giving interviews on MTV. He pays for Taylor to attend the Treadwell Academy, a prestigious boarding school in Mas...
Dust on the Davenport
by Philippa Ballantine
Agent Simon R. Boswell, still considered the green agent of the Ministry, takes on his own a supposed haunting in Islington. Hauntings tend to be nothing too serious for agents specializing in the unexplained; but for Simon, this case supplies surprises of all kinds, around every corner… Tales fr...
Abby and the Hopplescotch Realm 1st in the series
by Julie Folkers
Abby is an eleven year-old Hopplescotch, the twin to the gate of the gatewaythat leads to Hopplescotch Realm. Muriel, a Hopplescotch witcherene, is the keeper of the gate and one of the most powerful witches in this world and the seven realms.Abby has been sent to Muriel as a decoy. The peace and q...
The Viscount's Midsummer Mistress
by Suzy Stewart Dubot
There are those who support the theory that all new born children are pure and that their characters are formed from that first day on, according to their environment. Their adversaries insist that their characters are formed from the first day of conception and that there is little that will sway ...
Oh, I do like to be beside the sea-side
by Frankie Lassut
A lot of people think that people in mental health asylums are there because they have gone mad for some reason, and are therefore locked up to keep them out of so called ‘normal society’. That isn’t quite right; they are there because normal society has driven them mad, and they are actually...
The Calm Before The Storm: A Tina Storm Short Story (1)
by Lissa Bilyk
The first documented appearance of Tina Storm: teenage demon hunter. In this ultra short story sixteen-year-old Micah befriends Tina as she desperately tries to protect him from a mysterious blonde woman who appears to be fascinated by him and his music. This ultra-short urban fantasy story is 1500...
The Rise & Fall of Basskick
by Michael Jasper
Nearly fifteen years later, Basskick the band just might be getting back together again!"The year I turned forty was the year it hit me at last that I wasn't going to make it as a rock star." Getting old is a nasty realization to have to make. But when our hero small-town buddies got together to fo...
Death's Hand
by SM Reine
Policing relations between Heaven, Hell, and Earth is messy and violent, but Elise Kavanagh and James Faulkner excelled at it-- until coming across a job so brutal that even they couldn't stand to see one more dead body. Now they've been pretending to be normal for five years, leaving their horrifi...
To Market To Market
by Kit Fox
Novella #2 This adventure of Foxy takes him to big "D" where he prowls the World Trade Center for a willing participant in his game plan. He finds a sensual lady who loves challenges and tests her daring in a wild experiment. Bored with her job, she loses a bet, but wins one of the most exhilarati...
The Traveler: Memoirs of a Brownie from Finland
by K. Zazzetta
Tomtra and his 100th removed cousin, Mangus, have inherited a faery burgh in Lapland, Finland. After 100 years of living together, Tomtra is at his wits end with his disgruntled, grumpy cousin. When he goes to the King of the Waning Year's home in search of advice, the King suggests that he be a tr...
alias Kraut a Braji Short Tale
by P. S. Wright
A short short postscript to the novel Braji that continues the character portrait of Kraut and provides a glimpse into his life after Brajilliana.
Bubbles - Two Fragments from the Shoal Wars
by Kenneth Burstall
Bubbles: Two Fragments from the Shoal WarsBubbles - after the Earth has been destroyed by enigmatic aliens the remnants of humanity spiral towards civil war.Jasmine – a pre-pubescent astronaut discovers the truth about her mission and vows revenge.
by Cecilia Peartree
Are the strange lights near Pitkirtly Island (which isn't really an island)caused by aliens visiting from another planet? Amaryllis would like that to be the explanation. Because she seems subdued, her friends hatch a plot to cheer her up, but their Hallowe'en fun is hijacked by an unusual presence...
Engagement Of Risk
by Nicole Smith
A Screenplay / Director's script about two young women in love.
Father Stone
by Brendan Gerad O'Brien
Jennifer Marshall is an obnoxious, unruly teenager who takes great delight in being downright rude to everyone she meets. So what could she possibly have in common with a gentle old priest, whose wise words mesmerised her ...
Grandma's Echo: A Short Story
by Joshua Scribner
A ghost story.
by Stephen Cote
Mitch Tacit is Hyperion Dazzle's best friend, and being best friends with the universe's most famous media star requires going to extreme lengths. With Hyperion's new album ready to be released, Mitch uncovers a coup threatening his position as best friend. Thankfully, Mitch has his own network of ...
Raid on Soi 5: a Short Story
by Paul Salvette
Beneath Thailand’s veneer of smiling people and luxury hotels lies a dark underworld. Drugs, prostitution, and robbery await the throngs of hapless tourists who visit the country on holiday. Sukhumvit Road is a pleasant location in Bangkok to visit by day, but at night the filthy underbelly float...
by Stephen Cote
When Chance Holly's spreadsheet doesn't add-up, the universe crashes. Then, it's up to the alien AI, Max, and a pair of researchers and their illegal magnetic-vortex to save the day. Featuring robot kittens.
The Alien Lover
by Sid Som
An anthology of three separate romantic yet heart-breaking stories - two reflecting the contemporary corporate culture, followed by a historical that will take you back in time - all written in a style to make readers believe as if they are watching the events as they unfold.
The Predator of the Meadow
by Stephen Cote
Vincent Wagner is a soldier for the Panthera Corporation. His mind has been chemically and behaviorally altered to make him a more effective soldier. Soldiers for the Panthera Corporation have no memories of what transpired during their duty. For Vincent, his duty leaves him with the impression tha...
The Pumpkin Eater
by Justin Cawthorne
A creepy house. A sinister old man. An innocent young boy...... why, it must be Halloween again!
Witching Again!
by Stephanie Dagg
Cackling Carol sets out to find her dog Big Roddy ad her broom. After she was moved out of her cavern and into a flat by social workers, Carol became de-witched. She forgot about her friends so they set off to find a new home. But Cackling Carol is hot on their trail now. She realises how silly she...
Woman of Glass
by Stephen Cote
Julian scratches metal flamenco in a dive where humans and synthetics intermix. A man invites him to play a song for his disabled neighbor. Although he plays he is uncomfortable around her and never sees Lee again. Lee, nearing death, finds in Julian a new reason to complete her synthetic research....
Man on Ledge
by Simon Poore
A man stands on a ledge contemplating his fate. People on the street below stare up. Will he jump? What has happened? Why is he considering this? What about his family? Is it the end? A short story with a horror theme…
The House Sitter
by Dan Absalonson
A Halloween thriller short story. When Tammy is house sitting, she get creeped out. She keeps hearing and seeing things in the dark corners of the mansion she is alone in. This time it is not her imagination, and she's about to go for the ride of her life.
Traveler's Notes: A Modest Proposal
by Todd Drashner
An interstellar wanderer is offered the chance to visit a place stranger and possibly more dangerous than any he has yet seen.
Collection of Poems 'Water Is More Precious Than Gold To People'
by A Submitter
Water is more precious than gold. The story of Moses being toldAs a baby he was thrown into the River NileBut by the will of God he survivedHe struck a rock with his staff and 12 springs gushed forthThe Lord caused the parting of the sea and Pharaoh drownedYet the worshipped the golden calfMoses sa...
Growing In Logic
by A Submitter
A collection of poems which was written during a break from writing the book 3, the second of three publications by A Submitter.
3 (Revised Edition): Presenting from the wise monkeys - Do No
by A Submitter
The world of 3 reflects on the concept of mind, body and soul. To answer an age old philosophical question and provide proofs of reason to believe in God.
Anna Mary
by Amelie Rose
Anna Mary, a recent and childless widow, has returned to rural Ireland, where she was raised by her grandparents, for the first time in 40 years. There in the lane she had run barefoot down every day, her thoughts turn to moments and people from the past. The sharply poignant memories create for An...
April's Fool
by Morgen Bailey
April’s Fool covers a few hours in the life of an unappreciative farmer and his downtrodden wife. After a stomach-churning dinner scene she decides upon an action that will change both their lives. From April sneaking a dessert-stained vest into a pile of freshly laundered clothes, to him wobblin...
Butt-washing Funny
by William Butler
A collection of Midwest and Southern short stories and jokes by the author. Includes chapters from the novel Thibodaux's Trial.
Doreen's Mid-life Crisis - Tease
by Ernest Winchester
What’s in a number—especially if it’s your age? Well, for Doreen Rose, the number is fifty—today. With her birthday off from work, she decides to spend the day looking for a car to replace the old clunker she’s been driving for ten years. So what does she find? Two things—a red hot spor...
Echoes of Time--FREE SAMPLE
by Chani Lynn Feener
Kiley Bryn wants what every girl wants. True love and a happily ever after. Too bad for her, that'll never happen. She's met "the one", it didn't last, and unlike with mortals, Werewolves mate for life. No exceptions. That is until she meets the very human Bryson Cormac. But when her ex decides he ...
Real Love Versus Romance
by Jess C Scott
[TITLE: Real Love Versus Romance (essays on the difference between substance and fluff)]Summary: A 4500-word mini collection of (informal) essays on commercialism’s de-spiritualizing effects on society, by author/artist/non-conformist, Jess C Scott.Genre: Essays 4,500 words* This eBook is availa...
The Curse of Wadj Wer
by Saffron Nguyen
When Abby's roommate brings home a statue that's male from the waist down and female from the top up, Abby writes it off as another ugly piece of pop art. But on the night of the Halloween party, Abby is going to find out exactly what the gender-bending curse entails.
Triad Death Match
by Seth Harwood
Jack Palms in Triad Death Match! You've waited long and hard for this novella. Now Triad Death Match is here and JACK is Back!! That's right, your boy Jack Palms has returned to you in Triad Death Match!Here Jack teams up with Jane Gannon of the SF bureau of the FBI. As the two look in on an illega...
Welcome Home Janissary
by Tim C Taylor
Welcome Home, Janissary: a military SF short story taken from the anthology 'Further Conflicts' -- one of 13 in the anthology. (Don't buy this if you already have 'Further Conflicts')"Did I speak inappropriately?" Poor One-Ear sounded worried, though who could really guess what an alien felt?Escand...
A Letter From John: The Revelation
by Andy Wilkinson
John had taken dictation from God before, but this time he challenged the content of what his master was telling him to write.
Take The Stage By Storm: A Tina Storm Short Story (2)
by Lissa Bilyk
Strange things are happening behind the scenes in Tina Storm’s second adventure. She’s signed up to take part in her school’s annual musical, except the lead role has been taken over by a girl with no talent who overnight becomes a success. Suspecting magical involvement, will Tina solve the ...
Silent Cries
by Jason Richardson
(I am offering this book at no charge, please take the time to give your review/thoughts when you have finished)Where do I go after death?We don’t always get second chances, but for Jasper Alexander it would be the difference between moving on and being stuck in the world of spirits for eternity....
by Ronald Goulden
When disaster strikes, there are only three types of people: victims, predators, or survivors. By their very nature the criminal element in our society are poised to assume the predatory role. This implies that the vast majority of the civilized population must make a conscious decision to be a vic...
Lehi's Treasure
by Jason Richardson
(I am offering this book at no cost, please take the time to write your review/suggestions)This is part one of two. Part two "The Golden Chalice" should be out by November 2011Aganon and Kiddoni happened upon a crime in progress…a murder, and they knew the man well. Trying to flee the scene, they...
The Stranger
by Kristina Howells
Nothing could prepare Mr Edwards to the encounter of a strange kind.
Winter's Awakening--The Metahumans Emerge (Winter's Saga Book 1)
by Karen Luellen
Created for evil. Raised to protect. Searching for truth.~~~~Extraordinary teen Meg Winter and her brothers Alik and Evan are shoved into a new reality when they discover life is not what they thought it was: there is evil hunting them, they are not normal teens, and their mother's captor wants the...
by J Meyers
Luke and his twin sister Sera have unusual abilities. Hers is a gift--she can heal with a touch of her hand. His is a curse--he can see the future but he can’t do anything about it. On a hike up the mountain, Luke has a vision unlike any other--one that leaves him terrified. Knowing that it will ...
Poems written Between 1990 and 2010
by TJ Seitz
Poems written between 1990 and 2010
The Story of Carter
by Nicole Smith
The Story detailing Carter's life up to her involvement in the organisation from her conception to the most traumatic events of Carter's life.
Cold Coffee
by Bert Brun
1918, Bergen, Norway, and handsome Navy Lt. Eric Andersen meets and marries spirited "Bus" Holmboe. They emigrate to booming 1920s California, where Eric's film industry job brings in money for stock investments which promise to make him rich.The Depression strikes, they lose everything and, with t...
Miss Lucy Parker and Other Short Stories
by Q. Kelly
Seven short stories are in this compilation. The lead story is "Miss Lucy Parker.""Miss Lucy Parker": Miss Lucy Parker is a prim, proper elderly lady. When a Volkswagen Beetle—the new kind, and pink—PINK!—turns onto the winding road that leads to Lucy's farmhouse, Lucy is sure the car's occup...
A Gathering Darkness
by S.M. Muse
Thirteen years old and on his own on the streets of New York. Phillip has no other choice but to try and find his father, bring him home, reunite his shattered family. The thing is, he's not the only one out looking for his father, there are other forces, dark forces, searching just as thoroughly, ...
Herkese Lazim Olan Iman
by Kemahli Feyzullah
Sheriff Gregg & The Painted Lady
by Hank Florentine McLoskey
Everybody is scared of Sheriff Gregg and his cronies. Until one day a mysterious lady turns up...absurdist 'Wild West' short story.
The Weekly Opposites
by Dustin De Felice
This workbook is for English Language Learners at the beginner level who are interested in improving their vocabulary for basic opposites. Additionally, English Language Learners will be able to practice working on sentence development and spelling. This workbook can also be used as a supplemental ...
Unafraid To Cry
by Sid Som
A collection of short stories you will love to read again and again
A Storm is Brewing: A Tina Storm Short Story (3)
by Lissa Bilyk
Sometimes Tina Storm isn’t sure what she’s getting into. There’s a cute boy at school she’s interested in, and he’s noticed her. Her new job seems OK: until a little boy starts following a regular customer and sets off Tina's magic senses. Is he a demon? Is he dangerous? Tina is certain t...
A War Story
by TJ Seitz
Short story set during World War II
Commitment and Other Tales of Madness
by Glen Krisch
An 18,000 word collection of 6 stories, all centered on the theme of madness. Sometimes rage can accompany madness. Sometimes whimsy. Sometimes longing. From science fiction, to crime, to horror, these stories cover a wide range of genres, but in every case, the main characters are somehow unhinder...
Accelerating Returns
by Peter Anthony
Rule #7 of Blocker’s Manifesto: A Blocker does not operate underground. He participates in a group. He is mainstream. All things anathema to him, he must embrace and make central to his life.Inspired by Ray Kurzweil’s Law of Accelerating Returns, Bill Joy’s Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us, a...
In the Land of the Brother Leader
by Michael J. Totten
Libya's Moammar Qaddafi ran one of the most terrifying police states in the world before an armed rebel movement tore his repressive regime apart. In the Land of the Brother Leader is award-winning foreign correspondent Michael J. Totten's alterately humorous, creepy, and occasionally touching port...
My Buggy Battle: This Ends Here!
by Eric Watterson
It started like any other day. I was just going through my normal routine until it happened. This one lone bug decided to change the course of my ordinary day into an event of a life time.I encountered a Buggy Battle unlike any I’ve ever imagined which whirl winded into an unexpected journey of d...
Church of the Animated Bunny - vol 1
by Terrence747, via Smashwords
A humorous and hopefully enlightening work to introduce the works of the Bunny. 22 "pages" of illustrations and brief comments capture the essence of the Church of the Animated Bunny in the first volume, "The Bunny Bible". Makes it hard not to believe in Eternal Life.
Bongo's Life
by Audrey Chin
Bongo is a small monkey who cannot climb trees but can read, write, and count. When his parents die, Bongo must find a way to survive in this world of many dangers.
Fanged Love: Origins of the Vampire from Hell series
by Ally Thomas
Before Rayea started sharing her story with us, my idea for the Vampire from Hell series began as a short story about Grace, a naive human led astray by her sinister boyfriend, Nathan into a world of bloodletting and casual sex. Then one night it all changes. The origins of the Vampire from Hell se...
Al's Antique Shop
by Jamie Turner
Two lofty cats, with razor sharp wit, live in an antique shop. They find the merchandise appallingly garish and make no mistake of letting us know they are above it all.
Better Late Than Never
by James Pratt
A quick, two-page weird tale inspired by an article written by Neil Gaiman. In the age of mass communication, it's easy to drown in a sea of information and forget about the importance of human contact. Then again, maybe technology will open doorways we never imagined.
Halloween in Moriches
by John Gannon
My good friend Stacy requested a short story to read to her son's fourth grade class in East Moriches for Halloween. Here it is, a twenty minute story to read to children for Halloween. Enjoy!
Kill Box [Real World Promo Story]
by Kenneth Guthrie
1. Introduction This is a short 1,500 word story that introduces multiple characters from a variety of my works. The point of view is Frank Miller from The Hired Series. You can find another one of these promotion at your favorite e-vendor called 'Unexpected Dinner', which takes the point of view o...
Potato Soup: A Book of Poetry
by Stan Grimes
For years I received a pay check because I was good at watching people, reading people. I enjoyed it because there are so many stories to be told on each face, each nervous tic, and each gesture. Watching is an animal instinct I believe. Watching and watching closely we learn much. Not just watchin...
The Tale of the Alpha Chicken
by Jim Haffner
William Shakespeare once wrote, “There is history in all men’s lives.” Everyone has their favorite memories from growing up and this book is a collection of short stories from my childhood. I grew up with 11 siblings, one dog, and half a cat in Northern Ohio. Every day brought a never ending ...
An Unexpected Dinner (Mage Promo Series)
by Kenneth Guthrie
1. Introduction This is a short story to promote most of my fantasy characters. I hope you enjoy it. You'll find at the back a list of links to the over 200+ stories I have available, so don't hold back! ***** 2. An Unexpected Dinner Description A host of characters come together for the promo of t...
Changing Minds
by Conrad Lovelle
THis is a didactic narration written in an amusing way, which captivates the reader from start to finish on a rapid pace journey twisting and turning with imagery. It explains the lifespan development of neuronal (nerve) paths and the effect on the aging mind. Helpful for teaching people awareness ...
Elliptical: A Short Story
by Guy James
Elliptical is a 1,700 word short story that describes a day in the life of a citizen of a dystopian, futuristic society.This ebook includes the following bonus materials: the beginning of Sven the Zombie Slayer, the beginning of The Shareholder, and the beginning of Rats on Strings.
Restitution Island
by Darrel Bird
Two people learn how to love as they are thrown together by fate on an Island in the South Pacific.
The Little Shoppe of Enchantments
by WJ Craft
4700-word erotic short story. Augustus Pound had taken a wrong turn and found himself in a very odd little shoppe where not everything was as it seemed.
The Serialized Adventures of Marlo & Norway Ep. 1
by Phil Skaggs Jr.
Introducing Marlo & Norway, a brother and sister cat duo who travel the universe getting into adventures whenever they're bored. Which is often since they're both cats. And always bored.This is episode one. Unfortunately, Smashwords does not allow serialized work. So this will be available in full ...
The Shampoo Debacle
by Dan Schwartz
The shower; sometimes dark, sometimes lonely, and sometimes the rushing of the water upon you drowns out the sounds of the horrors of the night. What can be more frightening than an attack when you are most attack by your own hygienic
Zoctornyia's Training Grounds
by Beth Wright
Would you ever agree to go to another world's school? How would you react finding out you have a soul mate? Even better yet, what would you do if you had more than one? Could you accept a male mate who looks female? Leaders of five worlds came together to build this school. Making it the most unigu...
Eddie's Intervention (A Short Story)
by Frank Provo
Lonely computer programmer Eddie Franklin was celebrating his promotion at the bar hours earlier. After having a few too many, he wakes up tied to a chair in a dark room and proceeds to suffer brutal humiliation at the hands of a beautiful woman he met last night. Begging for his life, Eddie soon l...
EVOL: Love Has A Dark Side
by Jacob D'Lallo
Jimmy doesn't care much for Heaven. It's boring and he has a strong distaste for the company. In order to relieve his boredom he decides to take classes in, what he considers, the easiest job an angel can do while not getting sucked into the soap opera: Becoming a cupid.He glides through the classe...
Ghost Eyes: A Short Story
by Joshua Scribner
Kristy Morrow is fat, ugly and lacks confidence. But she's fine with all that. So why has she been chosen to fill the position of the most important worker at her job? Why did he hand pick her as his replacement before he left? Maybe the disembodied voices will help her figure it all out. Or maybe ...
I Need More
by Mary Chi
I'm waiting on a married man to leave his wife. I know he won't even though he's been my lover for a long time. I keep thinking eventually. He thinks he's my only secret, but he's wrong. NOTE: Melancholy erotica (Short story 2,000 words) Warning: Adult Content, Over 18+ Only
The Creek and the Rattlesnake: A Short Story
by Joshua Scribner
A story about a dangerous imagination.
The Sorcerer's Scroll
by Avella Write
Through the swirl of time, they rush to meet their fate, but can Emal and Aron defeat a force of malevolence as old as the world itself. Magic,mystery, and mayhem, compete for attention in this fantastical tale.
A Kingdom Primer
by Steve Shirreffs
The call to the Kingdom is the call to come and die, but in our dying to self, we are allowed the privilege of ruling and reigning with Jesus, our Lord and our King. While the Kingdom is not yet realized in it’s fullness and cannot be until the return of Christ to claim His bride, the availabilit...
by Myanne Shelley
Clarissa Farrell awakens one morning with the certain knowledge that a friend has died. Was it a coincidental dream or precognition? Investigating the phenomena leads to recognizing more of her own uncanny perceptions. But when a reporter interested in her story turns out to have fraudulent motives...
Desire Under the Big Oak Tree
by Bernard Fancher
A short play in one act, in which a couple considers their present and past.
Family, New and Old
by Michael Jasper
"Some family curses are worth passing on..." Tommy Roling has an awful secret he can't share with anyone but his mother, and now that he's a father, he's worried his daughter may have inherited his particular condition. A condition that leads him to run wild in the fields outside his small-town Iow...
Ghostly Gertie and the Flying Tacos of Terror
by Scott Crowder
For the last couple of years I have written a Halloween poem for my daughters and read it aloud at our Halloween party. This is the poem I'll read this Saturday at our Halloween party, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Happy Halloween!
Lost In The Storm: A Tina Storm Short Story (4)
by Lissa Bilyk
Something demonic is killing citizens in Tina Storm’s city. Her dad is attacked by a vampire while out on patrol. And her new boyfriend, Noah, is skipping class. Are these events related? Tina Storm: demon hunter is sure to find out.This ultra-short urban fantasy is 3000 words.
Loud Enough to Wake the Dead: A Short Story
by Joshua Scribner
A ghost story.
Night of the Living Dead Turnips
by Scott Crowder
For the last couple of years I have written a Halloween poem for my daughters and read it aloud at our Halloween party. This was last year's and it's based on the premise that the Irish, before they came to America, used to carve jack-o-lanterns from turnips. It was only after they came to the new ...
Oliver the Abominable
by Alexander Lurikov
"My uncle Oliver was a vain and petty man, prone to laziness and mild bouts of dipsomania. He honed his various shortcomings with blatant pride and devoted a good portion of his free time to devising new methods of misbehavior..."In this three-part short story by Alexander Lurikov, a reminiscent na...
On the Hunt in Baghdad
by Michael J. Totten
In this classic riveting dispatch from Iraq award-winning foreign correspondent Michael J. Totten embeds with a unit of battle-hardened American soldiers as they hunt the elusive terrorist commander Haji Jawad—who wore a suicide vest everywhere he went—in the fetid slums of Sadr City, Baghdad, ...
Raid Night
by Michael J. Totten
Award-winning foreign correspondent Michael J. Totten embeds with U.S. Army soldiers in Baghdad during the Surge. They were sent out as bait to lure an insurgent commander, but instead find themselves stalked in the dark by a shadowy faceless militia. Michael J. Totten is a foreign correspondent an...
Savvy Holiday Entertaining
by Shanna Hatfield
Savvy Holiday Entertaining gives hosts the information they need to plan ahead, get organized and prepare to have the best holiday season ever! From tips on good enough housekeeping to ideas on menu planning, gift giving and table settings, this book is full of useful holiday hints. A bonus section...
What Happens in Vegas... An Empire of Blood Short Story
by Robert S. Wilson
When Jackie took her little sister, Karen, for a joy ride into Necropolis without telling her where they were really going, she only meant to have a good time. Give her a little scare. A desolate shell of its former self, Sin City still holds a certain temptation for those who like to gamble. But w...
Corrupt or Convert
by Patrick Prescott
Miriam is a conservative Christian living with Adiniram, her older brother, and his family until he finds her a husband. He takes her to find employment to add to the family income not realizing that his sister has a mind of her own. She gets a job working as a secretary and decides to get away and...
by Stephanie Dagg
This is the second story about Cackling Carol and her witch's dog, Big Roddy, and their best friend Broom. In this adventure, Cackling Carol is taken into care by well meaing social workers. They find her a horribly clean flat without even a single cobweb and keep giving her cups of tea, which Cack...
Discipleship in Church Planting: Some Guidelines to Move Us Forward
by J. D. Payne
This brief e-book provides some guidelines for church planters to establish healthy approaches to teaching new believers to obey all that Jesus commanded. Chapters include: Set the Example, Keep It Simple, Begin at the Individual Level, Teach Obedience, Teach Healthy Disciplines as Soon as Possible...
by Stefan Bourque
Alex and Rebecca are in a peculiar stage of their relationship. During a visit with Alex’s co-worker Mattie, the couple experiment with hallucinogenic mushrooms, the result of which will have lingering moments for all three.
by Andy Marlow
In the war-torn city of Jamahiriya, two men take a life. One is a terrorist, the other a soldier; but which is which? In this story of death and duty, roles are blurred and conceptions muddled in a tale that gives truth to the idea that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.
The Rose of Desire
by Kenneth Burstall
Three science fiction stories by Kenneth BurstallSea of Dreams - a deadly race for a weapon of enormous power aboard a dying starshipThe Rose of Desire - vignettes of desire and transformation in the near to far futureRED - a nightmarish journey across a transformed Europe
by Nancy Popovich
An enemy bent on revenge seeks vengeance on those that in his warped mind, have done him wrong. He will use anyone, even the innocent, to achieve his goal as he follows our group of operatives from Paris to Calgary, where the Toth family are gathered for a celebration. Forewarned about his intentio...
Bernie's bargain.
by H K Hillman
A tale for Halloween. Bernie can beat Death if he has all his facts right - but has he missed something? One trivial detail?
by Nicole Smith
Chimera a screenplay about an operative doing one more mission where he comes into contact with his daughter; who works on the otherside.
Consuming Him
by Amelia James
His face was hidden by shadows…I felt his muscular chest rise and fall as if it was pressed hard against mine. I have felt it before. I watched him watching me…. I knew what he would do when he caught me. Why did I want him to catch me?Trapped in a dark house she doesn’t remember, Lily flees ...
Daddy's Candy
by Alix Storm
When Moira’s Halloween plans go up in smoke, she’s irritated and bored. Then her stepfather comes home and can’t keep his eyes off the fallen angel in thigh-high boots and a miniskirt. The sexual tension that has been simmering between Daddy and daughter explodes, and Moira finds herself crav...
Darkly Demonic Dexter
by Mortimer Jackson
A Dexter fan fiction for the Halloween season. Dexter finds a victim. But on the night of Halloween, does he need a new playmate, or a friend?
Ghosts: A Quelondain Short
by Mireille Chester
When Jasper's family is killed he is left with only one option... to find his adopted brother and track down the pack that did it.
Journey within my Soul
by Sierra St. Francis
This is a book of poetry about horses. It is a collection of poems that I have taken 14 years to write and now want to share them with you. I have been working with horses for the past 35 years and all of the poetry is based on my experiences with these majestic animals. The horses that I have writ...
Lords of Kobol - Book Four: Tales From Ancient Days
by Edward T. Yeatts III
If you've read the "Lord of Kobol" trilogy, then you know the secret of the gods and what transpired millennia ago.But what if the gods were really gods? What if there was more mysticism in the mythology? The Lords as "beings of light," demigods being born, dragons, a cyclops and petty jealousies a...
The 10 Best Dividend Paying Stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average
by Tracey Edwards
Want to receive checks from your investments every month or quarter (depending on how often the company pays out) rather than wait around for the stock price to increase? Then investing for the dividend income is a wise strategy in both good and bad market conditions.In fact history has shown that ...
The Blue Feather
by Jeanette Raleigh
Flash Fiction: A homeless child finds comfort in a dark city.
The Twelve Days of Christmas Mystery
by Daphne Coleridge
Rupert and Laura are enjoying a traditional Christmas at Claresby Manor – but is there a sinister meaning to the gifts which are being mysteriously delivered?A short story for Christmas.
Thoughts on Buddhism
by TJ Seitz
3 short writings associated with the subject of Buddhism
Three Degrees of Passion
by TJ Seitz
Shory story about love and relationships
I Burn For You: an Erotic Short Story
by Mercy Loomis
Jake has never taken Kary seriously—in his mind, she’s still his little sister’s best friend. So when Jake discovers Kary’s a witch, he doesn’t take that seriously either, and dares her to put a love spell on him. But Kary’s been waiting for this opportunity, and Jake gets a firsthand l...
The Diablo Ouija
by Sophie Duncan
Theo and Remy Haward are drawn into a ghostly murder investigation on Hallowe'en when The Diablo Ouija, a dangerous magical item, is stolen from the SeCT evidence store. Theo turns to his old mentor, retired DCI Swanson, for more information about the one-time tool of serial killer, Raymond Holiday...
Unself Reflection: A Short Story
by Joshua Scribner
A ghost story.
Wishful Thinking
by James Bailey
Jack is convinced that vampires are real, determined to find one and convince him to transform him into an immortal. Unfortunately Jack might not be ready for the world he is trying to enter.
Feeding the Father
by Morgen Bailey
Inspired by true events, this short first-person fictional monologue follows a poignant turning point in a man's life. Whilst we see the action through his eyes, the reader soon learns that his circumstances are not as simple as he believes them to be.
Road Trip
by J. Tanner
In exchange for a burger and a chocolate shake, Shan’s elderly neighbor, Mr. Parker, lures him away from a day of video games with talk of seeing zombies on television and going to kill them. As they get further from home, Shan becomes more and more concerned that Mr. Parker has gone from amusing...
The Dark Side
by Morgen Bailey
A second-person short story, The Dark Side follows a few moments of a couple’s life which we soon learn has not been a happy one. The husband has come to take their child and his wife is not prepared to let that happen without a fight.
The Imageverse
by Michael O'Farrell
The crystal ball of the future is available today. Computer technology has developed the capability of showing us any image that can be imagined. A short description of the Imageverse, a particular collection of images, is presented and several interesting questions and their implications are discu...
The Queen of Frost and Darkness
by Christine Pope
Galina Andreevna Godunov is in love with the dashing young Baron Karel Ivanovich Saburov, and is sure he is about to propose. However, things don't go quite as she planned when a mysterious woman enters the scene...The opulent czarist era of 1870s Russia comes vividly to life in this short story-le...
What's Yours Is Mine
by WD Jackson
Martin took something that didn't belong to him and now something wants it back.As his pursuer gets closer and his fear mounts, Martin faces a race against time to figure out what is after him in a desperate bid to stop it from taking back its possession, and perhaps him too.
The Wanderer
by A. Scott Boddie
On Halloween night, three friends venture downtown to the New York City Halloween Parade. In the subway station Cherie, Ronald, and Bradford meet a young man named Willow, who has lost his boyfriend. In trying to help him, the friends find themselves in a surreal and supernatural night that ends wi...
Beautiful... Even in this Economy
by Dr. Bonnie Marting
Why in the world would the economy affect our beauty? It's not because we can no longer afford our basic skin care or make-up. It's not because you can't afford facials anymore. It is because our environment and more importantly, how we perceive it, process it, and react to it, directly affects our...
The Christmas Angel
by Joe C Combs 2nd
On a lonely country road a family of three finds themselves in a life threatening situation. To save her family, Mary walks through a snow storm to find help. Mary herself receives help from surprising sources.
Beside the Sea
by Keith Brooke
The author's 50th published short story, and one of his best.“I have read ‘Beside the Sea’ perhaps four or five times since its original publication in the short-lived British SF magazine Beyond. It is a magical fantasy, a parable in the form of a rite-of-passage story, both frightening and b...
Conceptive C
by Harry McGeough

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