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Monday, November 28, 2011

47 FREE Nook Books

Voices Beckon, Pt. 1: The Voyage
by Linda Lee Graham
by Justin Kemppainen
Overview The Citizens of Haven have finally realized their dream; separation. They have ascended. A new layer has been placed upon the city, sealing anyone they deem unfit down below.

In the dark slums beneath the city, something has been set in motion that wil...
One Deadly Sister (Sandy Reid Mystery Series)
by Rod Hoisington
Teach Me Love
by Manie Van der Westhuizen
Emperor Apostrophe
by Paul Hawkins
Overview A discursive bit of fiction on the creeping into history of the Atman from the Brahman - well, a college kid gets knocked up. The Brahman aint always mystical, or is it? Look pal, it's free.
by Will Lorimer
Overview in the natural, a creationist nano world, facts, geography, identity, all have been in flux since the beginning when the historical record was first altered and the original lie was handed down as gospel. ever after empires have risen and fallen, and so man...
Followers of the Dead Man
by s4mT
Mon Petit Ami
by Sherri Cornelius
The Forbidden Kill
by Abu Maha
Assorted Shorts
by UnicornPanther Books
by William Trent Pancoast, via Smashwords
Monster Pirate Cheese Boy
by Suzanna Stanbury, via Smashwords
The Imperium vs. The Rebellion
by Alain Gomez, via Smashwords
by Joe Vasicek
Galaxy of Heroes
by Gus Flory, via Smashwords
LOA for the Real World: 7 Big Fat Clues to Getting What You Want
by Jeannette Maw, via Smashwords
Vessa's Grave
by Paul Maitrejean, via Smashwords
PinPoint: A HUNTED Bonus Short Story
by Cheryl Rainfield, via Smashwords
The Book of Mormon Truth or Fiction The Facts Part one
by Pastor Tace, via Smashwords
Tweet Like an Eagle!
by D. Arthur Watson
Overview "Tweet Like an Eagle" is for Twitter users who want to write reader-friendly Tweets — Tweets that attract attention, get read, draw new followers and retain the old ones. It also suggests ideas about avatars, Twitter etiquette, and helpful Internet sites....
The Secret of Blackbeard's Gold
by Kent Conwell, via Smashwords
"Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever"
by G Miki Hayden, via Smashwords
Trade War
by Jon Martin Watts, via Smashwords
by via Smashwords John Blandly
Overview Gorgeous literary agent Felicity Jones brings author Giusepe Visconti to the renowned Italian publishing house, Bodonis, only to have an editor tear into Giusepe's novels, unmercifully criticizing every detail of each book right to his face.
The Reason
by S Driscoll, via Smashwords
No Way Out - And Other Scary Short Stories
by MJA Ware
Sheriff Gregg & The Butterfield Sequestrian Society
by Hank Florentine McLoskey, via Smashwords
Sheriff Gregg & The Righteous Widow
by Hank Florentine McLoskey, via Smashwords
Fred and Me
by Rex Bromfield, via Smashwords
The Last Ride
by Eva Hudson, via Smashwords
The Peacock's Tower
by H2NH ePub
Man of God
by Debra Diaz, via Smashwords
Little King Henry
by Richard Raley
Skins (flash fiction mini collection)
by Jess C Scott, via Smashwords
Blinky, The Great Halloween Fish
by Melissa L. Webb, via Smashwords
by R.H. Russell, via Smashwords
The Misadventures of a Heroine #1 Resistance is Futile
by S Sabre, via Smashwords
Free Lottery Book
by Eze Ugbor, via Smashwords
The Dark Road Ahead
by Vanessa Booke, via Smashwords
Caterpillars Don't Check Email: An illustrated picture book for children
by Calee Lee, via Smashwords
by Exotic Erotic Publications
by Marty Roppelt
Overview A young man with his future planned enjoys a summer day at the lake with his fiance-to-be.... Until a sinister carnival comes to town and changes everything.
Colby's Child
by Patricia Watters, via Smashwords
Dragon Dreams
by Dusty Lynn Holloway
The Dead Girl's Guide to Being a Grim Reaper
by Alison Martin
by Christy Elkins
The Engine Driver (A Dystopian Short Story)
by Tracy Marchini

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