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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

20 FREE Nook Books

2012 and Beyond
by Yehuda Berg
Drawing wisdom from the Zohar, this short kabbalistic text redefines this legendary period of time as a window for individuals and communities to reach “messiah consciousness.” That means it’s up to people, not some celestial savior, to ignite global change. All the natural disasters poverty, ...
The Librarian Fantasies
by Gwendolyn Cummings
One young librarian finds herself backed in a corner while attempting to help a handsome patron locate a book.Another young librarian finds some assistance from a handsome patron while working the midnight shift.Find out what happens between these librarians and the handsome strangers when they are...
The Legend Of Corba
by Abhinav Chandel
Dillon and the Voice of Odin
by Derrick Ferguson
ODIN is only a whispered name, rumored to belong to a genius in the art of death and destruction. With a lethal cadre of global agents and mastery of The Voice of Odin, a devastating force unlike anything the world has ever seen, the unseen mastermind hunts for a single talisman so that he can begin...
Neglected Virtues
by Robert Cettl
An e-companion to the home theatre experience. In-depth reviews of 25 rewarding DVD / Blu-Ray movies for discerning adults who like to read about rewarding viewing. Scholarly analysis meets popular film reviewing in the first direct-to-ebook anthology of choice movie reviews. 25 rewarding films in ...
Demon Burial (The Samantha Carver Saga)
by Allison Karras
Some secrets should stay buried…Samantha Carver thought she could leave the past behind. After moving to a sleepy town on the Oregon coast, she thought she would finally be free of the darkness that has been plaguing her since she was a child.When a girl at Samantha’s new high school is brutall...
Ain't Love Grand?
by Dana Taylor
The Healer vs. the Lawyer. Energy healer, Persephone Jones, has a new neighbor in Peeler, Oklahoma—hot shot lawyer, Jason Brooks. She’s a vegan; he likes his steaks rare. She’s about saving Mother Earth while he protects the interests of Big Business. Their attraction is mutual, but disturbin...
The Noon God
by Donna Carrick
By the award-winning author of The First Excellence.Living in the shadow of greatness can be a difficult thing.Just ask Desdemona Fortune. When her father, the magnificent J. Caesar Fortune, is found murdered inside the offices of the Faculty of Art, there is no shortage of people who carried a gru...
Mondo Heetze
by J.I. Greco
He thought he was getting a nearly immortal, indestructible human body. What he got was the body of an alien pet... and a new job as a rat catcher.
Valle : Libro 2 Della Serie Heku
by T.M. Nielsen
El Hedor y otros relatos de misterio
by Mikel Santiago
The World of Lady Lazarus
by Michele Lang
by Jools Sinclair
Last year after falling through the ice, seventeen-year-old Abby Craig woke up from death.But she woke into a world she barely recognizes. She can’t see colors, memories have been erased, and her friends all hate her. And then there’s Jesse, who she loves, but who refuses to forgive her the one...
A Parchment Paper Thanksgiving
by Brette Sember
Forget those dirty pots and pans this holiday season-getting a great turkey dinner on the table is as easy as pie with parchment paper! In A Parchment Paper Thanksgiving award-winning author and food writer Brette Sember shows you how parchment paper cooking can revolutionize the way you cook a hol...
High School Football - The Temptation (first in the high school series)
by Paul Swearingen
A black teenager is forced to move to a small town but realizes that with the help of new friends he may be able to leave the bad influences behind and concentrate on football. But part of his past catches up with him. Then temptation, in the forms of a potential burglary and a till-tapping opportu...
The Big Cheese (AKA Recordkeeping for Knuckleheads
by Allen Hancock
I know I've got to keep stuff, Charlie, but ...Private Detective Charlie Ulm never knew that recordkeeping could be so dangerous.
Toe Cleavage
by Suz deMello
Shelbie Nathanson resents Rick Saldano's ascension to C.O.O. of her family's shoe company, a job she's wanted all her life. But she can't resist his red-hot, sexy style of lovemaking... one that focuses on her passion: shoes.
Endurance Revised Special Edition
by April Thomas
"Perfect timing, soon I will bring your baby into the world and let you watch as I kill him, then am going to kill you slowly." Thomas growled he was unrecognizable he looked like a mad man. Mei began to cry; she knew something bad was going to happen with meeting her mom for lunch. She believed th...
Affair of the Heart
by Laura Allen
Affair of the Heart is the story of Katherine (Kate) Marsdon Hunt, the spoiled daughter of Jamison Marsdon, a self-made industrial magnate who is widowed when Kate is fifteen. After a short-lived first marriage, the eligible Kate is single for years, until Jamison hand-picks Jed Hunt to run his com...
A Very Holly Christmas: An Exclusive Short Story
by Sheila Roberts
Shelia Roberts is back with the hilarious short follow up to On Strike For Christmas. This short story will bring you right back to the spirited town of Holly, one year after the big strike! For even more Christmas (this time with a touch of romance) don’t miss The Nine Lives of Christmas, coming ...

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