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Monday, November 7, 2011

26 FREE Nook Books

Triad (Witches Knot, Book One)
by Lauren Dane
Lee Charvez is a witch in a family where all of the women are born with inherent gifts of power. She is a witch dreamer, she has the ability to walk in dreams and the subconscious and to work magic there. There is only one Charvez witch dreamer each generation and she's the strongest in generations...
The Zombies of Hobbiton: A Martian Love Story
by Edward W. Robertson
For the settlers of Mars, the underground tunnels of Hobbiton protect them from the airless cold. But when a zombie outbreak hits the city, the survivors have nowhere to run.Doane and his friends take refuge in a domed park. Behind its sealed airlock, they're safe--but when Doane gets a call from h...
A Piece of the Action
by Simon Haynes
Flat broke and stranded in a South American country, Ralph Gardiner is nursing a beer and contemplating the wreckage of his life. No money, no prospects, and worst of all ... the beer is warm.When a local businessman approaches him with a curious offer, Ralph decides he has nothing to lose.8000 Wor...
Hooked: Write Fiction That Grabs Readers at Page One & Never Lets Them Go
by Les Edgerton
*The first pages are the #1 key to acceptance or rejection of manuscripts—most agents and editors claim to make their decision on a manuscript after the very first page, which means that no writer can afford to have a weak story beginning*The first and only fiction-writing book that focuses exclus...
Dark Horse Pictures
by Andy Hopkins
Originally published by Selkirk Lapwing Press in 2007, Andy Hopkins' acclaimed poetry collection, Dark Horse Pictures, is a deep, dark labyrinth of language.
Tears Into Wine
by Lotus Rose
A short surreal tale about a poet and love. By the author of The Doll Queen.
The Kindest People Who Do Good Deeds, Volume 5: 250 Anecdotes
by David Bruce
Nourishment For The Soul
by Dusty Yevsky
A short exercise. Two people and a dog take a hike. (Brief synopsis: the dog is occupied with small furry creatures. The humans have their own issues to deal with.) This is the introduction to (possibly its the forward, maybe the preface, or I might decide later it has little to do with...) my seco...
The Disconnectionist
by James S. Hudson
As a young warrior-priest, Cade longs to possess the technological miracles of his cult. After all, who wouldn't want the power to read thoughts, dodge bullets, and remotely Connect to any mind on the planet?When he gains these abilities, he uses them as any teenager would: he wreaks havoc around h...
FPM Ahoy
by Anindya Basu
FPM comes visiting with her pre-conceived notions on male nudity and female nudity, with hilarious results.
Insanity Ain't a Thing
by Carma Dillon
A true short story from the unsual background that gives the author of Saardu a unique, healing voice in a cruel world. In this piece she talks about her schizophrenic brother. They shared a sacred bond, and his death deeply impacted her understanding of human nature, fear, and the courage it takes...
Story Structure Architect
by Victoria Lynn Schmidt
Build a Timeless, Original Story Using Hundreds of Classic Story Motifs!It's been said that there are no new ideas; but there are proven ideas that have worked again and again for all writers for hundreds of years.Story Structure Architect is your comprehensive reference to the classic recurring sto...
Cerebus ~ Under the Aardvarkian Spell
by Carma Dillon
The victorious muse that spawned an entire industry of self-published comic books now blazes a trail for independent comic book movies.
The Complete Handbook Of Novel Writing: Everything You Need to Know About Creating & Selling Your Work
by Editors of Writer's Digest Books
The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing is a compilation of the best articles and interviews from Writer's Digest magazine, books and annuals. You'll find articles on the craft, art and process of fiction writing from such well-known authors as: Margaret Atwood Terry Brooks Octavia E. Butler Tom Cl...
Tears for Hesh (short story)
by Michael Radcliffe
Set in the world of The Guardian's Apprentice, this is the story of Hesh, a young man who works for a coniving, power-hungry wizard who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Hesh is a gentle giant, towering above others, but soft spoken and afflicted with a stammer when he gets nervous. Sent o...
The Company of Fellows
by Dan Holloway
Imagine the Hannibal Lecter novels set in Oxford University. Oxford. City of learning, culture, and a history that hides the darkest lusts of the human heart. Tommy West. Brilliant academic, until a breakdown 12 years ago. He has reinvented himself as a successful interior designer. His new life is...
The Darkslayer - Fantasy/Adventure (Illustrated)
by Craig Halloran
As the sinister underlings rally all of the evil forces they can muster to destroy the mystical and legendary Darkslayer, something unexpected has upset the delicate balance between good and evil on the world called Bish, making the Darkslayer a pawn in other insidious disputes. Facing the final sh...
Farmer's Daughter
by P. A. Edwards
Laura's parents are out of town and she loses her virginity to her boyfriend Jeff in the hay loft. Her first time is better than she imagined. Must be 18 or older. Has sexual content.
Twist of Fate
by Samantha Drane
Alex Brightmore thought he had it all. A wonderful family, and a beautiful girlfriend who just agreed to marry him. Everything was perfect...until his world came grinding to a halt. After the mysterious disappearance of his bride-to-be and the gruesome deaths of his mother and twin sister, Alex was...
Sex With A Lingering Kiss
by Alexis Shore
Dear Reader,Something a little different for you this time.I’ve recently moved in to a new house, one that was previously occupied by a charming couple. Since moving in, I keep finding handwritten love letters that have been tucked into nooks and crannies about the place, and they’re delicious....
Princess Callie and the Totally Amazing Talking Tiara
by Daisy Piper
One with Christ Series Two
by Geoff Woodcock
A Bible study series on experiencing love and unity with God."…that by them you may become partakers of the divine nature…" 1 Peter 1:4. If we have the faith and desire, we can become partakers of the divine nature of Christ. His character and love can be formed within us and redefine who we ar...
Double Exposure
by Michael Lister
A 2010 Florida Book Award finalist!One fateful fall evening, as the sun sinks and the darkness expands, wildlife photographer Remington James ventures deep into the river swamp to try out some new equipment and check his camera traps.While checking his camera traps, scanning the eerie images of ove...
Life In Actuality
by Ciera Cunnda
Kyree fights suicide daily... Aaron is there to help.
Guarded Hearts
by Viki Lyn
Jeffrey's Last Trick or Treat, Autumn stories of growing up
by Charlie Close

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