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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

55 FREE Kindle Books - Save up to $96.98!

Thunder Royce: Jumped
by Robert Larrison*Drama,Action & Adventure*
The day hadn't even started when Thunder and his sister used their martial arts skills to help save their friends from a gang of bullies, but now they're in danger of expulsion from school. What else can go wrong?! A Chuck Norris style answer to how to handle bullies, "Jumped" is a short story of ap...
Available for FREE in: United States

by Thomma Lyn Grindstaff*Metaphysical,Short Stories*
Take a journey into first love, second sight, and soulmates with an uncertain fate. In these short stories, readers will meet Laurel and Nate, the main characters in Heart's Chalice, Thomma Lyn's magical realism novel.
Available for FREE in: United States

In the Halls of the Sky-Palace: Gold Edition
by Nancy Fulda*Short Stories,Anthologies*
A mysterious presence stalks the hallways of the Sky-King's palace, stealing dreams and condemning the king's dancers to a living death. The task of unraveling this mystery falls to young Aesva, the last living bearer of the Gift. But she is young; inexperienced; and the woman most able to assist he...
Available for FREE in: United States

The Ghost of the Cazador (Dark Hunters)
by Angelo Tsanatelis*Literature & Fiction,Anthologies*
He considered himself the last of his generation. A man still alive because he had settled all his scores, outsmarted and then buried all his enemies, a lover of details and a dedicated practitioner in a world of amateurs. A random event forces him to spend the night at the tiny Galite Islands waiti...
Available for FREE in: United States

The Garden of El Dorado (Alter World)
by Robert Larrison*Action & Adventure,Mythology*
An ancient artifact from the long lost "City of Gold" threatens a gathering of gentle beings on a joyous wedding day, and Emily and Candice Spencer become engulfed in a mission to save a world from destruction. "The Garden of El Dorado" is a short story of 3,900 words that bridges the two Middle Gra...
Available for FREE in: United States

The Dragons of Bastogne (Alter World)
by Robert Larrison*War,Mythology*
Many weird things happened in World War II, but none as strange as the time the 101st Airborne used dragons for close air support. Leave it to the Screaming Eagles to come up with the unconventional. "The Dragons of WW II," is a short story of about 3,200 words based on the Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel, "Lo...
Available for FREE in: United States

by Bradley Convissar*Horror,Thrillers*
Meet dentist Brian Mallory. He's always considered himself a grounded man. A rational man. A reasonable man. But what he finds in the mouth of nineteen year old Amy Gladwell one afternoon during a routine cleaning makes him begin to question his own sanity. It's amazing how quickly everything can c...
Available for FREE in: United States

Angelic Voices
by Deb Logan*Literature & Fiction,Contemporary Fiction*
Twelve-year-old Deanne Lawyer has a beautiful voice and a problem - her choir director just reassigned her descant solo to Sucky Susie Emerson! Deanne will have to use all the wiles her life as the little sister of five brothers has provided to reclaim her rights in time to wow the director of the a...
Available for FREE in: United States

The Senex
by Jeff Ambrose*Literature & Fiction,Anthologies*
Richard Madison's time is up. He must die. And his son, Bruce, must accompany him to the Geriatric Clinic. But Richard has been planning for this day for nearly twenty years--since he received his termination letter--and what he does on this his last day reveals to Bruce a deep truth about human lif...
Available for FREE in: United States,Australia

The Woman Who Was Afraid of Lightning
by Jeff Ambrose*Horror,Contemporary*
A man and his toddler son go to a bookstore during a violent thunderstorm. While inside, he encounters an odd woman who jumps at the slightest roll of thunder. Soon, lightning knocks out the store's power and the customers are forced to go outside. That's when he learns why this woman is afraid of l...
Available for FREE in: United States

Run From The Reaper
by Cristian YoungMiller*Horror,Thrillers*
It awakens... Summoned by the will of a powerful psychic, The Red Reaper forces its victims to live their darkest fantasies. If they resist, they die. In a college town during a record cold winter break, Jon, a lonely professor, wanders the empty campus barely holding on to his sanity. Unable to sta...
Available for FREE in: United States

Drawing Down the Stars
by Amanda McCarter*Short Stories,Science Fiction*
On a dark, frozen world, light years away from Earth, the last remnants of humanity struggle to survive. With no light to heat their world, mankind must rely on Starfire dancers to draw the light from a distant star to warm their cities. Aewit is just such a dancer. She's loyal to her group, but whe...
Available for FREE in: United States

by Eve Yohalem*Subjects,Short Story Collections*
"I am no fool. I knew that if I wanted to make it to the end of the week alive, I would have to avoid upsetting Grandpa as much as possible. No singing, no playful nips, no jaunty bell." Bird and Grandpa stay home in Massachusetts while Mother, Father, Joseph and Maya head south for a winter holiday...
Available for FREE in: United States

Spellcheck Nation
by Consuelo Saah Baehr*Humor,Short Stories*
Spellcheck Nation : Does Spellcheck have a sinister side? Can you engage it's darkness to help you strategize and gain the advantage even though society is screaming that you don't have a chance! Yes. You can. Fiftysomething Holly needs an ally to gain power in a sea of twentysomethings at a high-pr...
Available for FREE in: United States

A Holiday Explained-A Christmas Short Short Story
by J. Steven York*Comic,Anthologies*
A twisted tale of several holidays from the National Best-Selling author! Want to know the secret of how Santa Claus gets down all those chimneys? So does someone else, and a confrontation on a frozen rooftop exposes many secrets.
Available for FREE in: United States

Four Play
by Alessia Brio*Reference,Crafts & Hobbies*
A sexy adult-oriented how-to for the popular card game, euchre. (~1,485 words) Publisher's note: While you are (obviously) welcome to purchase this short story through Amazon, please be aware that it's available FREE through other venues. It would be free here as well, but the Kindle upload interfac...
Available for FREE in: United States

Baptism by Fire (Interlude One of the RuneQuest)
by Keira Ramsay*Literature & Fiction,Romance*
Aidan Hughes isn’t your average firefighter. He’s Fae, member of the mystical tribe traditionally assigned wings and fairy dust. Sent into the Outer World by a messenger of fate, ten years later he utilizes his unique clan ‘signature’, that of fire, to hunt down the wiliest of arsonists. As a profes...
Available for FREE in: United States

Pedro The Ugliest Dog In The World
by Papa G*Subjects,Dogs*
Pedro is ugly, so ugly that he has been mistakenly identified as El Chupacabra. In the town of Santa Maria all animals are welcome and free. But from the mountains, the lizard king and his gang raid the town of precious supplies. In their hour of need the town turn to a hero, a hero whose name will ...
Available for FREE in: United States

Meet a Jerk, Get to Work, How to Write Villains and the Occasional Hero
by Jaqueline Girdner*Writing,Writing Skills*
How to find material for murder mysteries under your very nose. USA Today Bestselling mystery author Jaqueline Girdner offers some ideas on harvesting a bumper crop of potential fictional homicides. "I've always heard you should write what you know. I just take it a little further; I kill what I kno...
Available for FREE in: United States

Treachery: A Love Story (Spanish Nights)
by Ellie Jones*Literature & Fiction,Romantic Suspense*
"Rafael breathed in deeply. The office looked out over the busy streets of Valencia. Down there, way below, people scurried, traffic blared, exhausts fumed. Up here, it was calm, peaceful - except for the bile rising between them. On the walls were a couple of original watercolours by some artist wh...
Available for FREE in: United States

The Color of Freedom
by Michelle Isenhoff*Literature & Fiction,Historical Fiction*
Fourteen-year-old Meadow Wynn McKenzie hates the British. Turned off her Irish farm and forced to book passage to America as an indentured servant, Meadow understands why the rebels wish to throw off the yoke of King George's rule. But is freedom worth the cost? Then, forced to flee her master, Mead...
Available for FREE in: United States

Sex with a Shooting Star (The Junkie Tales)
by j.a. kazimer*Short Stories*
From The Junkie Tales collection comes a short story about sex, love, and the secrets we keep. Benjamin Coleman is in love. Jodie Dean has a secret. Will either survive sex with a shooting star?
Available for FREE in: United States

Tanaka and the Yakuza's Daughter
by CJ Martin*Short Stories,Thrillers*
Akira Tanaka's past as an undercover agent in Tokyo's underworld has caught up with his present. Now he must find out who kidnapped his only daughter, and why. Can he rescue her before it's too late? The lives of a father, a daughter, and a yakuza's daughter are all intertwined in this fast-paced 7,...
Available for FREE in: United States

Massacre at Moniac Crossing
by Janice Daugharty*Historical,Literary*
"Sensuous, swift, full of sparkling twists, [Daugharty's] is a voice so rich that a single page can be thrilling." The New York Times Book Review "Massacre at Moniac Crossing" is based on a true story of an uprising at a turpentine camp, better known as "the Baxter Rebellion." The story takes place ...
Available for FREE in: United States

Broken Hearts Damaged Goods
by Jack Gunthridge*Children's Books,Literature & Fiction*
Sometimes the people that we love the most, end up hurting us beyond repair. When Jack and Liselle find themselves alone after having been cheated on, they decide to use each other to help get over the pain and heartache. Their plan was to make sure that nobody else would be hurt by love as they tri...
Available for FREE in: United States

Sifting Sands
by Thomas Barnes*Horror,Science Fiction*
Trapped between worlds, Les's love wanes as her resolve hardens. The mysterious paradise her rift-walking husband built for them is falling apart. Suspected infidelity is the final nail in the coffin for Les. And when she stumbles upon one of his deadly souvenirs, there's no turning back. A 3000 wor...
Available for FREE in: United States

Cryptic Zoology: 6 Short Works
by Joshua Scribner*Horror,Anthologies*
6 brief creature features.
Available for FREE in: United States

Flash O' Lantern: 13+ Stories
by Todd Russell*Horror,Short Stories*
Flash O'Lantern contains 13 original award-winning Halloween flash fiction short stories of 1,000 words or less and discussion of 13 noteworthy events that happened in October including: Famous People in October: Edgar Allan Poe (died), Bela Lugosi (born), Vincent Price (died) and two others! Movies...
Available for FREE in: United States

Jungle Fever: A Don't Tell story
by Sara Pierce*Erotica*
Do you like your sex hard and dirty? Author Sara Pierce gives you another Don't Tell story about two military men who like it ROUGH! The remote jungles of Central America are a tough and unrelenting landscape - the perfect place to train elite Navy SEALs. When two commandos decide that they need to ...
Available for FREE in: United States

Halloween Frights
by Lisa McCourt Hollar*Horror,Ghosts*
A collection of halloween, ghost and other paranormal tales.
Available for FREE in: United States

Miss Lucy Parker and Other Short Stories
by Q. Kelly*Short Stories,Contemporary Fiction*
Seven short stories are in this compilation. The lead story is "Miss Lucy Parker." "Miss Lucy Parker": Miss Lucy Parker is a prim, proper elderly lady. When a Volkswagen Beetle-the new kind, and pink-PINK!-turns onto the winding road that leads to Lucy's farmhouse, Lucy is sure the car's occupants a...
Available for FREE in: United States

Oh Doctor, The Places You Will Go...
by James Chang MD*Subjects,Kindle eBooks*
Brutally honest yet inspirational, this fun book contains 13 colorful illustrations written and drawn by James Chang, MD completely on his iPad 2. This ebook is a fun and quick read physicians or anyone considering the field of medicine.
Available for FREE in: United States

by James Somers*Action & Adventure,Horror*
SILENT SCREAM - Blown into the water by a cannon attack on his gunnery crew, Samuel must battle the sea and its denizens to stay alive in this dark short story from the author of "HALLOWED BE THY NAME," "PERDITION'S GATE" and "A WORLD WITHIN." *BONUS STORY: THE MEETING - Explosive is the only way to...
Available for FREE in: United States

by Sasha White*Erotica*
Only once more, always once more. Dancer Tammi Johnson thought she knew everything about her body--until she was almost crippled in a car accident. She'd resigned herself to a life without joy until the sexy and dynamic Tom showed her that dancing wasn't the only passion, or pleasure, she could expe...
Available for FREE in: United States

Circus of the Dead
by Seth Blackburn*Horror,Occult*
Twenty years ago, the dead destroyed the world of the living. The survivors scattered in the wake of the Scourge, erecting small towns in the worlds' most sparsely populated areas. For young Gabriel, the walking dead are merely the memories that haunt the eyes of those old enough and lucky enough to...
Available for FREE in: United States

Night of the Aurora (Salmon Run - Book 1)
by J.A. Marlow*Literature & Fiction,Adventure*
When Zach Callahan and his father, Hawk, arrive unprepared for a new life in the wilds of Alaska they find the first challenge is just getting to the small town of Salmon Run. They think they have it made once they get to the Solar Express, the unique train that will take them through a dark roadles...
Available for FREE in: United States

The Usurper (thriller, political intrigue)
by Cliff Ball*Political,Thrillers*
Gary Jackson is raised to hate. Hate the United States, its people, and everything they  have ever stood for. His mission is to destroy the United States from within, allying himself with America's enemies to accomplish the deed, and he stops at nothing to get what he wants. A small group of Americ...
Available for FREE in: United States

My Darling Husband, Charlie and Kathy stories of gifts and surprises
by Charlie Close*Humor,Comic*
Charlie is a husband. He means well but doesn't always do well, as you will see in these painfully funny stories. In "My Darling Husband", Charlie tries to buy his wife Kathy the perfect gift, on time. Yeah. (Hey Charlie, Kathy isn't a man.) And in "Valentine's Day Surprise" Charlie thinks he's fina...
Available for FREE in: United States

His Gift
by Gillian Colbert*Erotica*
Owin has a surprise for Maurina unlike anything she could have anticipated. Ever her Master, he's determined to fulfill all of her fantasies, even the ones she doesn't admit to ... like having two men at once. Now, on their first anniversary, he has a surprise for her that will take her to heights o...
Available for FREE in: United States

Ignite (Cryptid Tales)
by Brina Courtney*Literature & Fiction,Anthologies*
Ignite is a bonus short story from the Cryptid Tales Series Jeremy has no last name. His family has left him at Marksville Orphanage in rural eastern Virginia, hoping to find work during the end of the Great Depression. Unfortunately Jeremy is never adopted, because HE intervened before Jeremy ever ...
Available for FREE in: United States

Cool Shade
by Theresa Weir*Literature & Fiction,Romantic Suspense*
This well-loved classic won the RITA for romantic suspense. Jobless, flat broke and itching for some new scenery, disc jockey Maddie Smith figures a trip to Nebraska to see what's going on with her flaky, estranged sister is as good a plan as any. It seems that after a brief encounter with sexy recl...
Available for FREE in: United States

That Leviathan, Whom Thou Hast Made
by Eric James Stone*Literature & Fiction,Anthologies*
"That Leviathan, Whom Thou Hast Made" won the 2010 Nebula Award for Best Novelette, awarded by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and is a nominee for the Hugo Award for Best Novelette, awarded at the World Science Fiction Convention. The story was originally published in the Septem...
Available for FREE in: United States

Home For Christmas
by Kate Davies*Anthologies,Thrillers*
She left everything familiar behind-but love found her anyway. A story from The Perfect Gift . Sophia is determined to spend Christmas on her own terms this year. Her daughter will be spending the holidays with her boyfriend's family, and Sophia has no intention of staying home alone with her memori...
Available for FREE in: United States,United Kingdom,Europe

The Company of Fellows
by Dan Holloway*Literature & Fiction,British Detectives*
Imagine the Hannibal Lecter novels set in Oxford University. "the plot rattles along at a great pace with enough twists to keep the most restless armchair detective guessing...add another cracking book the illustrious tales of this most murderous city. Do yourself a favour and pop into the shop to p...
Available for FREE in: United States

Deadly Stillwater - Thriller (McRyan Mystery Series)
by Roger Stelljes*Literature & Fiction,Police Procedurals*
Award winning author, Roger Stelljes, delivers an action packed, pulse pounding thriller that is the second book in the McRyan Mystery Series. An abduction is just the beginning in a case of betrayal and revenge that will ultimately strike at the soul of the St. Paul Police Department.The ruggedly h...
Available for FREE in: United States

by Colin Falconer*Revolutionary,Historical*
For years no one knew what happened to Czar Nicholas and his family after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. It was decades before the whole truth came out. The deadly account of what happened to them in Ekatinerberg, in the House of Special Purpose draws on eyewitness accounts and is told from the p...
Available for FREE in: United States

Starcrossed: Perigee - A paranormal romance trilogy
by Tracey Lee Campbell*Literature & Fiction,Vampires*
Aric Brennan is a whisperer - a perfectly engineered human/alien hybrid, designed specifically to charm and seduce. When Lucy is stalked by his unearthly creators, she has no choice but to trust him to help her navigate a way through a horrifying reality - a reality filled with creatures which shoul...
Available for FREE in: United States

Parenting Techniques That Work: Successful Parenting Of Children & Teenagers With Challenging Behaviour, ADHD & Aspergers
by Dan Jones*Family Relationships,Parenting*
Dan Jones has over 10 years experience with children and young people with emotional & behavioural problems, ADHD, ODD and Aspergers & with offering parenting support. He also helped to set up a Therapeutic Children's Home and has held a number of training courses for professionals in how to work wi...
Available for FREE in: United States,United Kingdom

Legend of the White Dragon: Legends
by Melanie Nilles*Literature & Fiction,Epic*
Book 1 of 3 The sorceress Lusiradrol, exiled to human form thousands of years earlier from her life as the terrible black dragon, has awakened her Red Clan. The true dragons are ready to renew their ancient wars to save the world, but they cannot do it alone. Unfortunately, the magi and the two race...
Available for FREE in: United States

A Chance for Charity (The Immortal Ones - A Paranormal Romance)
by S.L. Baum*Horror,Mythology*
If you live LONG enough... love (and danger) will find you. A new family has just arrived in the isolated mountain town of Telluride, Colorado. Welcome the Johnstons - Jason (a doctor), Rachel (a designer), and their niece Emily (a current High School Senior). Emily has lived the life of a quiet lon...
Available for FREE in: United States

Hilda and Zelda (Hilda the Wicked Witch)
by Paul Kater*Literature & Fiction,Fantasy*
In this fourth book of the Wicked Witch, Hilda and William have to take on a witch called Zelda. A magical battle is unavoidable...
Available for FREE in: United States

Kindle Superuser - 101 Ways To Get More From Your Kindle
by Gary McLaren*Consumer Guides,Nonfiction*
From the author of "The Beginner's Guide to Ebooks" comes "Kindle Superuser - 101 Ways To Get More From Your Kindle". Here's what reviewers at Amazon are saying: "I've fiddled with my Kindle for four months and there were still plenty of things I could learn..." "..a handy reference for all Kindle l...
Available for FREE in: United States

All's Fair
by Suzie Quint*Literature & Fiction,Contemporary*
Sol McKnight has trouble letting go of his ex-wife. If that means he has to torpedo her love life, then so be it. After all . . . All's fair in love and war.
Available for FREE in: United States,Latin Am. & Caribbean

Baby, I'm Yours (Southern Roads)
by Stephanie Bond*Literature & Fiction,Romance*
Emory Maxwell has come home to the small town of Sweetness, Georgia, with one goal in mind—to get his childhood sweetheart Shelby Moon to marry him. They've been in love with the second grade, but Shelby's father is determined to keep his daughter in Sweetness, not moving around the country as a so...
Available for FREE in: United States,Asia & Pacific,Canada,India,Middle East

Atria International Books of Mystery
*Literature & Fiction,Mystery*
A Simon & Schuster eBook
Available for FREE in: United States

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