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Saturday, November 5, 2011

90 FREE Nook Books

Peace Warrior
by Steven L. Hawk
Six hundred years after his death, SFC Grant Justice is re-animated by a team of scientists. Grant awakens to a civilization that has abolished war. A civilization that has outlawed violence and cherishes Peace above all else. A civilization that has been enslaved by an alien race called the Minith...
The Malevolent X-Ray Man
by Steve Games
He's already started working on you.You now have an expiration date.You have been murdered. You just don't know it yet.
Baby Talk - Book 1
by Mike Wells
In this creepy horror novel, Neal Becker is convinced that his 5 month old baby daughter can talk. But that's impossible...isn't it? Except that Neal didn't really want to get married in the first place and pushed his wife for an abortion. And now, Baby Natasha knows it. She's out to get Neal, or s...
Secrets of the Elusive Lover - Book 1
by Mike Wells
This is the true story of Adam, a 38 year old bachelor who is dating a number of beautiful women, trying to keep them all secret from each other. But when the lovely, intelligent Bethany comes along, he finds himself falling in love, and his “perfect” lifestyle begins to crumble. Will Adam miss...
The Wrong Side of the Tracks - Book 1
by Mike Wells
When 14 year old Stephen moves into a tough neighborhood, 17 year old Ben takes Stephen under his wing and protects him. But Ben is a reckless daredevil, and he pushes Stephen to prove his manhood by playing dangerous games with the freight trains that pass through the neighborhood. When Ben finds ...
JeBouffe Home Canning Step by Step Guide (second edition) Revised and Expanded
by JeBouffe
Making your own homemade preserves is no longer the exclusive task of our grandmothers. They are easy and fun to make. You are a canning pro or a beginner, never mind. We offer you this home canning guide to answer questions like:Why do our own home-canned food?How to do it economically and safely?...
Wesle's Tale
by Alfred D. Byrd
An epic of UFO's in Anglo-Saxon times. Wesle the Weakling, a hapless herdsman watching the woman he loves about to become a warrior's wife, seizes a chance for change when star-men come in a shining shield-ship to carry out a cattle-raid. Roswell meets Beowulf? Also contains the short poem, "The Go...
Sometimes - Little Stories Which Say Much. (Together)
by Robyn Vasco
Sometimes - Little Stories Which Say Much.These short stories explain the world. Although the stories are not long, they describe so much about life. You may find the right words for yourself or someone else. When you read them, they raise feelings and emotion in you and might inspire you.There is ...
The Pit of Raeben; The Final Lie of Gelon Part I
by Kenneth Paul Jones
The Pit of Raeben is a tale told in turn by three enlightened trees. This is the first of three parts describing how the oldest of them was laid to rest. The Pit itself was dug by the Clan Destined being known as Raeben; an entity with a penchant for naming things. Drawn by the beauty of a quietly ...
The Creative Sponge
by Andy Marlow
Thomas Wilson is missing. When last seen, he was being taken away by a representative of the mysterious organisation known as TGN, his identity erased.Kathy Turner, his best friend, has gone insane searching for him. Or has reality distorted itself around her?Gregory Smith, a journalist for a natio...
by Suzy Turner
Her whole life had been based on a lie. Lilly had grown up in a loveless home with a father who she had barely ever seen and a mother who was... well, not very motherly.After they mysteriously disappear without a trace, Lilly is sent to Canada where she finds a whole new way of life. A life filled ...
Slag Attack
by Andersen Prunty
A slag is what survivors are calling the slug-like maggots raining from the sky, burrowing inside people, and hollowing out their flesh and their sanity. Slag Attack features four visceral, noir stories about the living, crawling apocalypse.The Devastated Insides of Hollow City - Hack detective She...
A Violet Fancy
by Violet Yates
Over a decade, Violet Yates has written and compiled numerous short stories and a novella. Her stories deal with life issues such as relationships, medieval women, men vs. women, hardship, love, marriage, abuse, infidelity, betrayal, sex, childhood memories and lessons to teens based on experiences...
When Women Were Warriors Book I: The Warrior's Path
by Catherine Wilson
The classic hero of myth and legend is defined in masculine terms. How, then, can there be an authentic female hero - a hero who is both authentic as a hero and authentic as a woman? While the hero's journey is one of the most ancient and most popular themes of world literature, casting a female pro...
by Kate Daniels
Florida may be the land of the nearly dead, but Cat Lovelace's new job as a ghost tour guide is killing her. It may seem like a strange choice of profession, but she has a reemerging talent for the job. For Cat, the ghost stories aren't just legend, she often sees the characters walking around. It'...
Flight Club
by Dusty Yevsky
Daniel hops aboard a plane from Yellowstone one stormy night and suddenly he's in over his head. Fatigue? Too much booze? Did he bump his noggin accidentally on a wing? Tom buzzes in to mix things up from another part of the country and Tracy ducks by unexpectedly. For the birds and under the radar...
The Color of Freedom
by Michelle Isenhoff
Fourteen-year-old Meadow Wynn McKenzie hates the British. Turned off her Irish farm and forced to book passage to America as an indentured servant, Meadow understands why the rebels wish to throw off the yoke of King George’s rule. But is freedom worth the cost? Then, forced to flee her master, M...
Cyclone Rumble
by J.P. Voss
Outlaws have families too. Duff Allison is an honor student who graduates in June of 1968 with a bright future and plans of attending L.A. City College in the fall. When his older brother Morgan pulls off the largest armored car robbery in the history of San Bernardino County, Duff spends his eight...
Fixing Cupid
by Cristian YoungMiller
When Ben Bonner 'breaks' Cupid (Jack) it is up to him and his would-be love to fix him unless they want the world to go on forever without love.Ben Bonner is an uptight, conservative lawyer who has everything except for love. After one heartbreak too many, his best friend Carey arranges for him to ...
Betraying Nexus
by Richard L. Sanders
Jason is a member of Nexus, a secret organization with a singular purpose: eliminate crime and protect the innocent. As a Nexus operative, he is a Mind Bender and can implant thoughts into the minds of others. It is a dangerous and powerful gift that sometimes has lethal consequences, and forces ev...
A Stroke of Genius
by Dusty Yevsky
A writer experiences an epiphany following a confluence of real world events accompanying the publication of his work. The power of words is demonstrated in a surprising and unexpected manner, as Life imitates Art and vice versa. Message and theme are intricately interwoven and come to an explosive...
Gay Enough 2
by German Alcala
15 poems make up this new book written as a follow up to the acclaimed poetry book Gay Enough it is about the struggles and sorrows of LGB youths depression, heartbreak, and fear. However, the collection is written to encourage youths of any sexual orientation to be wise, strong, and to fight in th...
Dream Lover
by Jean MacIntyre
Charly applies for a position as a Farm Insurance Inspector, a position traditionally held by the male gender, and knows she has not chosen an easy path. This is confirmed when she comes up against a very antagonistic director of the company at her final interview. She issues a challenge to him - t...
I'm Kind of A Zombie
by Andrew Legend
Zombies.Nasty. Scary. Hungry.Never thought I'd become one.But, somehow, my brain didn't rot away and I maintained my human mind and will.Hi. I'm Alex Henry. And this is my story of how I went from being a human with no life to a zombie battling against the rising zombie onslaught. This is how it al...
The Old Black Stump
by Stephen Faulds
The lizard tribes of the Canning River Wetlands, worship Thuwun the creator of all life. They practise their faith through the moon rituals and the making of mandalas.Where the Canning River sweeps around the eastern edge of Ferndale Flats, there stands a giant Flooded Gum called Raven Tree. On the...
Apocalypse of the Heart
by Eliza Knight
A sizzling, hot, post-apocalyptic romance novella...The world as we know it ended on December 21, 2012 when world wars and nuclear powered weapons destroyed the planet. Now, nearly twenty years to the day of the apocalypse, two factions, the Sols and the Scies must come together to save the planet ...
Queen of Time
by Carolyn Kephart
Carolyn Kephart's latest novel veers from her wonted realms of wonder into the here and now, but unreality remains a constant. Nothing is impossible in Queen of Time, to the protagonist's delight and dismay.Lucasta Hilary's humdrum routine in second-tier Midwest academia changes entirely after a qu...
Rattlesnake Necktie
by Sean Graham
Rattlesnake Necktie is a collection of mild bizzaro and classic horror stories featuring six works previously published in hard copy and four new stories. What happens when the world's economy is based on reality television? A mother rescues her son from his pimp, but can she break his addiction to...
Bridget's Boy Toy
by Elaine Shuel
Bridget really enjoys her job as a driving examiner. She meets many cute young guys and engages in no-strings attached sex. What hot-blooded male would refuse? When one of the road test applicants, Glenn, falls hard for her, Bridget realizes that she can't continue her ways. How will Glenn react?
I Love You
by Andy Marlow
“I love you.” These are words we have all said to many, various people in our lives: our parents, our brothers, our friends, our lovers. Sometimes we have meant them, sometimes we have been lying. But what do those words really mean? Patrick is in a better position than most to know. He married...
The Mystifying Tempest eBooklet
by RW Rivers
Rumors of an experimental device developed by his team reaches others, far and wide, setting off a chain-reaction full of treachery, deceit and corporate espionage. Trailed by the very group that seeks to control the instrument itself while on vacation with his family, he returns home to find that ...
Smoke: A Supernatural Thriller
by Aaron Polson
Seventeen-year-old Tucker Ellison wants a normal life, but life in Springdale is anything but normal. As if ghost trains and unsolved murders aren't enough, he is falling in love with Ellen, an art class weirdo who has her finger on the pulse of small town strangeness. Following Ellen's lead, Tucke...
Phatal Attraction
by James Monaghan
When a photonic being and a naval officer find illicit love amongst the stars, obsession is born and one man learns the true price of a fatal attraction. A Mirrormask Fiction set in the far future from James Monaghan.
by James Monaghan
A man nearing the end of his fifth life is summoned to the edges of the known universe by an old friend who promises to show him the dawn of a new science. In orbit of a dying star, the two men will struggle to understand the mysteries of life and that some things are better left dead…A Mirrormas...
Halloween Frights
by Lisa McCourt Hollar
A collection of Halloween stories and other paranormal tales. It starts with my poem, Joe's Night Out and includes such stories as Happy Halloween, Taxidermy Nightmare and Dolly. The collection concludes with Vampire's Hollow, a new story that proceeds events in The Legend Of Greystone, which is to...
by James Monaghan
Introducing the PSP – the Personal Space Protector. An energy field designed to control the space around you and keep out any unwanted intrusions. Design your own world and live in it, 24/7.When a tragic accident destroys the energy fields that protect everyone in the Washington Arcology, one man...
by Ben S. Dobson
Dennon Lark is a Scriber, a scholar of the Kingsland’s forgotten past. Driven into self-imposed exile by the mistakes of his own past and plagued by strange voices and terrible dreams, he wants nothing more than to be left alone.But when a group of rebels called the Burners launch a series of att...
The Phoenix and the Watchers' Bargain
by James Monaghan
The Phoenix is a cursed ship. Exiled to the Darkland Expanse, on the fringes of the known galaxy, its captain and crew have spent the last decade struggling just to stay alive. In a galaxy full of cruel gods, terrifying monsters and treacherous allies, though, survival is far from an easy task. Aft...
Going Somewhere Else
by Amber D. Sistla
A space explorer readies for a voyage that will never return.Part of the "Break Bites" Series: Stories short enough to read when you get a break from your everyday activities.
Pirates Versus Ninjas
by Andy Marlow
“Jack the Boy’s life was now in the hands of the mad man who had just held him so tightly, the strange ghost of the seas with beard as blue as the waters he sailed on. To have deceived him now would cost him the air in his lungs; even if he did lead Captain Bluebeard into a successfully orchest...
My Third-World Girlfriend
by RJ Silver
Gerry Lankin has a problem. All his life, women have been hitting him over the head, usually for good reason. Recognizing he's at fault, he's about to make big changes in his life, when three older men convince him that the key to romantic happiness isn't self-improvement; it's finding a woman with...
Beyond Bermuda
by Walter Dinjos
Bill loses his wife and daughter in a motor accident while drink-driving. But when he is taken by the Bermuda Triangle and dumped in a realm devoid of hunger, aging, pain...a realm adorned with magical powers, he gets a chance to redeem himself. If you are curious about what happens beyond The Berm...
by Karen Rose Smith
"Ms. Smith is one of the best contemporary family drama authors." Harriet Klausner, Reviewer. Tessa Kahill, renowned journalist who traveled the world, is falling in love with her best friend's husband all over again. Tessa and Max Winthrop dated before he met Leslie. But then Tessa left with secre...
In the Halls of the Sky-Palace: Gold Edition
by Nancy Fulda
Dempsey's Dilemma
by Sheila Lee Brown
The Headless Horseman
by Paulie Celt
Stranger Than Fiction
by Dusty Yevsky
A movie review, of sorts. Is what happens inside a theater more important than what happens on the screen? It depends on one's point of view, who is seated nearby and what brought them there in the first place. For a restless segment of society, this story may have legs.
The Fairy Tale Bride
by Kelly McClymer
Miranda Fenster gave up on her own happily-ever-after following a disastrous London season. Determined to convince the impeccably proper Duke of Kerstone he was wrong to thwart her brother's love match, she waylays him and demands he help the star-crossed lovers. Instead, she discovers her second c...
Starcrossed: Perigee
by Tracey Lee Campbell
Aric Brennan is a whisperer - a perfectly engineered human/alien hybrid, designed specifically to charm and seduce.When Lucy is stalked by his unearthly creators, she has no choice but to trust him to help her navigate a way through a horrifying reality - a reality filled with creatures which shoul...
Deadly Blessings (Alex St James Mystery Series #1)
by Julie Hyzy
First in the Alex St. James Mystery series.Chicago news researcher Alex St. James is preparing to interview a young Polish immigrant - pregnant by a Catholic priest - when the woman is found murdered. Alex investigates, making enemies of powerful people in the Chicago Archdiocese. Unless she backs ...
Heather Farm
by Dorte Hummelshoj Jakobsen
A short story of love and suspense with a dash of the supernatural.One reviewer said: "This is a quick, sweet story. It's about a young couple who buys their first house, where the wife is visited by an old woman who used to own it. After that the wife starts dreaming about the family who lived the...
The Light of the Ancient Buddhas: Ballads of Emptiness and Awakening
by Tai Sheridan
Keizan's thirteenth century 'Denkoroku', The Transmission of the Lamp, is a sophisticated Zen fairytale about enlightenment and the empty ground of Being. Keizan uses archetypal myths, legends, and dreams to describe the luminous and awakened Zen mind. Zen Priest and Poet Tai Sheridan transforms ei...
Grey Eyes (Book One, The Forever Trilogy)
by Brandon Alston
15 year old Anastasia Adams has spent her entire life on run. She and her mother have never spent more than 18 months in any one location, often times leaving with just the clothes on their backs. Despite the havoc that this is wreaking on Ana's social and academic life, her mother offers no explan...
Control Freak: Brandon's Story
by Reena Jacobs
Brandon is an overworked husband with a wife who wants a little too much. Sex, that is. When his wife starts throwing him hints about bondage and masochism, he's sure she's flipped. In the end, Brandon must decide which lines he's willing to cross for the women he loves.
The Wrong Side of the Tracks
by Mike Wells
When 14 year old Stephen moves into a tough neighborhood, 17 year old Ben takes Stephen under his wing and protects him. But Ben is a reckless daredevil, and he pushes Stephen to prove his manhood by playing dangerous games with the freight trains that pass through the neighborhood. When Ben finds ...
by A L Fetherlin
Two stories about release from the personal hell inflicted upon the two protagonists. Release at the Sundial-Dustin must kill ten people before the shadow on the sundial hits the six. If he cannot complete the task, the demon voice said it will kill 100 people for each that Dustin cannot. Can he do...
The Stars Fell: A Short Story
by Keith Latch
Keenan Walsh is a young man that prefers living life through the lens of a telescope to that of an average kid his age. On his family’s farm in Kansas, he prepares for the greatest astronomical event of his life. Fate has different plans for him, however. The death of his father and the strange g...
Through A Dark Mist
by Marsha Canham
Book One of the author's popular Robin Hood trilogy, Award-winning, Best Historical of the Year from Romantic Times: “A legend is brilliantly brought to life on the unfolds with all the adventure, rollicking good humor, wildly exciting escapades, cliff-hangers, and, most of all, smolde...
The James Charade
by James McLaughlin
It's Burton James to the rescue when he comes to the aid of his lifelong friend David Weber. David suspects his mother's fortune may be at risk, thanks to Simon and Simone Rappaport, a pair of shady investment brokers. Disguised as Dr. Wilson Tanner, a silicon valley business tycoon, Burton will ta...
The Leveler
by James McLaughlin
When one's world suddenly crumbles apart we are faced with multiple options. We can choose to accept responsibility for our own failures, change what needs to be changed, pick up the pieces and start all over again. Or, we can choose to hold everyone else responsible for our failures and seek reven...
The Pearl Savage (a post-apocalyptic novel) (Book 1 Savage Series)
by Tamara Rose Blodgett
*Book 2, "The Savage Blood," available Thanksgiving 2011*"The Guardians," have saved a fragment of 1890s America in nineteen spheres when a natural disaster threatened to drive humanity to extinction. One hundred forty years later, Clara is a seventeen-year old princess that feels a great obligatio...
by Christine M. Butler
Book One of the Awakening TrilogyIn the middle of the night Caislyn Vadoma auto-sketches a scene in which her parents are kidnapped from the family bookstore. She awakens in the morning to find that her sketch, a rare glimpse into the future, has already become reality.Jasmine DeLaney leaves her li...
Sword of Lies
by Mike Vasich
Midnight and Holding
by Joyce DeBacco
Sometimes we wish we could stop the clock and rewind time. Maybe to savor a happy moment, take back words spoken in haste, or fulfill an ambition. Other times we want to turn the clock ahead, hopeful of better times or fortunes. Midnight and Holding is a collection of stories reflecting those desir...
Feed Me Your Children
by German Alcala
Feed Me Your Children is a nine poem collection on how youth can be so easily influenced by media. Gay pride, and the attempt that society has made to suppress homosexuals. The wrong images of beauty that young girls are influenced with, artistic trails, suicide, and the effects of age.
Have a Nice Weekend
by Ian Ellis
The Ghosts of Varner Creek
by Michael Weems
In the summer of 1909, Solomon Mayfield awoke to find his mother and sister had disappeared. Left with his alcoholic and abusive father, Sol lived his life believing the story he'd been told, the story all the people of Varner Creek believed about what happened that summer. But in a plot of twists ...
Stargazer: A rock satire (Book I)
by Ricardo Jasso Moedano
Adrian Flodden, 23, is crazy for heavy metal, literature, and for women of 30 -although the latter only bring trouble. While his articles on a magazine draw attention to his favourite writers, his college radio show upsets and uplifts his audience due to the singular thoughts he vents and the songs...
Road Kill: A Memoir & Six Misadventures
by Walt Chien
Road Kill: A Memoir & Six Misadventures is a collection of non-fiction and fiction narratives loosely woven around the notion of road kill as a metaphor for modern life i.e. sometimes we hit or get hit in life just as we may sometimes run over small animals when we drive. No one is to blame even if...
The Wall
by Ron Lair
What is it that separates us from God? Why does He seem so distant to us? Why do our prayers seem to just bounce off of the ceiling?Virtually everyone that acknowledges the existence of God has struggled with thisquestion. Deep down, we know that if we can some how tear down that wall, we will find...
The Water's Touch
by LK Hunsaker
During an escape to his beloved Scottish hills and loch, Duncan fights his own need in favor of another's. A Rehearsal-related short-story.
Everyone's A Critic
by Bryan Wolford
A man meets a woman on an elevator. Turns out she may be his biggest downfall.
The Wandering Island Factory
by TR Nowry
A strange behemoth of a boat is parked off the coast of Hawaii, but it isn't alone. On the shore are dozens of protesters, and in the legislature are dozens of greedy politicians promising to lower their roadblocks if the deep pockets of this new industry make the right campaign contributions. No, ...
The Volunteer
by Bryan Lee
A new project at work leads to unusual consequences in this surprising short story.
The Water Parables
by Brad Beals
Sometimes the simplest truths are got at obliquely. That's what parables do. They show us something true by pointing to something else that's close, but just off the track we're on. These stories are simple and very readable, but each points to something bigger and beyond the tale. This the first v...
Eve's Possessions House of Eve Volume 1
by Mistress Desiderata
Introduced to Eve, female head of a poly family that consists of her six slaves: Jonathon, long time alphaMichael, her anchor and loveSamuel, her benefactorNatalie, her cookLeanne, her domesticAndConnie, her sex slaveIn this volume a long time friend Master Patrick comes to dinner to subject his yo...
Everything Erotic Volume I
by C.J. Ellisson
Eleven hot erotica writers tantalize and tease your every desire with original erotica. Whatever your persuasion you will find something to satisfy your need for spicy stories and sensual sex. Short stories, monthly serials, sex toy reviews, sex in history articles, erotica book reviews, and excerp...
Evil Takes Flight
by Dan Absalonson
Jeff Klots has a problem. Every time he comes home from school, he gets dive bombed by an evil crow on the way into his parents' house. He decides to do something about it. All he needs is a weapon that will do the job.
The Warning
by S.L. Pierce
Gwen Michaels moved to California to start a new life. But sometimes you just can't ignore when someone is in trouble.The Warning is a free short thriller (approx 2000 words) by S.L. Pierce.
Ex Cineribus Resurge
by Caitlin McColl
It is 2011 in an alternate war-torn Victorian-era world. A young girl and her guardian seek the Emperor of the country to ask him to stop the ten year civil war. A war between those who are for, and those who are against new technologies, and between the non-religious versus those that still believ...
by Jess C. Scott
A compact compilation of stories by author/artist/non-conformist, Jess C Scott. Evolution showcases Jess’s penchant for working in various genres and formats—read with caution. * The excerpt from ‘EyeLeash: A Blog Novel’ contains the opening chapters of Jess’s debut blog/IM novel. Her col...
The Voice from Beyond
by Jeff Woodward
Mark and his wife simply adore their newborn son. They had the baby-room set up before he was born, and cared for his every need and want like new parents do. But the presence of baby also invited the interest of something else. In horror, Mark and his wife listen as the baby monitor in the child's...
The Wall: Reshuffle the deck
by Kanmi Iyanda
Sometimes in life, all we want to do is navigate our journey the simple way. At least this is the intention until we begin to interact with our parents, siblings, friends and the world at large. This is when the real living begins…. The Wall is the story of a young man constantly striving to be a...
The Voice of Reason, Part of the Paranormal Shorts
by Rome
Mary Percy can see nothing that will change her mother from mending her ways. Her father’s death had resulted in unhappy results for all three of them. When her mother drowns her troubles with drinks, Mary hardens herself to maintain sanity at all costs. She decides to celebrate her father’s li...
The wall
by Angelina Souren
"Your poem has got real feeling in it!" - Kevin Halford"Het hamert er wel in, moet ik je zeggen!" - Frank BeunkThe Wall is a long poem caused by lots and lots of non-stop noise. I can barely look at it without starting to feel the incredible noise stress again to which I was exposed for several yea...
The Watchers
by Lynnie Purcell
My name is Clare, and The Watchers is my story.My father was a fallen angel. Unfortunately, being the daughter of a fallen angel isn't as cool as you'd think it would be. There are others out there like me, Watchers, who are at war with one another. They recruit endlessly for their war, and if you ...
Evolution, the Theories and The Facts
by Silvio Famularo
While most people seem to believe the theories of evolution, the fact is that the majority of people have never really checked them out for themselves. They just believe what they have been told to believe. This booklet proves that all the theories are nothing but far-fetched fantasies.
Everything You Need To Know To Be An Organized and Successful Patient
by Omada Idachaba
This is a short, concise ebook, that gives 44 important and practical tips to help you stay on top and in control of your health and health records.
The Voyage: Edited by Chandani Lokuge & David Morley
by Silkworms Ink Anthologies
Welcome to The Voyage, an innovative new anthology of writing by staff and postgraduates from both Monash in Australia and Warwick in England. We believe all writing, at its best, is creative writing. To that end we have drawn our distinguished contributors not only from English and Creative Writin...
Evolve, Part 1: Unintended Consequences
by JD Cross
Evolve, Part 1: Unintended Consequences opens with the FDA rejecting a genetic therapy that cures breast cancer. There is public outrage against the drug because the drug is seen as being available only to the wealthy and as being capable of genetic warfare against minorities and the poor. The publ...

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