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Saturday, November 12, 2011

43 FREE Nook Books

The French Maid
by Sabrina Jeffries
Aging by Design: How New Thinking on Aging Will Change Your Life
by Theodore Goldsmith
Why do we age? How do we age? These questions have baffled scientists for centuries and remain unresolved. The answer to the “how” question is critical to our ability to successfully prevent and treat age-related diseases like cancer and heart disease that now cause the majority of all deaths i...
About the Portuguese Citizenship of the Citizens born in the Former State of India and their Descendants
by Miguel Reis
A short version of the book published in Portuguese about the same matter.
Brazil Beaches and Waterfalls
by Brian Lawrenson
Brazil is one of the most interesting and diverse countries on earth. It is a great tourist destination. This is the story of a couples two weeks vacation in Brazil and the story of the places that they visited and the people that they met. Not everything was as straightforward as expected but over...
Argumente fur Dynamic Publishing
by Pg Bartlett
Wachsende Anforderungen an das Publishing bei sprunghaft ansteigenden Kosten. In diesem eBook erfahren Sie, wie man diese Herausforderung erfolgreich meistert.
The Desolator
by Simon Haynes
Join Hurm, Runt and Father Mephistophiles as they struggle to save the hamlet of Yendour from a marauding dragon.Originally published in Andromeda Spaceways #6.
My Mother's Car
by Janice Daugharty
Ten year old Doodle is in charge of his little brother and baby sister for the summer while his mother, Nina, is awaiting the arrival of her fourth baby. Nina claims that her husband's bossman's wife "gave" her a Mercedes, which Noodle knows will either have to go back or be paid for. They have no ...
The Journey Home
by Michael Baron
Joseph, a man in his late thirties, awakens disoriented and uneasy in a place he doesn't recognize. Several people are near him when he opens his eyes, all strangers. All of them seem perfectly friendly, but none of them can explain to him how he got there. They offer him a delicious meal and pleas...
24/7 No Overtime Pay
by Rebecca Rose Taylor
This short story is about a woman and her son who visit family at a sheep farm.
Roads Like These
by Lon Prater
Terror gets behind the wheel when these road trips go wrong. A strange creature lures Diego out upon the dunes at night. Things aren't what they seem in a Florida traffic jam. A man discovers his daughter's car is haunted by her secrets. Features three previously published short stories, one of whi...
My Favorite Threesome
by Lotus Rose
A signing gets interesting. By the author of MachoPoni: A Prance with Death.
Loss Leader
by Simon Haynes
After many delays and last-minute setbacks, the first colony ship leaves planet Earth for a distant star.Join the crew as they discover all is not as it seems...Originally published in Andromeda Spaceways #3"... pure science fiction and, just between ourselves, an entirely evil tale, suggesting a f...
Dark Quarry: A Mike Angel Private Eye Mystery
by David H Fears
Synopsis of Dark Quarry, by David H. Fears This is the first in the “Dark” series of Mike Angel, Private Investigator mysteries, and is set in the New York/New Jersey and Chicago areas in 1960. It is historical fiction and involves names and places connected with the infamous Purple Gang of the...
Australian Friends Of Karl May: Winnetou & Old Shatterhand In Tasmania
by Marlies Bugmann
Australian Friends Of Karl May: Winnetou & Old Shatterhand in Tasmania is the literary resume of Marlies Bugmann, Karl-May translator. It introduces the world and works of Karl May to English-speaking readers and contains a selection of excerpts to sample Karl May's fantastic fiction.
An Addendum to the Affair of the Dog that did Not Bark.
by Philip van Wulven
Some revelations by Dr Watson of hitherto undisclosed details in the resolution of this interesting case.
Inspire!: Why Customers Come Back
by Jim Champy
8 POWERFUL WAYS TO INSPIRE TODAY’S TOUGH CUSTOMERS IN TOUGH TIMES AND MAKE THEM STICK!“With Jim Champy’s well-proven gift for keen management analysis, today’s essential notions of business transparency, channel and customer alignment, and enduring cultural values become palpable, memorable...
Behold, the Warrior's Pride
by Mark Jacobs
The king’s most loyal warrior has mercifully survived thirty-six years of brutal service. To reward him for his unyielding dedication, the grateful monarch grants him permanent leave, a parcel of farmland and prized livestock. Freed from his duties, he struggles within his own troubled soul to al...
Cool Shade
by Theresa Weir
1998 RITA winner for romantic suspense.Jobless, flat broke and itching for some new scenery, disc jockey Maddie Smith figures a trip to Nebraska to see what's going on with her flaky, estranged sister is as good a plan as any. It seems that after a brief encounter with sexy reclusive Eddie Berlin, ...
A Christian Looks to the Bible for Guidance on Illegal Immigration
by R. H. Allen
This is another in the "A Christian Looks to the Bible for Guidance.." series. This study examines Biblical principles concerning illegal immigrants and helps Christians understand some of the important related issues.
Rogue Hunter: Gaia #3: Legacy
by Kevis Hendrickson
THE FINAL SHOWDOWN! Intergalactic bounty hunter Zyra Zyra engages the ruthless criminal Molly Black in a battle to the death, knowing that if she fails to seize control of the powerful Gaia, an unspeakable wave of terror and destruction will be unleashed on the galaxy. Book 3 of 3.
Dr. Love
by P. A. Edwards
Kim has a crush on her psychiatrist, Dr. Love. They eventually end up sharing more than Doctor patient confidentiality. Has adult sexual content. Recommended for adults age 18 and over.
Rogue Hunter: Gaia #2: Intruder
by Kevis Hendrickson
THE HUNT CONTINUES! Narrowly escaping death at the hands of a gang of bloodthirsty space pirates, Zyra Zanr investigates the mystery of Gaia, hoping its secrets will lead her to the elusive criminal Molly Black. But time is running out. Zyra will have to work fast if she is to stop the deadly plot ...
Space Junque (Apocalypto 1)
by L.K. Rigel
Edited by USA Today bestselling author Anne Frasier/Theresa Weir Nominated for Best Romantic Science Fiction/Fantasy in 2010 and Best Debut Book in 2010 by The Romance Reviews.The DOGs would destroy the world. The gods would make a new one. The trick is to survive both.The world is on the brink of ...
All I Want For Christmas is a V.R. Supercube
by Dan Absalonson
Alfred Thompson can't wait to get his V.R. SuperCube game system this year for Christmas, but there's a problem. He overhears the school bully talking with his mom in the game shop and comes to a realization. He may have just found a way to never be bullied again, but it is going to cost him.
Introducing the Richest Family in America
by David Drum
A plot is underway to move the richest family in America's manufacturing plants to China. A crooked lawyer and son-in-law, a beautiful Chinese pro golfer, and a ditzy plastic surgeon have teamed together to convince America's richest man it's time to move the factories out of the U.S. to China. Sta...
Rogue Hunter: Gaia #1: Into the Abyss
by Kevis Hendrickson
Intergalactic bounty hunter Zyra Zanr pursues a dangerous fugitive in possession of a mysterious, but deadly weapon. Zyra must recapture this weapon before it is unleashed upon the unsuspecting people of the galaxy. The hunt begins! Book 1 of 3.
Career Survival Kit (Collection), The
by Richard Templar
This is the eBook version of the printed book.A brand new collection of essential insights for your business and career from world-renowned experts…now in a convenient e-format, at a great price!3 expert guides to supercharging your career… wherever you are, wherever you want to be!Three great e...
by Sonia Lyris
Though still a young man, Duri was already a famous sword smith. His exquisite blades drew wealthy customers from across the many lands. But such fame has sharp edges and is not kind to those it touches. Today we still tell our children the story of what happened when Duri decided he had had enough...
314 Crescent Manor
by M Jones
Mark and Nathan Connor are estranged twins. There is little to connect them, save their current residence at 314 Crescent Manor, an old building situated in the centre of the city. The tenants of the Manor are never housed at random. With its large, brooding stained glass tree bearing down on them ...
by J.R. Leckman
One day, during a visit to Mesa Verde National Park, Pam discovers an intact pot buried under the dirt of Mummy Lake. Taking it home, she soon finds herself constantly obsessed over its possible contents, until her curiosity finally reaches the breaking point.
Autobiography of a Yogi
by Paramhansa Yogananda
Autobiography of a Yogi is one of the 20th century's best-loved spiritual classics. This book is the original edition first published in 1946. It details the life of Paramahansa Yogananda - one of India's Spiritual guru's, who is often referred to particularly in the West as, the Father of Yoga. Yo...
Dance of the Seven Veils (Dance Series #1)
by Cris Anson
Book 1 in the Dance series. Robbed of her self-esteem during a loveless marriage, recently divorced Lyssa Markham allows her best friend to drag her, costumed as Salome, to a masquerade. She's shocked then intrigued to discover the participants are members of an exclusive sex club. Hiding behind he...
Faith Seeds, Volume One
by Jaye Seay
Faith Seeds: Volume One contains ten short devotional messages that were designed to ignite your faith. This ebook will help you as you grow in the Word of God. Each message takes only a few seconds to read but will leave you with powerful truths to consider. This ebook will lead you to delve into ...
Back Roads
by Joshua Scribner
Something has come out in the night, and it's waiting down the road.
Rescue Me
by Sydney Allan
She's used to doing all the rescuing. But love changes everything.Hailey Jensen is in the rescue business--animal rescue--and more than willing to risk life and limb for fowl or fauna. Just when life couldn't get better, her world crumbles. Her identical twin has cancer, and her marine rescue is fa...
The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing: Everything You Need to Know to Write, Publish, Promote and Sell Your Own Book
by Marilyn Ross
Take Control of Your Destiny!Bottom line: You want to get published. You want to control the future of your manuscript and your writing career.Best-selling author Marilyn Ross and publishing expert Sue Collier show you how to make your own success —whether you're a published author, entrepreneur, ...
Getting the Words Right
by Theodore Cheney
The Secret to Good WritingWhen asked by the Paris Review what compelled him to rewrite the ending of A Farewell to Arms 39 times, Ernest Hemingway replied, "Getting the words right." His answer echoes what every successful writer knows: The secret to all good writing is revision.For more than twenty...
by S. Wolf
An erotic love story. Jason saves a stranger from certain death, and is rewarded with a gift that grants him an incredible ability. Can he use this power to get the girl of his dreams, or does fate have something else in store?
by E.D. Beale
Adriana, one of the princesses of the Fae court, has her eyes on a prize. However, in order to gain the prize, she'll have to go through an important rite of passage: The Awakening. She comes to Nicolo, a Fae artist willing to introduce her to her powers. To do this, he will also have to introduce ...
How to Be a Writer: Building Your Creative Skills Through Practice and Play
by Barbara Baig
Athletes practice. Musicians practice. As a writer you need to do the same. Whether you have dreams of writing a novel or a memoir or a collection of poems, or you simply want to improve your everyday writing, this innovative book will show you how to build your skills by way of practice.Through pl...
Lightning Rider
by Rick Mofina
Twenty-six year-old Jessie Scout had endured a life steeped in pain. She feared no one. Her heart had travelled to regions few could conjure in dreams. It was reflected in her photo ID card clipped to her chest. Her pretty face was a mystery. A glint of arrogance in her eyes that squinted slightly ...
OtherKin: Fury
by Anya Bast
Nikki is a cougar shifter living in a werewolf world. When she's promised as a mate to a wolf shifter named Merrick, the fur flies. Cats are solitary and proud. No way will she be tamed, not even if Merrick’s touch drives her insane with need. But Merrick has wanted Nikki for a long time and ther...

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