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Sunday, October 16, 2011

10 FREE Nook Books

Provincetown Follies, Bangkok Blues
by Randall Peffer
A mysterious fire sweeps through the commercial district of Provincetown, Massachusetts, and the police hypothesize that the blaze was set to cover up the murder of Big Al Costelano, a notorious P-town playboy, real estate tycoon, and mobster. The prime suspect is the victim's estranged half-Vietnam...
by Kevin Saunders
ABOUT THE BOOK Wotcha - a contraction of the 15th century English greeting what chere be with you? Watcher n - a person who watches or observes somebody or something. A voyeur. Say WOTCHA! to Bart Raines, who s condemned forever to be a watcher after a childhood prank left his eyelid glued to his b...
by Arthur Slade
An eclectic collection of sixteen spine-tingling, gut-churning, irreverent, dark, fantastical, and sometimes downright hilarious short stories by the Edgar-nominated author of DUST and THE HUNCHBACK ASSIGNMENTS. Slade's writing style has shades of Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, William Gibson, and Ry ...
Chapter 15.5: Intersections and Interlopers: Antiphon Meets Personal Demons
by Ken Scholes
When part of Lisa Desrocher's urban fantasy novel Personal Demons got swapped into the Kindle edition of Ken Scholes' epic Antiphon, they were notified and the error corrected. But the two authors began to wonder what would happen if their characters met, and Chapter 15.5, "Intersections and Interl...
Graceful Blur
by Ian Thomas Healy
At Speed Week, superhero Mustang Sally aims to be the first person ever to break the speed of sound...on foot!
Two Bits Four Bits
by Mark Cotton
Buddy Griffin, retired homicide detective, returns to his hometown of Elmore, Texas and becomes embroiled in a murder investigation when his high school sweetheart finds her husband, the president of the local bank, shot dead in their swimming pool. Buddy soon uncovers an extortion plot, a missing ...
Editor's Notebook
by Kalifer Deil
This is a guide to help writers edit their own works. It is often very difficult to find many of your own errors. This guide will provide a systematic approach that if followed diligently will get most of them, prepare for e-publishing and improve style as well. Editors are expensive for self publi...
What You Should Know Before Hiring a Book Designer
by Cheryl Rogers
As you're nearing completion of your manuscript, you may be ready to begin looking for a designer to layout out your book and design your book cover. Take time to shop for someone who suits the style of your book and can help you attract readers in your target market."What You Should Know Before Yo...
What U Lookin At?
by Bea Turvey
When a conscience is missing, and the circumstances are ripe, think what one could achieve. In this story the inner core of the person remains the same, it's only the circumstances that change.
The Model Millionaire (The Title Story from The Model Millionaire)
by Oscar Wilde
Playwright, poet, essayist, flamboyant man-about-town, Oscar Wilde was arguably literature's most versatile writer. Over the course of two short decades, he was responsible for an astonishing amount of work, genius, scandal, and controversy, producing masterworks in virtually every literary genre. T...

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