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Thursday, October 20, 2011

92 FREE Nook Books

Hard Press'd
by Linda Rae Blair
(Rev. 7/2011) Preston Andrews, Senior Homicide Detective for the Virginia Beach Police Department, is tall, dark and handsome--and wealthy beyond belief. The son of U.S. Senator William Andrews and his lovely wife, Rosemary, lives in the mansion he'd bought from his parents a few years ago. He'd gr...
A Matter of Trust
by Ciana Stone
Two people, one dream. And a sensual awakening that will rock both to the core. Against a backdrop of breathless sexual interludes and the reuniting of two kindred spirits, it’s a race against time—and a ruthless family that will stop at nothing, even murder—to find the artifact and be the cu...
The Gift of Fury
by Richard Jackson
Being a paranormal investigator is dangerous work. Luckily, Count has Kara, a beautiful guardian angel to help him. This time Count finds himself at odds with a powerful sorcerer who wants to bring back the golden age of magic. To do so, means unleashing horrors best left forgotten. Count isn't abo...
Waiter, There's a Clue in My Soup! Five Short Mysteries
by Camille LaGuire
Five light mystery short stories: from puzzles like "Waiter, There's a Clue in My Soup!", "The Hoosegow Strangler," and "Trail of the Lonesome Stickpin," to suspense in "Alibi" and "The Promise." These stories were previously published in magazines like Handheld Crime and Futures Mysterious Antholo...
Viktoria (The Rising Phoenix Series, #1)
by Kim Dallmeier
When Viktoria is invited along with her friends to travel to Ireland, to join a Secret Society, the life-changing events that follow are more than what she had bargained for.Follow her as she is confronted to the mysterious world of the Paranormal, and struggles to decipher the true nature of Love ...
Ten Tales of Tilted Love
by Alex Carrick
Ten Tales of Tilted Love is the first in a series of short story compilations by Alex Carrick. Sometimes light-hearted and often insightful, these pieces are sure to entertain and surprise readers.Mr. Carrick is a critically-acclaimed author whose story "The Size of the Skip" (found in "Three Scoop...
Ten Tales of Spotty Ruin
by Alex Carrick
Ten Tales of Spotty Ruin is the second in a series of short story compilations by Alex Carrick. Sometimes light-hearted and often insightful, these pieces are sure to entertain and surprise readers.Mr. Carrick is a critically-acclaimed author whose story "The Size of the Skip" (found in "Three Scoo...
The Kult
by Shaun Jeffrey
Don't Panic, Organise!
by Mute Publishing
the inability for capital, and therefore the state, to pay for the costs of producing a well educated workforce or to guarantee that investment in education will result in a more vigorous economy and increased living standards for those with qualifications. This breakdown, and the dogmatism of free...
Sept-Iles and other places
by Donna Carrick
By the award-winning author of The First Excellence.A selection of 5 haunting stories by Donna Carrick -- Volume 1 of the Toboggan Mysteries series. Each compelling tale features a Northern locale, with characters and settings that will seem familiar to many readers.Stories include: North On The Ye...
Earth vs. Moon
by M M-Stewart
The year is 2216. A human organization called the "R.A.C.C", or the Resistance Against Cale City, is experimenting on two human soldiers who may hold the power to resurrect Earth and all of its bounty. The organization may also have the key to destroying Cale City, a castle full of the originial pr...
Bolero Man
by Chantale Reve
In this urban sketch, a crooner steps onto a New York City subway car and sings to his captive listeners about unrequited love, Cuban-style.
It Crawled From The Grave
by Peter Anthony Flynn
IT CRAWLED FROM THE GRAVE is a sci-fi horror screenplay. It’s a story about a scientist who is prematurely buried but crawls out of the grave that night and systematically kills all those responsible. In doing so he assumes a variety of shapeshifting appearances, humans as well as animals, made p...
Just Another Squeeze
by Chantale Reve
When she accepted the job offer to be his executive assistant, she didn't read the fine print about fringe benefits: that they are all his. Mr. McPhee's, that is.Inspired by actual workplace-related nightmares, this erotic sketch is for mature audiences only.
The Chip-Head Apocalypse
by Richard McManus
Follow a ragtag band of misfits in this fast-paced, action packed novel as they weave their way through a city at the point of complete breakdown. Blade Runner meets Night of the Living Dead as McManus puts a twist on classic zombie lore and paints a disturbing picture of a near-future dystopia whe...
Coal Ash and Sparrows
by Michael Jasper
"Coal Ash and Sparrows" was first published in Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine in January 2004. It was an Honorable Mention story in both The Year’s Best Science Fiction, edited by Dozois, and The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, edited by Datlow, Link, and Grant. The story it takes place in...
Highway to Vengeance: A Thomas Highway Thriller
by Brian Springer
Praise for Highway to Vengeance:"Brian Springer brings a clear new voice to the thriller genre. He is destined to become a new superstar."Cym Lowell, author of Riddle of Berlin"Final verdict: It's a bad-ass story, that slams into you at full speed from the very start and takes you on a wild thrill ...
A Taste Sweet and Salty
by Douglas Smith
The man known only as Stranger lived and died in a town with no name. Each day he lived. And each night he died… Note: includes an afterword by the author and excerpts from many of his other stories. “...absolutely masterful...a kind of much, much creepier Quantum Leap: the amnesiac protagonist...
Scar Tissue
by Mark Gummere
Scar Tissue is the first novel in a projected series of detective/mysteries in the spirit of Raymond Chandler and Robert B. Parker. Robert “Lucky” Lucas, a fifty year old retired police Detective and widow from Southern California, has relocated in San Francisco to be near his son’s family. A...
Magical Journeys: The Dark Realm
by Terri J. Taber
Have you ever wondered where the elves, fairies and other mythical creatures went after the fall of King Arthur? What if you found out that some of them lived among us... That you might even be one? That is what Melissa Star had always wondered. Melissa moved to the small town of Ely, Nevada to liv...
by Delle Jacobs
For seventeen years, John Wall has sailed the seas, braving storms and pirates to bring his cargo safely into port. Sometimes he sees the Siren and hears her clarion voice above the crashing waves: "Come to me, John Wall. Come to me."But the Siren's song is death, so John resists its lure-- Until t...
Crossing the Acheron
by Jamie McNabb
Basil has only been dead a few short days, but already the afterlife has turned out to be anything but peaceful. His wife has sent him to his reward with no money. However, the ferryman, Charon, demands payment in full before taking Basil across the Acheron and into Eternity. Unable to swim the riv...
Virtual Cat-astrophe
by Reece Herring
When Carrie Easterman finds the man of her dreams on an internet playground, she puts aside her low self-esteem, lets her hair down, and connects with Lorne on a level beyond the physical. But after two months of smooth sailing, the moment she's dreaded arrives. He wants to meet in real life. Anxie...
Dancing on a Razorblade
by C. Dennis Moore
A collection of 6 previously published horror stories.
by Jamie McNabb
Reproductive rights? Civil rights? Concepts to cherish, but when a devastating plague sterilizes all but a handful of the men in the solar system, such noble sentiments fly out the window. True, the resulting chaos brings untold opportunities, but for Mr. Aiken, an junior officer aboard the space f...
Crossing the Camp
by Michael Jasper
"At the west entrance to the detainment camp, government workers string another layer of wire against the wall. It uncoils through human hands like a metal snake without a head. I tell Jaime Mundo, my new trainee, that the fence will be electrified by the time we leave tonight. He nods, fingers twi...
First Through the Post (Short Story)
by Mike Lewis
Tony is a mailer; someone who sends themselves through the vacuum tube postal system in a box for the fun and thrill of the challenge.When Brandon, a brash young American arrives at the Mailers' hangout, Tommy' cafe, and starts to make a move on Claire, Tony's almost girlfriend; Tony decides to cal...
Mud and Salt
by Michael Jasper
"Skin followed Georgie and Matt out of the pickup, his entire body shivering despite the three layers of clothing he wore. Outside the truck, the early-morning November air was crisp, with just a hint of wind that seeped through his camouflage jacket. Skin felt Matt watching him in the semi-darknes...
A Boy and a Hero
by Nikos Kalpakis
John always carries a blade on him, just like his grandfather taught him. So when John sees a man about to do harm, he steps forward, towards his destiny.
Half A Man
by Henri Bauhaus
This eerie short-short takes place in old Prague at a hole-in-the wall watering hole during a dismal November night. Read this short fable and learn about the mystery of half a man.
by Frank Arciszewski
Candy, a four hundred year old vampire gives her blood to six dying children hoping to save them without realizing the disastrous results when they turn 21. This book is a new style that I call “movella”. A mix of novella and screenplay. The dialogue is like a screenplay and less narrative less...
by Rachael Payne
'Cult' is a short story. After stumbling on what she believes to be an undiscovered lost civilisation, Isabella is stolen into an underground world with the unknown always one step ahead.
Poe's Suicide Letter
by Soleil Brando
Many theories surround the death of one of the greatest American poets, Edgar Allan Poe. Among them are murder and suicide. A biographical criticism of one of his last publications, "A Dream within a Dream," prove Poe's more sinister, dark, and suicidal agenda.
Valley of Death & Zombies
by William Bebb
Nestled in a remote valley, the residents of The Albuquerque Springs Trailer Park have lived out there lives nearly forgotten by the rest of the world. Life was peaceful, quiet, and boring until an industrial accident killed Juan, one of the illegal immigrants who called the valley home. His friend...
Peace of her Heart
by Lyndie Strawbridge
20-year-old Maddie Watson thinks it's love when hippie-boy Raffie sweeps her off her feet on a patchouli cloud of sappy movies and midnight picnics. But when he leaves town for a Grateful Dead Tribute Festival, Maddie’s college study-buddy Nick helps her discover that as far as Raffie is concerne...
Jinn Nation
by Caroline Barnard-Smith
In Dunraven Road, Dylan wanted to tear the world down - now he only wants to find his place in it.Once, the vampire Dylan had feared nothing and no one. He'd rampaged throughout the world on a seemingly never ending quest to fill his eternal years with the finest, most outrageous extravagances; wit...
Die schone Helena und andere Gemeinheiten
by Elsa Rieger
Alles ist wie immer, denken die Figuren dieser Kurzgeschichten, doch dann kommt es anders.
Corsair (Outer Pendulum, Book 1)
by Slava Heretz
In a distant future, where humans have colonized all but the most barren solar systems in our Milky Way galaxy, a new frontier begins 87,000 light years away.With rampant piracy and corruption bringing the newly founded civilization to the brink of collapse, decorated ex-Alliance Navy officer, Eli ...
Jonathan Rush and the Star Academy
by Gregory Blackman
Jonathan Rush and the Star Academy:The Dark Prince has emerged from the shadows, ready to wage war on the Star Academy. The galaxy’s only hope for salvation rests in the arms of an anxious fourteen year old named Johnny.Portals in space have opened, spreading chaos throughout the galaxy. The mons...
The Shower
by Gwendolyn Cummings
A young couple experience a sensual shower together.
Millionaire MBA Day 1: Millionaire Mindset
by Millionaire MBA
Full transcription of Day 1 of Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme.
A Pain in the Toenails
by Melissa Yuan-Innes
Ah, the innocence of medical school. This is a story from my third year of clinical clerkship, when I started rotating through the hospital wards, starting with internal medicine. I was matched to the gastrointestinal team, so I can recite the bacterial causes of bloody diarrhea to this day.One pat...
The Chuckling Crab
by Frankie Lassut
The tantalizing story of the Ghost Town's (Coventry) brilliant specialised seafood restaurant, which was made to sparkle by Nim Chana, an alien. The restaurant was a legend in its own lifetime. Mouth wateringly funny!Crabs rule ok!
The Librarian Fantasies
by Gwendolyn Cummings
One young librarian finds herself backed in a corner while attempting to help a handsome patron locate a book.Another young librarian finds some assistance from a handsome patron while working the midnight shift.Find out what happens between these librarians and the handsome strangers when they are...
by Edward Nickus
When Harlingame leaves the orphanage, he really has no idea how far it is to get to that mythical "West." He soon finds out, as it is slow going on foot. Ending up in a speck on the map that calls itself a town, Harley finds out he has a lot to learn; it's a good thing he's resourceful, because he'...
Intrigue: The Night Muse Trilogy
by Stacey Rychener
Amid the 80,000 abandoned buildings in Detroit, a battle shrouded in secrecy is brewing. The Greek Olympian, Ares, runs the city as his own personal Coliseum while Apollo and Hermes struggle to shield teens from his deadly hobbies. Ares endless supply of gladiators is all the more accessible becaus...
The Covenant Secret: The Master Key to Success
by John Feloni
People and relationships. Business, life, and success is about people and relationships. We all know that, but why is it so? And how do we become better people and build better relationships? The answer lies in the Covenant Secret. And when you know it, everything makes sense and success beyond you...
I Loved You First
by Reena Jacobs
Alexandria (Alex) Carmichael guards two secrets close to her heart. One—she’s in love with her best friend, Seth. Two—he’s gay. As a freshman in college, Alex looks forward to fun times with her best friend. When Seth decides cycling through girlfriends is the way to fit in with the straigh...
by christopher Ridge
A two story collection of psychopath stories featuring a baseball maniac who has created his own version of the game and a man who can't seem to find the perfect wife.
Signs and Wonders
by Alex Adena
Most children are told they can be doctors, lawyers — even astronauts. Not Annie Grace. Since childhood she’s been raised to be a miracle worker, capable of healing all that ails the followers of her father’s faith-healing crusade. Fame and riches flowed.Now 20 years later and unable to remem...
Apples of Gold: A collection of inspirational short stories and poems
by scott biddulph
Apples of Gold is a collection of short stories and poems touching on the personal struggles and triumphs of real people. These stories and poems were inspired from true life experience. Words are powerful and sharing ones experience, strength, and hope through stories and poems is a very effective...
Survival First - A strategy for dealing with the jobless recovery
by W Michael Allen
Originally the title was to be "Success My Ass - Survival First" I toned it down a bit but the point remains, you need to be innovative and take care of yourself first. This short story contains a strategy for dealing with the jobless recovery. I plan to expand this into a full blown book during th...
The Las Vegas Experience (Trashy Erotica)
by Adrianna White
My name is Steve, and much like my previous confession, I will not be using my real name. Not that I am ashamed of my actions, but because I am a happily married man and would like to stay that way.My addiction to escorts began innocently enough, with that first visit to New York City. This time wa...
My Los Angeles Angel (Trashy Erotica)
by Adrianna White
I was staying in Los Angeles for the weekend, away on a business trip. My family stayed at home, like usual. That worked out for the best, because I didn’t want them here, anyways. My name is Steve, and these are my escort confessions.Only things didn't go as planned this time.Warning: This eBook...
His Story in My Words
by Jason Whipple
A collection containing eight personal reflections of God and the way He has worked in my life - expressed in poem form.
Speed Dial
by Ronnie Coleinger
This adult fiction short story tells of a young newlywed who used the speed dial button on her cell phone to send her husband a little early morning phone sex. Only after her husband returned home did she discover that she had pressed the wrong button on her cell phone, and her erotic little messag...
Twenty tales of Human Misery
by Eamonn Hickson
TWENTY TALES OF HUMAN MISERY is a series of poems, each one analysing a different slice of human life that has been soaked in pain and misery.From the first to the twentieth, we delve into the minds of those causing the pain, and those on the recieving end of such unnatural work.While a few account...
Jetting Away
by Teri Heyer
Priscilla Alexander needs to get away from her stressful job as an advertising executive in San Francisco. In addition, her soon-to-be divorced mom has moved into Priscilla's small condo. Her mom means well, but her hovering is driving Priscilla crazy. When Priscilla reads a magazine article about ...
Voices Beckon, Pt. 1: The Voyage
by LindaLeeGraham
The year is 1783. Passengers are swarming the bustling Bristol quay, anxiously awaiting the call to board.David Graham, a Scot indentured for the next six years to a Philadelphia printer, waits among them, as does Elisabeth Hale, a young Englishwoman making the passage with her father, and Liam Bro...
A Moonlit Night Saga: The Awakening
by Adrianna White
Emily and her friends have survived the night, believing that the worst has passed. They couldn’t be more wrong.A vampire hunter has arrived in town, searching for the culprit of vicious attacks in the area. His sights are set on Xander, and will stop at nothing to claim his bounty. The only ques...
The Pit
by Chris Teese
A young man climbs out of a pit deep within the Earth, put there by many former people in his life. He reflects on his past as he climbs, his rage growing towards those who put him there, as he tries to push down his hurt and focus on making it to the top. On another plane of a existence, a young m...
Max and The Happy Prince
by Kimberly Kaplan
Max, a crane, decides to walk away from his flock one day. He had been jeered his entire life because of his crocked wing. He can take it no more. He walks away, refusing to ever fly again. Max wanders into the town of Troubadour. That night, exhausted by his loss, he falls asleep underneath an orn...
Zombie Tales: Primrose Court Apt. 502
by Robert Decoteau
Theodore Granger believes he’s cursed. He’s spent the last ten years locked away. But today is his day, the day he is to venture out into the world again. There is only one simple task on his agenda: walk one block, cross the street, and have a cup of coffee . The only problem is, he chose the ...
Drill and Sanctimony: ***Unclassified***
by Peter Anthony
by Poppet
The newest paranormal romance by the author of SeitheSarah bumps into Dustin, and is instantly smitten. Erik wants her, and won't back down, finally revealing his true identity.Caught in a love triangle with cosmic repercussions, Sarah represents all women when she decides to let her heart make her...
The Song of Prague
by Shane Jiraiya Cummings
A haunting song. An enigmatic singer. A confrontation that could tear the fabric of reality apart.Pray the Dreamer does not wake ...A dark urban fantasy short story from Shane Jiraiya Cummings, Australia's master of the macabre.
Illusion is a Synonym for Dream
by C. Dennis Moore
If your entire life and everything you knew was just a dream, how would you know? And would you want to wake up?
by Molly Snow
BeSwitched:When a magical black cat, Surla, runs away from her bombastic witch, Idis, she has no idea that she will soon be living as a teenage girl, confronting both the mean girls and the popular—and very cute—guys of Washington High on a daily basis.While Surla may look like Cathy, her peers...
by Morgan La Femina
Joseph wants a new life, he wants to go to college and make something of himself. But when his mother develops cancer and his disabled brother gets involved with the local drug dealers he has to put everything on hold. Now with a widening circle of his friends in danger, Joe must race to put the pi...
The House of Special Purpose
by Colin Falconer
For years no one knew what happened to Czar Nicholas and his family after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. It was decades before the whole truth came out.The deadly account of what happened to them in Ekatinerberg, in the House of Special Purpose draws on eyewitness accounts and is told from the p...
Thrive! Create What Matters Most - In Challenging Times and Beyond!
by Bruce Elkin
• Struggling to make sense of a changing world? • Stuck, stalled, unsure of purpose, goals, direction? • In transition? Not sure what to do next, or how? • Thinking of reinventing yourself and or your work? • Starting out but unsure how to organize your journey? • Want to simplify but n...
Miracles; Steven's Story (based on a true story)
by C.L. Mozena
Steven is an athiest. He doesn’t believe inGod or Heaven. Stuckin a wheelchair and unable to speak after a medical emergency, Steven can’t find a single reason to be happy.After seeing a powerful play presented by the children of a local church, Steven realizes that he’s just one small piece ...
JADE - Short end of the Stick
by Robert Shroud
Robert Sineese has a problem. His boss thinks he stole his money. The problem? His boss is Fat Tony...And then there's Jade.
The Servant
by Delaney Scott
Stranded by a snowstorm, Mary Lamb finds herself an unexpected guest at Britonlow Hall, an ancient English estate turned school for the blind. It is Christmas holiday, and the school is nearly abandoned, save for the housekeeper and a handful of staff. With little else to do during her confinement,...
Shower Sex for One
by Mary Chi
Shower Sex for One is short, steamy erotica story that takes care of business. Go into the world of orgasm by water and more. Expect hot, heavy breathing action, and a special twist at the end. It will have you rushing to take care of business. 2,500 word quickie lunch read!
Me and My Ghoulfriends
by Rose Pressey
There's always fun to be had on a ghoul's night out. By day, Larue Donavan is a down-to-earth bookstore owner. But by night, she's a world-renowned psychic investigator dedicated to helping lost spirits find peace. Dead people won't leave her alone and Abraham Lincoln thinks he's in charge of her l...
Drew's Descent
by DeeDee Dupree
Drew is not what he seems. Tall, good-looking and equipped with a charming smile that lights up the room. That’s the easy part to see, however, underneath lies a troubled individual with demons from his past that continually haunt him. Symptoms of mental instabilities begin to surface unveiling s...
I Love You I Hate You
by Jennifer Zeliff
A short story about a wife who hates her job and has a dream of being a published author. Her husband does not support this dream at first. Together they must work through the complications.
A Geek's Guide To Get Laid! (Have Sex Even If You're Fat, Ugly or Worse!)
by Dave Briner
So you're a Geek, huh? Do you think, because you're a Geek, the Universe (or at least your little corner of it) is conspiring against you, making sure you can't Get Laid as much as you want?Unfortunately, many Geeks are forced to endure some form of socially-imposed celibacy. But now is the time fo...
One Final Night
by Wendy L. Young
Mel and Paul seem to have it all but beneath the thin veneer of their marriage lies a rotten core. She is unreasonable and he is passive - just two of their many problems. Mel doesn't know it yet, but she has this night, and only this one final night, to figure out what the future holds.
From Within
by John M. Dow
by Randy Tatano
Temperance Logan is a struggling television news reporter who is the daughter of the country's most famous anchor. Her job's on the line until she discovers dad's secret; a way to look into the future. With "tomorrow's news today" at her fingertips she rockets up the ladder...until a glimpse of wha...
The Rootless
by Angelo Tsanatelis
He appeared seemingly out of nowhere. They were calling him, the Rootless, because he wasn't a member of the Tribe, although he was almost like them. He traveled alone, with no clear plan and a voice in his head that was always there, a remnant of a distant and forgotten past.This story is set in t...
by Martyn Housley-Smith
In the war with the Fallen, three teenage nephilim and the priest who raised them battle to prevent those cast out of Heaven making Hell a reality on earth. But when their mentor is fatally wounded he is forced to reveal his true identity as one of those he fought so hard against. His dying words s...
The Man With The Silver Matchbox
by Jamie McNabb
When Zhiguli, the local witch-burner-in-chief, takes it into his head to rid his town of its new high priestess, he and his nephew organize a raid on her coven's next Sabbat. However, the new high priestess turns out to be much, much more than either Zhiguli or Misha bargained for.
Replaced By a Stranger
by KC Stone
**Based on a true story**Growing up in a small town in South Carolina, Emily Weston enjoyed a good life. Small towns offer great relationships where everyone knows everyone and a peaceful back drop to set the scene of her what seemed to be perfect life. However, this small town was no stranger to a...
Detective John Sanders' Erotica Noire
by Adrianna White
Detective John Sanders has been on the police force almost twenty years now. He was a drunk, a loudmouth, and a womanizer, but he was also the best Detective in the city.A young Spanish immigrant is murdered, and John's life becomes a whirlwind of passion and intrigue.This short story is about sex,...
Hard Cock and Paid Pussy (Trashy Erotica)
by Adrianna White
My name is Steve, and due to the sensitive subject matter, I will not be using my last name. I don’t know how I ended up here, to be honest. I was a happily married man, with a loving wife and three children. Little did I know it, but there was something missing from my life; something I found wh...
Star Raiders and the Lost Expedition 2nd Edition
by M. Shaunessy
Two freelance adventurers Mike Tippin and Justin Jobbs, take an unusual mission from a beautiful Princess Tygla Tyger to rescue her brother from the evil humanoid, Lord Drax of the Xatu Empire. But the mission goes awry as Tygla's Brother, Xman, escapes the dreaded battle ship Hades and joins up wi...
A Freddie and Jimmy Story - The Snow Cat - Picture Book
by N.A. Oswald
Have you ever wondered what cats get up to while their owners are out?Find out with this fantastic children's picture book about two real cats who live in the North Yorkshire Moors of England.Suitable for ages 4 to 104, this book is perfect for sharing, especially at bedtime. More confident young r...
Africa Rising: How 900 Million African Consumers Offer More Than You Think
by Vijay Mahajan
Profit from the World’s Largest Untapped Market: Africa’s MORE THAN 900 MILLION Consumers! “This book lays out a powerful portrait of the growing opportunities in Africa. It is clear to us that any global firm interested in growth must see Africa as an essential part of its portfolio.” --E. ...
So, You Want to Start a Business?: 8 Steps to Take Before Making the Leap
by Edward D. Hess
“Hess and Goetz present a roadmap for how to avoid the things that can cause you to stumble and how to build a business the right way.”–JEFF ZEIGLER, CEO,, Austin, TX “When I started my graphic design business, I knew I had enough talent to impress and keep my clients, but I st...

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