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Friday, October 14, 2011

224 FREE Nook Books

by Darryl Ableman
I have yet to come across a book that provided me with an unbiased overview. So many of the books that I have read discuss the 'mutilation' of the male foreskin and guilt a parent into believing that they are monsters. As a poor example of a Jew, and as a physician who performs daily circumcision, ...
The Christmas Guest
by Justin Cawthorne
A short seasonal tale to offer you a few free chills on Christmas Eve...
The Clan of the Stone
by Kurt Kammeyer
Benjamin ben Jacob is a thirteen year-old boy living at Fort Kanosh, in the land of Deshret on the planet Edom. At the age of thirteen, Ben becomes a Kohan and receives his own personal name-stone. Then he meets a very strange Outsider girl, and together they embark on an adventure that prepares th...
Until Again: Prequel Novella to BLUE
by Lou Aronica
Reviewers have called Lou Aronica’s novel BLUE “compelling,” “beautifully written,” “a story to remember and cherish,” and “one of those books that everyone should find a moment to read.” Readers have said it was “a great inspiration,” “I’ve never been more moved or inspire...
by Lou Aronica
Chris Astor is a man in his early forties who is going through the toughest stretch of his life. Becky is Chris's fourteen-year-old daughter, a girl who overcame enormous challenges to become a vibrant, vital young woman - and now faces her greatest obstacle yet. Miea is the young queen of a fantasy...
Don't Blink (Special Free Preview - Book One)
by James Patterson
This special free preview includes Book One of Don't Blink.The goodNew York's Lombardo's Steak House is famous for three reasons--the menu, the clientele, and now, the gruesome murder of an infamous mob lawyer. Effortlessly, the assassin slips through the police's fingers, and his absence sparks a b...
Blood Spatter -- A Short Story
by Guy James
Logan Jennings is a loving father, husband, and dog-owner. A mild-mannered, freelance photographer, by all appearances, he leads the perfect life.What’s his secret?He’s an obsessive, ritualistic serial killer...except he doesn’t know it.Logan would like to meet you. Will you oblige him?"Blood...
Travelin' Man: The Event
by Mark Stephens
An introduction to an e-series that explores how one man and humanity deal with the elimination of all technology in the world. Will we regress back to the stone age or evolve as a species?
Freddie and Jimmy - The Snow Cat
by N.A. Oswald
Have you ever wondered what cats get up to while their owners are out?Find out with this fantastic children's picture book about two real cats who live in the North Yorkshire Moors of England.Suitable for ages 4 to 104, this book is perfect for sharing, especially at bedtime. More confident young r...
Deep Black Beyond
by Annie Bellet
A shuttle crash and a rescue by a mysterious woman alone on a deserted planet leads to political and physical dangers... A captain facing court-martial discovers an alien in hyperspace... In the not so far future, a teenage boy has to choose between love and traveling to the stars... On a far away ...
Movie Knight - a Black Knight Short Story
by John Hartness
In this Black Knight short story, Jimmy and Greg have a pleasant evening interrupted by a hungry chihuahua-demon who wants to turn a hospital into a buffet. The perfect intro to the series which begins with Hard Day's Knight
An Unnamed Acquaintance
by Charles W Jones
A collection of dark poetry and short stories to make your spine tingle and your imagination run wild.
by S.J. Finch
There’s fantasy. Then there’s urban fantasy. Then there’s urban fantasy that cranks the action and ammunition up so loud, your downstairs neighbors will be banging on the ceiling. We’ve got werewolves ripping throats out, we’ve got vampires tearing people to shreds. We’ve got mind-reade...
Thoughts From the Inside
by Beth Johnson
This little book is a complilation of some of my writings over the past 30 years. Most of them came to me during meditations but others were just simple truths that became obvious to me as I navigated life's pathways. Thoughts From the Inside is meant to be read softly aloud to your self or to othe...
by Jordan Morris
On her flight to Sydney, Pandora Peterson finds herself stuck next to Nick Vicars - a chauvinist radio shock jock with too much hair wax and a cheap white suit. A modern retelling of the myth of Icarus for everyone who’s ever tried to fly.
Drippy the Peg Legged Rainbow, A Story for Demented Children
by John H. Carroll
Rainbows have existed throughout the universe since shortly after its inception. Born from light and moisture, they have expanded along with galaxies and other cosmic goo. They only die from the destruction of worlds, absence of moisture or the long loss of light. Many are ancient, being nearly as ...
Horror 2: Party Animal.
by Kenneth Guthrie
Warm air, blissful sunny days: The epitome of a dream summer. However, blood lust stalks the summer nights. Death awaits and sins are punished while drawing others to the lamp of death awaiting all-soon-to-be wingless creatures in the endless night. Monstrous and punishing the sinner does not escap...
Just Another Vicious Circle
by Dianna Hardy
Speculative Fiction: It's the end of the second millennium, and war has ravaged the world, turning Ric and Jean's lives upside down. When a circle has no beginning, and no end, is there any way out? Reading age guide: 12+ This is a FREE read of 3554 words. Author's Note: I wrote this when I was fif...
Rescued (The Runners, Part Three)
by Logan Rutherford
Part Three in the #1 Amazon Short Story Bestseller, The Runners.Adam and Eve are reeling from a tragic loss, but the sinister minds at Kappa won't let them rest for a second. One of their own had been taken, and now the Runners must rise up agianst the enemy. All is not as it seems, though. As alli...
Pain Below the Equator
by Scott Skipper
In six weeks the author and his wife, both experienced adventure travelers, toured the lower two thirds of South America making calls in Argentina, Chile with a side trip to Easter Island and Peru. Dining, sights, people, politics, pitfalls misfortune and craziness are recounted in concise detail. ...
Shadow Ghosts - Free Edition
by R. H. Politz
As a father, what would you do if your wife died in the twin towers (9-11), and, ten years later, your daughter was listed as having been killed in a training accident in boot camp but you believed she was actually still alive? Mike Wilson is on a mission and now, it's personal! ~*~ Spooks, spies, ...
So you want to write a novel
by J.P. Kurzitza
So You Want to Write a Novel… was written for the many who’ve wanted to pursue the lofty endeavor of penning (typing) their very own opus, but for one reason or another got lost in the whole process, or perhaps were even a little intimidated. This writer’s booklet was designed to get the ball...
Voodoo Children - A Bubba the Monster Hunter Short Story
by John Hartness
He's big, he's bad and he's here to save the day. From the author of The Black Knight Chronicles comes a new series of supernatural comedy with a Johnny Cash soundtrack and a Kevin Smith twist.Meet Bubba the Monster Hunter, a 6'5" 340-pound hero for the working man. If it goes bump in the night, Bu...
by Ash Stirling
Random has a powerful need to hide, and data to sell. There is only one person who can handle that, the information broker known as Haphazard, who has her ears and eyes in all that occurs in The City.Bargains is the second episode in the Braeden Wolf Short Story collection.
Daddy's Halloween Treat (Taboo Erotic Fiction)
by Jasmine Dayne
When Valerie's latest guy disappoints her, she flees the crowded campus Halloween party for a quiet night alone at home with a scary movie. But when her jilted stepfather returns they share a night of forbidden passion that's a lot more interesting than any slasher flick.Warning: This short erotic ...
by Ash Stirling
It was meant to be a simple delivery run, dropping a datachip off as a favour. But when the favour is for the information broker Haphazard, it is never simple, as Braeden Wolf finds out.Favours is the third episode in the Braeden Wolf Short Story collection.
God, Scotch, Margaret, and a .38 Special
by Robert Shroud
He was at the end of his rope. He was going to put God to the ultimate test. In God, Scotch, Margaret, and a .38 Special, there was only going to be one winner. Trenton Markus Sellers was determined to be it.
by Ash Stirling
A young hacker enters the virtual world to risk a run at a mysterious databank and gets more than she bargains for. Intrusion is the first episode in the Braeden Wolf Short Story collection.
by Marie Sterbenz
Sean has an inoperable brain tumor and only a short time left before dies. When he decides to end his life by jumping off the Cliffs of Moher he is visited by a fairy who convinces him to seek love instead with the one woman who truly loves him already.
by Mia Darien
Ten years have passed since an airplane bearing the first zombies landed at LAX and started the 'zombie apocalypse' in the United States. What's happened since that time? What do we know now that we didn't know before? One reporter takes a retrospective look at an argument with two decisive sides.
Blow (Oral Fixation #1)
by Hanna Lui
Exciting, intimate, and quirky, Blow is a suave erotic short. Featuring the first of Christina's trysts with the men who dominate her fantasies, her sexual encounters awakens desire, and sensualize the raw power of hot sex. Warning: This book contains explicit sex between consenting adults. 18+
Eddie's Shorts - Volume 3
by M. Edward McNally
The 22nd & 24th POTUS: Mitch's new relationship is going great. Except that her dog hates him.Breaking Up is Hard to Do: The thing about mixing business with pleasure is that the break-ups can make your work life really awkward. Particularly when you are a bank robber.
Escape the Volcano
by Stephanie Dagg
Tom has always been fascinated by volcanoes. So this summer Mum takes him, his sister Anna and his best friend Kevin for a holiday close to a dormant one in France. It's their first holiday away since Tom's dad died two years ago.They explore the area and make friends with a scientist studying a ca...
Extreme Skiing and Psychedelic Mushrooms: The Art of Chasing Fear
by Jason Matthews
Extreme skiing and psychedelic mushrooms don't normally go together, but after Josh agrees to join Sam and Rudy on a backcountry adventure, he quickly realizes the trek is more than he bargained for. When the guys are joined by Tess, a ski instructor and the girl of Josh's dreams, he knows he'll do...
Faerie Tale (The Unfinished Song Serial)
by Tara Maya
Long ago, the humans all but wiped out the Aelfae, fairest and wisest of the High Fae. The remaining faeries have never forgotten, or forgiven.Dindi has no idea that her quest to become a magic dancer will embroil her in the faeries' plan to restore their lost kin.(Note: This is a serial edition of...
First Light - An Unauthorized Sequel to the Twilight Saga
by Jean Rush
“Your feelings are difficult to interpret, my dear,” he said. “There is love, but there is anger too. The opposing thoughts are intertwined and... confused.”I nodded, but couldn’t find any words to drown out my beating heart. Its alarming pace was all I could focus on. It didn’t matter ...
Lady of the Woods
by Robert Larrison
Shades of Snidely Whiplash! An evil banker wants to grab the Royce family farm but three teenage cousins and a ghost step in to save the day.Thunder and Sarah Royce plan on spending a relaxing vacation with their cousin Jamie on their father's family farm. Unfortunately, an evil banker decides it's...
Love Bites
by Cate Masters
When night falls. you never know what creatures prowl in the shadows… A guardian angel… with an ulterior motive? Dragons… racing? A girl… with an unusual offer? A gargoyle… searching for love? A charity run might mean a run for your life. Only you hold the power to control them… by read...
Miracles; Lester's Story (based on a true story)
by C.L. Mozena
A beautiful day turns nasty when a storm brews, bringing severly strong winds along with it. Lester is knocked unconscous and rushed to the hospital when he gets struck in the head by a flying concrete block. The only thing that saves his life is the power of prayer.
by R. Malone
There's a new man in Sadie's life. Cody Haas has many talents, including telepathy and astral projection. Enter Aeron Haas. Aeron gains Sadie's trust after saving her from a rogue immortal.Which vampire is actually a wolf in sheep's clothing?
The Author Business: A Practical Guide to the Business of Being a Self-Published Author
by J.L. Murphey
While there are tons of books on how to write a novel or nonfiction book and how to market your book, there is little written about the business end of self-publishing. This is directed at American authors because this is my primary area of expertise. If you live anywhere other than the U.S. please...
When the Flowers Faded
by Harold Charles
A darling hot-pants wearing singer belts it out nightly in an obscure Karaoke bar in Pembroke Park, Florida. Until she meets her horrible fate. This is one man's account of that little-known performer whose memory may be as faded as the flowers in this true story.
WPS: Camille and the Supernovas
by K.M. Johnson-Weider
It's 2009 and Camilla, a.k.a Nova Woman, has been forced to leave two prestigious professional superhero teams. Now she's started her own small charter team, the Supernovas, and gotten a contract with the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Returning to Fort Wayne after a successful mission, Camille faces...
A Chance Meeting: A Short Story
by Emerald Barnes
Keely moved away from her hometown and the monster that haunted her. She hoped for a new life, but when she's attacked by someone on the street, she realizes that monsters are more real than ever. She meets Milo who shows her why she has reason to fear the dark.
by Ash Stirling
An investigation into a string of murders leads Angela Grey into a confrontation with a violent gang - and the help of a slightly unhinged fellow officer. Aggression is the fifth episode in Braeden Wolf Short Story collection.
A Sad Goodbye: A Short Story
by Emerald Barnes
After Sara's husband dies, she finds solace in whiskey, but soon realizes, it isn't only whiskey that she needs to help fill the void in her heart.
A Unique Angel
by Arezou Dasta
A series of emotional sentences for respecting my beloved teacher.
Final Solution 7
by Alexander Hope
Kroboski stretched his arm back. A steel hook reflected the dwindling but scorching copper sun. Kroboski snapped the hook forward. Three Long Darts spun along the surface of the hook and catapulted one-after-another toward a wooden barricade. Two of the four-inch shafts drove into the wood up to th...
by A. C. Ellis
A short story in the Ancients' War universeSusan Tanner battles Ghosts on a strange planet circling the Crab Nebula, while fighting ghosts from her own past.
King Jimmy
by Sue Verrochi
Boys and girls begin a dangerous game in a school yard one cold winter's day. (Short fiction)
Plum Loco
by Linda Boltman
Plum Loco is a humorous, heartwarming story about a single woman’s quest to replace her favorite red plum tree after firefighters are forced to cut it down in an attempt to save her home during the San Diego Witch Creek Fire of 2007. Grateful for the firefighters’ extreme efforts to save her ho...
Return to Innocence
by Kate Everson
Let your soul be your guide to a life of joy and peace. Rediscover your inner child and your lost innocence.
What the Orangutan Told Alice: Teacher's Guide
by Dale Smith
What the Orangutan Told Alice is a book of environmental fiction geared toward an audience of students from sixth through twelfth grade. It gives them an opportunity to learn about orangutans and their fight for survival as an endangered species, preserving theenvironment, and the rain forest in an...
What the Parrot Told Alice: Teacher's Guide
by Dale Smith
What the Parrot Told Alice is a book of environmental fiction that gives students opportunities to learn about parrots, preserving the environment, and the rain forest in an easy-to-read, fantasy story form. Teachers who use this guide will find the following features to supplement their own valuab...
by Laurea Parma
What would you do when you know the one you love is going to leave you...forever?
Behind The Mirror ( The Glass Wall )
by Madison Adler
Rafael is a Fate Tracker, protecting his world and Earth from disaster, but what should he do when disaster appears in the form of love?This short story is the prequel to "The Glass Wall, Book One - The Return of the Ancients".Approximately 20 pages.
by Ash Stirling
Curiosity about a man gets the better of the vampire Raven, leading to a potentially dangerous situation. Curiosity is the fourth episode in the Braeden Wolf Short Story collection.
Demon Song: A Short Story
by A.R. Williams
Kenshin Nobuyashi is on a quest to avenge those he loved. But are the Gods for him or against him?
Eyes Wide Shut
by Meredith Shayne
Adam Taylor liked working for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. He didn’t even mind the tiny outback town in Western Australia where he was based. If the downside was doing the regular clinic at the Mount Keith nickel mine where his mining engineer ex-boyfriend Chris Barker worked, well, he’d co...
Family Words
by Kurt Frazier
A collection of poetry about my family and some of the words that have been a comfort to me in times of loss. Great memories that are worth sharing.
First Words
by Arshad Ahsanuddin
I started writing seriously in September 2009. Since that time, I have learned a great deal about the craft of writing, mostly through trial and error combined with self-study. There are things I know now that would have greatly influenced my earlier work, if I had known better. Then again, the exe...
How to Beat the Devil
by Kate Everson
Beat the devil by identifying his tricks and gaining an upper hand in life.
Jack and the Beanstalk -- The Whole Story, Plus the Sequel
by Robby Charters
I'm sure you know the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. At least you think you know. Okay, you might know what's in the storybooks, what they teach you in school -- but there's a whole lot more to it! For example, do you know what happened to the cow? How long did all the money last? What about the ...
Lost Hope: Barren Wastelands Series Part 2
by Leif G.S. Notae
Cearo stood valiant against an attack but was forced to leave her home. Lost in the wastes, she is recovered by a mysterious man. What will happen to her now and will she find what she ultimately wants? What of the Militia and their desire to see her demise? All this and more in "Lost Hope", part 2...
Naughty Cinderella (Adrianna's Fairy Tales)
by Adrianna White
The story of Cinderella is far more adult than you were lead to believe. A lady of the night, she spends her days working the streets and her nights living in poverty. Her stepsister's controls her every decision and she is forced to live under her stepmother's iron fist.Her entire life is thrown i...
by Rosanne Dingli
An entrancing seduction, in which everything seems to shift.An ageing artist's fascination with a young woman he meets in the rain, and his power to draw her up into his studio seem spontaneous.Is she risking everything to feed her curiosity?This macabre yet sensual short story is about paint, wine...
Peppermints and Murder: A Short Story
by Emerald Barnes
When Addie finds work at the local diner, she never expected that her friend would be her greatest enemy.
Arise A Hero - Free Edition
by Wayne Schreiber
Enter a fantasy world where two opposing gods remain trapped in another dimension, they exist outside the normal timelines of mortal men and are forced to spend their days in an eternal prison for a long forgotten crime. Only a mortal may travel back and forth between the two rifts that connect the...
by Matt Peters
This is a short story about Kendall, a sailor stuck in Venezuela, who needs to figure out what to do now that the boat's captain has given up sailing and is flying back to the States. Does he find someone to help him sail the boat home or backpack around South America? And what's that third option ...
Forgotten Father
by Carol Rose
When Delanie Carlyle wakes in the hospital after a car accident, she discovers she cannot remember the past month of her life…and to her dismay, she’s newly pregnant. With no husband or lover in her life, she must take care of her child alone and then an elderly friend dies and she must deal wi...
Hunting Delilah
by Anne Baines
Con artist. Get-away driver. Thief. Delilah makes her own way in a crooked world.Desperate for money after a heist goes south, Delilah breaks into a rich man's home. But instead of cash and jewels, she discovers a severed head and a serial killer. When the killer threatens her chronically-ill daugh...
Roses and Daisies
by Mayssam Kaado
As a girl, falling in love is what you dream about. when Emilyn finds the guy, THE guy, that makes you forget everything; the fact that your life's messed up, the fact that you have a disorder, everything, her life turns into a rollercoaster. Emilyn has nothing to lose, and she is ready to lose it ...
Setting Up A WAMP Server On Your Windows Desktop
by David Ipswich
When it comes to setting up a server on your own computer, many people may have toyed with the idea and then not continued because they thought it would be too difficult. For anyone who has been putting off creating a WAMP server on their home computer, the 34 pages and 34 illustrations in "Setting...
Sudden Chemistry
by Delilah Fawkes
Excerpt for ADULTS ONLY! Liz stared down at her helpless quarterback and licked her lips. Mmm, the things she was going to do to him. The fear in his eyes just intensified her longing. She was wet already, but she wanted to take things slow. She’d waited so long to get him like this. “Now, just...
The Handshake
by Charles Harvey
The Handshake is a short piece, all dialog no narrative. In its brevity it tackles the themes of hypocrisy, love, and lust. Ex-student and teacher meet in a shopping mall and things quickly spiral out of control. The power of the students words leads the teacher to the brink of murder. The language...
The Power of Change (Vol.1) : The Last Invention
by Khaled Benbouzid
The lonely scientist and the inventor, Sina, is the worst among his friends, he is lazy and funny since he has never been recognized for creating something, he wants to fight Sharkaban the new king who overtook the world, but Sina has no idea, until the day he receives an important letter from a st...
A Bloody End - Chronicles of Myra
by Catherine Forbes
Introducing Myra - mistress and succubus. Seducing men is what she does best, but when one of her girls is murdered, seduction is the last thing on her mind.Instead, she sets out to punish the man responsible. The first in the Chronicles of Myra.Cover Model - Estelle EverCover Photography - Jeylina...
A Sense of the Infinite
by Kate Everson
Find infinity in the finite world and feel a sense of peace and joy in your life. It is there for the asking. Inspiring.
One Night Amongst the Stars: A Short Story
by Emerald Barnes
Ariyana shows up on a farm in the middle of Mississippi. She isn't even aware that she's on Earth. She fled from her past, and then she meets Blake.Blake owns the land that Ariyana finds herself on. He wants to believe what she's told him about coming from a different planet, but what Blake doesn't...
by Robert Shroud
Each of them were special to him in a different way. Every lock of hair a piece of him. Every strand a link to his heart. All five shone, as he marveled at his trophies.
The Book of Poisons, A Merlin's Gate Story
by Susan Cogan
excerpt: An old woman called Becuma sold rare and unusual things. Her shop was tucked away in a dark corner off the main market street. Many went there out of curiosity, many left with something strange they did not know they needed or wanted until they entered Becuma’s narrow and crowded aisles....
Four Self-Interviews About Cinema: the short films of director Norman Reedus
The self interviews in this collection originally appeared in the Montage: Cultural Paradigm (Sri Lanka) from September 5th-25th, 2011. Focusing on three films directed by Norman Reedus in 2006, each self-interview is an exploration of cinema, philosophy, and the conscious and unconscious mind in c...
Mother Dearest
by Michael Wright
Tom Morrison has just lost his fiance, and then his mother grows incredibly sick. In caring for his mother and missing Trisha, he finds more about his mother than he cared to ever know. A story of a mother's love gone wrong.How well do we know the ones we love? How much do they keep hidden from us?...
The Jester's Daughter
by Peter Wilson
John Randall brings his friend Anne to visit his parents’ home, the small castle of Ernscar in northern England. Anne is fascinated by a mediaeval portrait in her room, believed to represent Alison Miller, daughter of the castle Fool in the fifteenth century, and on subsequent visits sees in it s...
The Rescue
by Justin Webster
The Rescue is a tale about the road to hell. Good intentions really aren't enough. In fact, sometimes good intentions bring out the bad.
Touching the Dead
by J. Kathleen Cheney
"Touching the Dead" is the tale of a young girl determined to use her unusual gifts to solve a man's murder. She might be blind, but her over-developed sense of touch shows her clues none other can see. Originally published in Jim Baen's Universe, June 2007."The Bear Girl" tells of a young woman's ...
Searching the Unknown; Guide to Understanding the Paranormal
by Michael Bertolini
Free guide to anyone interested in the exciting field of ghost-hunting. From someone who's been there, I've compiled what you need to know because in my days I had to search for this information or ask others for advice. Download this short, free guide and share it with your friends and fellow hunt...
Sister Albert Marchetti - "An Angel Of God"
by Robert Chapin
It was in the mid 1950's and our mother wanted her three children to receive a Catholic education. It was post World War II and the economy was thriving. The "Baby Boomer" era had arrived and there was plenty of construction of new homes. Our school was located in central Massachusetts and the nuns...
The Gospel; is there an easier version?
by Pastor Tace
Taking a closer look at todays preaching.
Mafiosi Season 1 Episode 1
by 711 Press
711 Press is a company with a unique twist on publishing: we release "Movies & TV in Book Form." Read our thrilling, cinematic titles in the time it takes you to watch a movie or TV show.Mafiosi is a show in our TV Book line, with episodic titles being released each Monday, beginning October 3, 201...
Milk and Coffee
by Kenneth Guthrie
Gorgeous and alluring, it’s their anniversary and she has plans. Tom is in for the time of his life (and probably a good deal of over-use strain) as she takes advantage of the celebrative mood to satisfy her own naughty fetishes. Can Tom last it out? Read on to find out. “Filth of the best kind...
Redemption (Part Three of the Arbiter Project Trilogy)
by Marek Storm
Former Senator Adam Lucas and scientist Hans Richter are fleeing for their lives from a government conspiracy to cover up a top secret military project gone awry. Now it is up to Sigmund Richter to learn the truth about his father's work. When Sigmund's own life is threatened, an operative of The A...
Betty & Veronica
by Elena Aitken
In sickness and in health...that's what best friends are for, right?When Addison announces she has breast cancer, her best friend Rori knows she'll do whatever it takes to see her through it. Because after all, what's Betty without her Veronica?***Please note, this is a short story, not a full leng...
Merchandise - A Short Story
by Michael Wright
Jim Shoemaker comes upon an interesting new business venture of his neighbors, a never-ending yard sale. But there is more to this sale than meets the eye. Bram and Linda Cain are ideal folks, they're the perfect young couple with a terrible secret. Jim is about to find that their cute slogan "We S...
The Serpent Kings
by James Somers
Gwen has only ever known life as a priestess of the High Serpent King, Belial the Glorious. Specially trained as a wraith dancer assassin, Gwen is preparing for a life dispensing justice in the name of her dragon gods when she successfully repels an attack by the Resistance upon Belial’s temple. ...
West Wind
by Madeline Sloane
When Sabrina Windham, heiress to her mysterious grandmother’s millions and her even-more mysterious grandfather’s sailboat legacy, finds his first boat design rotting in a pasture, she looks for a builder to help restore the once-famous Zephyr. Instead, she finds Jay West, the grandson of her g...
Xanadu Collision
by Nicholas Sheffield
Sierra is charged with managing the closure of a cryogenics center - a place where dead people are suspended in the hope that a future civilization will revive them.Only Sierra is part of that future civilization, and technology hasn't progressed enough.She goes about her grim task with impassivene...
How to Be Free
by Aussie Scribbler
How can we free ourselves from mental suffering? How can we unlock what the poet William Blake referred to as “the mind-forged manacles” - those unhelpful, unfounded and inflexible habits of thought which keep us from reaching our true creative potential?This book provides practical advice on h...
Kandy Fangs
by David G Shrock
Life is a memory, and amnesiac Steve Reynolds starts his life in the middle of a political issue involving a rare venom used as a drug. Kandy, a professional killer, helps him find his way through the time-shifting shadows of his life and into hers. Haunted by wraiths from his past, Steve puts his ...
Rerouted: 9 Short Works
by Joshua Scribner
9 brief stories about altered pathways.
The 5 P's of Creativity
by Shafali The Caricaturist
"The 5 P’s is a Creativity Model poised to establish itself as a fair competitor to the Six Hats Technique." - The Caricaturist."Has your creativity ever deserted you right at the time when the sword of the delivery deadline hung real close to your precious neck? Don’t let it happen ever again ...
Whiskey for Teething?
by Jim Schneegold
When I hit my next door neighbor’s house with a snowball, I knew I was in trouble. When my mom’s friend stiffed me on my paper route collection, I was pissed. When my brother died, well . . . you can imagine. If you like Erma Bombeck, Andy Rooney or Chicken Soup for the Soul's heartfelt stories...
First Bite: The Wicked Queen's Tale
by Laura Briggs
Beauty…Is the illusion the Queen cannot live without. It drives her to dark deeds beyond the imagination of those beneath the spell of her charms. Leaving ruined kingdoms in her wake, a dire prophecy before her–and one chance to conquer her fate.Youth…Is the only chance Fortulla has to escape...
Jungle Fever: A Don't Tell story
by Sara Pierce
Two rugged Navy SEALs, in from intense training maneuvers in the jungle, decide they need to blow off some steam before getting well-earned rest. What happens next is a fight for dominance that will leave both men on their knees. A short story at 3,400 words, JUNGLE FEVER contains explicit sexual s...
The Prague Cemetery (FREE SAMPLER)
by Umberto Eco
The highly anticipated, controversial novel, sold in more than forty countries Nineteenth-century Europe—from Turin to Prague to Paris—abounds with the ghastly and the mysterious. Conspiracies rule history. Jesuits plot against Freemasons. Italian republicans strangle priests with their own int...
My Only Regret
by Demetri O. Sahagun
Demetri Oliver Sahagun's debut poetry collection. Exploring the emotions in loyalty, love, heartbreak and sorrow through poetry. These ten poems are short and thick with emotions, philosophies, and stories told by my heart speaking through the point of a pen.
November 2011 Event, Editorial and Promotional Calendar, LEEP Single
by Laura D Lewis
This is a free version the LEEP singles. Covering the annual, monthly, weekly and daily events occurring during November 2011, this is a single month version of the 2011 Event, Editorial & Promotional Calendar. This LEEP Single is created for bloggers, marketers and journalists who need to know the...
Rapture Happened, Left Behind, What's Next!: Tribulation Period Survival Guide
by Terry Malone
This book will actually provide practical help tips and strategies on how you can survive the tribulation period. In this book you will learn, by the midway point of the tribulation period, 50% of the world’s population will likely be dead. But it doesn’t have to be you or one of your loved one...
Spy Hunt in D.C.
by Max Connelly
November 1949. A midnight visit to the British embassy in Washington D.C. brings an unusual hostage; a senior intelligence officer caught red-handed. However, the Chief Intelligence Representative, Kim Philby has his hand forced. He, himself a Soviet mole, cannot extradite the traitor, who knows of...
Civil War 2012 - Madame de la Guillotine - 5
by Tessa Schlesinger
Is it a war between the Democrats and the Republicans, or is it a class war? What is the real anger in America about? Book 5 continues the story of Civil War 2012.
Dark Edge
by Dmytry Karpov
"Deliciously demented tales that will suck you in, chew you up, and leave you begging for more,"~L.M. Stull, Author.Last year, Neil Gaiman created All Hallow's Read, a tradition of giving a scary book to someone on Halloween. So here's my gift to you. Get Dark Edge for free during the month of Octo...
Free Books For Kindle
by James Ryton
This book contains a comprehensive listing of the the best free Kindle book resources on the web. Inside you'll find resources to millions of free Kindle books as well as free audiobooks!In addition, this book contains detailed instructions (including screen captures) on how to download, convert, a...
Getting His Goat: Adventures in Cheetah Conservation
by Hal Brindley
Having a drugged cheetah wake up in his lap was not what Hal Brindley had in mind when he went to Africa as a conservation volunteer. This short story recounts the heart-pounding events of Brindley's final day tracking cheetahs at a game reserve in South Africa. 5,540 words
Horror and Other Emotions: 9 Short Works
by Joshua Scribner
9 short works that focus on fear and other emotional reactions.
Lot Seven
by Raven de Hart
A Kitten Knights Contemporary.Desperate for a new toy, Silas makes the trip out to his familiar stomping grounds--the underground auction house. Once there, he realizes he came on the right night--the night Nahele went up on the auction block.
Should I Baptize My Child?
by Pastor Tace
A brief look into this awkward and controversial question.
Stirred Not Shaken
by Julie Thomas
This is a book of quirky short stories.Stirred Not Shaken - Cam McIntosh is a fictional deep cover spy for the CIA, then something goes terribly wrong and he finds himself in the strangest place on earth, talking to Poirot and mixing a martini for Bond, James Bond.My Two Germans - Two people meet i...
Tess and All Kinds
by Elaine Orr
Tess lives with Grandma Wilma now. Grandma manages a storage facility, and Tess watches people come and go. She places them in categories, and for a seven-year old she has some insightful thoughts.
The Captive
by Linda Boltman
The courage of a kidnapped young girl is tested, but her strong will to live will not allow her to become a victim. This dark story of sustained suspense focuses on the thought process of this young woman as she awaits the return of her captor and culminates in a surprise ending. The Captive was se...
The Dew of Flesh
by Gregory Ashe
In The Thirteen Paths of Nakhacevir, in the city of Khi’ilan, the last of the gods-made-flesh still rules. But rebellion creeps ever closer, and the High Harvest draws nigh, when the streets will run red with the blood of human sacrifice.A small group of revolutionaries works to overthrow their g...
The Ether World Chronicles: Beginnings
by Artemis Hunt
In the Ether worlds, humans, superhumans and demons coexist . . . but their relationship is a minefield waiting for one false step. Our world is but one in this network of worlds held together by an iridescent ocean called the Ether, where strange creatures hunt and deep mysteries lurk. This is a t...
The Figures
by Nova Chalmers
When Miranda steals a quiet moment on a secluded beach, the last thing she expects is company. But the two muscular, mystery men who step out of the ocean aren't interested in solitude. They are intersted in Miranda, and she's in for the ride of a lifetime.
The Gathering
by Victorine Lieske
After Danielle turned eighteen she joined the Dyken gathering force and traveled to another planet to help save an entire race. But after witnessing a young man suffering, she begins to question her people’s methods. The lines continue to blur as she finds herself attracted to Shayne, a Maslonian...
You Dirty Rat
by Adam Tervort
This story is part of the Zodiac Schmodiac story cycle, a group of short stories based on the Chinese Zodiac. Remember the paper placemats with zodiac animals from your favorite Chinese buffet? The things it tells you are wildly inaccurate and probably have no resemblance whatsoever to your life or...
A Lover's Constraint: A Stage Play in One Act
by Steven Ayckbourn
"A Lover's Constraint" received it's British premiere in conjunction with "In Your Dreams" (also by Steven Ayckbourn) under the umbrella title "Double Suite" at The Beverley War Memorial Hall, Beverley, East Yorkshire on 20th November 2009. Directed by the author, the cast was as follows: Karen Tit...
Cat & Mouse
by Adrian Geiger
A cat searching for a mouse finds a surprise.
Dark Angel's Web
by Kent Kelly
When you die for the one you love, death is only the beginning ... An epic dark fantasy, DARK ANGEL’S WEB chronicles the death and afterlife of Elspeth Wight, a young Steam Age noblewoman whose beloved sister Christabel has died. Without Christabel, the heartbroken Elspeth forsakes her own belief...
by A.J. Mullarky
In a sleepy village in the south of England, it's easy for Don and Lottie to pretend there isn't a war going on - until it comes to their very door. On D-Day in 1944, Don Oldfield is among the thousands of Allied troops who storm the beaches of occupied France, desperate to forget the life he has l...
Fall Into His Arms
by L.C. Giroux
**WARNING** Sexually explicit content - I let my mother read this but not my tweener daughter - get my drift?"Who do you have to kill to find a little love around here?" Sara was thinking right before her chairman drops dead in front of her. In walks alpha male homicide cop Cavanaugh (Yeah, just Ca...
Grease Is The Word
by George Berger
The world might not literally revolve around bearings--but for a highly-skilled team of covert lubrication technicians, grease is very serious business. Today, however, they're training a new guy, and absolutely nothing goes according to plan...Grease Is The Word is a humorous 2,500-word short adve...
by James MacArthur
A short story that follows one man on his way home from work, he stops to pick up a hitchhiker, is this his greatest mistake, would you have done the same?Contains some extreme violence.
Household Helper vol 1 Household List
by Stacie Buckle
This free book is a great reference tool for students starting out on their own, anyone recovering from loss, or for anyone starting over. It's practical uses allow it's reader to print and research prices so they have a true understanding of the cost of items that are required to live a moderately...
Meeting with Fate
by James MacArthur
A short story about one young woman and her budding online romance with a mystery man, is everything as it seems?Contains some strong violence.
No Choice
by Noel Palmer
He knows they're coming, exactly as he wanted and planned. (A very short crime-related story.)
by AJ Davidson
A failed suicide-bomber, suffering a terminal illness, requests compassionate release from prison. One of the conditions he must fulfill is a reconciliation meeting with the parents of his victim.
Sasha's Story
by Patrick Prescott
Sasha was a stripper offered a job by a rich business man, Spencer Sterling, to keep him satisfied sexually for five years. Product of a broken home, fired from a teaching job for stripping to pay off student loans and hating her job she takes him up on his offer and turns it into more than just se...
Single Cell
by David Barrett
Follow Lee as he struggles to serve his sentence without 'catching another case' and doing more time. He is a non violent misdemeanor offender who is in a overcrowded unclassified jail. That means that it is full of felons yet to be sentenced, some men serving their sentence and others stuck in the...
Somewhere in the Distance: 10 Short Works
by Joshua Scribner
Complex and subtle? Possibly. Or maybe vague. It's up to you, and you'll be right, of course. To be reread several times to find what you missed last time? Or not even to be finished? Your call. 10 short works that feature darkness and do not emphasize clarity.
The Cleo Ganz Diary - Catholic Whore, part 3
by Brian Novero
This is the diary of Cleo Ganz, an attractive corporate professional and devout Catholic. Everything appears normal in Cleo’s life. And it is, except for her sexual behavior. The conflict between her sexual compulsions and her Catholic beliefs have reached a breaking point. Her only hope is throu...
The Great Shark Hunt
by Andrew Bardin Williams
As if battling a fifteen-foot Great White Shark off the coast of Northern California wasn't enough, Jack McClure must fend off his marine biologist friend who is hitting on the girl of his dreams. Will Jack find his voice in time to land the shark and the girl?
The 4 Types of Artists - Starving, Dying, Dead, and Rich!
by Shafali The Caricaturist
Are you an artist? Do you want to become an artist?Do you have an existing or prospective artist in your family?If the damage is already done, there's little that you’ll gain by reading this - but if you are not yet infected by the Art Virus, you must read this "serious, thought-provoking" satire...
Tiger, Tiger: A Short Story
by Rebecca K. O'Connor
Love, friendship, heartbreak and tigers. When two teenage boys in the Netherlands find themselves promoted from roustabout to apprentice tiger trainers the possibilities are immense, but also treacherous. And as they become men the friends discover that the biggest danger is not the tigers.
Working Out... My Faith
by Janet Sketchley
Spiritual maturity doesn't just happen. Here's a 400-word article on how Christians can intentionally grow their faith.
Apocratusis - Part 1 from The Search for Artemis (The Chronicles of Landon Wicker, Book 1)
by P.D. Griffith
Fifteen-year-old Landon Wicker is psychokinetic, but the tragic unleashing of his abilities forces him to run from everything he knows. He finds solace, however, in the company of hundreds of psychokinetics like him when he’s brought to the Gymnasium. Forced into a life where people don’t just ...
Davie's Poetry Volume 2 "Gone Without a Glimpse"
by Davie Magill
Davie's Poetry Volume 2 "Gone Without a Glimpse". A collection of 50 poems from the blog Davie's Poetry.
Kashaful Salat
by Syed Jazib Reza Kazmi
This is a brief synopsis of the Shia method prayer based upon the sayings and orders of Masoomeen (asws). This is an essential book every shia should have in their home. It is a brief but detailed and a great book for parents to use in teaching their children how to pray.
200+ Mulla Nasrudin Stories and Jokes
by Rodney Ohebsion
Mulla Nasrudin is the starring character in a vast number of amusing tales told in regions all over the world, particularly in countries in or near the Middle East. Each tale depicts Nasrudin in a different situation, and through his viewpoint they humorously reveal commentary and lessons on variou...
Shannon and Ally visit Lake Ontario
by Kate Everson
This easy reading book for young children takes Shannon and Ally to the shores of Lake Ontario where they sit inside an airplane and see a lighthouse. They ride the trees and walk in the lake! More fun!
Shelter from Thunder
by Michael Cargill
Sam is a quiet and lonely boy who had the misfortune to be born a few years before World War II. Finding shelter from German bomber planes is almost a daily part of his life now but he wonders when his luck will run out...
by K'Anne Meinel
Relaxed inhibitions happen when my girl drinks double her quota...
South Sinai off-road: safari guide
by Zoltan Matrahazi
The main off-road routes and places of interest in South Sinai (Egypt) with images and descriptions, so visitors from abroad or Cairo can plan and organize a desert safari. Sights are listed according to a big circuit but other, shorter itineraries are also given.
by R. L. Tyler
A Vince and Cat Next Generation short adventure.Brought to the US from Vietnam by human traffickers, Cai kills one of her captors and escapes. Vince and Cat try to help her as she makes plans to free the other girls. But trust doesn't come easy for Cai, and her actions may get her killed.
Stormbound: Seduced by the Neighbors
by Kirsten McCurran
When recent divorcee Connie seeks refuge with her neighbors from a massive hurricane, the night takes an unexpected twist. The lights go out. but the heat gets turned on!
The Bottles of Time
by Michael Galloway
Two men go on a hunt for the mythical "bottles of time", which are rumored to give their owner the ability to stop time, if only for a few minutes. One wants to give his dying wife a new lease on life while the other is a guide collecting a paycheck. When the unthinkable happens, the lives of both ...
The Great Balducci
by H Jason Schulz
A humorous scene about a juggler who uses imaginary props.
The Image of a Storm
by Ronnie Coleinger
As a man watches a storm approach his home, he sees a lightning bolt strike a pole and then form a sizzling ball of fire that begins bouncing from apple tree to apple tree across his orchard. As he watches, he suddenly realizes that the fireball has entered his home and it is melting everything con...
The Price of Numbers
by Thomas Carpenter
When the Magistrate of the Rhakotis District calls Heron of Alexandria—the greatest inventor the city has ever known—to help him solve a curious disturbance involving the Temple of Bacchus and an agitated numerologist, he learns the true cost of numbers.
The Unintentional Vampire
by Daniel A. Roberts
A journey into deep space finds a mellow, friendly humanoid race of people. They greet their visitors with open minds and peaceful ambitions. Captain Mark Trevor has his hands full however, with the ship running out of beer way too soon. Issues compound as the entire crew faces their withdrawal sym...
Things Are Gonna Get better Momma
by Robert Shroud
Don't cry no more momma, please don't cry no more. Change is gonna come momma. Change is gonna come. I'm gonna see to it momma, you'll see, change is gonna come.
Trick or Trap
by A.B.R.
It is Halloween and demons are invading West Hollywood's Carnival. Also known as the Parade, it is the largest Halloween event in the world. The Bikini Girls, a team of bikini models and part-time crime fighters, are summoned to investigate and fight the demons. More spoof than spooky, the story is...
Urban Exploration & The Curse of Chillingham Castle
by Pete Rossi
This collection consists of two short stories.Urban ExplorationAn abandoned Victorian mental asylum, derelict for decades, sits in the middle of the English countryside. Three University graduates decide to explore the decaying ruin one summer day. A week later, one of them returns for a second vis...
3 Fables
by V. A. Jeffrey
Three fables are told. One on the foolishness of complacency, one on the dangers of vanity and the last on learning to be content with what you have. These fables were inspired by the Grimm's Fairy Tales, Aesop's Fables and J.K. Rowling's The Tale of the Three Brothers. (Micro-fiction)
Fast Fantasies Volume 1
by Gina Sartucci
These short erotic tales are designed to get to the point quickly with each story ranging in size from an ultra-short few hundred words up to a maximum of about 2,000 words.But don't confuse their brevity with them not having a plot. That's far from true as you'll soon see. Download Fast Fantasies ...
Fighting the Darkness
by Noel Palmer
A very short story about a young girl's battle with cancer.
Gingerbread House & Joey's Undead Dog
by Kater Cheek
Two weird, funny, horror stories. "Gingerbread House," which originally appeared in Weird Tales in 2010, involves a reality show in which contestants live in a house made of cake in the middle of nowhere. A competition to find the best baker turns into a challenge to survive when the contestants lo...
Gone Green
by A.L. Brown
What does a blade-wielding, motorcycle-riding, zombie-killer want? Find out in this post-apocalyptic story of college professors, green brains, and sweet, fizzy soda pop!
Here to Stay
by Debra Webb
Though Debra Webb has distinguished herself as an author of romantic suspense, she began her career writing sassy and spicy romances for Kensington’s Precious Gems. For the first time these heartfelt stories, which were sold only in Wal-Mart for one short month, are available as ebooks.Nathan Bla...
How to NOT get Published
by Frankie Lassut
It's simple. Write a book, become a bestselling author ... lose your friends who still have to work for a living and will be insanely jealous of you. Also, become the recipient of death threats and other hate mail.However. Write a book, and fail to become a bestselling author. You then keep your fr...
Kinked Sober: An Erotic BDSM Novel of Recovery
by Lauren L
“The morning was crisp.And there stood Venica Bella (though she was not known by that name then)…”Here begins the erotic story of Venica Bella, a lush and exquisite woman who is obsessed with the tantalizing BDSM lifestyle. With the support of Thomas, her partner, she is admitted to the elite...
Looking For Goats, Finding Monkeys
by I.F Rowan
Dao Shi is not a bad man. Granted, he is a liar and a charlatan and a con-man, but aside from that he's not a bad man. He earns his living with mumbo-jumbo and magic tricks, convincing the gullible and superstitious that he is a master exorcist who can rid them of the demons and hungry ancestor-spi...
My Secret Lover
by Ronnie Coleinger
This adult fiction short story is an attempt by a married woman to cleanse her soul of an adulterous relationship she has kept secret for many years. Nelly feels obligated to tell the sorted details of this illicit affair to you, her trusted readers. She needs your promise of secrecy to protect her...
Portal GlaD
by Mortimer Jackson
A Portal fan fiction. GlaDos befriends a mouse.
Slime and other stories.
by Mark Faulkner
From the extraordinary to a unique take on the ordinary, Slime and other stories is a collection of ten short stories which will stay with you for long after you stop reading.1 – The Trickster.2 – Once a Warrior.3 – Slime.4 – Piskie.5 – Live Entertainment.6 – The Legend of the Rock Peop...
Step Dad Likes to Watch
by Belle Hart
18-year-old Erica and her boyfriend Blake have been doing it like rabbits while her stepdad Bill is at work. Little did Erica know, her stepdad was secretly filming them. When she catches him with a video tape, she's surprised by how turned on she is and how much she wants to have sex with Bill too...
The Adventures of Be Boo & Dolly, Seasons
by Laura Yirak
Be Boo is a little blue dragon with green eyes and Dolly is a little pink doll with pink hair and a very pink dress. Find out what they get up to in these adorable read-aloud tales!Featured stories: Dear Daffodil, I'm Hot!, Wilted Leaves, Snow Dragon, and Rain
The Dunes
by Kate Everson
The cool sand in the Dunes is comforting to a young girl as she seeks to find her goddess and finds a Sun God instead. A walk barefoot reveals cool secrets and a lakeshore ramble results in a myriad of butterflies. Inspirational.
The Fishers
by Erik Gustafson
A father and son out fishing.Quality time from the first cast, the morning is perfect...for awhile. Chaos ripples across the pond and the two find themselves fleeing for their lives.Nothing makes sense.What is after them? What do they want? Most disturbing of all: why do they want them?Excerpt:“Y...
The Little Brown Sparrow
by Michelle Isenhoff
After a difficult day in the meadow, Keturah learns she doesn't need any particular talents to be special. She's valuable just as she is. A sweet retelling of a well-known Bible story for children, through the eyes of a bird who was there.
The Magical Arts, Volume One
by Kerry Wisner
A brief description of the articles in this publication - Invoking the Neteru - Ritual Use of the Sacred Texts of Dendera: This essay is a detailed description of the use of Ancient Egyptian temple texts in today's magical rituals. The Sacred Legacy of Egypt: This article is an overview of Ancient ...
Uncrossed Paths
by Kelly Stanaway
Many years before the events in "The Light Rises" the characters led very different lives. Elizabeth was born into a world that would not accept her. Alexander found his flower and wished never to let her go, though his duties caused him to lose her forever. Amelia and Enrico were two teenagers who...
Zombie Pride
by Thea Isis Gregory
Pastor Rex Parsons is a man on a mission. He has charged himself with saving souls at his area's first local Gay Pride parade. However, the mayhem he finds is very different from what he expected. Will Rex find that the enemy of his enemy isn't necessarily his friend?
Angel of Mercy
by FB Fockler
A terminally ill man climbs an icy mountain slope with his father. A tragic tale of bitterness and forgiveness.
Atlantis, the Deluge and the End of the Ice Age
by Zarin
What was the cause of the great deluge that has been recorded throughout the world? What connection does it have with the end of the Ice Age that followed? Interesting that these known factors coincide with the supposed sinking of Atlantis. Too many coincidences in time and sequence to ignore, thou...
Chin Yong-Yun Takes a Case
by S. J. Rozan
A short story by the Edgar-, Shamus-, and Anthony-winning author of GHOST HERO. In "Chin Yong-Yun Takes a Case," Lydia Chin's mother does some detecting of her own.
Red Moon
by Blood Lotuz
Blood Lotuz haven't given a new release in over 3 years, well here is the newest release from the poetic group known as Blood Lotuz, bringing you "Red Moon". They mix dark poetry, sex and faith. Into this release.
Selected Poetry and Prose
by Marcus McGee
Samples from Selected Poetry and Prose by Marcus McGee
The Girl called Christmas
by Simon Poore
Trevor meets with the mysterious girl of his dreams. Is she all that he hopes for? Are things what they seem? Have all of his Christmas wishes come true? A short, mildly erotic story with a twist! Adult themes...
The Ugly Princess
by Oksana Vasilenko
A fairy tale about a princess who happened to be born very ugly. Nobody wanted to talk to her, no prince ever wanted to marry her. What happened to the poor thing? Read this story and find out!
Zero Sum, Book One, Kotov Syndrome
by Russell Blake
Present Day Wall Street. Where intelligence agencies and the financial industry are strange bedfellows, and the two worlds are often intertwined in disturbing ways.In this chillingly plausible scenario of a military/industrial/financial complex run amok, Zero Sum pits Dr. Steven Archer against powe...
Lies and Deceit (Book 1)
by Catherine Forbes
Mystren and her kin are from another world, one that was supposedly destroyed. Now, they find themselves in a new world dominated by destructive beings – humans. As the new long-eared race try to take over, they start a war with earth’s supernatural creatures.Vampires, gargoyles and incubi are ...
Sex Obligatory, Love Optional
by Lee Scarlet
In these five stories, woman offer their favors to men for practical reasons. They may or may not find love. And, if they do, they may or may not love the man that they bed.
Sam the Night Person (Book One of the Night Person Series)
by Lisa Rusczyk
What is a night person? They thrive by moonlight, spreading lightening bolts and freezing the earth. They hide their powers from society.Sam stays up all night, drinks coffee without pause, chain smokes cigarettes and secretly talks to the moon. Azzy knows it, but doesn't know why or how. Azzy has ...
The Last Sorcerer
by Michael Jasper
An old man sleeping in a cardboard box in snowy Chicago holds the secret of sorcery in his head. But thanks to the damage done to him by using magic decades ago, he doesn't realize it. But when two teens try to jump him in an alley, the magic Words come back to him. And soon Chicago has a sudden ou...
The Ghost of Him
by Alyson Larrabee
Annabelle Blake lives in an area of Massachusetts known as the Hockomock Triangle. It's famous for paranormal activity, kind of like the Bermuda Triangle, but smaller and colder in the winter. The legend of the lonesome boy's ghost which is set within the triangle, has fascinated Annabelle since sh...
Badly Potty Trained
by Frankie Lassut
Is chav culture (the way of the chav)a threat to British people? Is it fun to be scared to walk the streets? But, what if chavs are only badly potty trained, and need looking after nutritionally in a way which fits in with their Hyena like habits? Read it, and be scared. Real horror is much worse t...
by J.C. Paul
A compilation of three very short stories told in the first person. Includes dreadful tales of horror and death, including the Goldilocks Version of My First, a sordid confession of a dark and dangerous man. All are improved and perfected from their first publishings.
Monsters In Mirrors
by Allan Hatt
Stevie is disgusted to find out his sister has been having a secret affair with Frankenstein’s monster. Events take a dark, tragic turn when Stevie suspects his sister is also pregnant with the monster’s child.
The Meta Corps - Dream of the Youth
by Toby Gard
There is a deadly cloud swirling in San Fransisco and only the newest meta heroine in a sixty year legacy, Lora Summers the Pink Lemon is able to stop it. Joined with her partners, Frost and the Crimson Cherry, Lora must keep the cloud from sucking up San Fransisco as the shockingly liquid villain,...
All Geeked Up
by Tom Lichtenberg
Gadget lovers beware! Those amazing devices in your hands and pockets today will seem primitive and trivial very soon. That day is fast approaching. Already the greatest minds of the generation after the next are hard at work, dreaming up trouble beyond all imagination. Tomorrow's little black boxe...
Jasmine Windows and Red Leaves
by Elendae Armson
Sagira knew he was not from here. He was a creature from the fiery planes, from the sunless valleys of flame that she had only seen in her dreams. Why was he here? Jasmine Windows and Red Leaves is a supernatural short story following the heroic journey of a Bast's quest to save a child's life.
Round Trip (Short Story)
by Donna Brown
Ever wondered where your money goes when it leaves your hands? See a glimpse of several different lives as a five pound note changes hands throughout the course of a day and night.Twenty-four hours: ordinary for some, life-changing for others.
The Cleo Ganz Diary - Catholic Whore, part 2
by Brian Novero
This is the diary of Cleo Ganz, an attractive corporate professional and devout Catholic. Everything appears normal in Cleo’s life. And it is, except for her sexual behavior. The conflict between her sexual compulsions and her Catholic beliefs have reached a breaking point. Her only hope is throu...
They Win. You Lose.
by Stan Arnold
They Win. You Lose. By Stan Arnold Extreme Violence. Terrifying Sex. Songs from the Shows. They Win. You Lose. is a very funny thriller. Mick and Jim are two incompetent, Soho-based, corporate video producers. They drink too much and don’t earn enough. So when the Mafia come calling, demanding ba...
A Redeeming Quality
by Thomas Robertson
In this thing called life, one can never tell who his or her savior will be.
Murder for Breakfast
by Bert Brun
Instead of appearing for breakfast at the Seattle Victorian bed and breakfast run by Meg Yarmouth and recently retired Anders Hauge, gentle young Tab Oakley, a guest, is found mutilated and murdered in nearby volunteer Park. The only clue is his vanished gold Celtic crucifix. Even worse, one, then ...
The Mystifying Tempest eBooklet
by RW Rivers
Rumors of an experimental device developed by his team reaches others, far and wide, setting off a chain-reaction full of treachery, deceit and corporate espionage. Trailed by the very group that seeks to control the instrument itself while on vacation with his family, he returns home to find that ...
Dark Pathways: 6 Short Works
by Joshua Scribner
Sometimes deep, sometimes just plain weird, these 6 stories gather around the theme of strange things that affect the courses of people's lives.
Puzzle Piece
by Ben Kalcher
Isabelle Curtis has no idea why but he wants her dead. She is part of his puzzle, the final piece. Having already killed her mum and dad Isabelle was the last one on his list. It may have been years since he performed the brutal murders but he never forgot her. Now he was going to finish it, once a...
by Sherri Fulmer Moorer
Caitlyn thought it would be just another day at the office, until a quarantine closes their doors and traps her in the office with three colleagues. As the day passes, Caitlyn and her colleagues discover that their small town is hiding some shocking secrets. When one of her colleagues disappears, s...
Seven Deadly Sins: Book I Vices
by Mark Stephens
“The Hunter Chronicles: Seven Deadly Sins” told in serial form, weaves the tale of two young hunters as they race across country in search of the human embodiments of the seven deadly sins. They must collect their blood to stop the resurrection of Judas. Sent by their masters, the Directorate,a...
Eulogy Help
by Dick Underwood
'Eulogy Help' teaches you everything you need to know to enable you to give a confident and appropriate eulogy.The practical ten point plan shows you how to select and choose your material, how to overcome your nerves and emotions, and how to and to speak in a way that can be heard and understood b...
by Sherri Fulmer Moorer
Twins Kirsten and Kaytlin enjoy living on a secluded wooded estate, until strange events take place around their home after Kieran buys a mysterious painting. Kaytlin is convinced the painting is a mystical object, but Kieran is convinced that nothing is wrong. Who's right? Is it a coiencidence, or...
Fantasy League
by Ellison James
Charlene is frustrated with her husband Jeff’s addiction to a fantasy sports league, so she decides to lure him back to reality by becoming the fantasy. She devises an ingenious plan involving his laptop computer, and a video of her working out, naked. Will her plan work? If the video does not sw...
by Maxwell Avoi
Terry and Jessie are under a curse; each full moon, one becomes a lusty woman while the other resumes his original male form. But when Jessie finds a magician who can break the spell, Terry has to decide whether their situation is a curse after all.
Rising Fears
by James Bailey
A major natural disaster with the potential to wipe out much of the human race is on the horizon. Four acquaintances work for an agency trying to prevent knowledge of the impending destruction from getting released to the general public and causing a global panic. Three are having doubts about the ...
So, is it just me? - 'cliches'
by Gavin Kennedy
I very often find that the insensitive, un-spoken and socially frowned-upon thoughts that are in the minds of the people in the room, somehow always come out of my mouth :-)
The Unusual Story of the Serial-Killer Hand and the Background of its Origins
by K Kishmot
A short screenplay principally for animation. The title gives some idea of the story.
by John A. Holten
Worried about Tammy Westphall's increasingly strange obsession with snow globes, her sister Lila and her ex-boyfriend Richard set out on an intervention trip. When they arrive at Tammy's cottage in the woods, things take a shattering and unexpected turn. Originally written for the "Under the Dome" ...
The Bow of Heaven - Book I: The Other Alexander
by Andrew Levkoff
Naive and nineteen, Alexander came to Athens wanting nothing more than to study at Aristotle's famed Lyceum. He could see no further than his self-absorbed dreams, from which he was savagely awakened by Sulla's brutal legions. Free one moment and slave the next, Alexander was wrenched from a life u...
Impossible Love
by Jean Reynolds
It's embarrassing and overwhelming, and it happens again and again: falling in love with someone hopelessly out of reach. The fantasy lover might be a neighbor, teacher, therapist, or minister, or it might be a rock star or other public figure. "Impossible Love" explores the secrets and mysteries t...
Blood on the Ice
by Ian Thomas Healy
"Healy’s snickering, boyish humor is a highlight of this novel—from the characters’ postmodern comments on vampiric pop culture to the hockey teammates’ constant good-natured trash talking to the wry snarkiness of the “narrator” (a lovely twist as to the identity of the narrator I won?...
A Nutrition Revolution
by Elizabeth Kahn
The Age of Lost Innocence
by Damian M. Salo
The Age of Lost Innocence is a tale of three best friends who join their spritual father, Elder Emeral, on an epic quest to the Holy Land. Along the way the emperor is receiving haunting visions of a Great Reckoning that will destroy mankind. Emeral is tasked with discovering the meaning of the The...
Flash Stories: Married Love
by Patrick Prescott
Flash Stories are 1,000 words or less. This anthology contains over eighty stories that deal with love, sex, good times, bad times, happiness, grief, second chances, and many more aspects of married relationships.


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