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Friday, October 28, 2011

63 FREE Nook Books

While I Was Learning To Become God
by Roxana Jones
Based on a true story, the author narrates the conversations with her friend Sybil Vaughan, who is in her dying bed waiting to rest in peace. The protagonist relives the alienating and imposing life she mechanically reproduced for 33 consecutive years, and shows all the difficult, perhaps extreme, ...
Miss Muffet and Friends 2011-12
by Frankie Lassut
Nursery rhymes brought up to date. If you like a bit of cynicism, you'll be ok. Great to read in your local poetry group as they tend to send shockwaves through the nervous systems of the purists. There are also three surreal, hyperbolic stories of everyday life including what to do to control your...
Always Be There
by Athens Vamlets
Reese was a preemie,, she was verified of suffering from Leukemia her 6th birthday, she stayed strong to the age of 23 and married the lead singer of her favorite band --- Life. Adam was a lead singer and songwriter of the band based in San Diego.Reese didn't want to ruin Adam's career and his inte...
Land In the Drink
by Maggy McCay
This is a narrative that tails some characters through familiar places.The bulk of the yarn comes down to; who we are is defined by our choices. We are also defined by what happens to us. What makes you act like you do? Who do you emulate? Who are you inspired by? Are you content? Do you regret? Wh...
The Librarian (Book One: Little Boy Lost)
by Eric Hobbs
Wesley Bates thinks his life pretty much sucks. He's landed at the bottom of his school's popularity ladder, and bully Randy Stanford seems to be waiting around every corner. The troubled teen thinks he's found a way to escape his real-world problems when he stumbles upon strange doorways in Astori...
The Garden of El Dorado
by Robert Larrison
An ancient artifact from the long lost "City of Gold" threatens a gathering of gentle beings on a joyous wedding day, and Emily and Candice Spencer become engulfed in a mission to save a world from destruction.“The Garden of El Dorado” is a short story of 3,900 words that bridges the two Middle...
Anal Whore
by J.T. Holland
Sometimes you're just in the mood for something different . . . And on this night, I'm in the mood for anal sex. So I call my magic number and have a dirty little anal whore sent over to my hotel room where I proceed to have my way with her, every which way I can.Warning!!! This short story contain...
by Allison Graham
Mayasa knows she is as skilled as any male hunter in her tribe, and she aims to prove it by hunting the high-dwelling antelope of Mount Meru. Of course, to do that, she must enter the jealously guarded territory of Wawindaji Pepo, guardian of the mountain. Mngwa is the third story in the Bestiary T...
by Peter Tranter
Shambles is a collection of quick reads. Here you will find short stories, silly verse and something for the young at heart. Two satirical accounts are also offered under the title "History, What Really Happened?"
A Change of Fortune
by Veronice Ceccarelli
The Kobi family was in the habit of selecting beautiful girls, and an occasional boy, for use as sex slaves. Once they were too old to be much desired, they were instead used as subjects to teach spells to the Kobi boys. This had been Valencio’s ‘work’ for seven years now, after he’d tried ...
A Farmer's Goodbye
by Ron Smith
After a half century of farming, an old man takes one last walk across his land.
by Anthony J Fuchs
Ethan Gibson undertakes the journey to find the most precious prize in existence: his own mind. How many times must he travel this path?
At random
by Mogens Graae Hansen
Short story about a young woman who loses her daughter on the way to a job interview and the struggle getting her back.
Gambling Addiction - How to overcome it from a Spiritual Perspective!
by The Abbotts
The Abbotts have received a channelled message from Spirit concerning Gambling Addiction. The Ascended Masters realise that this is an insidious problem that can ruin your relationships, make you poor and lower your self-esteem. We invite you to read through the advice with an open heart and mind. ...
Hope Deferred
by Rob Pomeroy
Wracked with false guilt after her miscarriage, Gail cannot believe that she deserves to love again. Her road to redemption will require a purer, deeper love than she has known before.[Hope Deferred is based on a true story.]
Humanity's Testament
by Paul Comstock
In the future, humanity's fate lies with the Narcalins, a monstrous genetic creation of mankind. But the Narcalins are rebelling, stopping production of a metal only they can obtain, and doing it in a particularly unusual way. The only man that can fix the problem is Dr. John Lambert. The question ...
Little Comics for Little Readers: Volume 7
by Gloria Lapin
These 3 easy to read stories in comic format are perfect for beginning readers. A cat, a pig, and a dog entertain while giving readers practice with beginning phonics.
The Everbloom Factory
by Michael Galloway
A data entry operator secretly discovers the key to manipulating designs at a futuristic flower seed distribution company. This is a short story that is approximately 2,600 words in length.
Randor 2
by Frank Arciszewski
Cold weather on the planet causes Sleeks to go missing. Prince Julan and his friends search for answers and stumbles onto large reptiles and fight for their lives. It was over twenty years ago when Randorians came missing, which is also the last time a cold spell spread thoughout the planet. Julan ...
The Lusty Ladies
by A.H. Scott
At the Comfort Cafe, it's always service with a smile. John and his lady friend, Pamela, grab more than just a bite at this saucy spot.A.H. Scott delivers a slice of spice for your dining pleasure..
Twelve Poems Then Bedtime
by Richard Parr
A miniature collection of twelve poems about historical events, artifacts, nature, social class, flight and indecision.
50 Ways to Kill Your Husband
by Laura Payeur
Phyllis Finney has had enough of her overbearing husband. She's put him with him for fifteen years. For many of those years, she has been compiling a list of ways to get rid of him for good. A smack to the back of the head is all the fuel she needs to finally give into her urge. Every attempt leave...
A Case of Identity
by Paul Comstock
Josh Thompson is an ordinary guy trying to make his way in the world, working hard at his job and getting by until agents from the Bureau of Identity Theft, the BIT, arrive and complicate his life. Someone has stolen his identity, and in Josh's world, this means much more than the simple theft of h...
Alter Ego Season 1, Episode 1: Premiere Issue (part 1 of 2)
by Jim Beck
In this premiere issue of the ongoing superhero series, Detective Jack Manning is suspicious that his wife Molly may be having an affair and enlists his best friend to discover the truth only to find out that his wife may be a superhero. Meanwhile, an enemy from Molly's past, his ability to turn in...
Anything But Lonely - stories about the end of the world
by Ryan Sheffield
From charitable vandals to lovelorn superheroes to mad bombers, the disconsolate characters of the six stories in Anything But Lonely each face their own figurative- and sometimes literal -end of the world.
A Penny's Worth
by Paul Comstock
Have you ever found a lucky penny? Pete Samson is the recipient of one that is far more than it appears. Like a miracle, the penny changes Pete's miserable, bad-luck life, but is it for the better?
Benjamin (Vampire Morsels)
by Joleene Naylor
Short Story. Part of a collection about different vampires from the Amaranthine universe. When most people think of vampires, they think of blood, night and stalking prey. But sometimes vampires just want to relax and play a game of poker.
Black Hole Witch
by Paul Comstock
The Endeavor is a colony ship from Earth, and she's in trouble. Caught in the massive gravity well of a black hole, the ship is just barely managing to keep itself from being pulled in. In fact, the ship would have been pulled in long ago if it wasn't for a Coven of witches on board led by Munji. W...
Ganges Boy
by Ken Smith
A true account of my first weeks in the Royal Navy.
Memory Stick
by Paul Comstock
Imagine a world where IQ means nothing. Where another measure, something called PQ, Potential Quotient, has replaced it, and where a person's worth is determined by this measure instead. For Low Pots like Tricia Clark, a brilliant girl with a high IQ but low PQ, it means being stuck in a prison she...
Pest Control Season 1, Episode 1: Meet the Critters or "The Case of the Headless Husband"
by Jim Beck
In this premiere issue of the exciting, ongoing book series, cockroach detective Joe Periplaneta returns to Insectopolis after an eighteen month hiatus. Still in therapy after having his wings broken by mob boss Benny the Nose, Joe reopens his private eye business in an attempt to reclaim his life....
by Dan Dillard
A greatgrandmother tells two little girls about the ever-popular springtime mushroom hunting ... and why they should never ever participate.
The Writer
by Andy Marlow
Jim is a failed writer
What Is EPUB 3?
by Matt Garrish
What is EPUB 3 discusses the exciting new format that is set to unleash a content revolution in the publishing world. Laden with features the printed page could never offer--such as embedded multimedia and scripted interactivity--EPUB 3 will forever change what a book can be. This article walks you ...
Brigitte's Wildlife Blog - Tales and Stories of 'de happenings around us
by BPK
Memories and Musings of a Wildlife Carer
Leahs' Lions
by John Dony
Leah is about to start her greatest journey ever, with her friend Gio she will travel across the African countryside to save 2 young Lion cubs from the evil Mr Igbokwe.....
McNally's Last Case
by John Barber
This book began as a murder mystery involving a high level cover-up and secretive Government agencies. It ended as a love story and most probably better for it. It is a short novel as the transition to one genre to another became more narrative-style. It was to be about a man murdered for harbourin...
A Tale of Hunters
by Frank Whelan
Posing as tourists in a small English village, while trying to track down a killer werewolf, is all part of a normal weekend when you're a hunter. Enter deeper into the world of hunters. This novella is a bridge between book 1 and 2 of the Diary of the Wolf series. Though you don't have to read boo...
Kashaful Wilayah
by Syed Jazib Reza Kazmi
English translation of Syed Baqir Nisar Zaidi's Kashaful Wilayah. A brief explanation of how wilayat is the foundation of the shia religion and how to recognize the true wilayat of Allah.
Line 'em up
by Suzanne Adams
Line-dancing can be murder!Every week in the UK, millions of devotees of Country & Western music strut their stuff ...'Line 'em up' is about line-dancing. It is also a gripping murder mystery.As the Lazy-T Line Dancing Troupe clatters on, its female members are being murdered. And with a substantia...
by Mark Finnemore
Think you can run? Think there's somewhere safe? Go ahead. We'll find you. We've got your whole damned life!
SteampunX - Episode One: Funk and Puck
by Benjamin Jacobson
In the Victorian tradition, SteampunX is a serial novel released monthly starting in October 2011.It’s 1875 on the Columbian calendar. Anowarakowa, the New World, has been at peace for a century. By treaty and vigilance the land has been divided among the English Colonies in the Northeast, New Fr...
The Donuts of Doom
by M.E. Brines
In a world where pastry is a controlled substance and a layer cake is considered a weapon of mass destruction, one lone figure stands ready, rolling pin in hand, to strike a blow for frosting and freedom.Prin is an orphaned dwarf raised by humans. He flees a HealthWatch raid on his parent’s baker...
The Secret Hidden In Plain Sight.
by Peter Davidson
We are seeing all the signs of emotional healing, right in front of us, and calling it something else.
The Time Closet
by Ted Stetson
Larry and Richard play a practical joke on Joan, but the joke backfires.
The Ubiquitous Secret
by Charles Sarlanis
Frosting exposed: the ugly truth about the cake bake breakthrough and the resulting treacherous commercial exploitation of an innocent immigrant; or, the American dream unfulfilled.
Cheating Housewives: Knocked Up! Weekend at the Spa
by Natalia Darque
Free Preview of an anticipated new series. Please leave a review if you download this book. I want to have your feedback to grow as a writer.Jazzmyn Dubois is very dissatisfied with her husband who is always on the road traveling for his career. Alone and neglected at home, she is invited by her be...
Final Headline
by T J Price
Investigative journalist, Richie Collins, uncovers the biggest story of his career. Trouble is, it’s the last story he’ll ever write, and the last we’ll ever read.
by Christine Sutton
A short story about a little girl who will not let anything prevent her from making things right. Not even death.Approx. 1700 words
Own It
by Jr., E.R. White E.R.
“Own It” is a short story of what the casually amoral man does when finally confronted with the absolute immoral. My work is crafted around that most American of genres, the hardboiled detective story. It is infused with southern spices of religion, sex and family.
Intro: from the Jimmy Jolts Series
by Luca Satana
The Jimmy Jolts Erotic Ebook Series is a collection of stories that follow Henry Richards as he begins his career at Jimmy Ray Bob's Rejuvenation System, where he will work as a seller and distributor of Jimmy Jolts, either through the direct conduit service or indirectly through the client's chose...
Knees Together, Arms Flapping
by James Hoby
When I wrote A Year with the Hoopers, my only goal was to be as funny as possible. Who needs plots, richly-developed characters, or the human condition? Not me! Before doing any other work on the book, I wrote more than 2,000 gags: one-liners, jokes, aphorisms, cartoons, and anything else I could t...
Vanida's Journey
by Vanida Plamondon
When I decided to get help to figure out why I have always struggled with wanting to be a woman and decided to confront my misery, I embarked on the beginning of journey I did not expect to go on. This is an honest look at the beginning of my journey towards womanhood.
What About Love? Reminders for Being Loving
by Gina Lake
What About Love? Reminders for Being Loving is a collection of 23 essays and 58 short quotes about love and relationship taken from Gina Lake’s many books, which are meant to expand your understanding of love, drop you into a more loving space, and inspire you daily to be more loving. Here is a s...
Building eCommerce Applications
by Developers DevZone
This collection of articles and blog entries is representative of the full spectrum of commerce-related content we’ve published on PayPal’s Developer Network over the past year. You will find tutorials and quick reference pieces for developers. With the creation of x.commerce we have expanded ou...
The Ossuary
by Charles Sarlanis
Wondering what happens when your lights go out? Here's what.
The Wizard Of Us
by Charles Sarlanis
Are there Wizards? Yes, but not the fairytale kind. Are they evil? This one certainly is.
Executive Guidance for 2011
by Corporate Executive Corporate Executive Board
Cognizanti Journal - March 2011 (Issue 6)
by Alan Alper
Published, biannually, Cognizanti provides unique insights, emerging strategies and proven bestpractices that globally-minded companies can use in their quest for businessand IT performance excellence.
Becoming a Talent Champion: Refocusing Executives on the Five Talent Activities That Matter
by Corporate Executive Corporate Executive Board
1 Law
by Keith Latch
Carson Wallace is an agent for the STEA, Space and Time Enforcement Agency. Carson’s, who’s from a long line of law enforcement officer’s, grew up not knowing his father. Having wanting nothing but a home with family his entire life, when he’s given the chance to change that, we find that w...
The Sentinels: Fortunes of War
by Gordon Zuckerman
In this riveting amalgam of political intrigue, poignant romance, and bare-knuckled action, six friends risk everything to thwart an international Nazi conspiracy. In the financial devastation of the 1930s, a greedy, power-hungry group of German industrialists plot to usher in the National Sociali...
One Imperfect Christmas
by Myra Johnson
Graphic designer Natalie Pearce faces the most difficult Christmas of her life. For almost a year, her mother has lain in a nursing home, the victim of a massive stroke, and Natalie blames herself for not being there when it happened. Worse, she’s allowed the monstrous load of guilt to drive a we...

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