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Monday, October 17, 2011

6 FREE Nook Books

Too Fat Too Thin
by Timothy Schwan
“What size are you supposed to be?Too fat too thin too scared all threeThe pounds and ounces hierarchy,Of processed people in 3D.Don’t lose weight you need so surviveJust to live up to their lives.All those smiles and patron-Eyesare how your looks get stigmatized.”My short Story about my Gast...
A Diary of Plants
by Greg Ellis
What happens when the line between human and machine is crossed? What happens when the machines are implanted into humans? When does a human become a machine and a machine a human? Where is the line drawn? This short story explores this.
Come Monday (Wild Irish, Book One)
by Mari Carr
Wild Irish, Book OneMonday's child is fair of face . . . After the death of her mother years prior, Keira Collins became a surrogate parent to her six younger brothers and sisters, her own dreams put on hold. At twenty-seven, she's finally pursuing a college degree. Between classes, working at the ...
Catlish is cat talk
by Toshiyuki Ihira
Only way to talk to your cat and have yourself understood. Cats are gregarious and you can find out by knowing how to talk to them.
Cat Had a Tail
by Steven Bennett
Murder swirls amidst the coffee and haiku as caffeine and curiosity lead a man from the comfortable settings of the Cafe 575 through dangerous alleys and dark city streets.
Caught (The Runners)
by Logan Rutherford
Subject's Number Seventeen, and Fifteen are in trouble. The police have arrested them, and they have no way of escape. Then, the people who the least expect come to their rescue. Seventeen and Fifteen must find the other Runners, and stand up against the people who are after them."Caught" is the th...

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