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Saturday, October 29, 2011

49 FREE Nook Books

Starfall Cruise
by Derek Ebersviller
Gero Keckus is the last person that Tuna expects to run into during her search for a new job. From his stubborn and forward personality to his mysterious frog-like limbs, there is nothing normal about him. To top it off, he is a mercenary for the Pondswagger Syndicate. However, when he takes her ba...
Foundation's Key 1
by O.L. Crowhurst
A Social Novel. Join us on an adventure controlled not by the mind of the author, but by you, the reader. Each story contains a link and contact information for the author. Kill a character, suggest a romance, spin the plot and stir the pot! Two brothers, Lee and Owen have just met the new sitters ...
Silent Comix
by Robby Charters
A series of feature length cartoons that can will amuse everyone including non-English speakers and illiterate people. I got the idea as I was teaching English to private students. I scrawled the cartoons on A4 sheets of paper with a pencil, had the students look at the cartoon and tell me the stor...
Another Beautifully Krazee Kristmas
by Frankie Lassut
ChristmasSome banter from the other side of the fence, and also from the side you prefer.Everyone is entitled to celebrate the ‘love’ of Christmas, but, it is little to do with love, and there again, it is.Love is the most natural thing, but it’s trained out of us. Goodwill is trained into us...
True Grit
by E. R. Yatscoff
The first in a series of true short stories by the author as he makes his way through life. Some are funny, some sad, and many are about the jobs he's held over the years.
by Emma Morgan
When celebrity sidekick Stacey Blyth gets her memoirs serialised, everyone’s intrigued – what’s so special about this scrawny blonde? The answer: she’s the heir to an immense oil fortune. Or so she says... A tabloid hack who befriended her on the showbiz circuit is sceptical – she thought...
Aurealis #45
by Chimaera Publications
Aurealis is the Australian magazine of fantasy, science fiction and horror. It has been publishing continuously since 1990, but this issue is its first e-publication. Aurealis #45 features the return of the legendary bunyipslayer in a brilliant story by Lachlan Huddy, a harrowing fairy tale from Ai...
by Allison Graham
Jacob Williams came to Diller Hollow, California looking for gold - and he found it. Plenty of it. That means he's a man with lots of free time. When he and three friends decide to devote that free time towards catching an escaped animal, though, they get a little more than they bargained for. Coro...
Marriage Retreats
by Anthony Beal
Desmond has never cheated on his wife despite their unhappy marriage. But one day, an offhand joking comment is exchanged between him and his immediate supervisor who is likewise feeling the absence of marital bliss at home with her spouse. Things turns from joking to serious faster than either of ...
Pale Reflection
by James Bailey
In the near future death is little more than an inconvenience, a mind can simply be transferred into a new body upon death. Sam, a young boy, watches as his mother slowly passes away in front of him. He struggles to understand how her mind and consciousness will be transferred into a new body and t...
Thunder Royce: Jumped
by Robert Larrison
The 40th Birthday Contract
by Bella Jane
Mike’s 40th Birthday is coming soon and his wife Carol decides that the perfect present would be for her to become his sex slave for a week, as a way to rekindle their flagging sex life.Based on their recent past, Mike doubts her willingness to follow-through with it so Carol, an ex legal secreta...
The Dragons of Bastogne
by Robert Larrison
Many weird things happened in World War II, but none as strange as the time the 101st Airborne used dragons for close air support. Leave it to the Screaming Eagles to come up with the unconventional.“The Dragons of WW II,” is a short story of about 3,200 words based on the Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel,...
The Toilet Business
by Stacey Wallace Benefiel
What (completely real) people are saying about The Toilet Business:"Hilarious!" - Stacey's BFF"I think I just peed a little. You're gonna change my name, right?" - "Chantal""Can you get me some more apple juice?" - G.Benefiel, age 4"Want to see me eat glass? Parking lot. Two minutes." - the guy on ...
Bailing Out the Dysfunctional Civil Service System
by Sid Som
This book offers a clear and concise solution to this chronic problem plaguing the local governments
Land of Corn Chips
by Angela Carlie
"The story is full of action and lots of unexpected twists that keep you turning the pages." -- Kim, Caffeinated Diva"Land of Corn Chips is definitely a different kind of middle grade novel than I've ever read before." -- Jessica, Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile"Tweens will enjoy reading this short ...
A Scandalous Past (Regency Romance, Book 4)
by Ava Stone
At cross purposesAfter years of abuse at the hands of her mother, Cordelia Avery knows the only way out is marriage to the perfect man. A man who will allow her all the freedom she has ever craved. And she has the perfect man picked out. The scandalous Marquess of Haversham might not be perfect to ...
A Vinyl Night and Other Miseries
by Stan Grimes
"A Vinyl Night and Other Miseries" is Stan's first self-published book of Poetry. He has written several fiction books including sci-fi, mystery, fantasy, and suspense genres. His real love though has always been poetry. This book took forty years to come to fruition and Stan is proud to allow read...
The Chicken Thief
by Fiona Leonard
Bailing out the Dysfunctional US Property Tax System
by Sid Som
The property assessment and tax system in the US is totally antiquated and dysfunctional. This book will reveal how this dysfunctional system can be brought back to life, and how the displaced assessing and valuation personnel can be redeployed without having to switch to another industry.
How to Predict US Housing Markets with Case-Shiller Indices
by Sid Som
This book reveals how to use the powerful Case-Shiller indices to analyze, model and predict the future trends of the US Housing Markets. It covers the indices end to end - from the Major Market Indices to Condo Indices to Quarterly National Indices to Tiered Prices to Paired Sales, and many more, ...
How to Protect Stock Portfolios from Violent Market Swings
by Sid Som
Stock markets around the world have become extremely volatile and unpredictable so savvy investors need to understand how to insulate their portfolios from sudden and violent market swings. This self-help book will reveal methodologies that will help professional investors arm themselves with meani...
Knock and Talk
by Michael J. McCann
While investigating the shotgun killing of four men on a front porch on Devin Street, homicide Lieutenant Hank Donaghue and Detective Karen Stainer interview the widow of one of the victims who confirms Hank's tip that the murders were the result of an unpaid gambling debt. They question a local bi...
Lover, Husband, Father, Monster - Book 1, Her Story
by Elsie Johnstone
Elsie and Graeme Johnstone’s powerful two-part story traces the fragmentation of a well-intentioned marriage through to its irretrievable breakdown and a chilling finale that stays with the reader long after the final page is turned.Set in Ireland and told in two voices – Her Story and His Stor...
Challenger RPG a Free Roleplaying Game
by David Dostaler
Game Features: Free, 20+ Races, 38 Classes, 50+ skills including specific skills, broad skills, power skills, and ability talent skills. GM rolls no dice, completely player driven approach to gaming with a core mechanic using the d20 and set damage ratings for most weapons so combat is faster and m...
Fazail Ameerul Momineen (asws)
by Syed Jazib Reza Kazmi
This book is a compilation of hadiths from various major books such as Biharul Anwar, Taweel al Ayat, Medinatul Moajiz, and Ghayatol Maram. These hadiths show the excellence and superiority of Ameerul Momineen Ali (asws) ibn Abi Talib (as).
Gas Safety in the Home A guide to Carbon Monoxide and Gas Leaks for Tenants, Students and Home Owners
by Deborah J Percy
Information about carbon monoxide*the signs of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning,*safe and fatal levels of CO,*best CO detector or alarm to buy.Safety features related to all appliances:gas fires, stoves, boilers, hobs, grills and water heaters.What to do if there is a gas leak.This free book is essen...
Torrodil: A Year in Writing
by Luke Geraghty
War brews in the world of Torrodil, and Anna Gray is too busy daydreaming to give a kruk. But when the enemy lays waste to her home, Anna unleashes a terrible power - one that teems beneath her skin, inviting her to tear apart the earth itself. Forced into the wild, Anna must battle through jungle ...
Delayed Connection
by tinagale
It was the Spring of 2011. They could’ve met exactly one year ago to the day, at this very same convention. Coincidental circumstances prevented what many would later say was definitely a beautiful match. Fate, a little prompting, and a last minute decision finally turned the tide towards this de...
by Dianna Hardy
Paranormal Thriller: Beth has never told her mother how different she really is, but after the murder of her father, family secrets are revealed and it turns out, she's not so different after all. Then she comes face to face with her father's killer.... Does she have it in her to avenge his death? ...
Killing Faith (A Gabriel De Sade Thriller)
by Eric Meyer
When dismembered bodies start to appear in New York City, the search for a serial killer begins. Leading the hunt is Gabriel de Sade, a tough Manhattan detective. What should be a straightforward murder investigation escalates when yet more dismembered bodies are found. A very sick, psychotic murde...
We are Under Instruction . . . by the Holy Spirit
by Debbie Rhodes
This 52-week study is the compliation of all the revelations and/or insights I received during meditating in the Word. It started out and evolved into something more than I expected it would be. The revelations I received by investing the time to get to the Voice (Author) behind the written Word wa...
Nurse Linda Villani and Her Love For Preston Cunningham
by Robert Chapin
Preston Cunningham has just been rescued from a group of North Vietnamese Army regulars in Cambodia where his helicopter made an emergency landing in forbidden territory - known as "over the line."Following an operation to repair his broken eye socket, teeth, ribs and third degree burns, he is unde...
Girl's Night In
by Anthony Beal
Elias makes no secret of his having grown bored with his Rubenesque lover, his verbal jabs at her ample weight growing more barbed each day. Tonight, following one of their worst fights, Dacia does what she always does when stung by his disdain. She checks into a nearby hotel with "by-the-hour" rat...
Love, Eternal
by N.R. Searcy
Love, Eternal is a short fairy tale about the power of love.Logan and Jacqueline's love draws the ire of an evil witch who grants the two of them eternal life, but with a price. They will live out eternity apart, never again to feel love's embrace.Can they break the curse?
80AD - The Tekhen of Anuket (Book 3)
by Aiki Flinthart
80AD Book 3 finds Phoenix, Jade, Marcus and Brynn trapped inside a pyramid in ancient Egypt. No pharoahs here, this is Egypt as you've never see it. Rome has taken over and the country is far from peaceful.This adventure is the most insane yet. It has everything you'd expect and more: mummies, secr...
by Bob Nailor
A short story which introduces the first meeting between an arrogant young Prince Ayrold and Queen Arienne, the sovereign regent of all Gentry in the land of Fairie on the Emerald Isle of Ireland. The Gentry include all the creatures of fantasy including King Ard Re, regent of the Leprechauns. The ...
Effected Intent
by Alan Ross
Steve Pfister is a reticent polymer chemist who lives in the past, unable to let go of his military experience. His latest invention gets the attention of some high level government officials, leading to an opportunity to work on a top secret project with national security implications.Life couldn?...
Fiery Red Mage - A Josey Jackson Adventure
by A.L. Brown
Josey Jackson is what you might call a bounty hunter, or a mercenary, or some worse things if you're feeling lucky. But she wasn't always in the business. Once, she was just a kid---and then her life got crazy. Old men, young men, and some magical monsters will pit themselves against a young Josey ...
Flying with Angels
by Kate Everson
Find a hopeful way out of despair by taking a trip to another dimension, to one of fancy and imagination, that raises you up to the quality of hope that lies within us all
by James Bailey
John is a prospector on the moon of Callisto. While on a surveying trip he finds a derelict ship at the bottom of a valley. Checking out the wreck he realises that this vessel has no business being anywhere near the moon. As he explores the interior the real reason for the crash becomes clear.
Rachel Rabbit is Rarin' to Go!
by Jillian Black
Is Felicia Dunwoody alone when she pleasures herself in her empty penthouse apartment in the fashionable part of downtown Chicago? Not anymore! Her new rabbit vibrator, a plucky person named Rachel Rabbit, is right there, working hard to make sure Felicia has a really good time.Rachel doesn’t min...
The Witch's Dog
by Stephanie Dagg
Cackling Carol must be the only witch in the world who hates cats! But she really wants a pet to keep her company and so she decides to get a dog instead. Together with her faithful and very clever Broom, she visits a dogs' home. She's after a nice small dog that will fit on on Broom with her. But ...
Women's Energetics: Healing the Subtle Body Wounds of Sexual Trauma
by Lisa Erickson
This small how-to E-book offers a 10-day chakra-based self-healing practice for women who have been the victim of sexual trauma. Consisting of guided visualizations and meditations focused on the chakras (energy centers) it first helps to release emotions and problematic energy that may have been l...
An Epitaph for Everything
by Sarah Lynne Betts
A collection of poetry and prose representing a lifetime told in the confessional style.
Where Are Your Hearts, Americans?
by O. Lindstrom
Education is a reflection of societies values and an everyday tragedy for millions of American children and their parents. In Universal files education is Crime . Captain Crystal from Universal Army of Light arrives on the Earth & proves it. The book calls for change,firstly personal change. The bo...
The Habitation of the Blessed
by Catherynne M. Valente
This is the story of a place that never was: the kingdom of Prester John, the utopia described by an anonymous, twelfth-century document which captured the imagination of the medieval world and drove hundreds of lost souls to seek out its secrets, inspiring explorers, missionaries, and kings for cen...
The Chicken Project
by Michael Jasper
William Koopman could never get off the family farm, while John Koopman had no other place to go. As adults, the two brothers find themselves living together again, to their dismay. John must not only straighten up his life, but provide for the one hundred and eighty baby chickens his father just b...
We Hold These Truths
by Skip Coryell
After Hank Simmons caught his wife cheating with his editor, he fled the hustle and bustle of the big city, and moved away with his four children to a small one-horse town in northern Michigan. All is well until the peace and tranquility is suddenly shattered when a terrorist cell group from Detroit...

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