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Monday, October 3, 2011

8 FREE Kindle Books - Save up to $10.92!

Flotsam and Fool (Break Bites)
by Amber D. Sistla*Literature & Fiction,Anthologies*
In this short story, Nen, a beach scavenger, has a problem. Ever since Nen rescued a stranded merling, he can't get her beautiful face out of his mind. He visits a witch, hoping for a potion to cure him, but the potion only complicates matters. Part of the "Break Bites" Series: Stories short enough ...
Available for FREE in: United States,Asia & Pacific,Australia,Canada
by Jack Gunthridge*Love & Romance,Social Issues*
Much more than simply a story of adolescence, Gunthridge writes in a voice reminiscent of J.D. Salinger. His accounts cross the generation line. If you have ever loved, you will be touched by this work. He crosses the act of love with the past, present and future bringing forth unexpected emotional ...
Available for FREE in: United States,Asia & Pacific,Australia,Canada
Backlash: A Novelette
by Nancy Fulda*Action & Adventure,Thrillers*
Eugene Gutierez lost his wife, his pride, and part of his sanity during an undercover anti-terrorist operation in South America. Now, he's about to be recruited by operatives from the future; and they're not going to let him say no. When Eugene finds a cryptic message in a restaurant fortune cookie,...
Available for FREE in: United States,United Kingdom,Asia & Pacific,Australia,Canada
by Allison M. Dickson*Horror,Short Stories*
Mark's double life comes to a screeching halt after his wife exposes his illicit affair during his business trip. Unfortunately, the way home isn't as clear-cut as he'd hoped and he's forced to turn to Aria, his little-used GPS, for an alternate route. However, Aria has a different plan in mind, and...
Available for FREE in: United States,Asia & Pacific,Australia,Canada
Oh, That I Had Wings (The Langdons)
by Sarah Pawley*Historical,War*
Jack Langdon has always heard the call of destiny. As a boy, it called to him through the lonesome sound of a train whistle, and through his Grandmother's prohecies. Now, in the summer of 1917, the call is stronger than ever. The Great War takes him from his home in the hills of Virginia, setting hi...
Available for FREE in: United States,Asia & Pacific,Australia,Canada
Celestial Music: Sutras of Emptiness
by Tai Sheridan*Buddhism,Zen*
Zen Priest and Poet Tai Sheridan presents modern interpretations of the Lotus, Diamond, Heart Wisdom, and Loving Kindness Sutras in easy to read and inspirational verse. The Buddhist sutras express a path of enlightened living based on curiosity, good will, wisdom, and compassion. They journey throu...
Available for FREE in: United States,Asia & Pacific,Australia
Venice Via Venice (1)
by SF Brailovsky*Action & Adventure,Horror*
Venice via Venice is a time travel romance novella. Our Hero, Sergio, is stuck between a rock and a hard place and he doesn't know the half of it! 500 years in the future in a city by the same name,Sergio will find what he needs to capture love. He's escaping from a miserable death sentence in Venic...
Available for FREE in: United States
We Had Such a Great Time!! - A personalized pet loss book
by Andrei Kelner*Pets,Grief & Bereavement*
The loss of a pet is hard on everyone. Children can be especially sensitive at this traumatic time. Because it is often a child's first encounter with death, it is important that the situation is handled with care. With this book, a parent can thoughtfully create a remembrance space where the family...
Available for FREE in: United States

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