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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

37 FREE Nook Books

The Gurdon Curse
by Eric Wilder
Reality is no more than a glance in the mirror, and sometimes you can't believe your own eyes. A short story by Eric Wilder, author of the Buck McDivit murder mystery, Morning Mist of Blood.
Endeavor in Time
by Chris Hambleton
Five years after the Challenger disaster, NASA launched their newest space shuttle, Endeavor, in a dramatic return to space. But several moments after lift-off, Endeavor exploded over the ocean, taking the lives of all its crew members, and killing the United States' space program.It's 2009, sevent...
The Scent of Rose Petals
by Ian Thomas Healy
In post-World War II Manhattan, an unexpected romance develops between a lowly bank guard and a mysterious, powerful superheroine.
Candied Crime
by Dorte Hummelshoj Jakobsen
DJ´s Daim Stories (Daim/Dajm is a Scandinavian candy bar), the first volume in a planned series. Thirteen flash fiction stories, a collection of cosy and humorous crime, some of which have been published earlier on my blog.A reviewer said: "...much like consuming a delicious plate of tiramisu (wit...
Grayson House
by J.E. Taylor
We were late. Linda, my wife, wouldn t go down to the Grayson s without me, not since the episode with their son last year. This is Trooper Josh Reynolds with the State Police . . .I, uh . . , I trailed off as I approached the yard, my brain unable to wrap around what I was seeing. This year, it wa...
Between the Panels: An Inside Look at the Making of Eleven Exciting New Graphic Novels
by Various Various Authors
Have you ever asked yourself what goes on in comics between the panels and behind the scenes?  Now, you can get an inside look at the making of eleven exciting new graphic novels and learn more about how they're put together.
by German Alcala
A collection of 41 Halloween Poems which detail a night of All Hallow's Eve. Recounting the anticipation felt by all for Halloween, the unspeakable acts of monsters, and war. In exciting tales of murder and magic. Witch is the poetic story of Halloween.
by M M-Stewart
Scarlet wakes up in a basement, blindfolded, and tied to a chair with no recollection of how she got there. She reeks of gasoline and sweat. Suddenly, something begins to stir next to her. Things start to get really frightening, quick, fast and in a hurry...
The Three Great Ships of Isambard Kingdom Brunel
by Ciamar Price
During his career, Isambard Kingdom Brunel built three ships. Each was the largest vessel of their time when launched, and each represented a technological leap forward in ship design. The SS Great Western was the most conventional. The SS Great Britain was a revolution in ship building, an all-iro...
Coombe's Wood
by Lisa Hinsley
Izzy Santana and her son, Connor, move to the sleepy village of Cedham. Locals darkly warn her away from nearby Coombe's Wood, but Izzy takes little notice. When a slit rabbit is left on her doorstep she knows ex-partner George has found her. What Izzy needs to do is protect Connor. As she uncovers...
Diagnosis Death (Prescription for Trouble Series #3)
by Richard Md Mabry
Paths of the Chosen
by Kenneth McDonald
The head of one of the world's great religions. An imprisoned thief. A humble healer, sworn to nonviolence. These men are among those chosen by the gods, tasked to seek out an enemy that could ultimately threaten all existence. But that enemy has chosen its own mortal soldiers, and battle lines are...
by J.E. Taylor
There had to be someone out there whose fever broke before the worst of the symptoms hit, whose bruises faded away like shadows formed by clouds passing on a sunny day. Someone who has no understanding why they were spared. Someone like me. Surely, I couldn t be the only human left on the earth, co...
Thanksgiving Cookbook: Get a taste of Gooseberry Patch in this collection of over 20 favorite Thanksgiving recipes!
by Gooseberry Patch (Compiler)
Get a taste of Gooseberry Patch in this collection of over 20 favorite Thanksgiving recipes! Thanksgiving celebrates the feast of all feasts with roast turkey & gravy, vanilla-glazed sweet potatoes, harvest apple cheese cake and more.
Foreclosed: A Mitzy Neuhaus Mystery
by Traci Hilton
One woman against the forces of the down turning economy, the real-estate crash, the unscrupulous foreclosures practices of bitter builders, and devilishly handsome Italian men.
The Unbelievers
by Thomas Carpenter
Power exists through the illusion of belief…Stephen's sister dies slowly from a wasting disease and only the mysterious Unbelievers offer help if he will deny the "false reality" of the Magus. Can a young boy stand up to the great power in the city? Or will his defiance cost him his life?This is ...
Cemetery Village
by Mike Sincere
Aztec Gold
by Jack Zatarra
The Barstow Aztecs football recruits taste the 'hellfire' served by a humble giant during summer drills. In five weeks, the players learn their worth in 'Aztec Gold'. This is a story of young men becoming wise men through laughter, tears, and knowledge. Friends, on and off the field, for a lifetime...
Demons and Druids Free Preview: Part One (Daniel X Series #3)
by James Patterson
As each day passes, Daniel X finds himself one step closer to bringing his parent's brutal killer to justice. He's been searching for the culprit since he was three years old, when his parents were tragically murdered. Ever since then, Daniel has been forced to fend for himself. But he has a unique ...
FANG Free Preview (Maximum Ride Series #6)
by James Patterson
FANG WILL BE THE FIRST TO DIE. For years, Max has been desperately on the run from evil forces trying to prevent her from her destiny to save the world -- but nothing has ever rocked her world like this horrifying prophetic message . Fang is Max's best friend, her soul mate, her partner in leading ...
Cross Fire Free Preview: The First 30 Chapters (Alex Cross Series #17)
by James Patterson
Wedding bells ringDetective Alex Cross and Bree's wedding plans are put on hold when Alex is called to the scene of the perfectly executed assassination of two of Washington D.C.'s most corrupt: a dirty congressmen and an underhanded lobbyist. Next, the elusive gunman begins picking off other crooke...
Brindle's Odyssey
by Nicholas Antinozzi
Odd Whitefeather returns in this chilling tale that spans generations. Huckleberry Brindle has been exiled for five years after the loss of his demolition crew. The town of Carlton is losing its men and the people turn to him for help. Huck meets the love of his life, but she exists in another time...
The Golden Bell
by Autumn Dawn
You can bring them in from the wild, but you can’t always tame them….Fallon is a man with a bloody past, and a rough and ready way with justice. Rain is a woman on the run, and now she’s under his command. She’s outsmarted men before, but is she woman enough to handle him?
State of Rebellion - A Pug Connor Novel - Book One
by Gordon Ryan
Had the gallows knot been properly placed to the side, behind the ear, Richard McFarland's neck would have snapped, delivering a swift death. California is on the brink of secession. Torn between his allegiance to the Union and his California roots, Dan Rawlings must decide which faction he'll supp...
The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook Presents a Magical Christmas Menu
by Dinah Bucholz
Free eBook Download!Sure, you can't be in Hogwarts Hall for the Christmas feast, but you can add some wizadry to your own holiday meal with this free e-book! The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook Presents: A Magical Christmas Menu includes 16 recipes guaranteed to enchant your friends and family this...
I'll Make You Remember Me
by William Butler
A short story by William Butler the Author of the novels Bang and The House of Balestrom. Obsession goes too far when a man falls in love with a prostitute.Joe's one night stand with sexy hooker Lexi turns into an obsession with devastating results.
Shuri Gate
by Herb Blanchard
Nearly Dead: A St. Pete Zombie Tale
by Brendan Myers
When a New York crime boss sends a hitman to St. Pete in the middle of a zombie infestation, the hitman finds that even infested with the undead, his beloved St. Pete hasn't really changed that much. But even in the middle of an infestation, he still has a job to do.
Anvil of Tears
by Erica Lindquist
Maeve Cavainna is the last princess of the royal line and first mate on an old cargo ship. The infamous bounty hunter, Logan Coldhand, is close behind, chasing Maeve for the price on her head. Their battle is interrupted by a pregnant girl begging for their help. Will their feud bring the galaxy on...
Struggles of a Country boy
by Herb Blanchard
This is the fictionalized story of the author's growing up years during the 1950s. It is the story of a troubled boy, a dysfunctional family and how the boy learned to cope with the adversities life threw at him. The 1950s was the time when it was generally thought the ideal way to raise a boy was ...
The NIV Gospel of John: With Devotional Notes
by Zondervan
'John's Gospel sheds a unique light not only on the ministry of Jesus Christ, but also on the nature of his relationship with God the Father. This eBook also includes a special section of 'Subjects on the Theme of Salvation' that gives insight into 15 subjects of salvation. NIV 2011. The New Intern...
An Okinawan Affair
by Herb Blanchard
Write Good or Die
by Scott Nicholson
Survival tips for 21st century writers, from best-selling authors Kevin J. Anderson, M.J. Rose, Heather Graham, J.A. Konrath, Gayle Lynds, Alexandra Sokoloff, Jonathan Maberry, and more. How to develop your craft, improve your writing, get an agent, promote your work, embrace the digital age, and p...
The Lost Hero Sneak Peek (Heroes of Olympus Series #1)
by Rick Riordan
After saving Olympus from the evil Titan lord, Kronos, Percy and friends have rebuilt their beloved Camp Half-Blood, where the next generation of demigods must now prepare for a chilling prophecy of their own: Seven half-bloods shall answer the call, To storm or fire the world must fall. An oath to...
Desperate Times
by Nicholas Antinozzi
Jimmy Logan wakes up in the morning to find that the stock market is crashing and the dollar has collapsed. He makes a trip to town and finds the banks closed and hyperinflation has hit the streets. Many believe its the End of Times. Jimmy joins up with some friends and they head north to ride out ...
Drum Dance
by Bonnie Turner
Seventeen-year-old David Jansson moves to an isolated fur-trading post at Gjoa Haven to live with his father, Per Jansson, manager for the Hudson's Bay Company. David hasn't seen his dad for five years, and the hot-tempered man he finds is not the gentle father he remembers-he has become a domineer...
I Surrender All
by Clay Crosse
Dove Award-winning artist Clay Crosse and his wife, Renee, share their personal story of his struggle with pornography and how they rebuilt their marriage.

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