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Sunday, October 23, 2011

28 FREE Nook Books

Blood Country
by Mary Logue
This first in a series launch introduces Claire Watkins, a deputy sheriff for the Pepin County Police Department. Claire, a former Minneapolis police detective, and her 10-year-old daughter Meg fled the Twin Cities after her husband, Steve, also a cop, was killed.When Landers Anderson--an elderly n...
Shelter (Blood Haze: Book One)
by Tara Shuler
Two guys, one girl, and two dark secrets that threaten to tear her world apart. Alice Wright is a young vampire going to high school for the first time at the age of seventeen at the behest of her eccentric mother. In many ways, she's more afraid of the human students than they would be of her. She...
Love in the Kitchen Recipes and Flash Fiction
by Ashlynn Monroe
This free cookbook has m/m and f/m raw flash fiction and recipes from authors Ryan Loveless, Ashlynn Monroe, Leanne Dyck, Julie Lynn Hayes, Eden Baylee, J.M. Kelley, Berengaria Brown, Amy Valenti, Valerie Holyoak, Joleene Naylor, and Lily Sawyer. This is a promotion gift to readers as a thank you.
The Girl Who Tweaked Two Lions' Tails
by Pierre Van Rooyen
Fourteen year old Angelina Freyer, born in Africa, growing up on a Kenyan farm, close friend of the Masai and Swahili, knows the bush like the back of her hand. When she, along with twelve international tourists are stranded in the back of beyond after their plane crashes and goes missing for two w...
by Jamila Diallo
recueil de mes citations preferees.
Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb
by MJA Ware
When life gives you lemons, kill zombies — turns out lemon juice neutralizes the undead.After a failed attempt at running away, best friends Nathan and Misty return home expecting to face angry parents. Instead, they discover the military has destroyed the bridges out of their rural town and ever...
The Report Card
by Lee Carey
When a bad 7th grade report card holds in the balance a boy playing Little League baseball (his love), drastic measures need to be applied.Well, in this 'true' short story...that's what happened...I know many of you have done the same join in and smile at my stupid actions. Enjoy and ple...
The Roller Coaster
by Lee Carey
True short story about a 16-year old country boy and his first date with a Carolina girl. It proves to be a ride he has never forgotten. All facts are true.Enjoy and review please. Keep smilin'...
You Can't Change Crazy
by Diana Estill
Neither sex has cornered the market for crazy. But in these seven reprinted essays by bestselling author Diana Estill, the competition is brutal. Determining which behaviors are most insane often depends on who’s making the call. Both genders will relate to these funny vignettes about the ways me...
Dog Days in New York - a free collection of short stories
by Will Lorimer
a slice of new york before the fall... before the streets were cleansed, all the bums dumped in the hudson, harlem was gentrified and the devil wore prada. this new york is a mythological beast, about to blow in the heat of august, explored by the psychic tourist in vignettes that lay bare the extr...
Spirit of a Doll
by Eveli Acosta
A short story of a birthday present gone wrong. Murders are left unsolved until the hunches of a reporter help the FBI find leads to a murderer. They figure out that a doll had come to life and is on a killing spree. The doll has a spirit within her that some are willing to help as others are ready...
Adam's Story
by H.M. Swift
Eleven year old Adam Calloway runs away from home destined for New York. In the middle of the Great Depression, Adam discovers that there are bigger things to worry about than the economic crisis. It seems he has caught the attention of a beautiful vampiress.
by Herb Blanchard
DEPLOYMENT VIETNAM Part 1 only tells part of the story in its 86,000 words. It is a historical and multicultural novel about the American Navy Seabees and what they did and accomplished in Vietnam. A Navy Seabee veteran of over 4 years when he volunteers for a tour of duty in Vietnam in late1966, D...
The Family
by Darrel Bird
The American economy has gone belly up as we follow a family who sets out from Denver Colorado bound for the upper reaches of Western Washington State. In a land that yields little food the small band is doing their best to survive in the new wild west.
Touch Healing: A Healer's Guide to Working with Cancer
by Tracy Parker
Starting with story of his daughter's triumph over terminal leukemia, Rev. Parker explores the skills he has developed over the past 30 years working with cancer patients and their medical doctors - work he calls Touch Healing. Bringing a unique perspective, Rev. Parker's insights blend the ancient...
by William Walsh
17 very short stories by the author of Without Wax and Questionstruck and Ampersand, Mass.If you like these stories, check out Ampersand, Mass., a full-length collection of short stories by William Walsh.
Corporate Social Responsibility - The New Strategic Marketing Battleground
by Chris Maloney
This ebook looks at how multinationals are integrating Corporate Social Responsibility into their marketing strategy to build and sustain a competitive advantage.
Terrible Thrills
by C. Dennis Moore
This is my first collection of short fiction, originally published in 2005 by Silver Lake Publishing. This collection has been out of print for a few years, but I'm happy to bring it back finally as I think there are some really great stories in here.
A wet & wild night
by Nicole MacDonald
A short, quick (9,800 words) and sweet erotic tale, perfect to read before bed (even better if it's raining…)A yearly retreat with his friends to a rustic cabin in the woods doesn't go as planned when the rain sets in. Chris knows the river will be too high to cross so it looks like he'll be stuc...
The Hole Between Mine and Yours: Liquid Logic from a Dirty Tumbler
by Christina M. Grey
Whether delving into the causes and cures for attraction and repulsion, considering crime and insanity, or wrestling her way out of bed, this selection of work delivers with consistently high levels of emotional intensity and intelligence.The Hole Between Mine and Yours: Liquid Logic from a Dirty T...
Bikini's Are Dangerous Book 5
by K'Anne Meinel
When you are unsure about your body, being around those who are not only fit and trim but bikini clad can be inhibiting as well as distracting. As I work on my body, my confidence and my attraction to this bikini clad body that helps me achieve these results develops. Finally admitting our mutual a...
The Glass Wall, Book One - The Return of the Ancients
by Madison Adler
17-year-old Sydney's only interest in life is flying under the radar. But destiny has other plans when the tall, handsome, and unusual Rafael Channing moves into the neighborhood. Athletic and with killer looks, he wears black eyeliner like a magician and speaks like a hero from a seventeenth-centu...
I'm a Real American
by Rodney Ohebsion
Rodney Ohebsion is a real American.
The Ghost Legion: Cold Blades, Story I
by Geltab
The first six stories in the saga of the assassin's brotherhood known as the ghost legion. Cold blades, Dagger's fate, Back to work, Concealed until you're dead, Know your enemy and Your fury or your life all in one edition. They are a merciless band of assassins, selling their services to the high...
Grit: America's Greatest Family Newspaper
by Robin Van Auken
Each weekend in the 1950s, 30,000 boys knocked at the doors of more than 700,000 American small-town homes and were welcomed with a smile and a dime as they delivered the weekly edition of Grit, America's Greatest Family Newspaper. For more than 100 years, Grit delivered news, features, fiction, co...
Thirty Stories
by Gil C. Schmidt
Thirty Stories started with a simple goal: write one-page stories. Stories that maxed out at around 750 words. What emerged was a wide range of story types, from hard-boiled detective to sweet morning romance, from thrilling science fiction to humorous Western. A perfect book for those times when y...
by Arthur Slade
"Are you afraid of the dead?" Sarah Asmundson will discover the answer to that question. She is prepared for her grandfather's scary stories, but is anything but prepared when events from the story about a draugr--a man who comes back from the dead--begin to happen around her. A tale to frighten an...
The Happiest Days
by Iain Manson
If Thomas Cardwell's schooldays are the happiest days of his life, God help him for the rest of it. From the mid 1950s to the late 1960s he goes through all the traumas of childhood and adolescence and them some.The action takes place against the background of the times. The Cuban Missile Crisis, t...

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