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Thursday, October 13, 2011

6 FREE Nook Books

Astra: Synchronicity
by Lisa Eskra
Magnius Zoleki has everything a fifty-year-old man could want — except the psionic assassin trying to kill him.In 2310, humans persecute psions and hunt them to extinction regardless of guilt. Magnius is one of them: an evolutionary offshoot of mankind known for their psychic abilities and tenden...
The eBook Insider
by Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
THE EBOOK INSIDER is the ultimate readers' resource for choosing great books. The perfect first stop to make along the way as you fill your e-reader with the books that you'll want to have in your library and recommend to friends. It's the place to find out what some of your favorite authors are re...
by J.E. Taylor
In the distance, dark clouds lined the cold front over taking the sky, rolling across the waves at a pace I knew I couldn't outrun. Lightning crashed to the ocean like a stealth strobe crawling closer and closer with every breath and I swallowed hard, the bitter taste of beer lining my throat.
Wish On The Moon
by Karen Rose Smith
Laura Applegate Sanders' world is turned upside down when Mitch Riley appears on her doorstep with the news her estranged father is about to undergo heart bypass surgery. For the past few years, Mitch has been her father's partner in the jewelry business Laura once dreamed of sharing—until her fa...
Merlin's Gate
by Susan Cogan
Merlin's Gate is a dark world where owning books, weapons or products of modern technology will get you a one-way ticket to The Pit--and all tickets to The Pit are one way.A mini-novel at a tiny price for your snacking pleasure.For other works by this author go to:
Harvest Moon
by J.E. Taylor
His casual invitation interrupted her stride. Alessandra looked up from the sidewalk, hugging her books. Jeremy leaned against the railing with a beer in his hand smiling down at her, his bright green eyes reminding her of a wild mountain lion and she suppressed a shiver. He raised his beer and wit...

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