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Monday, October 31, 2011

11 FREE Nook Books

Truth about Negotiations
by Leigh L. Thompson
“The 53 Truths provide incredible insight into the art and science of negotiating. This is a must read for sales professionals but is equally beneficial to all who wish to be better negotiators.”–CHRIS WEBER, Vice President, West Region Enterprise, Microsoft Corporation“Negotiation skills ca...
The Truth about Managing People
by Stephen P. Robbins
“The premiere writer of management textbooks has sifted through the research to extract the truths every manager should know. This book is an antidote for the unsupported opinions handed out in many popular management books.”Kenneth W. Thomas, Professor of Management, Naval Postgraduate School,...
Lynda's Lace (City Heat Series #1)
by Lacey Alexander
Book 1 in the City Heat series.Lynda Phelps loves sex.Wild sex.Naughty sex.Kinky sex.But when debonair Jordan Ellis enters her life, Lynda finds herself hiding her dirtiest desires, afraid that if he knew, it would soil the pristine image he holds of her. He keeps giving her delicate lace lingerie, ...
The Rules of Work: A Definitive Code for Personal Success
by Richard Templar
Some people are simply great at their job. They always seem to say the right thing; do the right thing. They are mentioned in every conversation. Everybody likes them. They get promoted. They get pay rises. They get along with the boss. And somehow, they do all these things without being unpleasant,...
Business Strategies for the Bottom of the Pyramid (Collection)
by Ted London
This is the eBook version of the printed book.A brand new collection of state-of-the-art insights into business success at the bottom of the pyramid… now in a convenient e-format, at a great price!3 extraordinary eBooks show how to build “bottom of the pyramid” businesses that are sustainable...
Triad (Witches Knot, Book One)
by Lauren Dane
Lee Charvez is a witch in a family where all of the women are born with inherent gifts of power. She is a witch dreamer, she has the ability to walk in dreams and the subconscious and to work magic there. There is only one Charvez witch dreamer each generation and she's the strongest in generations...
Bible Basics
by Duncan Heaster
Bible Basics is a detailed study of basic Biblical doctrines and teachings. It's a self study guide, with questions at the end of each of the 11 sections. It's designed to go through the basic message of the Bible from start to finish. Bible Basics is a positive presentation of the Gospel, but ther...
Noah's Ark Between 2 Buns
by Lotus Rose
A humorous story telling the truth about chicken nuggets. By the author of MachoPoni: A Prance with Death.
Shedding Skin
by Robert Ward
"A tour of the 1950s and 1960s recounts the author's coming-of-age experiences in a period torn between idealism and despair, chronicling his journey between Baltimore and Haight-Ashbury and his witness to the historical events of the time.This classic novel, the 1972 winner of a National Endowment...
A Very Bad Easter
by Lotus Rose
A gory tale of a really really bad Easter. By the author of SinEaster and Faerie Brace-Face.
The Pop Princess Goes Pop
by Lotus Rose
The story of a pop singer whose vocal track cuts off during her performance. By the author of Faerie Brace-Face and SinEaster.

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