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Saturday, October 15, 2011

2 FREE Kindle Books - Save $14.49!

Provincetown Follies, Bangkok Blues (Cape Island Mystery)
by Randall Peffer*Literature & Fiction,Mystery*
Luang kho ngu hao. Now I put my hand in the cobra's throat. Tuki Aparecio did not kill her lover. She did not burn down the Painted Lady--at least, not with fire. Tuki lit up the stage nightly, with her hair in braids and her glorious costumes; glittering, smoldering, singing her heart out for an au...
Available for FREE in: United States,United Kingdom,Asia & Pacific,Australia,Canada,Europe
Nine-Tenths of the Law
by L. A. Witt*Gay,Gay & Lesbian*
Without trust, common ground can get pretty shaky… “I believe you have something of mine, Zach.” Zach Owens doesn’t even know who this angry stranger is, let alone what the man is talking about—until he learns what they have in common. Their boyfriend, Jake. Once Jake’s out of the pictur...
Available for FREE in: United States,United Kingdom,Australia,Europe

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